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Hang Out with The Maydays

Hang Out with The Maydays

By The Maydays

The Maydays have been performing live comedy around the world for fifteen years to rave reviews and sold out attendance. Whether bringing Chicago-style improv to the UK for the first time, or touring their flagship show Happily Never After at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and beyond, The Maydays have been a cornerstone of the UK’s comedy scene. Now the team open their hearts and take to the airwaves with a show where they… just… hang out and enjoy the company of their friends. And they would like to invite you to join them in sharing anecdotes, laughing at their foibles and enjoying their play
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Pee Before Listening to This

Hang Out with The MaydaysOct 04, 2021

Pee Before Listening to This
Oct 04, 202123:51
Time Travel and Tablets
Sep 20, 202125:04
Sponsored by Pret A Manger?
Sep 06, 202127:51
Bucket Lists and Embarrassment
Aug 22, 202128:22
Living Live

Living Live

This week, when the Maydays hang out, we hear about going back to live shows, what the must-watch Netflix shows are and why one of Rebecca's daughter's wants to stick objects up her mother's nose! Plus there's an incredible game of 'Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Rhymes"

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Aug 09, 202122:51
Orange Pigs and Highlandy-type Cattle
Jul 26, 202128:56
Eurovision vs Fortnite
Jul 12, 202120:41
The Wilko Circle
Jun 28, 202131:29
The Tiger Who Came For Cocktails
Jun 14, 202124:15
The Circus of Hairdressing
May 31, 202124:39
Do Dogs have Knees?
May 17, 202125:38
Property and Pets in the Pandemic
May 02, 202130:12


Want to hang out with The Maydays? Join us on Monday 3rd May 2021

Apr 25, 202100:43