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The Billy Boss Show

The Billy Boss Show

By Mayenne

Is a conversational video podcast with Billy and world-renowned experts in Confidence Science, Health, Self-development and Wellbeing Space.
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Sober Awakening with Peggy Rorke

The Billy Boss ShowNov 03, 2022

Sober Awakening with Peggy Rorke

Sober Awakening with Peggy Rorke

In today’s episode of Billy Boss Show, we will be with Peggy Rorke who has been empowering women to step into their dream life. She will tell us how she turned her life around from being addicted to drinking to being the empowered woman that she is. I am so proud to share that she is on her 209th day (on the day of the interview) being amazingly her best and sober self.

Nov 03, 202233:16
When Last Becomes First with Emiliano Valcanover

When Last Becomes First with Emiliano Valcanover

Join me with Emiliano Valconover where we will discover NLP tips and tricks to overcome challenges, where we can apply it and gain instant change in our lives.

Sep 09, 202235:11
The Power of Shifting Your Story with Lizzie Dyson

The Power of Shifting Your Story with Lizzie Dyson

In today’s episode, we are going to cover the power of shifting your story by first dating yourself, taking care of yourself and deciding how you can shift your story to your own terms, which can help you be a magnet for high-quality men/women into your life.

Our guest for today is Lizzie Dyson. She is a dating and relationship coach. She empowers women to be the best version of themselves and in the process, attract high-quality people into their lives.

Sep 05, 202228:07
Blind Determination with Brian Whalan

Blind Determination with Brian Whalan

Brian shares his struggles on being visually impaired and how his reality actually made him grateful of his disability.

Jun 10, 202232:51
Succeed with Confidence with Jessica Kate

Succeed with Confidence with Jessica Kate

Jessica shares her best mindset tips on being confident and successful, in business and in life.

Jun 03, 202247:16
Balanced Business Blueprint

Balanced Business Blueprint

Success Stories with Kylie Thomson

May 09, 202231:51
Healthy Body Image

Healthy Body Image

In today's episode, we will get to know how does a teenager really think about his or her body, how it affects them and how, we as parents, can help them.

May 02, 202210:03
How to Rise Above the Clutter So You Can Be Free

How to Rise Above the Clutter So You Can Be Free

with Riikka

Mar 24, 202231:47
Ep. 12 - Why Are Relationships Difficult with Gaby Chang

Ep. 12 - Why Are Relationships Difficult with Gaby Chang

In today's episode, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Dating & Relationship Expert, Transformational Healer, Speaker, Gaby Chang talks about why relationships are difficult.

Mar 10, 202228:05
5 Lies That Keep You Stuck And Overweight

5 Lies That Keep You Stuck And Overweight

We will unlock the five lies that either keeps you stuck or keeps you from getting started, or keeps you in the insanity of the yo-yo situation, going back and forth with your weight so that you can have a breakthrough. We will also understand how we can make this new lifestyle sustainable and easy for you.

Feb 25, 202228:24
Free Yourself, Nothing Was Broken in The First Place

Free Yourself, Nothing Was Broken in The First Place

Success Story with Charlie Mac

Feb 11, 202227:08
Am I Owning My Situation?

Am I Owning My Situation?

It's one of my favourite questions to ask myself.

Because at the end of the day, you and only you have the power to change your circumstances.

Yes, some things may happen to you that are out of your control and aren’t your fault.

But, it’s your responsibility to right the wrong.

When you take full ownership of your life, there’s no one to blame.

You’re no longer in victim mode.

So, are you owning your current situation?

If so, congratulations!

If not, what can you do to take ownership as quickly as possible?

Jan 21, 202201:02
How to Prevent Burnout through Spiritual Reset

How to Prevent Burnout through Spiritual Reset

Feeling burnout, frustrated in your day to day job and personal life? It might be time to get off the hamster wheel and hit the pause button.

You weren't born to pursue a busy calendar, over packed schedule and living off a to-do list.

Rae has spent the last 9 years immersing herself in spirituality, biohacking, human behavior, and energy medicine. She has dedicated her life to understanding the connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit and how to optimize it for the contemporary human being.

Rae has her Bachelor's in Nursing, PMP (Project Management Certification) and is a Master Certified Life Coach, a facilitator, and lends her expertise to entrepreneurs too strategize their business needs to support them to have more time, money and freedom.

Rae works with clients who are wanting a reset in their lives. A reset that is everlasting, not a Band-Aid fix.

Jan 18, 202231:36
The Science of Confidence with Alyssa Dver

The Science of Confidence with Alyssa Dver

I want you to take some time and carefully think though the following questions:

1. What would I do?

2. Who would I be?

3. Where would I live?

4. What type of work would I do?

5. What type of relationship would I love to be in?

6. If I had confidence? And if I didn’t fear anything?

Struggling with confidence and not sure where to start? Well, my friend you are in for yet another treat. Alyssa Dver shares her profound tips and strategies on what it takes to start building confidence and how we can discover what are our triggers and fears.

Alyssa is CEO of the American Confidence Institute and among all achievements in her life she authored 7 books and in 2020, her seventh bestseller hit the marker, called: “Confidence is a Choice”- Real Science, Superhero Impact.

With great joy, Alyssa coaches several start-ups, non-profits, and executives, but above all Alyssa is most proud of being a mom to two very tall sons and one very quirky rescue pooch.

Let’s dive in into the science of confidence and what to look for when we want to boost it!

Dec 13, 202151:39
Emmanuel Anthony – Become Aligned In Order To Move Forward

Emmanuel Anthony – Become Aligned In Order To Move Forward

Looking to create the lifestyle you love? If so, this is for you!

Have you found yourself – as a child – being challenged communicating with people because you couldn’t speak the language they spoke? How about making friends? Maybe the feeling of not belonging, and then defaulting to the easiest thing you can do – giving up?

Emmanuel Anthony shares his childhood experiences with us, and how he learned to observe the behaviours and body language of others due to language barrier and not being able to communicate properly at the time using words.

Looking for alternative ways to connect with people, he got into modelling – since he was basically copying what other people were doing – something that later inspired him to learn more about human behaviour.

On a self-journey to heal something on the inside, Emmanuel was really looking for the answers and challenges within.

Today Emmanuel Anthony is a successful human behavioural speaker, researcher, writer, teacher and consultant who has dedicated the past decade to serving clients all over the world, to learn the tools that would assist them to create highly powerful levels of change within all areas of life.

You will learn:

02:57 – Our greatest teachers won’t always come in the form we expect

05:30 – I wanted to eat from the same plate as everyone else – meaning – whatever I taught needed to be authentic

08:28 – Every human being’s set of values is in direct proportion to their voids, the areas of their life they perceive are missing something

14:01 – Shame is…

27:02 – I revisit my values every four weeks – I don’t take guesses about what is most important to me

32:02 – Finding blessings in our stresses

42:43 – You want to evolve, grow and live an amazing and aspiring life, look for love

Emmanuel’s message to all: Everything comes down to your values, so check in with your values once a month.

Dec 05, 202101:02:44
Lorraine Lindsey – Choosing Yourself Is Not Selfish

Lorraine Lindsey – Choosing Yourself Is Not Selfish

Never underestimate the power of self-love, as it breeds self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence and self-forgiveness.

Choosing yourself is not selfish and Lolo is going to take us thought why it’s crucial to do so, and what are the steps when it comes to choosing yourself and focusing on your happiness.

Make it a priority to keep yourself happy, and clear your headspace of anything that doesn’t.

Lorraine shares her tips on how to train yourself to take on the somewhat challenging yet more fulfilling things, and how to let go of anyone or anything that constantly brings you more sorrow than happiness.

Lorraine Lindsey, affectionately known as Lolo, is a professional motivational speaker, a certified professional life coach, and a Peak Performance Coach. Lolo decided one day to choose herself and she has never looked back!

She is also certified in the gaming industry and is recognized as a Responsible Gaming Ambassador from the University of Las Vegas.

Dec 05, 202125:48
Dineshri Reddy – Don’t Be Discouraged By Life’s Snake Bites

Dineshri Reddy – Don’t Be Discouraged By Life’s Snake Bites

Ever wish you’d wake up one day feeling so confident, doing what you love and living the life of your dreams?

It’s definitely possible! But most times, until you get to that place, it’s more like… a snake bite; moving slowly and fighting to get rid of the venom that travels though your body not to kill you.

That’s what happened to Dineshri Reddy

Battling with depression, anxiety, and lack of self-worth that drove her to the point where she considered taking her own life.

Through personal development, and the will to win her battles and turn her life around, Dini gained her confidence, embraced her body and became the biggest fan of her own femininity and sensuality, without shame or guilt.

Today, she supports and empowers other women worldwide to do the same.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be a Boss Woman, with unlimited confidence, living your dream life, this is a must-watch episode.

Dec 05, 202138:17
Tracy Schmitt – Refuel The Unstoppable In You

Tracy Schmitt – Refuel The Unstoppable In You

Have you ever wondered what it means to be unstoppable?

No matter where you are in your life, sometimes you just need to be inspired.

You are a great person, leader, parent, event organizer, and great people push to live an extraordinary life. But that’s never easy.

Sometimes, you will feel like you can’t do it anymore, any better, or any other way.

Unstoppable Tracy will help you crush your roadblocks and come out on top, by sharing with you the steps on how to:

  • Exceed uncertainties
  • Embrace possibilities
  • Earn independence

Tracy is an Award-Winning Business Leader & Speaker with the stars, in 160 countries, and on TEDx in over 40+ countries

She is the 1st ever four-limb amputee who has climbed the Himalayas – and possibly the only one to do so – a TV Host, Bestselling Author, and the 2020 inductee of the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame.

Dec 05, 202156:47
Joy Brown – Supercharge Your Superhuman Within

Joy Brown – Supercharge Your Superhuman Within

When you detox your mind you detox your life… The secret to the 4-part activation system!

How would your life look like if you detox yourself from your doubts?

How would you like to lose weight and toxic thoughts?

How would you like to get all these results fast?

Joy Brown is a woman who has created her own legacy. She is known for helping her clients all over the world transform their body and mind in the fastest and safest way possible. Joy has authored the #1 best-selling book “R3 Diet” and the 4 pillars which she lays and builds upon are: FOOD/DETOX, FITNESS, SUPPLEMENTS, and MINDSET.

If you are wondering who the heck you are and not sure where to start than this could be the perfect video to watch.

Now is the time to reboot, retrain, and rebuild your body and mind!

Dec 05, 202127:54
Meredith Deasley – Secrets To Emotional Health… How To Truly Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Meredith Deasley – Secrets To Emotional Health… How To Truly Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who are suffering emotional pain? Why do we get hurt or hurt others?

Did you know that we only hurt others when we are in pain ourselves? We control others when we have been controlled ourselves.

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to move on and have a happy and healthy life after being hurt by someone you trust?

Or have you found yourself procrastinating and feeling stuck without knowing why?

In this episode, Meredith Deasly guides us through the very important steps that we need to take in order to create and live a fulfilled life.

Meredith is the author of “The Resourceful Mother’s Secret to Healthy Kids / Emotional Health and Spiritual Health” and she connects families to health and happiness though nutritional consulting, life coaching and spiritual vitality.

Dec 05, 202148:36
The Science Behind Tapping with Dr. Peta Stapleton

The Science Behind Tapping with Dr. Peta Stapleton

Dr. Peta Stapleton will talk about the Science behind tapping and how it can support our health and happiness.

Dec 02, 202149:45