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Meaningful Conversations at NAWMBA Seattle

Meaningful Conversations at NAWMBA Seattle

By NAWMBA Seattle - Meaningful Conversations

Welcome to Meaningful Conversations in NAWMBA Seattle, conversations where we can discover and know more about people and topics that can make us a better human being. This program is produced from Seattle, WA in the USA and broadcast all over the world.
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Hispanic Heritage in Hollywood with Itziar Martinez

Meaningful Conversations at NAWMBA SeattleOct 23, 2020

Hispanic Heritage in Hollywood with Itziar Martinez

Hispanic Heritage in Hollywood with Itziar Martinez

NAWMBA Seattle has invited  @iamitziar a Hollywood Women director.⁣

Let’s Meet Itziar ⁣⁣⁣

Itziar Martinez born and raised in Spain is a multi-hyphenate artist, who from an early age found her bliss through creative expression.⁣⁣⁣⁣


⁣Whether touring the world as a professional dancer, singer, and songwriter for successful projects or working as a photographer, storyteller, Itziar has always been at the core of her passion for arts. ⁣⁣⁣


As an actress, Itziar’s credits include the popular shows “Jane the Virgin”, “Louie”, as well as large productions for the Spanish network Telemundo. ⁣⁣⁣


In 2015, she opened her production company WOL Entertainment where she co-produced and co-wrote her first feature called “Drowning Echo” a supernatural thriller. It was premiered in HBO’s NYLFF in 2018 and has been distributed in countries, including VOD in the US and theatrically in Turkey and Japan. ⁣⁣⁣⁣


Currently, and also produced by WOL Entertainment, Itziar is doing the festival route with her directorial debut “A Heart Dies Twice”, @ahd2movie which she wrote and led alongside Ben Moroski. The story revolves around two bank robbers in love who celebrate their exploits in a desert motel until the truth comes knocking. ⁣⁣⁣⁣


A Heart Dies Twice was part of the selection of the @seattlelatinoff in their 12th edition. ⁣

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Oct 23, 202048:27
Being Latinx in Hollywood - Dennis Mencia
Oct 12, 202035:03
"Inclusive Leadership in Action" with Venus Rekow
Oct 01, 202033:56
“Ultimate Career Leap” with VJ Niles
Sep 28, 202032:59
“Leadership in Challenging Times” with Dariush Khaleghi

“Leadership in Challenging Times” with Dariush Khaleghi

Dariush Khaleghi a professor from UW, Bellevue College, Evergreen, and also a board advisor. He will be talking with us about "Leadership in Challenging Times" ⁣

⁣⁣⁣⁣So tune with us and let's enjoy while we learn how to become better leaders in these interesting times. ⁣

Sep 02, 202049:44
Fan Ping - "Building Leadership: A Journey through Music"

Fan Ping - "Building Leadership: A Journey through Music"

Fan Ping, Principal Statistical Programmer at Bristol Myers Squibb found in the music a way to lead with purpose. 

She’s an amazing program manager and a diverse leader.⁣

Aug 27, 202047:25
George Frost - Black Businesses Matter

George Frost - Black Businesses Matter

George is an African American business owner and Principal Consultant, GW Frost & Associates, a public outreach, community development, and general management consulting firm.⁣

He has over 20 years of experience leading and/or supporting public outreach and engagement efforts in City of Seattle neighborhood planning and transportation infrastructure projects. His professional career spans over 40 years, and includes serving in business ownership, public outreach, project management, church and community leadership, planning and development, housing program planning and evaluation, real estate brokerage, business district revitalization, and transportation planning positions. ⁣

Aug 25, 202042:38
"How to Thrive in the Midst of a Storm" with Lien Ngu - Part I

"How to Thrive in the Midst of a Storm" with Lien Ngu - Part I

In this meaningful conversation, we learned about what we can control and what we have to let go of.

How to be intentional in our peace and happiness. How to create an environment to achieve our goals and help others to achieve it.

Lien Ngu describes herself as a realtor by day and speaker by trade. She loves to serve others and teach others how to improve their lives.

Her passion is personal development. She loves to learn and grow. She described herself as “I think that's what we are here to do as human species to evolve. And when I learn something I can't keep it to myself.  I have to share with others because I want others to benefit from what I just learned too! I realize that is my calling is to be a spiritual teacher and author.”

Jul 28, 202027:02
 “The Most Effective Communication Strategies for a Virtual Workplace “ with Tami Lyon

“The Most Effective Communication Strategies for a Virtual Workplace “ with Tami Lyon

Tami Lyon is a results-driven executive leader and entrepreneur who has built three highly successful and award-winning athletic programs.

As a communication expert, she is a coveted speaker, writer, and thought leader. Presenting on communication, education, and leadership topics - she has led over 14,000 learning experiences for over 100,000 learners.

Her personal point of view on communication success is refreshingly simplistic. Tami appreciates words that have tremendous power and being a great leader of people is a moment to moment choice to communicate from the positive.

Tami serves as a fractional CEO at HTM where she leads solo practitioner and small law firms beyond the 7-figure barrier, leveraging expertise gained by generating multi-million-dollar revenue for the past organizations she has worked with.

Jul 15, 202042:30
“How Music has changed Me!” with Fei Chua

“How Music has changed Me!” with Fei Chua

#MeaningfulConversations With Fei Chua @feichua our diversity and inclusion director at our organization. Fei is a talented musician, he plays piano, trumpet, saxophone, and more.

Fei also is an MIT-trained senior dev-ops leader in cloud services and IT Operations. He is most passionate about product design, user experience, software performance, live-site engineering, and quality engineering. He has been a professional software developer and technical program manager for over 20 years. He was also on the original MIT Media Lab team that prototyped the LEGO Mindstorms.

Jul 15, 202043:30