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Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in Dying

Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in Dying

By Dwight Moore

This podcast series explores different viewpoints surrounding the topic of Medical Aid in Dying. Rather than taking the viewpoint that “my view is the only view,” listeners are encouraged to instead consider whether those of us who live in a democratic and free society, should have the right to legally and ethically choose for ourselves when and how we will exit this life.
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A Unitarian Perspective

Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in DyingDec 06, 2022

A Public Health Perspective
Feb 14, 202331:40
A Jewish Perspective
Feb 04, 202330:32
A Legislative Perspective
Jan 28, 202333:11
A Patient Perspective
Jan 22, 202326:30
A Physician Perspective
Jan 08, 202329:47
A Millennial Perspective
Dec 13, 202231:38
A Unitarian Perspective
Dec 06, 202226:12
A Christian Perspective

A Christian Perspective

In AZELO's very first podcast, Dr. Dwight Moore interviews the Rev. Jim Hines of Philadelphia who shares an alternative view from one held by many Christians that "Thou Shalt not Kill" is biblical evidence that Medical Aid in Dying is a sin. They discuss Jim's spiritual calling in life and why the Medical Aid in Dying option is acceptable to God for many terminally ill persons who choose it at the end of life.

Nov 29, 202217:40


Introduction to Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in Dying, written by Marie MacWhyte and narrated by Sarah Ellis.

Nov 28, 202205:30