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Meditate with Ambika

Meditate with Ambika

By Ambika Devi

Meditate with Ambika gives you guided meditations and fascinating audio versions of her blog articles at that give you powerful tools to tame the mind. Get back on track, relax into deep rejuvenative sleep, and learn from this transformational speaker. Ambika is an international best selling, award-winning author of six books with 46 years of experience in the Holistic Lifestyle industry. Learn to relax, increase your levels of creativity, happiness and well-being, further your knowledge of Neuroplasticity, and gain hours of precious sleep. Begin by listening now!
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Manifest Your Year Ahead 2024

Meditate with AmbikaNov 16, 2023

Manifest Your Year Ahead 2024
Nov 16, 202307:46
Milestone Marker 64 October 27, 2023©Ambika Devi
Oct 28, 202313:34
Manifestation, Work, Relationships and the Law of Attraction
Sep 03, 202307:23
Mercury Retrograde August 23, 2023
Aug 23, 202306:43
Awakening Muladhara, the Root Chakra
Aug 10, 202333:04
Muladhara, The Root Chakra
Aug 08, 202305:59
5 Minute Energy Clearing
Jul 24, 202305:40
Accessing the Power of Your Sound
Jun 23, 202330:49
Peeling back the layers
May 17, 202307:54
The Third Sister
Apr 24, 202307:19
Get to Know Saturn
Apr 03, 202312:34
Why choose Astrology?
Feb 07, 202308:02
Boost Your Story Telling and drift off to sleep
Jan 14, 202309:38
Is Meditation a Destination?
Jan 04, 202315:60
My Quest to Tame the Mind
Nov 16, 202210:25
A Bull in a china shop, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2022
Nov 07, 202213:45
Writing is my Lover
Oct 09, 202205:12
Which Works Better: Affirmations, Mantras, or Prayers?
Sep 21, 202218:32
The Fundamentals of Astrology
Sep 17, 202224:45
The Red Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 15-16, 2022
May 17, 202213:39
Pay Attention to After
Mar 28, 202203:21
Gaining the Power of Sound
Jan 02, 202224:14
Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep

Do you want to feel more peaceful and rested after a night's sleep? I have created this gentle guided meditation for you to use at night. Fill your heart with peace and drift into deep sleep.

Oct 12, 202116:14
Peaceful Daytime Mini-break

Peaceful Daytime Mini-break

We all can use more peace, right? I have created this little oasis for you so that you can relax and rejuvenate mid-day. In it I guide you to gentle relax and find your inner-peace.

Oct 12, 202117:50
Mini-break Recharge

Mini-break Recharge

Do you often reach for caffeine in the afternoon when you feel your energy and attention waning? Instead of drinking a temporary solution, push back from your workspace, get comfortable and try this mini-break recharge guided meditation instead! Ambika guides you to rejuvenate and recharge your body, mind, and spirit emerging refreshed and sleeping even deeper than usual the same night. 

Jul 29, 202114:50
Full Moon Ideation While You Sleep

Full Moon Ideation While You Sleep

The Full Moon can keep you up especially when you have a creative project that you want to get going. This is the perfect track to get your creative seeds to sprout when the Moon is pulling on you and keeping you awake. Ambika guides you with her soothing voice to Dream your inspiration and awaken it in your reality with this soothing guided meditation for Deep Sleep and inspired dreaming.

Jul 29, 202109:23
Sleep Meditation for Creative Writers

Sleep Meditation for Creative Writers

Writers heads can often be filled with so many ideas that it can be a challenge to relax and get to sleep. In this guided creative visualization, Ambika relaxes you so that you easily drift into a very deep sleep and awaken with creative ideas that flow onto your page. 

Mar 24, 202110:33
The Best Night Ever!

The Best Night Ever!

This is a great guided meditation to use at the end your day to clear  your mind and get ready for a great night sleep. Gratitude and  forgiveness as well as planning for the future are all themes in this  highly effective short guided meditation with the soothing voice of  Ambika Devi.

Dec 23, 202011:42
The Best Day Ever!

The Best Day Ever!

Enjoy listening to Ambika's soothing voice in this guided meditation every morning to clear your mind and energy field to prepare you for the Best Day Every each and every day!

Dec 16, 202013:23
Sixth Chakra

Sixth Chakra

Relax with breathing and hypnotic visualization in the sixth chakra:  Ajña with Ambika Devi "Yogini Yoda". This is beyond the five elements of our earth and space. Use this to increase your powers of ideation and creative visualization and increase your level of happiness! You can listen to prepare for a  relaxing rest or to start  your day! 

Jun 18, 202018:37
7 Chakra Meditation
Jun 01, 202021:26
7th Chakra with integration

7th Chakra with integration

Expand your awareness as you relax with this creative visualization of Sahasrara, the 7th Chakra and its integration with the first through sixth. You can listen to prepare for a relaxing rest full of inventive ideas upon awakening or to start your day!

Apr 25, 202025:36
Smoking Alternative

Smoking Alternative

Are you trying to quit smoking? Why not try doing the motion without the cigarettes as a breathing exercise?

This guided meditation gets you into a new habit using the body motions you are accustomed to with out the toxins turning it into a proactive breathing exercise! May you live a long happy life free from smoking! 

Mar 04, 202024:01
Fourth Chakra

Fourth Chakra

Relax with breathing and hypnotic visualization in the fourth chakra:  Anahata and the element of air. Use this to amp up the vibration of love and your level of happiness as your heart magickally opens! You can listen to prepare for a  relaxing rest or to start  your day!

Feb 05, 202018:46
Third Chakra Meditation

Third Chakra Meditation

Relax in hypnotic visualization in the Golden City of  the Third Chakra. Use this to increase your ability to make better decisions and to increase your self-esteem! You can listen to this guided meditation to prepare yourself for a relaxing rest or to start your day!

Feb 05, 202021:21
Second Chakra Meditation

Second Chakra Meditation

Relax with breathing and hypnotic visualization in the infinite lake of the Second Chakra. Use this to increase your level of happiness and creativity! You can listen to prepare for a relaxing rest or to start your day!

Feb 05, 202024:19
Mini-break Meditation

Mini-break Meditation

Invest less than 5 minutes for yourself to relax and regroup with this guided meditation with Ambika!

Feb 05, 202004:37
The Return of Light

The Return of Light

We all find ourselves in the dark at times when we are stuck on a project or as a part of the natural progression of the seasons. Get ready to lie down and relax in this transformative guided meditation session with Ambika that welcomes the light back into your life! This was a live session Ambika gave for her students of Wizardry in honor of the Goddess Brigid! Enjoy!

Feb 05, 202037:36
Root Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra Meditation

Enjoy this Guided Meditation to harmonize and connect with your Root Chakra. You can use this anytime of day and also as a way to drift off into a deeply relaxing sleep. The Root Chakra is our connection to all that is. A harmonized Root Chakra is essential for health, happiness, and relationships.

Feb 05, 202021:45
Perfect Daily Practice

Perfect Daily Practice

Start and end your day with the perfect visualization for happiness and wellness! Ambika Leads you in a relaxing visualization of Grounding, Centering, Love, and Manifestation to make this the Perfect Day or prepare for a great Night's Rest.

Feb 05, 202012:34
Guided Meditation for Dreamers

Guided Meditation for Dreamers

Join me to drift into a deep sleep where you dream vividly and awaken refreshed with total recall. This is a great guided meditation for your creative projects or if you are seeking a deep relaxing session of sleep. If you are using this in the daytime; be sure to allow enough time to awaken fully. If you are using this at night; I wish you sweet dreams!

Feb 05, 202026:43
Fifth Chakra Meditation

Fifth Chakra Meditation

Relax with breathing and hypnotic visualization in the fifth chakra: Vishuddha and the element of space. Use this to increase your self esteem and up your level of happiness! You can listen to prepare for a relaxing rest or to start  your day!

Feb 05, 202021:12