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Me, Marriage, and Motherhood

Me, Marriage, and Motherhood

By Lucy Liang

Me, Marriage, and Motherhood is a deep exploration into 3 of the most transformational relationships we can choose to have: With ourselves, our partners, and our children.

I'm Lucy, here to share real stories from real people who illuminate the keys to nurturing delicious, genuine, and meaningful relationships in a space where Love and Learning converge.

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13. Me, Marriage, and Motherhood - A New Chapter

Me, Marriage, and MotherhoodNov 28, 2023

13. Me, Marriage, and Motherhood - A New Chapter
Nov 28, 202314:43
12. Embracing Femininity & Healing with Marija Rumenović

12. Embracing Femininity & Healing with Marija Rumenović

Join us for a transformative conversation on life, relationships, and the power of self-love with the resilient & ever-evolving Marija!

(Warning: This episode discusses sensitive topics, including abuse, eating disorders, and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.)

This powerhouse episode explores a wide array of topics - from self-development and identity, to understanding the balance of feminine and masculine energies in relationships, to defining reality. Her insights will inspire you to embark on your own journey of self-love, relationship dynamics, and acceptance of all complexities of life.

Note: This episode was recorded in 2021, so some events mentioned may be out-of-date now.

(00:02) - Journey of Self-Discovery and Overcoming Challenges

(14:44) - Overcoming Trauma and Mental Illness

(22:16) - Overcoming an Eating Disorder With Mentors

(26:03) - Identity, Body Image, Balance and Love

(39:27) - Understanding Feminine Energy in Relationships

(45:36) - Balance Energies in Relationships

(52:34) - Navigating Relationships in the Modern Era

(57:11) - Shifting Perspective on Relationships and Independence

(01:03:53) - Appreciating Gifts and Staying Soft

(01:09:57) - Interpreting Reality and Self-Love

(01:24:42) - Embrace Beliefs, Overcome Self-Destructive Thoughts

(01:30:53) - Choosing Life and Understanding Suicide

(01:35:53) - Journey to Recovery With Sisters

(01:39:37) - Powerful Words, Connected People

(01:45:03) - Importance of Sharing and Self-Discovery

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Nov 28, 202301:45:18
11. Masterful Meta-Learning with Charlotte of MySnapshot
Nov 28, 202351:34
10. Relating Between the Roles: From Classroom to Boardroom | Norman Tran

10. Relating Between the Roles: From Classroom to Boardroom | Norman Tran

Ever felt trapped by labels or expectations that just don’t sit right? Join us for a deeply personal and enlightening discussion with Norman Tran, founder of Relating Between the Lines. He shares his transition from product design to EQ education, with an unwavering desire to make essential communication skills accessible to all.

Our conversation takes a raw and honest turn as Norman peels back the layers of his challenging journey. From grueling co-founder transitions to the emotional labor of stepping down as CEO, hear about his struggle to shed the expectations tied to his CEO title, a battle that was not just professional but also a deeply personal one.

Finally, we explore how Norman managed to navigate the waters of resistance, both internal and external, to find a resolution that brought him more peace and fulfillment. We delve into the significance of emotional labor, the importance of acknowledging it, and the art of commitment to a larger mission. Through all of this, Norman reminds us that success isn’t about titles or roles, but about aligning with our true selves. This thought-provoking conversation promises to inspire introspection and growth.

(0:00:01) - Relating Between the Lines Journey - From product design to education, teaching EQ and soft skills through an experiential program.

(0:09:44) - Navigating Co-Founder Roles and Transitions - Norman’s journey of co-founding a business, overcoming emotional resistance, and shedding beliefs.

(0:15:43) - The Struggle With CEO Identity - facing hard beliefs, let go of identity, and overcame insecurities to find his path.

(0:24:18) - Overcoming Resistance and Finding Happiness - Resolving external resistance to reach a mutually beneficial outcome.

(0:30:17) - Acknowledge Pain, Commitment in Partnership - Discussing emotional labor, mission/vision, and finding solutions together.

📢 Program mentioned

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Nov 04, 202301:03:19
9. Building Exceptional Relationships w/David Bradford

9. Building Exceptional Relationships w/David Bradford

David Bradford, co-author of Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues, shares how to deepen relationships and others and through that, deepen our own understanding of ourselves as well.

At the end of this episode, you’ll learn the 6 key characteristics of what makes an exceptional relationship, how to build that relationship with anyone, and how mastering human interactions come down to understanding & respecting the 3 Realities.

We even have an impromptu practice session on self-disclosure. This was an eye-opening conversation!

Topics Explored:

  • Role of emotions in conversation & why you need it.
  • 6 Key Characteristics of Exceptional Relationships.
  • Self-disclosure vs Vulnerability.
  • 15% rule of self-disclosure - Why not share everything with everyone?
  • 3 Zones of Comfort, Learning, and Danger
  • How you can be more Yourself.
  • 3 Realities of any interaction (Intention, Behavior, and Impact of behavior)
  • Stick with reality & ask questions.
  • How conflict strengthens relationships.
  • How “It takes 2 to know 1.”

Resources mentioned:

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Feb 22, 202359:07
8. Finding Your Zone of Genius with Laura Garnett

8. Finding Your Zone of Genius with Laura Garnett

Laura Garnett, author of The Genius Habit, helps high-achievers reach their goals in half the time they expect with less stress, zero burnout, and never-ending joy by helping them find their Zone of Genius.

And she couldn’t have gotten to where she is without figuring out her OWN Zone of Genius first - and it all started with what she now calls her best career move: getting fired.

If you find yourself chasing achievements while never feeling satisfied or looking up to others instead of paying attention to how YOU feel, then Laura’s insights can help you finally make sense of yourself!

Topics Explored:

  • How getting fired turned out to be the best career move for her, even though she didn’t know it at the time.
  • From thinking “I am the problem” to “How can I create job that’s the extension of who I am?”
  • Your Core Emotional Challenge and how it helps you track your Zone of Genius.
  • Zone of Genius Framework.
  • Why most people don’t know their “flavor” of engagement and/or intrinsic motivation.
  • When you’re doing what you thought you should, yet you don’t feel good. “In the absence of connection to yourself, you’re using what OTHERS expect.”
  • Why moments of disconnect can be a celebration!
  • How Purpose ties in with Intimacy. Work and Relationships are very similar.
  • The Habit of Being Who You Are in ALL areas of life.

Resources mentioned:

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Feb 14, 202336:02
7. Let Go & Let Answers Come to YOU w/Amanda Leaveck
Feb 09, 202301:13:15
6. Life Pivoting on Purpose with Richa Prasad

6. Life Pivoting on Purpose with Richa Prasad

Richa Prasad, Co- Founder & CEO of Coach Viva, shares how she went from not-knowing-what-to-do - to working for big tech - to founding a behavior change-based weight loss company that happily marries her passions + purpose + love of learning.

She got here by experimenting with what I call “Life Pivots,” experience-driven experiments that weren’t haphazard, but done “on purpose” by continuously fine-tuning and following her inner guidance system. You may completely change the way you approach life and how you question your own thinking after listening to this episode! 

Topics Explored:

  • Deciding on cultural fit.
  • How university + tech experience taught her what she REALLY loves.
  • Don’t sit down to “figure out passion” - Instead, use previous experience + feelings to decide what to try next.
  • Lifestyle-driven decision-making
  • Commit to a decision WHILE making room for Informed Mind-Changing
  • Spot hints of what’s meant for you vs what you think you SHOULD do.
  • “What is the life I want to live?”
  • Why time & energy is never truly “wasted” when you do things that aren’t aligned.
  • “If you enjoy it and love it, even if you stop doing it, it comes back into your life.”
  • What it really means to “enjoy your work.”
  • “Is this an internal story or is this actually related the subject?”
  • Are you playing the Game vs Meta-game? Choosing the wrong game can take you down the wrong direction.
  • How everyone defines “meaning” differently.
  • Why create a company around health, fitness, and behavior change?

Mentioned in the show:

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Feb 06, 202301:25:12
5. The Pathless Path, Redefining Work w/Paul Millerd

5. The Pathless Path, Redefining Work w/Paul Millerd

Paul’s an independent writer, freelancer, coach, digital creator, and author of The Pathless Path - a story about finding yourself in the wrong life, and then doing the REAL work of figuring out how to live. Through experimentation (learning through living!), Paul pieces together a set of ideas and principles that guide him from unfulfilled & burned out to a more purposeful life.

The Pathless Path is about leaving a path centered around “getting ahead” (Default Path) and instead focusing on doing work that matters to YOU (Pathless Path) without blowing up your life.

If you’re considering leaving your job, embarking on a new path, and dealing with the uncertainty of leaving the default path, then you don’t want to miss today’s conversation!

Mentioned in the show:

👋 Connect with Paul!

Topics Explored:

  • 1:41 - What it’s like going from Default Path -> Pathless Path
  • 6:35 - What makes someone more suited to the Pathless vs Default Path?
  • 9:26 - How to trust that answers will emerge as a by-product of living your life? (I.e., how to not blow up your life if you don’t have a plan)
  • 18:05 - Why it takes more energy to hold yourself back.
  • 21:34 - 2 Biggest Fears: Money & Relationships
    • Importance of getting clear on WHY you need money
  • 28:25 - First principle thinking
    • Start with the question!
  • 30:23 - Why do some people shed negative light on our choices?
  • 36:12 - Loneliness & the Aspirational Journey
  • 42:05 - The importance of thinking Trade-offs (be experimental, but don’t be naive)
  • 50:00 - Carving out space to find things worth doing for the sake of it.
  • 52:35 - For most of human history, Leisure was the default.
  • 54:17 - Finding your tribe.
  • 59:18 - The myth of choosing between Family vs Work.

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Jun 26, 202201:06:53
Bonus: Heart Rhythm Meditation with Robin Goldberg, DMD
Mar 20, 202203:33
4. Balancing Our Inner Elements with Robin Goldberg, DMD

4. Balancing Our Inner Elements with Robin Goldberg, DMD

Robin is a dentist who also teaches meditation. She uses meditation techniques to help people move through their personal paths of spiritual development.

While meditation has been super helpful in many many areas of her life, the one area she still felt out of control with was her weight and relationship to food. Last summer, she finally took steps to integrate that final part when she joined our Badass Body Boss program.

In this episode, you’ll learn about her story with food, how her mindset has shifted around that, how meditation has helped her notice & integrate aspects of herself, and she even shares a short meditation with us halfway through the show.

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Resources mentioned:

Topics Explored:

  • Healing relationship with food.
  • Body image mindset.
  • Habits & reprogramming ourselves.
  • Heart Rhythm Meditation (+ actual 4m meditation starting at 44m10s)
  • Downward Meditation (vs Upward)
  • A framework for making sense of aspects of ourselves using 4 Elements
  • What it means to put on "energetic clothing"
  • Integrity
  • Parenting
  • Co-counseling & having heartfelt conversations
Mar 20, 202201:25:43
3. Work as Tool for Self-Development with Heather Nakama

3. Work as Tool for Self-Development with Heather Nakama


is a tech lead at Google who has a passion for distributed systems. She’s a lifelong learner with a knack for seeing relationships and analogies between different topics. Lately, she’s been exploring how tech can teach us a lot about our own psychology and human relationships.

In this episode, you’ll learn about how she went from religious studies major → tech, how she taught herself to code, what passion for tech looks like, what working in tech taught her about relationships, and a different mindset around Imposter Syndrome.

👋 Connect with Heather!

Books Mentioned:

 • How To Win Friends And Influence People:


Auto-generated timestamps:

0:12: 🎙️ Heather's journey from religious studies to technology, using work for self-improvement, and her passion for technology.
5:17: 🎮 The speaker's parents were supportive of their decision to pursue art and tech, which was refreshing to hear.
10:20: 👫 Having supportive friends who recognize your potential can lead to seizing life opportunities.
15:21: 😔 The speaker initially had low ambitions and faced doubt when job hunting, but eventually landed a coding job at Microsoft.
20:20: 🎓 The speaker expresses gratitude and humility for their current situation compared to their past experiences during college.
25:56: ! The speaker discusses the concept of reliability and communication in systems, comparing it to how our bodies function.
31:01: 💼 Commitment is an action, not just a feeling, and is crucial for success in both work and personal life.
35:56: 🗣️ The speaker suggests starting a conflict resolution with an affirmation of love and respect.
41:01: 👧👦 Volunteering with kids is important to show girls and boys that women exist in tech.
45:58: 👍 The speaker has no regrets about leaving Facebook and is enjoying working with the kernel and Linux.
51:05: 🤔 Asking questions and seeking knowledge is important in learning and growth.
56:09: 🗓️ The speaker discusses their yearly planning process and reflects on the previous year.
1:01:23: 🌟 The speaker reflects on the role of luck and control in their life and acknowledges the support of friends.
Recap by Tammy AI


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Feb 26, 202201:07:02
2. "Dream Job" Myth, Fear & Defining Success with Angie Wang

2. "Dream Job" Myth, Fear & Defining Success with Angie Wang

As the clock struck midnight when she turned 30, Angie realized not only did she not like her job, but she was blaming her “entrapment” on external circumstances like society and family. She decided “no more excuses,” let go of her chains, and set off to define her own calling.

As she went from tech -> fitness -> podcasting -> life coaching, each time she discovered new things about herself that continue to provoke curiosity and propel her down this amazing life path she carved.

You’ll learn about fears around judgment and imposter syndrome, how guilt plays a role in our choice of work, how to test-drive with your “dream life” in small steps without blowing it up, limiting beliefs around money and work as a digital nomad and as an immigrant in the US, and more.

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Resources mentioned:

Topics Explored:

  • Fears around judgment and imposter syndrome.
  • How guilt plays a role in our choice of work.
  • How to deal with the different “parts” of us that make up our Internal Family System.
  • Why chasing a “dream life” often leads to disillusionment, and how to do it in a more experimental way via the Odyssey Journey method.
  • Why this “dream” can be an illusion.
  • Limiting beliefs around money, family, and work - and how that changes when you’re a digital nomad vs being an immigrant in the US.
  • Our surprising realizations of what “success” had meant to us.
  • How parental modeling shapes our beliefs.
  • Dealing with conflicting beliefs about the corporate ladder.
  • Masculine and Feminine traits in work & life.
  • Harmonizing money/results with experience/flourishing.
  • On being honest at 2 levels (with others + with yourself).


Auto-generated timestamps:
0:00: ! Angie, a digital nomad, shares her journey of self-discovery and empowerment through various career paths.
7:20: 💼 The speaker discusses the challenges and emotions associated with leaving a comfortable job and making a career change.
14:29: 💭 The speaker met someone who inspired them to think about work and life in a different way.
20:55: 👊 Overcoming fear and taking action despite feeling uncomfortable.
27:50: 😢 As babies, we develop personas to protect ourselves from feeling powerless, but these hurt inner child personas still try to protect us as adults.
34:57: 🌍 The speaker booked a ticket to Hawaii to find a new lifestyle, but realized it didn't make them happy and they wanted to thrive in other parts of the world.
41:34: 💭 The speaker discusses the concept of multiple lives and how people often dream of a third life that may not align with their true desires.
48:38: 🎙️ The speaker learned from past experiences and shifted their focus to life design topics.
55:08: 👩‍💼 The speaker discusses the belief that one must earn their keep and the idea that women often feel they don't deserve money unless they sacrifice or suffer for it.
1:01:52: 🗣️ The speaker resonates with the struggle between pursuing success and desiring a certain lifestyle.
1:08:38: 💤 Rest and rejuvenation are more productive than society thinks.
1:15:19: 💡 The speaker discusses the different layers of honesty and how they manifest in social interactions.
1:22:50: 😊 Angie expresses her gratitude for the conversation and shares her plans to start an English newsletter.
Recap by Tammy AI

Feb 13, 202201:29:08
1. The 3 Stages of Self-Discovery + Why I'm doing this

1. The 3 Stages of Self-Discovery + Why I'm doing this

Have you ever worked hard to get what you wanted and still didn't feel happy?

There are 3 stages that I've noticed everyone goes through on the path to self-discovery:

  1. The Hostage Stage
  2. The Driver Stage
  3. The VIP Passenger/Guest Stage

Once you understand these stages, it starts to make sense why this journey feels so hard (even though we think it shouldn't).

And why this led me to start this podcast.


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Jan 31, 202213:13