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By Tobi

Heeeeey, I'm Tobi from
I share my personal story from a failing newbie to an affiliate marketing superstar ...(maybe , hopefully one day 🤣)

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The glorious dream of passive income and its consequences

megadigitaldream Jan 10, 2023

The glorious dream of passive income and its consequences
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How I failed to make money online - THIS Story will open your eyes

How I failed to make money online - THIS Story will open your eyes

This is for everyone who ever tried to make money online with affiliate marketing. I shared my personal story of how I failed and revealed how internet marketing gurus lying to you every single day. How bonuses trick you into buying something you don't need etc etc. After listening to this, you know exactly what to do in future to start earning money online. Enjoy and thanks for listening, - Tobi

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Jan 18, 202001:14:57