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Never Not Grateful

Never Not Grateful

By Never Not Grateful

Never Not Grateful is a podcast about how to find gratitude and make it a daily practice in your life. We will explore how people from all walks of life use gratitude in order to make the world a better place, both personally and globally.
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Episode 11 - Everyone is Grateful (Season Finale)

Never Not GratefulDec 31, 2018

Episode 11 - Everyone is Grateful (Season Finale)

Episode 11 - Everyone is Grateful (Season Finale)

It's the final episode of the first season of Never Not Grateful! Today we are sharing messages of gratitude from you. Many of you called the Gratitude Hotline and shared what you are thankful for as we head into the new year. I am so excited to share this episode, as listening to these messages of gratitude brightened my day, and I know they will make yours a little better as well.

Don’t forget to check out the Never Not Grateful BONUS Guided Gratitude Practice.

Call the Gratitude Hotline and leave a message of gratitude! You might be featured on a special upcoming episode of the podcast. Just call (913) 717-7936!

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Dec 31, 201822:17
Episode 10 - A December Gratitude Pep Talk
Dec 17, 201822:39
Episode 9 - Long Term Gratitude w/Marian McClellan
Nov 16, 201840:05
Episode 8 - StoryCorps and My Dad

Episode 8 - StoryCorps and My Dad

In this episode of Never Not Grateful, host Megan Peters shares a recording from August of 2018 that she did as a part of the StoryCorps travelling tour with her dad, Brian Spooner. StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. All of the interviews recorded with StoryCorps are archive at the U.S. Library of Congress. You can learn more about StoryCorps at

Brian Spooner is a University Distinguished Professor of biology and director of Kansas State University's Division of Biology, and also served as Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. His research has focused on a fundamental understanding of the behavior of cells and cell populations that produces organs and organ systems during embryonic development. He also transitioned aspects of his research into space, with experiments on 18 space shuttle flights.

Most importantly, he is "Dad" to Megan and her siblings. Brian is a husband, father, scientist, and very wise person.

Hope you enjoy this personal episode of Never Not Grateful! Follow along on Instagram at or follow Megan on Instagram at You can find all of our episodes at

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Nov 08, 201852:45
BONUS: A Guided Gratitude Break
Oct 24, 201813:21
Episode 7 - Cultivating a Creative Gratitude Practice w/ Tammi Salas

Episode 7 - Cultivating a Creative Gratitude Practice w/ Tammi Salas

This episode features an interview with artist Tammi Salas, author of the new book, "My Daily Gratitude Practice: How I Got Started and Found My Visual Voice." Tammi is a California native and sober creative. She co-hosts The Unruffled Podcast-, a weekly show that explores all topics relating to creativity and recovery.

Tammi has written a gratitude list everyday since December 10, 2015 and has combined this practice with a meditative art practice. Tammi documents all of her creative forays and offerings, including her the new printing of her book, over on her website You can find also find her on Instagram @tammisalas- or get inspiration from over 2,700 collective gratitude lists collected under the hashtag #tammisgratitudetribe.


Don't forget we have a Gratitude Hotline! Please call 913-717-7936 to leave Megan a message with your own list of gratitudes. These will be featured on a special upcoming episode of Never Not Grateful.

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Oct 18, 201850:11
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