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This Story is Nuts

This Story is Nuts

By Melissa Reece

True stories with plot twists, shocking endings, and unbelievable truths.
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Convicted Off a Dream- The Ryan Ferguson Case

This Story is NutsFeb 24, 2021

The Murders of Russell and Shirley Dermond
Jan 25, 202312:53
The Murder of Connie Dabate

The Murder of Connie Dabate

When Elliington police arrived at the Dabate home two days before Christmas in 2015, they were greeted with a shocking scene.

Richard Dabate was laying on the living room floor, tied to a folding chair that lay on top of him. His wife Connie lay dead, shot twice, in the other room.

The story Richard would tell police was terrifying- it was the story of 6'2 masked intruder with a voice like Vin Diesel. A man who would threaten the Dabate family if Richard did not give him his money and the pin numbers to his bank and credit cards. A man, who would discover that Connie had returned home from her spin class at the local YMCA and who would shoot her twice- leaving her dead and Richard fighting the man off with a blow torch.

A story that seemed like something that was far too crazy to be true- and investigators quickly seemed to think the same thing.

Was Connie Dabate murdered by a Vin Diesel sounding masked intruder? Or was Richard Dabate telling a story that was completely nuts?

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For a really in-depth podcast about this case check out: Connie Dabate: "The Masked Intruder" (Part 1) - Bing video which has three parts and is very well done.

5 Things to Know About Fitbit Murder Case (

Connie Dabate murder: How a marriage of secrets and lies turned deadly - NZ Herald

Richard Dabate Gets 65 Years In Wife Connie's 'Fitbit Murder' | Crime News (

Mystery 'murder' of mom shot dead in her basement cracked by her FITBIT as friend reveals chilling final texts | The US Sun ( (also photo source)

Jan 04, 202318:10
The Disappearance of Adam Hecht
Nov 09, 202214:21
The Trick or Treat Murder
Oct 26, 202214:16
The Murder of Carla Walker
Oct 21, 202222:31
The Mysterious Disappearance and Reappearance of Mary Louise Day
Jul 20, 202216:05
The Abduction of Angie Hammond

The Abduction of Angie Hammond

20-year-old Angela (Angie) Hammond had plans to meet up with her boyfriend Rob after spending some time with another friend. But, as the night of April 4th, 1991, progressed Angie was starting to get tired. Without a phone at home Angie decided to stop by a local payphone in order to call Rob and let him know she was going to return home instead.

As the two talked however, a two-tone green truck would begin to circle the payphone. Only a few minutes later Rob would hear Angie scream, and she would disappear into the night- never to be seen again.

Quickly, investigators suspected that Angie was the victim of a serial killer, but despite a few leads the case would go cold.

30 years later a new tip might offer up what actually happened to Angie on that fateful April evening. 

In today's case we talk about the abduction of Angie Hammond.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Angie Hammond or what may have happened to her call the Clinton Missouri Police Department at: (660) 885-2679

Join the Facebook group:

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Angela Hammond | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom


(1) Angela Hammond was abducted while using a payphone to talk to her fiancé on April 4, 1991. 29 years later, her case remains unsolved. : UnresolvedMysteries (

Angela Marie Hammond – The Charley Project


Angela Marie Hammond – The Charley Project

Jul 06, 202215:31
Stephen Melkey/The Blindfold Murder
Jun 15, 202211:45
The Strange Disappearance and Death of David Glenn Lewis

The Strange Disappearance and Death of David Glenn Lewis

In January of 1993 Karen Lewis and her daughter Lauren returned home to Amarillo Texas from a shopping trip the two had taken to Dallas. It was Super Bowl weekend and the two were expecting to see David, Karen's husband and Lauren's father-knowing that he, as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys - who had been playing in the Super Bowl that year, would more than likely be watching the game.

However, they were shocked to find instead of David there were two fresh sandwiches in the fridge, the VCR tape still recording, David's wedding ring and watch on the counter, and David Glenn Lewis- missing.

David Glenn Lewis's case would go cold for the next eleven years, but even when the family had answers to what happened to him the answers only actually led to a series of far more questions.

This is one of the most baffling missing person cases I have stumbled across and I have a feeling you might feel the same way when today we ask the question what really happened in the case of David Glenn Lewis?

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David Glenn Lewis (1953-1993) - Find a Grave Memorial

The Bizarre Disappearance and Death of David Lewis (

The Trail Went Cold – Episode 177 – David Lewis – The Trail Went Cold

(1) In 1993, a mother and daughter returned home to find their husband and father, David Glenn Lewis, missing. Hours later, a deceased hit-and-run victim was found thousands of miles away. It would take 11 years before the victim would be identified as David Glenn Lewis. How did he get there? : UnresolvedMysteries (

Photo Source: David Glenn Lewis (1953-1993) - Find a Grave Memorial

May 25, 202216:56
The Disappearance of Chance Englebert
May 18, 202217:54



Today's episode is a super special episode- it's the podcast's 50TH EPISODE!! (It's kind of a big deal!)

First, I want to thank all of you for pushing the play button every week- your support means so much to me! I wouldn't have gotten here without you. 

For today's episode we are taking a look back on not only my favorite episodes but also yours! The best way I could think of doing that was to separate episodes by categories that were chosen by the listeners!

Categories are as follows:

  • Best Older Case
  • Creepiest Case
  • Most Disturbing Story
  • Case We Wish Were Solved 
  • Best Survival Story

If you like what I do, please help share the show with your true crime loving friends as well as continue to leave reviews and of course 5 stars on whatever platform you listen on. 

For story suggestions please send me an email at

An all-new episode of This Story is Nuts will be back next week!!

Source material on any of the stories featured in today's show is found on the original episode page.

May 11, 202201:00:34
The Mysterious Death of Henry McCabe

The Mysterious Death of Henry McCabe


This Podcast features audio that some listeners might find disturbing. The audio is about 22 seconds in length at the very beginning of the episode. If you wish to skip it fast forward until around 23 seconds in. 

At 2:28 am on the morning of September 7th, 2015, Kareen McCabe received a phone call that would completely change her life forever.

On the other line her husband, Henry McCabe is screaming out, he screams he has been shot, he is writhing in pain. Words turn to noises, growls and gurgles.

It is the last anyone would hear from Henry McCabe, he would be found, weeks later, face down in a nearby lake. But what truly happened to Henry McCabe is still a mystery- how did he end up in the lake? How did Henry die? And possibly the most puzzling question of all- what was happening in that phone call?

Want to talk theories? Join the Facebook group www.facebook/thisstoryisnutspodcast

Send story suggestions to:


The Trail Went Cold – Minisode 31 – Henry McCabe – The Trail Went Cold

Henry McCabe Death: How Did He Die? What Happened to Henry McCabe? Update (

'Disturbing' Voicemail Woman Got From Missing Husband's Phone May Hold Clues Into His Disappearance, Police Say - ABC News (audio source)

Body found in lake is missing Mounds View man Henry McCabe -

Hacker For Hire Murders Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio (Gregory Evans Podcast explaining his theory that he thinks Kareen is responsible)

Photo Source:

Vanished without a trace: What really happened to Henry T. McCabe? (

May 04, 202218:05
The Dinner Party Murder/ The Murder of Joe Cinque
Apr 28, 202214:01
How to Kill Your Husband/The Murder of Dan Brophy
Apr 13, 202212:16
The Murder of Dorothy Donovan
Apr 06, 202212:32
The Murder of Karen Navarra
Mar 30, 202214:31
Harvey Marcelin and The Murder of Susan Leyden
Mar 16, 202211:44
Taylor Schabusiness and The Murder of Shad Thyrion
Mar 09, 202212:07
The Staudte Family
Mar 02, 202213:11
The Tragic Story of Helen Bailey and Diane Stewart
Feb 16, 202216:44
The Case of Susan and Jeffery Klungness

The Case of Susan and Jeffery Klungness

Feb 09, 202213:56
What Happened to Margaret Kilcoyne?
Feb 02, 202216:17
The Impossible Murder of Julia Wallace
Jan 26, 202218:39
The Strange Case of Melanie Uribe and Etta Smith

The Strange Case of Melanie Uribe and Etta Smith

It's 10:45 pm on the night of December 15, 1980, when Paul Woods sees it. Two men are rushing towards the black pick-up truck sitting idly at the stoplight. One rushes to the passenger side while the other pushes his way into the driver's side. The woman inside begins to scream in fear- but it is too late. They disappear into the night before anyone can do anything.

The following morning at around 5 am in the 1100 block of Bromont Ave, local fire departments respond to a truck that has been set on fire, the only thing inside the truck is a nurse's uniform.

It's when friends and co-workers of Melanie Uribe start to piece together that something has gone terribly wrong for their friend- a 31-year-old single mother and nurse who never showed up for work the night before.

Miles away, a 32-year-old woman who has never met Melanie cannot shake the feeling that she knows what happened to the now missing woman after having a vision of her whereabouts, and despite having no proof, or any ties to her she sets on a mission to find her- knowing for too well that the story she has is going to tell will make her sound completely nuts.


Melanie Uribe | Unsolved Mysteries Wiki | Fandom (also photo source)

Etta Smith, the Psychic who Helped Police Find Melanie Uribe’s Body | by Nikki Young, Serial Napper | Serial Napper | Medium

'Psychic Vision' Woman Wins False Arrest Suit Against LAPD - Los Angeles Times (

Suddenly Psychic | Psychic Investigators Full Episode (True Crime TV Series) - YouTube

Jan 19, 202212:30
The Mysterious Disappearance of Laureen Rahn

The Mysterious Disappearance of Laureen Rahn

** CAUTION- This episode does have brief mentions of child pornography and suicide. Listener discretion is advised. **

Laureen Rahn convinced her mom Judith to go to the tennis game without her- it was the first day of the 14-year old's spring break and she was old enough to stay home alone. She would spend her day being visited by family members, seen restocking wine coolers at the nearby convince store, and hanging with a male and female friend drinking a few beers that night.

By the time Laureen's mother Judith returned home however, Laureen would be gone, leaving everything she owned behind. But Laureen wouldn't be gone without a trace- exactly- there would be mysterious phone calls made to Judith in the middle of the night- and reported sightings. At first authorities would believe that Judith was a runaway- maybe running off to sunny CA in order to start a career in Hollywood. 

But even they would start to change their minds beginning to suspect that maybe something more sinister actually happened to the teen.

You are going to want to buckle up for today's story. Not only is it creepy but it is also completely baffling and might make you want to yell what really happened to Laureen Rahn?!!

If you have any information of the whereabouts of:

 Rachel Elizabeth Garden

 Denise Ann Daneault

 or Laureen Rahn 

Please call The New Hampshire Department of Justice at: 603-271-3658


Disappearance of Laureen Rahn - Wikipedia

The Forty Year Search For Laureen Rahn — Murder, She Told: Maine & New England True Crime (

Laureen Ann Rahn – The Charley Project

Denise Ann Daneault – The Charley Project

Rachael Elizabeth Garden – The Charley Project

Terry Peder Rasmussen - Wikipedia

The Disappearance of Laureen Rahn (PART ONE OF TWO): On a spring night in 1980, a New Hampshire woman came home to find her 14-year-old daughter missing. Despite various traces, sightings, and phone calls possibly from the missing girl, she’s never been found. What happened to Laureen Rahn? : UnresolvedMysteries (

Photo Source:

Disappearance of Laureen Rahn - Wikipedia

Jan 12, 202218:55
Mary Horton Vail, Sharon Hensley, and Annette Vail
Jan 05, 202214:33
Murder and Mystery on Phillip Island

Murder and Mystery on Phillip Island

Dec 22, 202116:31
Shannon Green and Dewayne Bell
Dec 15, 202113:46
The Disappearance of Peggy McGuire
Dec 08, 202117:16
The Yoga Twins- Accident or Murder?

The Yoga Twins- Accident or Murder?

Vote for This Story is Nuts for best local podcast! I would appreciate if you took a minute to vote for the show it helps me get the word out about the podcast! 

Best Local Podcast - Best of the Chippewa Valley 2022 (

Twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia Duval had a very popular yoga studio and were almost like local celebrities in their Florida home- Alexandria had a great big personality while her sister Anastasia was known to be sweet and kind.

But, things for the twins would take a turn and their relationship, though close, would also end up violent. Within just a few years the two would go from well loved Yoga studio owners, to their story being splashed among the headlines, with one of them dead- and the other being charged with her murder.

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Alexandria Duval Not Guilty In Twin Anastasia's Accident Death | Crime News (

Alexandria Duval Found Not Guilty of Killing Her Twin Sister |

Alexandria Duval, Anastasia Duval case: Hawaii woman charged anew in twin's SUV cliff-plunge death - CBS News



Dec 01, 202116:19
**BONUS EPISODE** The Survival Stories of Susan Walters and Michelina Lewandowska.

**BONUS EPISODE** The Survival Stories of Susan Walters and Michelina Lewandowska.

Today there isn't a new episode of This Story is Nuts- however, I didn't want to leave you without a story. So, for this episode I decided to combine TWO stories of survival from two bad ass women.

I hope you enjoy! 

All new episodes of This Story is Nuts will return Wednesday December 1st.

STORY #1 Susan Kuhnhausen

In Susan Kuhnhausen's own words she was a piece of cake. She was middle aged, overweight, and had two bad knees.

But, what the intruder in her Oregon home in September of 2006 didn't know was that Susan was also trained in self defense.

This is the true story of not only how Susan Kuhnhausen fought off her attacker, but she also fought for the rights of others who were victims of violent crimes.


A Hitman Attempted To Kill Susan Kuhnhausen – She Killed Him Instead (

Susan Kuhnhausen Killed the Hitman Sent to Kill Her • Morbidology

Police: Intruder strangled by nurse was hit man (

A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn't. - Willamette Week (

Case Companion - Case Companion (

VINELink - Empowering Victims of Crime

STORY #2 Michelina Lewandowska.

What was supposed to be a simple shopping trip would turn into a nightmare for Michelina Lewandowska.

Michelina's quick thinking as well as something else would be the one thing to save her life.

In this weeks episode we look at survival, and what one woman will do to stay alive.


Michelina Lewandowska – I Can't Believe It's NonFiction (

Police tribute to buried alive woman Michelina Lewandowska - BBC News

She Was Buried Alive by Her Own Boyfriend in a Cardboard Coffin | by Fatim Hemraj | Chameleon | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Have you joined the Facebook group yet? Join to discuss this case and others!

Have a story to share or suggest? I would love to hear your true stories:

Nov 17, 202120:39
The Murder of Nicole Van Den Hurk
Nov 10, 202111:02
 The Mortician and the Millionaire- The Bernie Tiede Case
Nov 03, 202113:38
The Atlas Vampire
Oct 27, 202112:43
The Denver Spiderman
Oct 20, 202112:03
*BONUS EPISODE* The Curse of Christopher Case
Oct 15, 202110:58
Teresita Basa- The Ghost Who Solved Her Own Murder
Oct 13, 202113:54
Room 1046

Room 1046

So excited for creepy season! And that means all new episodes of This Story is Nuts with a creepy twist the entire month! Also, keep an eye out for BONUS episodes! They will be sprinkled in for the entire month of October!

Today's Episode:

Roland T Owen would check into the President Hotel in Kanas City on a Wednesday afternoon in 1935. The man himself wasn't strange- he was anywhere between 20-35 years of age, had dark hair, a noticeable scar, and a cauliflower ear.  

The bellhop would notice that Roland hadn't brought any luggage - and only carried a few personal items- items he would remove from his pockets when he arrived in his room. A housekeeper would also note Roland's behavior as slightly odd as he seemed to prefer to stay in his dimly lit room- keeping mostly to himself except for the strange man who visited his room- the man with the gruff voice- who Roland was heard arguing with some time later.

 Even though his actions as he entered the hotel were strange- the craziest part of this story was when Roland T Owen would end up dead- brutally murdered in fact, only three days after he had checked into the hotel room.

It is a story that 86 years after it happened still gives people goosebumps. A story with very few answers and tons of questions- questions like what really happened in room 1046?

Want to discuss this case? Join the Facebook group:

Have a story or story suggestion:


The Mystery Of Roland T. Owen's Gruesome Murder In Room 1046 (

The Unsolved Mystery of the Creepy Murder in Room 1046 | by Hdogar | Lessons from History | Medium

The Creepy Murder In Room 1046 - YouTube

Photo Source:

01The-Anonymous-Room-1046.jpg (1279×751) (

Oct 06, 202116:57
The Palmer Brothers
Sep 29, 202115:31
Christina Kettlewell- The Eight Day Bride
Sep 22, 202115:50
Roman Sosa- The Fight For His Life
Sep 15, 202113:57
The Disappearance of Colleen Orsborn
Jun 30, 202114:59
The Mummy in the Closet
Jun 23, 202111:28
The Mercy Murder
Jun 16, 202112:35
The Survival Story of Susan Kuhnhausen
Jun 02, 202113:10
Michelina Lewandowska
May 26, 202113:48
The Disappeared of the Bennington Triangle
May 19, 202116:35
The Mystery at Foss Lake

The Mystery at Foss Lake

This unbelievable story made headlines in September of 2013.

It was a mystery that took 43 years to find an answer to- and yet- for some it only left more questions.

Today we look at the mystery of what happened at Foss Lake.

Need to discuss this case? Join the Facebook group:

I really want to hear what you think happened on this one!

Have a story for the podcast:

Photo Credit: FWTV

May 12, 202114:43
Similar Strangers

Similar Strangers

Today's episode is an extra special one! We have not one but TWO stories for you today!

When Miche Solomon meets Cassidy Nurse the two are immediately taken aback by how similar they look to each other. Miche even feels an odd connection to Cassidy despite the fact that Cassidy is four years younger. When the two become friends they begin to hang out regularly- and they even take a selfie together. Little would Miche know that this selfie would change her life forever.


In today's second story Bobby Shafran is attending his first day of Community College and is shocked at the amount of people who excitedly greet him as he walks around campus. He finds it even more strange that they begin to tell him they are happy he is back, despite the fact he had never been there before. 

They also start calling him Eddy... 

The pieces of the story would soon come together when Bobby meets Michael- what Michael would tell him would be unbelievable, but the story would only get more and more crazy from there.  

Sources Story 1:

Sources Story 2:

Three Identical Strangers- Netflix Doc

Join the Facebook group:

Have a story? Email me:

Apr 28, 202121:30
The Body in The Trunk- The Forgotten Story of Emma LeDoux
Apr 21, 202117:12