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The Power Within with Courageous Women!

The Power Within with Courageous Women!

By Melissa Salazar Alves

The Power Within welcomes you!!! I am your host Melissa Alves,I am super excited to share this journey with you.
This podcast is inspired by my desire of my personal growth. I am eager to share conversations with other amazing women that have been hit with the many curveballs that life throws at us, but have managed to duck or hit back and rise above all of it.
Join me in the mission of women empowering each other to fight the battles that we face with the power within each of us to rise and thrive.
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E48-Let's make Self Care our #1 Priority-Ashleigh Harrison

The Power Within with Courageous Women!Nov 03, 2020

E58- What Legacy am I leaving my kids?-Shirin Ariff
Feb 01, 202129:41
E57-Making a pivot

E57-Making a pivot


DM me for details on the upcoming course  Step Up you Courage to do LIVE VIDEO Confidently!

Jan 21, 202107:43
E56- Feel the Emotion Don't Surpress Them-Emily Rene
Jan 15, 202122:55
E55- Her Courage Inspires Many-Meg Knight
Jan 08, 202126:48
E54- Own your TIME~Melissa Alves

E54- Own your TIME~Melissa Alves

On this episode we go over the importance of having a calendar allow yourself to have FOCUS on what matters most in every area of your life. 

Be intentional join me and other amazing entrepreneurs inside the FB Group @

Jan 06, 202106:40
E53- Count your Blessings- Melis

E53- Count your Blessings- Melis

Joining the community of amazing powerful strong women entrepreneurs rising the bar high into 2021 to achieve their dreams.

Facebook group

A year of blessings!

Dec 30, 202010:39
E52-Procrastination is the root of all evil

E52-Procrastination is the root of all evil

In this episode i share how i owned my procrastination and said nope lets nip it in the butt.

Share with me what you will do NOW shoot me a dm i am rooting for you

Dec 23, 202006:47


What will you be starting new in this upcoming season share it with me at

For more support, community and personal growth join me and other amazing women at

Dec 16, 202006:35


Hey ladies we are BACK as I mentioned in the podcast join me in Empowering Women to Succeed Community. 


Share what topics around business, marketing, or MINDSET you would like to learn more of. 

Email me at

"Everytime you think of the future you are creating a possible direction"  Roman, Sanaya. Parker, Duane

Dec 08, 202005:25
E49- Give yourself Permission -Veenu Keller

E49- Give yourself Permission -Veenu Keller

Have you ever felt guilty after yelling at your children, despair for not being able to get through to your defiant teenager, or a divide so great that it felt like your spouse was on the other side of the Grand Canyon yet, in reality, they are right next to you in your home? Our next guest is an author, coach, and behavioral specialist. But more than that, she is a heart-centered family interventionist who possesses deep and abiding wisdom that allows her to come into any family experiencing dissonance and crack the code needed to bring them peace and harmony. An expert in her field, Veenu has the unique ability to get to the root of any issue and bring lasting change into the lives of families once riddled with turmoil and despair. Through repairing relationships, guided self-discovery, and understanding the needs of all, Veenu helps each member unlock their purpose, creating a path for individual success as well as growth for the family unit as a whole. She is known in her circle as the Family/Kid Whisperer, Parent/Kids Peacemaker, and the Super Nanny of all things children, the founder of the In-Home TurnAround©, where Veenu creates an individualized road map for success for all the members involved. Creating lasting changes for the best possible future, Veenu is the answer.

Veenu has a BS in Psychology, a mental health professional and Certified Behavior Consultant and Life Coach. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX as Amazon #1 Best Selling author of 2 book, she has now just published a new book “Teaching Your Children They Are Enough” You can get your free eBook download at as well as a published journal just for kids 10 and older “The Best Version of You Journal/Calendar”

Veenu Keller can be found at

Join us this Monday November 16th at 1:00PM EST for the Empowering Women to Succeed Summit 2020! 

Reserve your SPOT NOW~

Nov 14, 202019:52
E48-Let's make Self Care our #1 Priority-Ashleigh Harrison

E48-Let's make Self Care our #1 Priority-Ashleigh Harrison

 Ashleigh Harrison is a certified Naturopathic Nutritionist and Anxiety Mindset Coach who is super passionate about empowering ambitious women to transform their fears, doubts and anxiety so they can step into their authentic power and attract next level success.

She founded The Serene CEO due to her own personal struggle with anxiety & mindset challenges that caused her to disconnect from her true authentic self & lose confidence in what she had to offer! Over 9 years of experiencing various anxiety episodes she was able to learn the exact tools needed to heal herself and let go of her fears & doubts that were manifesting as anxiety which she now teaches her clients through various programs and 1:1 coaching packages.

Ashleigh specializes in nutrition for gut health, mood disorders as well as hormone imbalances and has an 8-week guided signature program helping women overcome their anxiety. Her intention is to help heart-centered women find serenity and authenticity as they learn to connect with their magnetic selves. 

Instagram: @the_serene_ceo

Facebook: Serenity by Ash H


Nov 03, 202022:17
E47-It's ok to Pivot-Bianca Lenick

E47-It's ok to Pivot-Bianca Lenick

Bianca  Lenick is a highly successful online course creator who has built multiple 6 figure online courses for herself and coaching clients.

After only a few short months of building her first course, she was able to quit her brick and mortar business and since then, has been focused on helping savvy entrepreneurs around the world to launch and refine their own dream business that provides them with more financial freedom and the much needed time to live their best life.

For more information Bianca can be found here

Oct 27, 202025:51
E46- Listen to the Bigger Calling- with Kendra Dee Carroll

E46- Listen to the Bigger Calling- with Kendra Dee Carroll

Kendra Dee Carroll  author. speaker and career discovery coach joins us on todays episode. Kendra is passionate about helping others on the road to entrepreneurship. Kendra is a homeschool mom of 4 and , a wife of a horse shoer, she has worked all her life with kids but recently felt a call from God to serve women in finding their Lifes' purpose and belonging.

Kendra can be reached at

for homeschool resources join the community

Oct 20, 202034:40


Celebrating a  ONE year anniversary of the Power Within a special thank you to all the guests and to you the listeners for your support. 


Oct 03, 202011:43
E-44 Are you ready to Create New Roots? By- Tamara Rasheed

E-44 Are you ready to Create New Roots? By- Tamara Rasheed

Tamara Rasheed helps mompreneurs who are safe from trauma to build a new life after abuse by becoming who they are meant to be, transform their lives with happiness, self-awareness, and self-love, and heal from the past.   

As a child she was in charge of her siblings and  wasn't allowed to be educated, so she missed K-12. She had innate gifts that made her  naturally interested in learning, doing research, and becoming educated, which allowed for her  to self-direct my educate. She applied and was accepted to college at the age of 13, and this is how she became aware of psychology, human behavior and development, and how to improve her own life. She carried what she learned into adulthood where she worked on personal development and was able to heal from trauma by using techniques and exercises without medication or therapy.

Follow Tamara

or connect personal message

Sep 25, 202027:42
E43-You Have a Choice-Wendy Green
Sep 18, 202023:10
E42-When The Financial Disaster Hit our home I decided to be RESOURCEFUL and RISE out of my ADVERSITY. Sarah Rose

E42-When The Financial Disaster Hit our home I decided to be RESOURCEFUL and RISE out of my ADVERSITY. Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose mentors female entrepreneurs by simplifying online business strategies to help them achieve their "impossible" dreams. She's also known for her signature course, The Business Accelerator Academy. She loves speaking on podcasts and virtual summits all over the world, and she's contributed to Thrive Global

Sarah has provided a wonderful freebie check it out below. 





Sep 12, 202017:57
E41-A DREAM was awakened the day I WAS LET GO as an EMPLOYEE- Bai-Leigh Chapman
Sep 04, 202022:57
E40- In order to make RELATIONSHIPS work it Starts with our Mindset-Malva Gasowski
Aug 28, 202021:18
E39- Making a Decision to LEAVE my 9-5 Allowed me to LIVE MY DREAM LIFE-Natacha Parm
Aug 21, 202021:52
E38-Being Homeless Made me Very Resourceful!-Bonnie Hardie
Aug 14, 202017:45
E37-I stepped into my Power & So Can You-Veena Choudry
Aug 07, 202022:34
E36-Let TIME work in your FAVOR-with Johanna Buss
Jul 31, 202017:37
Resilience is my Strength -By Jamie Perkins
Jul 24, 202039:26
E-34 By blogging it allowed me to Discover Myself- Keri Lonny Kulhanek
Jul 17, 202024:21
E33- The Dream that changed my Life-Caroline Ecklin
Jul 10, 202023:14
E32- A decision was made to fight for my Life- Dee Shepherd

E32- A decision was made to fight for my Life- Dee Shepherd

Jul 03, 202030:03
E31- From living in pain and suffering to Freeing herself of it -With Shiran Cohen
Jun 30, 202048:15
E-30 Connect with your Inner Child- Alyn McDermott
Jun 26, 202027:15
E29- The fall that almost took my life- with LA Dawson
Jun 19, 202025:36
E28- Expanding your Value will allow you to Convey Your Value-Michelle Joiner

E28- Expanding your Value will allow you to Convey Your Value-Michelle Joiner

On today's episode I have guest Michelle Joiner. she is the Total Package Life Coach.  helping Christian single women get married. She has created her own romantic love story. Her signature steps are Knowing your Value, Expanding your Value and Conveying your Value. I can help anyone get hitched.

Tune in for a full blown interview and to reach Michelle feel free to visit her on Instagram or Facebook see links below.

(Facebook)The Total Package Life

.(Instagram)  The Total Life coach

Jun 12, 202020:23
E27- Learn to be Self Aware and Acknowledge Your Self Worth-Georgina Juarez
Jun 05, 202020:23
E26- From the Corporate World as an Attorney to ENTREPRENEUR!-Abbie Cornall
May 31, 202032:10
E25-Don't Let Emotions of Life Hold You Back- Donna Gammon
May 22, 202029:30
E24-Pouring from a full CUP-Carla Marie Westerby
May 15, 202033:53
E23-The Reality Check that happened from a Journal to a BOOK-By Nova Walton-Marriott
May 08, 202026:54
E22-Rewrite Your Story!-By Lisa Johnson
May 01, 202029:54
E21-Finding her Why and Discovered that Awareness is KEY-Kerri-Ann Luketic
Apr 24, 202025:38
E20-Her Faith Allowed her to be a MOM again.-Laney Holmes

E20-Her Faith Allowed her to be a MOM again.-Laney Holmes

Laney is Kindergarten teacher by profession and Virtual Assistant by passion. She shares her story of loosing her babies and her Faith allowing her to be a mom to a beautiful baby girl her miracle baby. She currently she lives in Tennessee with her husband. She loves helping others and connecting with other moms. That title is so precious to her, and she never wants to take it for granted.  f you have a business and need a lighter load reach out to Laney for all your business needs. 

If you are in need of a Virtual Assistant Laney can be found at

Melissa Alves the host and mentor to amazing ladies can be reached at 

Apr 21, 202025:45
E19- Cancer it brings a HARDSHIP but it also brings STRENGTH-Nikki Speer
Apr 18, 202022:59
E18- Life is full of rejections but how bad you want to succeed depends on you-Reem Kharbat
Apr 14, 202043:25
E17-How the oppression shaped the life of a young girl and her family-By Beryl Crosher-Segers
Apr 07, 202033:08
E16: A Fathers journey of raising an Autistic Child-with Speakers John R. & Jessica L.

E16: A Fathers journey of raising an Autistic Child-with Speakers John R. & Jessica L.

Jessica Leichtweisz, behavior analyst and leading Autism expert, has partnered with John D. Richmond, Autism advocate and father of a child with Autism to create the only Autism course planet specifically designed to address what a father experiences when a his gets diagnosed with Autism.

Autism Hero Education brings you“A Dad’s Roadmap:   Tools for the Autism Journey” is a course designed for the father that just wants to do right by his family but does not know where to begin. An autism diagnosis is a life-changing moment that affects moms and dads in profound but different ways. This course will show dads the paths that they need to begin to travel down to get their family to a place of normalcy and fulfillment. Autism is a difficult but rewarding journey and Jessica and John have opened their hearts and minds and poured them into a comprehensive education course designed specifically for men.


See more details about this valuepacked course at

John D. Richmond is a proud husband and father of three kids, a boy and two girls. He made the transition to 4860 fiction writing after publishing a memoir of his familys experiences with his son being on the autism spectrum titled ”Totally Lost: A Brutally Honest Assessment of Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum.” His fiction writing is another avenue he uses to inform people on autism in an entertaining setting. Having a child on the autism spectrum gave John a new mission in life, to help as many people with autism as he possibly could through his writing and public speaking. He holds a master\’s degree in business administration and is currently pursuing a PhD. He is a published research author and has a deep passion for his career in higher education. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt and fish. He and his family live on a ten-acre farm and enjoy spending time with their kids. If you would like to speak with John about his writing or a speaking engagement, please visit his website, 4871, or e-mail

Apr 03, 202031:14
E-15 The Drive and Focus that allowed her to face the Financial Struggles as a KID in CHICAGO-by Michele Garza
Mar 31, 202029:28
E-14 Do you have a System in Place to GET YOU through THE STRUGGLES?-By: Jennifer Tracy

E-14 Do you have a System in Place to GET YOU through THE STRUGGLES?-By: Jennifer Tracy

National Speaker, Author, and Personal Coach Jennifer Tracy is on a mission to inspire you to change the relationship you have with yourself... which changes everything.
Through the power of forgiveness, I've helped countless thousands find hope, real solutions, the courage to love themselves and learn how to truly find life on the other side of grief, depression, perfectionism, PTSD and possibly even thoughts of suicide.
Jennifer battled thoughts of suicide for a year, buried her husband and daughter 15 years ago, was diagnosed with PTSD and survived traumatic brain surgery. With courage and grit, she has changed communities one life at a time.
Today her message for you is this- There is life on the other side of what you are facing. I am a better woman today than I was 15 years ago. One year from now you can be a better woman too. Together we can accomplish the change you are looking for.
To learn more about Jennifer and how she can help you go to:

Mar 27, 202027:04
E13-What doesn't Kill you Makes You Stronger- By Stephanie Burnett

E13-What doesn't Kill you Makes You Stronger- By Stephanie Burnett

Stephanie Burnett has been a psychiatric nurse for 10 years with 2 masters as a Clinical Nurse Leader to reorganize healthcare systems and as a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

She is an award winning nurse with the 2 most prestigious awards in 2018 Arkansas 40! great leaders under 40 and 2019 Arkansas great 100 nurses.

She has published in a peer reviewed journal. supports people I. their holistic journey as being a certified aromatherapist and tai chi instructor has her own business to help with this cause.

Stephanie can be reached at www.

Mar 24, 202032:57
Life 2.0 happened and i realized Divorce was not Failure-By Elena Joy Thurston
Mar 18, 202029:21
E11-"40 Days in the open ocean led me to overcome my own beliefs"-Amber Gale
Mar 13, 202028:35
E10-It was so important to have Incremental Growth-with Nas Echeverria
Mar 10, 202020:17
E9-Always listen to your Intuition-Lisa Gornall
Mar 06, 202022:16