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Meleigh's World

Meleigh's World

By Mellie Miller

Healthy living through healthy alternatives. I will share my views on health in this modern world as well as products I love and deals on healthier alternatives.
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Welcome to June

Meleigh's WorldJun 01, 2022

Welcome to June

Welcome to June

June means summer is here, which means lots more fun in the sun. What do you use to protect and pamper your skin? Check out the L'Bri products for something more natural.

You can read the blog at:

Stay happy. Stay healthy!

Jun 01, 202201:05
Summer is Here
May 30, 202201:20
How Do You De-Stress
Jun 17, 202104:49
Ready For Summer?

Ready For Summer?

Is your skincare ready for summer? If not, check out one of my very favorite product lines--L'Bri. This more pure and natural product line will give you the moisturizing and protection you need for your skin while being safer for you and the ones you love. What are my favorites here? Give a listen and find out!

Check out the sales at:

Jun 14, 202102:16
A Summer Walk

A Summer Walk

Sometimes we need a break from the  the pressure of modern life. For me, nothing beats a nice walk in nature. Take a walk with me and de-stress. It'll only take a few minutes...

Jun 10, 202102:53
Give Me Some Sugar

Give Me Some Sugar

How much sugar to you eat in a day without even knowing it? When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I found out just how hard it can be to eradicate sugar from our modern diet. Listen as I share some of my findings with you.

Prefer to read?

Check out my blog at

Jun 07, 202105:37
Welcome to June

Welcome to June

Introducing Misfits Market to my audience. 

I like to eat a healthy diet and organic produce is a wonderful way to contribute to your health.

Follow the link below to learn more about MisFits 


Jun 02, 202100:44