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Meltdown Pinball Podcast

Meltdown Pinball Podcast

By FunWithBonus

Meltdown Pinball Podcast
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Ep. 13: Post Pinburgh Decompression (Part Two)

Meltdown Pinball PodcastOct 23, 2019

Ep. 14: 36 hours before The Sanctum
Nov 01, 201942:54
Ep. 13: Post Pinburgh Decompression (Part Two)
Oct 23, 201901:42:39
Ep. 12: Post Pinburgh Decompression (Part One)

Ep. 12: Post Pinburgh Decompression (Part One)

Episode 12 of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast is a group of pinballers going through ... not Post Pinburgh Depression as stated in the New Pinball Dictionary, but Post Pinburgh Decompression.

This is part one of our collaboration, and I decided to separate it at a very appropriate point (you'll see .. or rather you'll hear). Part two (episode 13) will be released soon and will pick up right where part one leaves off.

Join Duncan McFarlane, Luke Cervi, Jack Danger, Kikasaurus Rex and me as we break down Pinburgh and many other pinball things as they come up. This was Duncan's first Pinburgh competition, and ReplayFX was Luke's first-ever pinball show so I was happy to have their perspectives on ReplayFX, Pinburgh, and pinball in general.

Although we were decompressing after Pinburgh ended, most of the discussion is "evergreen" as we cover more topics than just ReplayFX.

There's no synopsis here ... Well, I'll add this: Many, and large quantities of beverages were involved in the making of this production (see cover photo).


Music: Dilemmachine – Fred

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Fun With Bonus is the home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of professional and amateur pinball players.

Sep 21, 201901:46:01
Ep. 11 - Yo! Eleven, Yo!

Ep. 11 - Yo! Eleven, Yo!

On Episode 11, Greg Poverelli and Steve Bowden ( cover many topics in the game, hobby, sport, and world of pinball... Just in time for Pinburgh.

  • What are we having?
  • Pinburgh - The Super Bowl of Pinball
  • Pick your favorite Pinburgh bank
  • Pinburgh Sign-up Frenzy Drama (AKA: Pinburgh Round ZERO)
  • Can Pinburgh do more than 1000?
  • Tournament directors playing in tournaments
  • Surviving The Sanctum
  • MyBookie and prop bets
  • Pinburgh Fantasy League
  • Pintastic
  • Vegas Stakes and Pop-O-Matic Craps
  • The WPPRelli Tournament Forecast
  • The Intergalactic Lineup
  • Always be getting points
  • Dream bank
  • Circuit schedule planning
  • * A very special announcement *
  • Greg at EPC
  • Local Texas scene / New York scene
  • The Open at INDISC
  • Long Island Pinball Expo (and Open)
  • The OCHO? No.
  • Greg behaving himself?
  • The WPPRelli report and pinball news
  • Star Wars Home Edition
  • Jurassic Park
  • Black Knight code update
  • Game of Thrones huge code update and analysis
  • Use your validation
  • Other #SPORTS!
  • The Hat
  • Shameless Plugs

Music: Dilemmachine - Fred

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Jul 28, 201902:20:48
Ep. 10 - Urban, Belsito, Spolar, Harney, Johnson, Gottlieb & Associates, LLC Part 3
Feb 08, 201946:31
Ep. 9 – Harney, Johnson, Gottlieb & Associates, LLC Part 2
Feb 01, 201941:54
Ep. 8 - Harney, Johnson, ??? & Associates, LLC
Jan 28, 201941:22
Ep. 7 - Social Justice Krystle

Ep. 7 - Social Justice Krystle

 It's the Christmas gift that no one expected ... or the Holiday curse that no one wanted! It's the seventh episode of The Meltdown Pinball Podcast! International Pinball Sensation, Krystle Gemnich of the Rip Tide Pinball Podcast joins The Meltdown as we sit in the audience during the Oktoberfest game reveal seminar at Chicago Pinball Expo.


After the introductions and a (very edited) seminar period where we talk under our breaths, at about 18:30 into this attempt at recording a podcast, we get the opportunity to step up to play American Pinball's newest offering. We don't go up there immediately of course. It's better to wait for the crowd rushing the game to drain away a bit first. This is followed by fly-on-the-wall coverage of whatever we talked about as we got our first flips on the new game. It's a good thing to listen to in the background while you do whatever and stuff


Also, guest starring International Internet Pinball Sensations Jack Danger of Dead Flip, Jeff Teolis of Pinball Profile, Ron Hallett, Jr. of Slam Tilt Podcast, Nitzan Gabai, Tommy Floyd, Koi Morris, Jason Rufer, and Al Cihak.


Intro and Outro Music: FunHouse Multiball (Matt Dibrindisi Mix)
Santaur meme by: Joel Cohen

Dec 26, 201851:42
Ep. 6 - There's a meme for everything
Nov 24, 201838:27
Ep. 5 - The Atlanta Shuffle
Sep 15, 201828:05
Ep. 4 - Rock Fantasy and WPPRelli

Ep. 4 - Rock Fantasy and WPPRelli

Nikki DeLasagna (@kikasaurusrex) and I (@funwithbonus) talk about The Rock Fantasy Stern Pinball Launch Party and Match Play Tournaments, plus Pinburgh.

Greg Poverelli and I discuss the IFPA World Pinball Championships.

Find us at: /
Email us at: meltdown [at] funwithbonus [dot] com

- Bride tattoo
- Match play frustration
- Doing other things
- Breaking the rules
- The state of the game
- Screwing people less
- Competition Analysis

Music by Joakim Karud
Jul 11, 201825:22
Ep. 3 - SCP-1825 Revisited
Jun 06, 201818:25
Ep. 2 - "SCP-1825 - The Wrecking Pinball"
May 16, 201818:25
Ep. 1 - Episode One

Ep. 1 - Episode One

Drunken Pinball Podcast #1

Welcome to the show! Nikki DeLasagna (@kikasaurusrex) and myself (@funwithbonus) talk about The Allentown Pinfest Pinball Show and surrounding events.

Find us at: /
Email us at: meltdown [at] funwithbonus [dot] com

- Allentown Show review
- Pinfest Tournaments review
- Who was EDDIE? (Iron Maiden)
- Events at the Unnamed Hotel
- The pinball scene at Buffalo

Music by Joakim Karud
May 09, 201855:32