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Mental Speak

Mental Speak

By La Tonya Davison

Podcast for the weekly live Internet radio show Mental Speak.

I am a social worker, DJ, stand-up comedian, Navy veteran, and administrator with the media platform, Urban Intellectuals.

I coined the term “Cultural Therapist”, with a mission to help us explore the human experience to make change, using music and comedy to aid the journey.
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Curing Mental Illness Stigma

Mental Speak Apr 29, 2018

Cinco De Mayo with Veteran Radio DJ Sammi G and Howard Scott of War and Lowrider Band

Cinco De Mayo with Veteran Radio DJ Sammi G and Howard Scott of War and Lowrider Band

We sat in with the Mama Shark, founder and owner of Fishbowl Radio Network Sammi G, and the genius Howard Scott on this holiday, discussing the origins of Cinco De Mayo, Afro-Latino Unity and the WAR contribution through music! Plus we kick off Mental Health Awareness Month! Tell an amiga to tell an amigo!

Listen LIVE every Wednesday at or get interactive with us on Facebook Live @mentalspeakradio. 

May 15, 202138:15
Covid-19 Clinic for Balancing Our Minds

Covid-19 Clinic for Balancing Our Minds

These  knowledgeable clinical therapists joined us with insight and  practical tips to help us navigate and cope through the pandemic. Many people are struggling since we entered this unprecedented era, dealing with the coronavirus. 

Overthinking, fear of the unknown, isolation, helplessness are feelings and behaviors many are struggling with. We did our part today, in leaving words of support and encouragement to take care of ourselves and each other during this time. Humans are resilient, and with a little help from a therapist, we can bounce back from any tragedy this existence throws our way. I do hope you are enlightened and encouraged by this episode.

Tune in Live, each Wednesday at 5 PM Central on, or on Facebook Live. And be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend. 

Our esteemed guests:

Tahirah Samuels, MSSW, LCSWS , CCTP, CLC, CWC 

Matthew Newell, LPC

Scotty Gilmore, LPC

Feb 22, 202154:01
Examining the Science of Covid-19 with Dr. Betsy Cairo

Examining the Science of Covid-19 with Dr. Betsy Cairo

The Science. Live from Studio A at 5 PM Central with our esteemed former guest Dr. Betsy Cairo.

Enlightening and exciting conversation with this lady. She helped us understand nuanced information about the virus, related research, and most importantly distribution and implications of the Covid vaccine. 

We don't deal in conspiracy theory on Mental Speak, but rather in factual data gathered through anecdotal and sponsored research. We encourage humans to trust their innate judgment through observing life, and their intuition. We offer that in the case of Covid, it may be beneficial to take Western science with a grain of salt, in the context of human history and the governing institutions. 

Log on to on Sundays at 5PM Central or join the discussion on Facebook Live @mentalspeakradio and please tell a friend to tell a friend.

*We will be moving to Wednesdays beginning in March! Stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your support. 

Feb 05, 202101:34:43
Making Sense of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Making Sense of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We had just returned to the studio after the national and state lockdown mandates for the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic of 2020. It was time to begin making sense of what we were experiencing. This episode takes us back to the early months of the confusion and fear. 

David Pierce of Pugilism and Politics joined me as we discussed the political landscape, medical and science aspects of coronoavirus, and shared what we understand the pandemic to mean on an individual and global level, based on the ancient teachings of elders that came before us. 

WE are back for 2021! Expect more dynamic dialogue, commentary, and analysis with guests. The difference is our focus is on elevation and the hereafter. We shall rise above all adversity with knowledge and application. Tell a friend to tell a friend to join the Mental Speak and Music Speak Radio show, Sundays at 5 PM Central. You can listen at or join us on Facebook Live. 

Jan 17, 202101:42:48
The Producers of Defending Black Wall Street

The Producers of Defending Black Wall Street

We were joined by film producer/developer Judith James, photographer/visual artist Adger Cowans, and writer/lecturer Fred Williams to discuss this timely film. You will be inspired and glean insight for action from what became a counsel with elders.
Jun 25, 202056:16
Music Pioneer Bowlegged Lou of Full Force

Music Pioneer Bowlegged Lou of Full Force

For our first installment of the Music Speak broadcast, we were obliged to have a member of the illustrious R&B/hip hop singing bands, “Bowlegged Lou“ George, of Full Force. 

Lou is one of the six-member group, including his two brothers, Paul Anthony & B-Fine, along with cousins Baby Gerry, Curt-T-T & J-R Shy Shy. 

During promotion, many people were surprised to learn how wide their music production career has spanned, across genres and decades. In my observation, if Teddy Riley is the father of New Jack Swing, Full Force’s influence makes them the godfathers of the genre, given the ground-breaking fusion of R&B/hip hop sound they introduced to the world in 1984.

Lou, along with his brothers continues to give back to community through philanthropy and music, and are highly gracious for allowing us to celebrate their contribution to the culture and the soundtrack of our lives.

Be sure to tune in to the show Sundays, 5 PM Central at FBRN.US. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

May 02, 202057:11
A Conversation with The Mighty Sir Mix-A-Lot

A Conversation with The Mighty Sir Mix-A-Lot

Anthony Ray, also known as Sir Mix-A-Lot gave posses everywhere a tune to cruise down Broadway in your town; and unbeknownst to many, he gave women of color an anthem of Self-Love that has stood the test of time. He was gracious enough to grant us an interview before joining MC Hammer, Kid-N-Play, and a host of other Old School artists on stage at Hammer's House Party at the Toyota Music Pavilion in Irving that evening. It's these classic jams that make us reminisce to a more fun era, of cruising strips, and worshipping the derriere of Sistas everywhere.  

Tune in every Friday at 5PM Central FBRN.US on the Red Stream, and find the show on your favorite podcast platform including iHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Music, and more. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Aug 02, 201901:06:14
Comedy Roundtable with My Favorite DFW Comedians

Comedy Roundtable with My Favorite DFW Comedians

Some comedians just have the "it" factor, and you know their future will be bright. Micah Brown, Kirstie Hayden, and Furman Lee are three such comedians in my opinion, and I wanted to share them with you. We talk about the comedy grind, and social topics. And as always, music to soothe the soul. 

Jul 01, 201901:54:04
Comedy Roundtable with Joe Fox and Marvin Michaels

Comedy Roundtable with Joe Fox and Marvin Michaels

When these two seasoned, veteran comedians get together on the show, it's always a Jim Dandy good time. Actor/comedian Joe Fox (Laugh Tracks, TruTV, Comic View), and comedian Marvin Michaels (Dallas Morning News, Comic View, NBC Universal) joined me for a hilarious and insightful discussion on the comedy world, and social topics. Saving the world, one joke at a time, oh and music to soothe the soul. 

Jul 01, 201901:57:00
New Rules for Engaging Women at Work with Te-Erika Patterson

New Rules for Engaging Women at Work with Te-Erika Patterson

 What to do, what to do in the era of ‘#metoo’?  More insight and help to sort it out on the way with author of “The New  Rules For Engaging Women at Work”- Author and Digital Entrepreneur Te-Erika Patterson. She gave us a light-hearted and insightful perspective of what a female-led society could look like. If you listen with an open mind, you'll walk away with more understanding for men and women, and consider the possibility of harmony between the sexes. Headlines with  Urban Intellectuals, and of course, music to soothe the Soul.  

Jun 03, 201901:47:10
Grammy-Nominated DJ/Producer Steve 'Silk' Hurley
Jun 03, 201901:46:24
Singing Legend Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson

Singing Legend Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson

 A most beautiful soul, inside and out, Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson shared her journey from  child-star with a hit career, that included opening for The Jacksons, to  the woman she is today, a minister focused on women’s empowerment and sharing the gospel.  She shared her battle with depression  and self-identity, and her triumphant journey to a fulfilled life of growth and change after celebrity. Tell a friend to  tell a friend to tune in Fridays, 5 pm Central FBRN.US on the Red Stream. 

Jun 03, 201901:51:59
Founding Member of the Band War and The Lowrider Band Howard E. Scott
Jun 03, 201901:00:11
A Conversation with Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer Brandon T. Jackson

A Conversation with Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer Brandon T. Jackson

 Brandon T. Jackson is proof of the growing consciousness among the  masses. This talented and insightful Brotha blessed us with knowledge  and laughter here in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  

Jun 03, 201901:50:01
Raising Generation Z with Lisa Sugarman

Raising Generation Z with Lisa Sugarman


Guidance on raising iGen, aka Post-Millennials, aka Generation Zers. 

This episode we spoke with mother, syndicated columnist, speaker, and moderator LISA SUGARMAN. She is also author of the humor column “LIFE: It Is What It Is”, and the book  “Untying Parent Anxiety  (Ages 5-8)” , and “How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids...”         

Lisa and I shared a comfortable mom-to-mom chat about the challenges of raising the current generation of children.  Fear is the primary emotion of the era, propelled by that which was supposed to simplify life, technology. With her pragmatic insight, Lisa helped us to quell the fears and concerns, and inspired us to embrace the realities of the present with the mantra: "It is what it is." 

Visit Lisa's website at and follow her on social media. 

Music: What a Fool Believes - Doobie Brothers

              What I Am- Edie Brickell and The Bohemians

               Before I Let Go- Frankie Beverly and Maze

               What a Wonderful Worlds - Sam Cooke

Feb 28, 201901:52:13
Exploring Narcissism with Dr. Sam Vaknin

Exploring Narcissism with Dr. Sam Vaknin

He unequivocally asserts that humans have become increasingly narcissistic, relative to technology and the determination of social engineers. Dr. Sam Vaknin, writer and pioneering world renown expert on the topic of narcissism, gives us insight to the progression of narcissism in the collective society; and warns us of its pitfalls if we do not change course.

However, as is the mission of the show, he leaves us with information on his revolutionary, promising research and treatment of people with disorder. This episode will hopefully enlighten, and encourage introspection to facilitate behavioral changes, if only to make us more aware. 

Music: Say It Isn't So - Hall and Oates

Tell Me Am I Dreamin' - Jermaine and Michael Jackson

Wonderwall  - Oasis


Jan 13, 201901:54:00
Comedy Icon and Legend Marsha Warfield

Comedy Icon and Legend Marsha Warfield

Comedian and actress Marsha Warfield was gracious to join us on the show to share her varied knowledge and wisdom of the social reality. 

She shared just a fraction of her life experience, journeying from her hometown of Southside Chicago to pursue an entertainment career in Los Angeles. As a member of the comedy cohort that included Richard Pryor, John Witherspoon, Paul Mooney, and Robin Williams to name a few, she is considered a comedy pioneer for the current comedy industry.

I urge you to have a pen and paper, or your Internet browser on standby, ready to research the many names of comedy predecessors she shares. We hope to have her on again in 2019 to once again pick her brain about her insight of not only comedy, but of the world. Enjoy and be enlightened. 

In the second hour, the very hilarious local Dallas-Ft. Worth comedian Angelia (Angela) Walker sits in for a few. Expect to see her in your city soon. 

Music credits: Ain't No Mountain High Enough (The Reflex Revision)- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

High- Sir Sly

A Night to Remember- Shalamar

Dec 31, 201801:55:17
Author Sophia Stewart with Urban Intellectuals

Author Sophia Stewart with Urban Intellectuals

Author of "The Third Eye" and "Matrix 4 The Evolution: Cracking the Genetic Code," Sophia Stewart shared her story with us. She presented me with much literature to research prior to the broadcast, including court documents, and I have to say it is very compelling information that supports her claim of copyright infringement from the "Matrix" and "Terminator" franchises. 

Beyond the legal saga, Ms. Stewart is a very knowledgeable and interesting woman to interview. I hope to have her back in 2019 for some deeper discussion.

My Urban Intellectuals sidekick David Pierce joined me for some political and social commentary. And as always, music that moves me to aid our informational journey. Thank you for tuning in!

Dec 25, 201801:55:47
Advocacy for Cyntoia Brown with Comedy Legend Hope Flood

Advocacy for Cyntoia Brown with Comedy Legend Hope Flood

Actress, executive, entrepreneur, and Def Comedy Jam alum Hope Flood reached out to me concerning the case of Cyntoia Brown. The now 29 year-old woman incarcerated for a life sentence in Tennessee, for killing a man who had solicited her services as a sex-trafficking victim at the age of 16.

DFW comedian and activist Sandra Balan sat in the studio to provide us with her insight and tireless energy to give voice to the voiceless. 

Join me in studio with topics covering public and private issues, seeking knowledge to apply, and bring balance to ourselves and society. Fridays 5 pm central on FBRN.US on the Red Stream. 

Dec 21, 201801:55:13
The Best of Mental Speak 2018 Season 1

The Best of Mental Speak 2018 Season 1

In this episode I recap the first year of the Mental Speak show. I play some of the most popular episodes including the interviews of local Dallas-Ft. Worth comedians, Mike Veny, Hope Flood, Professor Griff of Public Enemy, and the public relations team for Bill Cosby.

I look forward to the second year, where I plan to bring more topics, more great guests, all in pursuit of a more balanced us.
Dec 09, 201801:54:40
Navigating the Grief Process and Emotionally Dys'fun'tional America

Navigating the Grief Process and Emotionally Dys'fun'tional America

The Emotion Whisperer, Jessica Moore joined me on the first show of the second season to help us learn about the purpose and function of our emotions, specifically as they relate to overcoming grief.

My Urban Intellectuals colleague David Pierce joined me to discuss weekly topics that are emotionally triggering the American public- Kevin Hart's resignation of host duties for the Academy awards, and the social climate related to the #metoo movement. As we do on the Mental Speak Show, we hold discussion of topics that lead us to a more balanced state.
Tune in to the live broadcast Fridays, 5pm Central on FBRN.US.
Dec 09, 201801:56:56
American Post-Election Therapy Session

American Post-Election Therapy Session

So you voted. The party you align with "won" or didn't "win", but what does that all mean anyway? I say that regardless of the outcomes, YOU still have work to do in your community. I don't tell you to vote or not to vote, but I tell you specifically why I do not, and ask you the listener to challenge me on it.
David Pierce from Urban Intellectuals joins me in the discussion this week.
Nov 12, 201802:00:43
Mental Wellness for the Winter

Mental Wellness for the Winter

We take our cars to the mechanic for winter preparation to ensure it survives until spring. With the time change, it is suggested that we check and change the batteries in our smoke detectors. In the same order of safety and wellness, it is the perfect time to do a wellness check for our minds, as the winter season approaches.

Licensed Professional Counselor Scotty Gilmore, a favorite guest, sits in to discuss the natural downturn of the body as it aligns with the change of season, and share information about Seasonal Affective Disorder, which affects many in the Northern Hemisphere. We also discuss in-depth, the process of grief, related to expectations and loss during the cold and holiday season.
As always, I warm us up with music for the soul.
Share with those you love, who may struggle during the winter and holiday season, and most importantly, do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted friend or professional for help if you cannot cope on your own.
Let it Whip-Dazz Band
Broken Wings- Mister Mister
Heart to Heart-Kenny Loggins
Never Stop- Brand New Heavies
Nov 04, 201801:58:06
Professor Griff of Public Enemy with Brother Ben X and Urban Intellectuals

Professor Griff of Public Enemy with Brother Ben X and Urban Intellectuals

Professor Griff, otherwise known as the Minister of Information, for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legendary hip hop group, Public Enemy, graced the Fishbowl studios with his presence. Joining him, was up- and-coming elder, not only in the Nation of Islam, but around the world, Brother Ben X. Both of these dynamic speakers and teachers shed light on topics including the current political climate, steps to empowerment in the United States, providing the knowledge to make it happen. Also joining, was my colleague David Pierce of Urban Intellectuals.

It was epic to witness elder meeting future elder, and it was an honor to host both of these gentlemen, in efforts to give empowering and mind-liberating information to the world.

*Apologies for the sound quality. It was hot in the studio. Air conditioning was on full blast.
Oct 29, 201801:53:05
Bill Cosby's Public Relations Team Ebonee Watson and Andrew Wyatt

Bill Cosby's Public Relations Team Ebonee Watson and Andrew Wyatt

Ms. Ebonee Benson and Mr. Andrew Wyatt are the publicists for American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, and author Bill Cosby. They graciously allowed Mental Speak and Urban Intellectuals to provide a platform, in order to present unknown information concerning the historical timeline of events that led to his recent conviction of alleged sexual assault. They also provide us with an accurate update on his well-being and trial appeal.

Mental Speak, Urban Intellectuals, and Bill Cosby's PR team are committed to balanced representation of information that mainstream media simply has not, and cannot provide. Please understand that information is always for the taking, or leaving; however before formulating a perspective, accurate information is required. During this broadcast, you will find that if you already made final determination regarding this case, you lacked crucial information to do so. I urge you to receive new information. No emotional response is required before or after receipt.
Oct 22, 201801:58:40
Helping Black Men Overcome Mental and Social Challenges

Helping Black Men Overcome Mental and Social Challenges

Author, speaker, drummer, and mental health advocate Mike Veny gave us a personal perspective of his journey with mental health issues from childhood into adulthood. He is now an accomplished entrepreneur as a result of finding his life's purpose through his mental illness.
Michael Singleton, restaurateur, sat in the studio to discuss his plan to build a personal legacy using his gift of creating masterful food dishes, and giving back to the community through his efforts. He is currently building a Cajun chicken and seafood business from the ground up, with a background that includes incarceration, single parent-hood, and childhood behavior issues.
Lastly, Loren Taylor is a business consultant and entrepreneur, who decided to take his civil responsibility to a higher level, by running for city council District 6 in Oakland, CA. (Vote Nov 6!). He shares with us his own fears about making the leap into business and the political arena. We have the discussion with the goal to help men face fears, examine and heal their minds and emotions, and to take the leap to work for self or serve their community through civil service, to attain self-sufficiency and empowerment. Be encouraged, be inspired, be balanced with Mental Speak.
Oct 14, 201801:55:38
Cultural Therapy with Author Joe Lurie

Cultural Therapy with Author Joe Lurie

He says that instant communication is contributing to misunderstandings between cultures in workplaces, business, in medicine, religion, and education settings around the globe. Executive Director Emeritus of the University of California Berkeley's International House, cross-cultural trainer, award-winning author, speaker, and teacher Joe Lurie graciously shared his insight for improving intercultural communication and understanding.

A cultural healer if you will, he has coached audiences at Google, American Express, Linkedin and the World Affairs Council – based on his recent book, Perception And Deception, A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures. Pick it up on Amazon today!
Oct 07, 201801:44:03
Lady Comedy Roundtable: Tackling the Headlines

Lady Comedy Roundtable: Tackling the Headlines

This week we tackled the recent headlines regarding the comedy scene and society at large, including the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, Louis CK's return to comedy, and the Bill Cosby conviction. Sitting in are local DFW comedians Magen King and Lauren Reilly.

We had a Jim Dandy good time. Tune in for some laughs, and in-depth discussion beyond the typical social media debates on the headlines, as we have discussion to help balance self and society.
Sep 29, 201801:58:26
Balancing Classroom Behavior

Balancing Classroom Behavior

A most POWERFUL broadcast. Behavior Interventionist James Tucker and Specialist in Restorative Practice Stephanie Miller, LMSW sit in this week to offer parents, teachers, and children insight on how to help our children succeed in primary and secondary education. We look at issues such as history of education in the U.S., the pros and cons of current curriculum, and provide PRACTICAL steps to take on the part of those concerned with educating our future, the children.
Sep 17, 201801:53:29
Tackling the Headlines with Urban Intellectuals
Sep 08, 201801:48:52
Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Comedian Rekita Kyles has been on a journey to heal from childhood sexual abuse. She joined me in the studio to share her story of survival and overcoming. I give some statistics for rate of prevalence, tips for prevention, signs of abuse, and provide resources for reporting. Weekly LIVE broadcast of the show. Fridays 5-7 pm Central on Fishbowl Radio Network- the #1 personality-driven network in the world! Tune in at FBRN.US on the Red Stream. Please visit the show page at for more information. Donate to the production if you feel so inclined! Please and Thank You!…ry.x=US&locale.x=
Sep 02, 201801:44:05
Balancing Community and Police Relations Part I

Balancing Community and Police Relations Part I

In the first hour, Garry L. Young aka Young Strip, David Pierce-admin from Urban Intellectuals, co-host of the Queen Silvy Show and retired police officer Tim McGiffin joined me on the discussion of how to balance, and ultimately improve relations with the institution of law enforcement.

We discuss the history of policing in the United States, and how it contributes to the manner of policing today.

We brainstorm ideas of how members in the community can respond to officers, and Tim offered insight on how to address issues at the civil level. Because of the depth of this topic, there are sure to be many more episodes.
Sep 02, 201821:27:47
The Business of Funny Comedy Roundtable

The Business of Funny Comedy Roundtable

Comedy show producers Will Cennamo of the Arlington Improv, Stand Up Round Up creator Marvin Michaels, and comedian Joe Fox lent their knowledge and experience of the business of comedy to the roundtable discussion.

The gentlemen (or persons) offered up-and-coming and established comedians insight to navigating the industry. Topics included open mics and competitions, building relationships with club managers and peers, and concerns of female comics. A Milli Vanilli jam kicked the show off, and overshadowed celebration of the Queen of Soul; also, I hand the reigns over to Will and Marvin as the new hosts of the Will and Marvin (or Marvin and Will Show).

*Due to audio feedback at the end of the show, the on-air broadcast was shortened during editing. Watch the full show at…255295045099313/
Sep 02, 201801:40:50
Modern Global Slavery-Human Trafficking
Sep 02, 201801:44:05
LT's 40th Birthday and Farewell to Jamie Gravy

LT's 40th Birthday and Farewell to Jamie Gravy

Comedians Jamie Gravy, Lauren Reilly, and Wayne Holmburg joined me in the studio to celebrate my 40th Solar Return, and to send Jamie off to New York as he embarks on the next level of his comedy career. We discuss our experiences in comedy, and specifically the DFW comedy scene.

Lauren brought her hilarious intellect and beauty, and Wayne submitted his funny bits to win a $50 gift card. Then we ate Yellow Cake. It was a goofball of a good time. I drop some of the funky, top 100 Billboard hits from 1978. Oh, and an impromptu over-the-phone roast by comedian Dan Danzy. Sit back, groove, and laugh your booty off.
Sep 02, 201801:46:16
The Effects of Parental Substance Abuse
Sep 02, 201801:54:43
Comedy Roundtable- Marvin Michaels, Joe Fox, Angelia Walker
Sep 02, 201801:48:01
Postpartum Mental Health

Postpartum Mental Health

Dr. Carly Snyder- New York Perinatal Psychiatrist

Roxanne Nichols Anderson- Texas Licensed Midwife,
Certified Professional Midwife…/roxanne-a…son-lm-cpm/

Weekly LIVE broadcast of the show. Fridays 5-7 pm Central on Fishbowl Radio Network- the #1 personality-driven network in the world! Tune in at FBRN.US on the Red Stream.

Please visit the show page at for more i
Sep 02, 201801:49:06
Overcoming Sex and Porn Addiction
Sep 02, 201801:49:09
Comedy Legend Hope Flood with Queen Silvy
Sep 02, 201801:48:37
The FBI's First Case of Black Identity Extremism
Sep 02, 201801:47:49
Balancing Community and Police Relations Part II

Balancing Community and Police Relations Part II

A POWERFUL SHOW! John Salerno, retired NY police officer discusses his experience and gives us insight on race issues, and helps us view the community through an officer's eyes. Retired 36 year veteran officer Ricardo Campbell shares his community outreach with Heroes, Cops, and Kids, which seeks to improve the relationship between police and community members, and to empower families. Dallas Police Officer Terrance "T Hop" Hopkins joins the discussion to give his perspective on the current climate and interaction with citizens.

All 3 gentlemen offered insight on how to create a more cooperative environment for both members in the community and law enforcement.

And I deal with my strong dislike of the word "comply." To be continued.....

Music credits: P.Y.T.- Michael Jackson- The Reflex Vision;
Out of Touch- Hall and Oates; Feel It Still-Portugal.the.Man; September-Earth, Wind, and Fire The Reflex Vision
Sep 02, 201801:52:56
Wellness in the Workplace and Leaving the Corporation

Wellness in the Workplace and Leaving the Corporation

Discussion with Teresa Przetocki, MPH, CWHC, Founder and CEO of C& P Wellness, to discuss employee wellness as a business strategy. Second hour, the CEO and founder of Fishbowl Radio, and 30+ year DFW radio personality Sylvia "Sammi G" St. John-Martinez joined me to give advice on making the leap into self-employment, and how to overcome the barrier of fear.
Jun 10, 201801:48:34
Helping Special Needs Children Succeed

Helping Special Needs Children Succeed

Discussion with Licensed Clinical Social Worker Brittany Sperry,
Behavior Specialists Stephanie Miller and Summer Herrera-Iglesias on how to help parents of special needs children navigate the school system, and if necessary, the mental health system.
Jun 08, 201801:42:57
Comedian Roundtable: Race in America January 26, 2018
Jun 06, 201801:46:57
Tears of the Clowns- Comedians and Mental Health
Jun 05, 201801:45:35
Life After Service- Women Veterans
Apr 29, 201801:49:13
The American White Male and Mental Health
Apr 29, 201801:48:24
Curing Mental Illness Stigma
Apr 29, 201801:45:55
Family Dynamics and Mental Health in the Mexican Community
Jan 03, 201801:47:41