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Thinking Out Loud in English

Thinking Out Loud in English


Welcome to the Thinking Out Loud - Conversations in English With Non-Native Speakers. We are Jedrek and Masha, two English teachers recording this podcast between France and Ukraine. Each Wednesday we give you a brain-teasing conversation as our guests are confronted with questions they are totally not prepared for. Expect a great deal of thinking out loud, a lot of fun and some clever conclusions.
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Thinking Out Loud 614: Technofeudalism and the Illusion of Instagram

Thinking Out Loud in EnglishDec 06, 2023

Thinking Out Loud 614: Technofeudalism and the Illusion of Instagram

Thinking Out Loud 614: Technofeudalism and the Illusion of Instagram

Hi Thinkers!
This week we delve into the murky waters of social media, with a particular focus on Instagram. Labeling it as one of the most polluted platforms, Jedrek dissects the rampant scams and deceptive offers that mimic the tactics of TV shopping networks. The conversation takes a philosophical turn as Jedrek draws parallels with Yanis Varoufakis's latest book, "Technofeudalism." He eloquently discusses the book's premise that we are entering a new era where traditional profit models are obsolete, and the majority are unwittingly serving a new class of capitalists, enriching them in their slumber.
There's also the good old segment called "Thinking Out Loud Proper," where Masha tackles a thought-provoking question about the nature of good listeners. Challenging the common assumption that silence equates to good listening, Masha shares her unique and insightful perspective on what truly defines a good listener. This episode is not just a critique of modern digital landscapes but also a journey into understanding human interactions in this new age.
Listeners interested in the intersection of technology, society, and personal development will find this episode both enlightening and thought-provoking. Jedrek and Masha continue to challenge the norms, offering fresh perspectives on topics that resonate with everyone navigating the complex world of digital media and human communication.

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Dec 06, 202359:29
Thinking Out Loud 613: Redefining Education and The Good Life

Thinking Out Loud 613: Redefining Education and The Good Life

Hi Thinkers!

Jedrek and Masha commemorate a remarkable milestone - their second anniversary! As the podcast steps into its third year, it continues to thrive as a unique, 'local' platform, where 'local' signifies the special bond and direct interaction they maintain with their listeners. In this celebratory episode the duo delves into thought-provoking discussions that resonate with English learners and educators alike.

As seasoned teachers, Jedrek and Masha spark an engaging debate: Can an internet-famous 'superstar' teacher ever replace the personalized touch of a local school teacher? They extend this intriguing comparison to the medical field, pondering if the same principle applies to doctors. The episode takes a deeper turn as they explore the concept of 'the good life' and its profound significance in the realm of education. Through their dialogue, they reveal how their teaching methodologies, even if subtly, are rooted in this philosophy - a revelation Jedrek recently uncovered while analyzing his extensive database of questions.

Although it's challenging to encapsulate the essence of the Thinking Out Loud podcast in a few sentences, this episode offers listeners a comprehensive view of their work, teaching methodology, and philosophy. With over 60 episodes, the podcast stands as a testament to their dedication to providing meaningful, understandable content for English learners.

Don't miss out on this insightful journey into the world of education and personal growth. For more information visit Dive into this episode and discover why Jedrek and Masha's approach to teaching English is not just about language, but about fostering a richer, more fulfilling life.

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Nov 29, 202359:36
Thinking Out Loud 612: The Critical Role of General English

Thinking Out Loud 612: The Critical Role of General English

Hi Thinkers!

This episode offers a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective on education, catering to learners and everyone interested in the broader scope of educational systems, not just linguistic education. Jedrek and Masha, two English teachers who position themselves outside the traditional education industry, delve into the shortcomings of the current educational paradigm. They argue that the narrow view of education prevalent today fails to harness humanity's greatest strength – the ability to integrate knowledge broadly.

A highlight of the podcast is Jedrek's insightful review of the latest book by Rob Howard and Andrzej Stęsik, "One to One," which adds a valuable dimension to the discussion. Furthermore, Jedrek critically examines the concept of General English (a.k.a English For Nebulous Purposes) echoing sentiments from Geoff Jordan and the team behind the Learn Your English podcast, Jedrek debates the potential fading of this approach from curriculums, yet firmly believes in its critical importance for holistic education.

Jedrek also addresses a crucial aspect of teaching: the need for a balanced needs analysis. He passionately argues that educators must transcend merely serving what students want and instead focus on what they genuinely need for comprehensive learning. This thought-provoking stance challenges listeners to reconsider the essence of effective teaching and the true responsibilities of educators.

28:02 - the critical role of General English

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Nov 22, 202301:02:30
Thinking Out Loud 611: Human vs. AI in Education

Thinking Out Loud 611: Human vs. AI in Education

Hi Thinkers! Welcome to Thinkin Out Loud, your go-to podcast for engaging and spontaneous English conversations! Join Jedrek and Masha as they delve into the heart of English language teaching and learning. In this episode, they reflect on Jedrek's upcoming presentation at the prestigious 42nd Annual International TESOL France Colloquium. Fresh from his inspiring experience at iELT 2023 in Barcelona, Jedrek takes us on a journey through his Paris talk, passionately advocating for the irreplaceable role of human educators in our tech-driven world. This episode is more than just theoretical musings; it's a timely discussion on the impact of AI in various professions and the persistent value of human touch in education. Whether you're a non-native English speaker looking to immerse yourself in real, meaningful conversations, or an English learner seeking to enhance your skills, this episode is for you. Tune in to Thinkin Out Loud and join our community of thinkers, exploring the dynamic world of English language and education. Don't miss out on this insightful and thought-provoking conversation! Our website:

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Nov 15, 202301:05:36
Thinking Out Loud 610: Unlocking Language Learning Secrets

Thinking Out Loud 610: Unlocking Language Learning Secrets

Hi Thinkers!

Welcome to a new episode of our English language learning podcast! Join Jedrek and Masha, two non-native English speakers, as they delve into the fascinating world of language acquisition.

In this week's episode, we shift our focus from Halloween to the upcoming Black Friday and bring you an ordinary yet extraordinary discussion on language learning. Masha and Jedrek share their insights and experiences in a spontaneous conversation that promises to inspire and motivate English language learners.

Discover the keys to finally mastering a new language as the duo explores the concept of input, emphasizing the importance of reading and listening beyond the classroom walls. They discuss the significance of authenticity in language learning and offer practical tips to make the process smoother.

This intellectual and entertaining episode is delivered in easy-to-understand language and follows a logical flow, ensuring you can grasp every bit of advice they share. Expect a blend of humor and insights that will boost your motivation and enthusiasm for language learning.

Tune in now and unlock the secrets to successful language acquisition with Masha and Jedrek. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, this episode has something valuable for everyone. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your language learning journey!

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Nov 08, 202301:07:46
Screaming Out Loud 609: Scary vs. Creepy

Screaming Out Loud 609: Scary vs. Creepy

Greetings, Screamers!

This week, we're conjuring up a spine-chilling Halloween special that's bound to send shivers down your spine. Join us as we delve into the world of all things eerie and unsettling.

In this episode, your hosts, Masha and Jedrek, are your ghoulish guides on a terrifying trip down memory lane. Masha shares her blood-curdling tale of her first experience as a young teacher, a story that's sure to make your skin crawl.

But that's not all! Our duo bravely attempts to dissect, if not outright butcher, the fine line between "scary" and "creepy." What truly constitutes a good horror story? Is a little girl who stands and stares in silence in the middle of a forest enough to send shivers down your spine, or is it just plain creepy? The answers lie within.

Tune in to unravel the mysterious world of horror, as we discuss Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and a host of other chilling topics that will leave you both enlightened and spooked.

So, whether you're a horror aficionado or just looking for a spooky good time, join us on this hair-raising journey. Have a horrible... no, have a beautifully terrifying day, and remember to subscribe to the Screamers Podcast. You won't want to miss this bone-chilling Halloween special!

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Nov 01, 202348:45
Thinking Out Loud 608: Exploring Justice and Revenge in Post-WWII Germany

Thinking Out Loud 608: Exploring Justice and Revenge in Post-WWII Germany

Hi Thinkers!

In this week's engaging episode, Jedrek and Masha return for another insightful conversation. As the autumn season descends upon us, our perspectives may lean towards the pessimistic and gloomy side. However, it's no surprise, considering both hosts reside in regions facing conflict or high terrorist alerts, all while grappling with the ever-present fear of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, we aim to illuminate a glimmer of hope in our hearts, and we believe it shines through in this episode.

Masha introduces a thought-provoking discussion on justice and revenge, while Jedrek delves into the tragic aftermath of Germany post-World War II. Join us for this unique podcast experience filled with meaningful conversations, all hosted by non-native speakers.

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Oct 25, 202345:58
Thinking Out Loud 607: Luxury with Solange

Thinking Out Loud 607: Luxury with Solange

Hi Thinkers!

Listen to our interview with Solange, who claims to speak "petrolium English" but, as you will soon find out, she's much more competent than that ;) Ultimately, we are going to discuss the concept of luxury with her, and we'll ask her who has (or had) a more comfortable life - a medieval king or us today. But before we get there, we are going to spend some time in South Africa, Solange's favorite tourist destination ;)

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Have a beautiful day!

Oct 18, 202301:05:23
Thinking Out Loud 606: The Past and the Future of Language Teaching with Julie

Thinking Out Loud 606: The Past and the Future of Language Teaching with Julie

Hi Thinkers!

This week Jedrek and Masha are finally hosting someone from Romania! :) Julie is a former English teacher, now a teacher-trainer based in Bucharest, Romania. Having spend a good deal of time in the UK, she's back and she has only good things to say about her country and the Eastern Europe in general. Julie is not afraid of AI and it disruptive potential, saying that people will forever need their Julies and Mashas to interact with. A comforting point of view! ;) The fear of AI results also from a very westernized view of education and it's far from being worldwide. Last but not least, she compares teaching to training, our immortal question ;)

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Oct 11, 202301:03:40
Thinking Out Loud 605: Courage in the Age of AI with Olha

Thinking Out Loud 605: Courage in the Age of AI with Olha

Hi thinkers!The two English teachers, who dread AI, Jedrek and Masha, are coming back to you this week with a fresh dose of their fears od AI and some excellent conversation as well. Olha, their guest, is an English teacher and a freshly baked, certified life-coach. Listen in if you're interested in how to become a life coach, is this profession endangered by AI, when to seek help of a coach and when of a therapist? Should teachers upkeep students' motivation or not? What is strong and what is weak motivation? And last but ertainly not least, listen in if you are interested in the difference between shyness and cowardice, and the role of AI in circumventing them.

Find our special guest Olha on instagram:

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Our website remain the same: https://tolpodcast.comAnd our school of English as well: https://studiomentals.comHave a beautiful day!

Oct 04, 202301:13:34
Thinking Out Loud 604: History and the Past with Krzysiek

Thinking Out Loud 604: History and the Past with Krzysiek

Hi Thinkers!

This week Jedrek and Masha are in conversation with another non-native English user, Krzysiek, an owner of a software house in Poland and a big enthusiast of history.

Listen in if you're interested in how he manages to combine these two areas, and also if you are curious:

1) what good came out of the slow trains in the 90's Poland?

2) how could history be used to combat the present wave of fake news?

3) what is the difference between history and the past?

4) what's the universal formula for world peace?

Find Krzysiek on Twitter (X) as @Poligonpolska

and visit his project's website at:

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Have a beautiful day!

Sep 27, 202301:02:44
Thiking Out Loud 603: Easy Money with Masha

Thiking Out Loud 603: Easy Money with Masha

Hi Thinkers!

This week it's just the two of us, Jedrek and Masha, but we hope you are going to enjoy the conversation that starts with some stats about our podcast and how international it has become, next we're discussing the legendary efficiency of the Scandinavial system of education (English in particilar), the potential of commercializing our show by advertising to you some big apps like Busuu, Duolingo, Memrise or Quizlet. And last but certainly not least, in the thinking out loud proper, Jedrek is asking Masha whether it's easier to get rich or to get wise, and whether the concept of 'easy money' exists for real? What has keeping a journal and greenwashing to do with all this? Listen to our conversation to find out ;)

Have a beautiful day!

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Sep 20, 202348:50
Thinking Out Loud 602: Popular and Famous with Jacek

Thinking Out Loud 602: Popular and Famous with Jacek

Hi Thinkers! Rare is the pleasure to host teachers of languages other than English on our show, but today is the day. Jacek is a very popular teacher of French who is running a small language attelier in the very heart of Paris ( We are asking him about the transition from Warsaw to Paris, about the impostor sundrome and what's left of it, and last but certainly not least we're asking him about the difference between popularity and fame, since the number of followers he's got on instagram easily tops 150k. Thanks for being with us, here are some useful links:Our website: http://tolpodcast.comOur school of English: https://studiomentals.comLeave us your voice mail: us at: Thanks!

Sep 13, 202301:10:03
Thinking Out Loud 601: Catching Up After Summer

Thinking Out Loud 601: Catching Up After Summer

Hi Thinkers!

Have you been missing us? Because we were missing you a lot! Your 2 favorite English teachers are back with a new season of Thinking Out Loud. In the first episode of the season we're catching up after summer, explaining what this show is about to the new listeners and hoping AI will not replace us anytime soon ;)

Sep 06, 202350:57
Thinking Out Loud 509: Quality and Condition with Boris

Thinking Out Loud 509: Quality and Condition with Boris

Hi Thinkers!

This week we're hosting Boris to discuss the difference between good quality and good condition. What happens to a car when it hits a tree? Does it lose its quality or does just its condtion change? What about a yoghurt long after its best-before date? This and much more in this week's conversation with our special guest whose English is impeccable but retains the charming French character.

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And have a great day!

PS. We're taking a one month break now, see you in September!

Jul 26, 202301:07:27
Thinking Out Loud 508: Raising and Taming Children with Julia
Jul 19, 202301:06:38
Thinking Out Loud 507: Culture and Civilization with Michał
Jul 12, 202301:09:46
Thinking Out Loud 506: Being A Pro with Yzoja
Jul 05, 202301:00:53
Thinking Out Loud 505: Pace of Life with Dawid
Jun 28, 202353:25
Thinking Out Loud 504: Destiny vs. Fate with Mateusz

Thinking Out Loud 504: Destiny vs. Fate with Mateusz

Hi Thinkers! This week on the show we are hosting Fr. Mateusz, a Polish catholic priest based in France, and one of our fans from Twitter, and we're discussing absolutely fascinating subjects concering plans, agency, destiny, fate, courage, virtues, and the line between ritual and routine. Expect sound criticism of consumptionism in an otherwise very friendly atmosphere. We had enormous pleasre recording this conversation, we hope you are going to enjoy listening to it. Don't forget about important places to visit:

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0:00 - ToL Unplugged

1:00 - Intro - the difference between interviews and conversations

1:19 - Introducing our speacil guest

14:57 - To what extent can we plan our life?

25:51 - Destiny vs. Fate

28:22 - Courage and other virtues

42:06 - Routine vs. Ritual

58:25 - Can a jinxed person be happy?

Have a beautiful day!

Jun 21, 202301:08:33
Thinking Out Loud 503: Compliments and Self-Esteem with Aga
Jun 14, 202301:06:02
Thinking Out Loud 502: Computing vs. Thinking with Sam
Jun 07, 202348:32
Thinking Out Loud 501: Charisma vs. Charm with Ambra
May 31, 202358:14
Thinking Out Loud 420: Education in The Era of Technology
May 24, 202301:09:29
Thinking Out Loud 419: Enemy vs. Competitor with Kris

Thinking Out Loud 419: Enemy vs. Competitor with Kris

Hi thinkers!

Kris Amerikos is a popular English teacher, a YouTuber and an entrepreneur but above all he's a great person with a mind sharp as a razor which is why the conversation with him turned out to be so refreshing and... multi-thread ;) Check out the main part about the difference between an enemy and a competitor but also the hidden part about AI and modern language teaching right after we say goodbye ;)

As always:

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Have a beautiful day!

May 17, 202301:08:09
Thinking Out Loud 418: Crazy vs. Stupid with Dima
May 10, 202301:02:34
Thinking Out Loud 417: War and Education with Hugh
May 03, 202359:20
Thinking Out Loud 416: Satisfaction and Happiness with Magda
Apr 26, 202346:26
Thinking Out Loud 415: Technology And Loneliness with Remik
Apr 19, 202351:47
Thinking Out Loud 414: Outsourcing Knowledge To Smartphones with Adrian
Apr 12, 202356:04
Thinking Out Loud 413: Educational Power Of Sport with Grzesiek
Apr 05, 202357:02
Thinking Out Loud 412: Coach vs. Teacher with Tamara

Thinking Out Loud 412: Coach vs. Teacher with Tamara

Hi Thinkers! This week's episode revisits the concept of the teacher, but this time around Masha and Jedrek are joined by Tamara, a teacher from Odesa, who's helping them find sense in the world of education and training. Thanks for listening to our show, don't forget to rate us on Spotify, Apple and other platforms! You can also be part of the show by leaving us a voicemail ( or getting in touch with us via our website ( And if you really appreciate our show, why not buy us a virtual coffee? ( Have a fantastic day!
Mar 29, 202301:01:17
Thinking Out Loud 411: Progress and Development with Asia

Thinking Out Loud 411: Progress and Development with Asia

Hi Thinkers! This week Masha and Jedrek interview Asia about progress: is the way from bad to good easier than from good to excellent? And what is the diffrerence between progress and developement? Check out our website ( to sign up for classes, and if you enjoy our show you may show your gratitude now buy buying us a virtual coffee at and/or send us a voicemail just like Maciek did this week here: ( Have a beautiful day!

Mar 22, 202355:56
Thinking Out Loud 410: Adult vs. Mature with Zosia

Thinking Out Loud 410: Adult vs. Mature with Zosia

Hi Thinkers! This week Masha and Jedrek are hosting Zosia - a professional translator, a very sharp intellect and an overall proficient English speaker. Listen to how she cracks the difference between maturity and adulthood and let us know what do you think about this episode by recording yourself here ( Don't foget we have a website ( and from this episode on you can support us by buying us a virtual coffee 😄 ( Have a beautiful day!
Mar 15, 202348:25
Thinking Out Loud 409: Everyday or Exceptional with Maciek
Mar 08, 202301:03:39
Thinking Out Loud 408: Inspiration vs. Motivation with Patrycja
Mar 01, 202353:17
Thinking Out Loud 407: Attention vs. Concentration with Kasia

Thinking Out Loud 407: Attention vs. Concentration with Kasia

Hi Thinkers! This week we have the immense pleasure to host Kasia, a medical university student from Warsaw, and a soon-to-be doctor. In an act of total surprise (as always) we ask her about the difference between Attention and Concentration and the relation between the two concepts: what's the impact of alcohol on both of them, do they behave differently when we play video games and when we read books, we discuss the concept of attention deficit an many more. Don't forget to visit if you want to study with us and/or take part in this show ;) Have a fantastic day!

Feb 22, 202348:37
Thinking Out Loud 406: Coder vs. Stand-Upper; Relaxing vs. Resting
Feb 15, 202359:33
Thinking Out Loud 405: Engineers or Poets? With Zuza and Piotrek
Feb 08, 202358:57
Thinking Out Loud 404: Admiration and Jealousy As Vehicles For Learning ; Novel or Haiku: Which Takes More Skill?
Feb 01, 202353:51
Thinking Out Loud 403: Is Patience A Skill? Skills vs. Features

Thinking Out Loud 403: Is Patience A Skill? Skills vs. Features

Hi Thinkers! This week Jedrek and Masha dive into the difference between skills and features discussing whether patience or courage are skills similar to listening for example. The question becomes all the more relevant today as we enter the era of advanced AI (yes we are still very much impressed by ChatGPT :) which may transform the educaton system and its content. Thanks for all the feedback you are giving us, for those who don't know - we have a website, don't hesitate to visit it and get in touch with us! Have a beautiful day!
Jan 25, 202356:03
Thinking Out Loud 402: Are Zombies Immortal?; Does Perfect Mean Beautiful?
Jan 18, 202301:00:07
Thinking Out Loud 401: ChatGPT
Jan 11, 202357:30
Thinking Out Loud 315: X-mas Special
Dec 21, 202201:14:58
Thinking Out Loud 314: Character vs. Mentality; Equality vs. Justice
Dec 14, 202259:49
Thinking Out Loud 313: Image vs. Reputation; Language and Identity
Dec 07, 202201:18:13
Thinking Out Loud 312: Anniversary Episode (Laws of Nature; Discover vs. Invent)
Dec 01, 202251:09
Thinking Out Loud 311: Heartless vs. Soulless; Fear vs. Stress
Nov 23, 202201:01:53
Thinking Out Loud 310: Friend vs. Ally; Is Nature Beautiful?
Nov 16, 202252:22
Thinking Out Loud 309: Knowing A Lot vs. Knowing Very Well; Team vs. Group
Nov 09, 202201:03:25