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Mental Yoga Life

Mental Yoga Life

By Mental Yoga Life with Kim

Feeling Stressed? Anxious? Not Living Life Fully? We've all been there, that's why we created The Mental Yoga Life podcast. Our show offers philosophy and mental practices of Yoga and Pilates to help with obstacles like anxiety and depression for a calm and clear mind. Our mission is to help you feel more connected, empowered, and inspired. For those looking for a way to take life to the next level. You don't have to be a Yoga or a Pilates enthusiast to benefit from our show. You just need a mind and a desire to feel calmer and clearer. Let's explore a journey to living life fully.

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Mental/Emotional Layer and the Brain

Mental Yoga LifeJan 24, 2023

Types and How of Enlightenment

Types and How of Enlightenment

We explore the types of Enlightenment in Yoga Sutras 1.17-1.20. Did you know there are different types? Knowing this may help Enlightenment feel more attainable and when things feel more attainable we are more likely to practice. This episode dives into the types of Enlightenment described in the Yoga Sutras and how each type can help us in our daily practice. We also discuss strategies to bring more balance, clarity and calmness so that we can be closer to our true nature. Tune in for an uplifting and short conversation about enlightenment!

This podcast will help you explore:

What level of effort you may decide to practice

How practice includes these for aspects:

Faith Remembering to practice Deep Concentration Pursuit of Wisdom through teachings

Decide how much effort you are willing to invest in your practice. The four aspects of practice — faith, remembering to practice, deep concentration and the pursuit of wisdom through teachings — can all be incorporated in whatever level of effort you choose. Ultimately, it is up to you decide how much time and energy to devote to your practice, as it will be unique for every individual journey.

Mar 20, 202314:39
Practice and Non-Attahment

Practice and Non-Attahment

Mental Yoga Life podcast invites you to discover yoga's time-tested concepts of Practice and Non-Attachment.  We explore how these ideas can help you break free from mental and emotional suffering - so that you can live with greater ease and freedom. 

Mar 06, 202307:01
 5 Thought Patterns and and 2 Experiences in Yoga Philosophy
Feb 20, 202327:03
Levels of Consciousness in Samkhya Philosophy

Levels of Consciousness in Samkhya Philosophy

A Deeper Look at the Levels of Consciousness in Samkhya Philosophy and Yvasa’s Commentaries

Get the Chart at

Samkhya/Sankhya philosophy The Impact of Samkhya Philosophy on Indian Thought Vyasa's Role in Samkhya Philosophy Vyasa's Yoga Sutra Commentary is seen through the eyes of Samkhya Philosophy The first two categories/elements: PureConsciousness and Matter. Exploring Purusha definitions and concepts  as the Pure Consciousness Exploring Prakritti as the manifestation of Consciousness Three Gunas/ qualities or forces that regulate the material realm -- Action, Inaction, Peace Goal of Yoga Buddhi -- Wisdom Ahamkara -- Ego Manas -- Brain/Lower Mind Chitta -- Thoughts/Seat of Awareness 20 Elements -- 5 Organs of Knowledge, 5 Organs of Action, 5 Subtle Elements, 5 Gross Elements  How the 4 Levels of conscious interact with each other and the other 20 elements Mental Yoga Practice Ideas 
Feb 06, 202354:37
Mental/Emotional Layer and the Brain

Mental/Emotional Layer and the Brain

In this episode we'll be exploring the Mind/Brain, a fundamental part of our Yoga practice. 

Our mind is constantly active, and when it's not balanced we can feel uncomfortable or suffering. 

It's hard to focus on anything else when our mind is constantly active with thoughts. We can feel inertia, sluggishness, apathy, lack of action, lack of understanding, fatigue, attachment, and hatred.

Yoga practices can help us free our minds from constant chatter.  When the brain is no longer clouded by extra thoughts, we can feel peace, love, joy, and freedom once the brain is no longer clouding the higher mind with the twist and turns.

Dive into how these components affect us on deeper levels with topics like Fight or Flight responses; mental discomfort & imbalanced mental tendencies; Mind vs Brain dynamics. Join us for some serious practical wisdom.

Plus, we're exploring brain anatomy with a focus on fight-flight-freeze reactions along with subtle body connections to physical anatomy. To help understand further concepts like chakras and gunas - for healthy mental tendencies - this episode will also bring us closer to separating mind versus brain.

Learn about the five essential layers, known as Koshas, which make up our being. We'll explore Manomaya Kosha - or mental/emotional layer- plus touch on chakras and gunas in relation to mind vs brain balance. Finally, comfort levels will be discussed with signs for identifying imbalanced Guna/Mental tendencies presented along the way.

Jan 24, 202337:36
Mind Twists and Turns -- What is Chitta Vritti?

Mind Twists and Turns -- What is Chitta Vritti?

We explore:

the what and when of the Yoga Sutras the opening verses/threads the concept of Vritti as twists, turns, and revolving thoughts the concept of the goal of Yoga to be Chitta Vritti Nirodhah -- getting rid of, preventing, observing the Mind Twists and Turns a take away practice at the end
Jan 16, 202310:17
What is The Mental Yoga Life?

What is The Mental Yoga Life?

Welcome to our First Episode. We explore what the show is all about and how it can benefit you.  Depression, anxiety, decision fatigue... Yoga has been covering these for centuries.  If you want a system to improve your mind, this podcast is exploring the systems and practices to help you practice Mental Yoga so that your mind can feel calmer and clearer.  

We give you a preview of the next few episodes and invite your input. 

Jan 08, 202303:59