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Changemaking Unplugged

Changemaking Unplugged

By Merna Schmidt

In this podcast we’ll have raw, honest talks about becoming a changemaker. You will meet everyday changemakers, from young to old, as we pull back the curtain on how they are making their mark, their motivations, their struggles, failures, and remarkable successes they have attained. The power of each person to be a catalyzer of change, regardless of their circumstances or attributes, is immense. We need to take action for our own benefit, as well as for the benefit of others.
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Interview with Mayra Alaniz - Helping Students in Need Dress for Success

Changemaking UnpluggedApr 01, 2023

Interview with Mayra Alaniz - Helping Students in Need Dress for Success
Apr 01, 202327:04
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas…on Being a Changemaker

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas…on Being a Changemaker

Lessons from the 3 changemaker interviews, as well as loads of ideas of how you can make a difference and start having fun today based on your interests/skills from golfing to crafting and more.

Listen for:

Lessons from changemakers, Using any skill or interest for good, Importance of asking before acting

Recycled Orchestra   

Knit a Square (blankets for South Africa)   

5 Knitting Charities That Could Use Your Skills to Comfort Others   

(The following books are all available on Amazon)   

Guerrilla Kindness and Other Acts of Creative Resistance: Making A Better World Through Craftivism by Sayraphim Lothian   

Crafting Change: Handmade Activism, Past and Present by Jessica Vitkus   

Craftivist by Sarah Corbett 

Mar 16, 202321:51
Interview with Makayla Cox - 14 year old Organizing Beach Clean Ups
Mar 08, 202312:39
Interview with Dan Knight – Mobilizing Community for Good
Mar 01, 202323:50
Interview with Vicki Purnell - Sewing to Provide Comfort
Feb 23, 202324:48
Becoming a Changemaker

Becoming a Changemaker

In this episode listen for:

How you already are a changemaker What gets in the way of people becoming an impactful changemaker How to step into your power and take on the identity of a changemaker  


Feb 14, 202318:13
The Start of a Changemaker
Feb 09, 202317:29