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Soul Therapy Podcast

Soul Therapy Podcast

By Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy is a podcast show where your host, Mia J and special guest will speak on topics and share a plethora of wisdom that will stream from HEALING FROM CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, to RELATIONSHIP TOPICS, BUSINESS TIPS, and so MUCH MORE! If you’re looking for that therapeutic, down to earth, podcast, YOU’VE FOUND IT RIGHT HERE!! Look no further…..OH and don’t forget to share our podcast with your friends and family! It’s time for some gooood ole SOUL THERAPY, SO LET’S DIVE INTO THIS SOUL-FOOD!
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It’s Okay to NOT be Okay!!

Soul Therapy PodcastDec 21, 2021

It’s Okay to NOT be Okay!!

It’s Okay to NOT be Okay!!

Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders and you could never identify exactly what the issue was? Have you ever had a moment where you smiled through the adversities and never expressed your true feelings….If you answered YES then tune into this podcast. It will totally soothe your mind, body and SOUL!
Dec 21, 202122:12
Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes You just have to draw the line and say NO or NOT NOW and not feel guilty about your response. In this episode we will give you tips and resources on how to set those healthy boundaries for yourself. I know it can be extremely hard when you have always been the “go to” for everyone but remember NO is an answer and it really doesn’t require an explanation….if you choose to give one that’s COMPLEMENTARY!! Tune into this Soulful Conversation!
Nov 23, 202117:41
Soulful Conversations pt1

The POWER of POSITIVE VIBRATIONS!! Soulful Conversations pt1

Does life seem to be a little overwhelming at times? Have you ever woke up feeling totally disconnected? Well In this episode we are breaking down how to keep a positive perspective on life and how to remain calm/focused throughout some of your darkest moments. I promise this episode will relax you and you just may feel a SHIFT! Listen, even if you’re not experiencing anything RIGHT NOW, the ENERGY in this impromptu conversation will definitely have you coming back for MORE Soulful conversations!!
Nov 12, 202112:33
Defining Your Mission & Purpose

Defining Your Mission & Purpose

This Episode is all about the path that we take to learn more about who we are and why we exist. This episode will give you keys to unlock your purpose. Don’t forget your notepad you’re gonna want to take notes. Thank you for tuning in to this Soul Therapy Podcast!
Nov 08, 202017:46
Energy is like Currency!

Energy is like Currency!

Energy is like Currency, you have to be careful how you SPEND IT! Tune in and Marinate on THIS SOULFOOD!!
Aug 04, 202007:21
Being at the Bottom

Being at the Bottom

This Episode gives a small breakdown to why being at the bottom is a gift and how we can raise our levels of success in the present moment by going back to the foundation of ANYTHING and start the rebuilding process!
Feb 04, 201912:36