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AI on AIr

AI on AIr

By Michael Charles Borrelli

Catch the latest updates on all matters relating to the EU AI Act with AI & Partners!
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AI on AIr with Daniel Ballin

AI on AIrJul 26, 2023

AI on AI with Jason Boyd

AI on AI with Jason Boyd

Thought-provoking podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and consumer protection within the dynamic landscape of the US credit market. Attending by a leading industry expert, Jason Boyd, this podcast delves deep into the impact of AI-driven technologies on the financial lives of Americans together with the influence of the EU AI Act.

Sep 08, 202328:59
AI on AIr with Darren Winter
Aug 22, 202343:56
AI on AIr with Daniel Ballin

AI on AIr with Daniel Ballin

Covering a salient topic in the context of artificial intelligence: Legalising of Ethics.

Structure of the discussion was:

  • Background
  • What is AI?
  • What is ethical? (e.g. context-specific, region-specific, laws, spiritual, moral values)
  • Types of AI
  • Current state of legal system
  • Why is AI regulation needed? (EU, UK)
  • Comparison– Financial Services (Kill switch)
  • Parallels– Ethics, Values and Morals
  • Learning by mistakes – Children
Jul 26, 202331:16
AI on AIr with Christian de Vartavan
Jul 20, 202327:39
AI on AIr with Ken Polotan
Jul 17, 202318:05
AI & AIr with Simon Scott
Jul 14, 202338:55
AI on AIr with Ali Khan
Jul 14, 202325:52
AI on AIr with Tijs Maas
Jul 14, 202319:32
AI on AIr with Doug Hohulin
Jul 14, 202332:39
AI on AIr with James Flavin

AI on AIr with James Flavin

Talks on AI regulation with the CEO of KiteEdge, an AI-enabled ontology system.

Jul 14, 202322:05
AI on AIr with LeafCloud
Jul 07, 202319:37
AI on AIr with Encode Health

AI on AIr with Encode Health

Encode Health – Personalising healthcare and access for all

Encode health provides personalised solutions to address the requirement of connecting medical devices to clinical outcomes. We enable real time data on implant usage, adverse incident recording and live supply chain management tools.

We simplify this process and call it… “Encoding”

Jul 06, 202331:07
AI on AIr with NayaOne
Jul 03, 202323:16
AI on Air with Unicsoft
Jul 03, 202332:01