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From Altay to Yughur

From Altay to Yughur

By Michael Erdman

Who doesn't love chatting about books? From Altay to Yughur is a podcast that looks at all of the things surrounding books, from publishing cultures to languages to social and political contexts in which we write. Connected to a series of blogposts (, these podcasts delve into an eclectic range of topics all loosely arranged around the texts I've read and the ideas they spark.
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Righting Writing

From Altay to YughurApr 14, 2021

Righting Writing

Righting Writing

As you might have noticed from this blog, From Altay to Yughur, I'm a bit of a fan of the written word. That's why I've taken on the topic of writing, and publishing, for my second podcast. I look at how writing fits into my life and my job, how I feel about turning my PhD into a book (I haven't done so), and what some of the highs and lows of the publishing process can be.

Apr 14, 202124:21
From Altay to Yughur's Inaugural Podcast! Learning Languages

From Altay to Yughur's Inaugural Podcast! Learning Languages

Hello, hello, hello! 

Have you been following me? Do you enjoy the pieces that I've been been posting to my blog From Altay to Yughur? Then you'll love this! Welcome to the very first podcast of From Altay to Yughur! In this episode - hopefully the first of many - I talk about learning languages for curation, and how or if we can learn enough of the languages on which we focus to create meaningful and useful collections. I've also got a paper suggestion for you too, so stick around to the end of the episode to hear more about it. 

As promised, I'm providing the references for two papers that I discuss in the episode: 

Gallagher, John. (2021). 'How to learn a language (and stick at it)', in Pysche, 10 March. Last accessed: 31 March 2021. Accessed from:

Sutherland, Tonia and Purcell, Alyssa. (2021). 'A Weapon and a Tool: Decolonizing Description and Embracing Redescription as a Liberatory Archival Practice', in The International Journal of Information, Diversity & Inclusion, 5 (1). Last accessed: 31 March 2021. Accessed from: 

And, of course, the one reviewed...

Shneer, David. (2003). 'Who Owns the Means of Production? The Soviet Yiddish Publishing Industry in the 1920s', in Book History, 2 (6), pp. 197-226. Accessed from:

Happy listening, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Mar 31, 202121:57