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The HeFluence Podcast

The HeFluence Podcast

By Michael Huey

Interviews and conversations to help problem solve health, relationships, and/or businesses with MIchael Huey, Certified Elite Trainer for American Council of Exercise for 15+ years. Leadership Development Mentoring Program with Dr John C. Maxwell, and Ordained Minister.
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Leading by Example: Embracing Authenticity and Spiritual Growth with Aigné Goldsby

The HeFluence PodcastSep 13, 2023

Leading by Example: Embracing Authenticity and Spiritual Growth with Aigné Goldsby

Leading by Example: Embracing Authenticity and Spiritual Growth with Aigné Goldsby

In this episode, we dive into an inspiring conversation with Aigné Goldsby, an attorney who is on a mission to empower faith and purpose in the legal field. Join us as we explore Anya's journey, challenges, and her approach to merging her faith with her career. She shares valuable insights on how to align your calling, purpose, and faith to achieve success and fulfillment in any field.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Aigné discusses the challenges she faced being a young-looking woman in her 30s in a predominantly white profession.

  • Talk about the low representation of Black lawyers in the United States, especially Black women, and the need for greater diversity in the field.

  • Anya delves into the intersection of her Christian faith and her career as an attorney.

  • Her vision for "The Anointed Attorney Alliance," a Christian group aimed at supporting women in the legal profession to better understand their purpose.

  • She discusses the importance of encouragement, teaching, and leadership in her journey.

  • She shares her method for achieving career and calling clarity

  • The importance of actively seeking clarity in our purpose, calling, and identity.

Everything is going to have to come from God. So you have to surrender to him. You have to have clarity in what he's telling you. You have to be able to decipher his voice from other voices and sometimes even your own voice, lean all the way into him. And he is going to lead you to wherever you need to go. - Aigné Goldsby

About the Guest:

Aigné is an attorney, speaker, author, and career coach. As the Founder of Black Esquire LLC, Aigné helps future and current lawyers of color successfully navigate the attorney journey. As the Founder of Goldsby Law, PLLC, she represents parents and students in education law , juvenile law, and child protection matters. Aigné received her J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law and her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College.

Aigné’s tagline “Leading, Encouraging, and Teaching, Whenever and Wherever I’m Speaking,” emphasizes who she is and her spiritual gifts as a leader, encourager, and teacher, which she uses to successfully serve her clients.

Connect with Aigné at:






Sep 13, 202342:05
Entrepreneurial Success And Faith Driven Transformation with Ray Higdon

Entrepreneurial Success And Faith Driven Transformation with Ray Higdon

In this episode, we have a very special guest, Ray Higdon. He's not only a renowned business expert but has also undergone an incredible spiritual transformation in his life. We're going to dive deep into his journey from entrepreneurship to faith, how he found his purpose, and the impact it has had on his life and career.

So, grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready for a transformative conversation.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Learn about Ray Higdon's background as a successful entrepreneur

  • The turning point that led Ray to embark on a spiritual journey

  • How faith has impacted every aspect of Ray's life

  • Ray's experience of being called to share his faith journey

  • The importance of sharing one's faith with kindness and empathy

  • Details about the Faith Over Fear Business Summit

  • How Ray's perspective on success and significance shifted

  • Lessons from scripture and spirituality that apply to both business and life

You're always going to be seeking if you stop at making yourself the Savior... You're always going to have holes, you're always going to have wounds that won't be healed when you make yourself the hero. And we're not the hero, Jesus is the hero. - Ray Higdon

About the Guest:

Ray Higdon is a best-selling author, coach, high-energy speaker, and philanthropist. Going from foreclosure to multimillion-dollar success in a few short years, Ray’s journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for teaching people how to find their voice and understand their worth.

Alongside his wife Jessica, Ray co-authored the best-selling book "TIME MONEY FREEDOM" and launched the reality show "Play to Win." He's a renowned keynote speaker, sharing stages with global thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, and more. Ray is also raising substantial funds for charitable causes. He's the founder and CEO of Higdon Group, a rapidly growing sales training and coaching firm. Ray resides in Florida with his wife and four children.

Connect with Ray Higdon at:






Sep 06, 202347:55
Finding Wholeness In The Midst Of Trauma with Dr. Marlene Carson

Finding Wholeness In The Midst Of Trauma with Dr. Marlene Carson

In this episode we have an inspiring conversation with Dr. Marlene Carson, a survivor of human trafficking who has turned her trauma into a powerful ministry to help others. This episode discusses healing, transformation, purpose, and the importance of meeting people where they are.

Join us as Dr. Carson's wisdom shines through as she shares her journey of overcoming adversity and turning it into a force for good.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Dr. Marlene Carson's powerful story of surviving human trafficking
  • Gain insight into how she describes the soul's state after experiencing trauma.
  • Discussion about how trauma affects the hippocampus, memory, and the soul
  • The significance of understanding and meeting people where they are in their healing process
  • The power of commitment versus changing movements
  • Her involvement in the anti-trafficking movement and the creation of "B.L.A.S.T." (Black Leaders Against Sex Trafficking)
  • Talk about the importance of men's involvement in supporting and respecting women

You don't have to talk it to do it - Dr. Marlene Carson

When you're talking about helping traffic victims, meet them where they are. Be Jesus and stop talking Jesus…Be Jesus. Be the love. Be the life.- Dr. Marlene Carson

About the Guest:

Dr. Marlene Carson is an inspiring advocate, survivor, and leader in the fight against human trafficking. She is the founder of "B.L.A.S.T." (Black Leaders Against Sex Trafficking), a movement dedicated to addressing crucial issues and creating positive change.

She is also the Founder and Executive Director of The SWITCH, she shapes national policies, empowers survivors through programs like iTHRIVE Academy, and spearheads initiatives like Rahab's Hideaway and Boujhetto's Soul Food Restaurant. Her survivor-led initiative, The Antidote, forges partnerships and hosts conferences to fight trafficking. Dr. Carson's relentless commitment has earned her national recognition, while her impactful speaking engagements amplify the voices of victims, survivors, and thrivers.

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Aug 30, 202344:20
The Power of Words, Action, and Faith with Bruce Pulver

The Power of Words, Action, and Faith with Bruce Pulver

In this episode, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with the inspiring speaker, author, and advocate Bruce Pulver, who shares his journey of resilience and finding strength in the face of unexpected challenges. The episode delves into the power of words, the impact of mindset, and the path to embracing transformative wisdom and unstoppable optimism.

Join us and be inspire to embrace your gifts, overcome setbacks, and recognize that above the chatter, our words truly matter.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Hear about the story of Bruce Pulver and his unexpected career transition

  • The significance of maintaining a positive outlook after experiencing a layoff

  • Discover S-T-R-O-N-G: Stand Tall, Remain Optimistic, Now Go for it

  • Know the power of words and mindset in shaping our reality

  • The importance of shifting perspectives on action

  • Flipping negative self-talk and reframing it into positive action

  • Talk about commitment, intentionality, and problem-solving through positive thinking

  • Recognize the importance of our words and how they shape our experiences

If we keep saying one day, one day, one day, it will never come. But if we flip those words around and say today is day one, I can get started. - Bruce Pulver

About the Guest:

Bruce Pulver is a transformational speaker, author, and advocate for embracing challenges and finding inspiration in unexpected situations. His journey took an unexpected turn when he faced a sudden career transition due to a layoff.

In the midst of uncertainty, Bruce discovered a powerful mantra that would shape his approach to life: S-T-R-O-N-G. Standing for Stand Tall, Remain Optimistic, Now Go for it, this message became a daily reminder of his resilience and determination. He now shares his wisdom as a speaker, focusing on the profound impact of words and mindset, reminding us that Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter.

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Phone No: (404) 273-8334


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Aug 23, 202346:55
Faith, Leadership and America with Rollan Roberts II

Faith, Leadership and America with Rollan Roberts II

In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Rollan Roberts, a distinguished candidate for the President of the United States (R-2024). Let’s hear how his journey has taken him from advising national governments on matters of diplomacy and national security to founding Transform Africa, an organization dedicated to solving complex issues across the African continent.

Join us as we delve into Dr. Roberts's inspiring story of leadership, faith, and the pursuit of transformation for America.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Learn more about the inspiring story of Dr. Rollan Roberts

  • Discover how Dr. Roberts experienced shift from self-ambition to being guided by God's calling

  • Know the importance of seeking God's will in every area of life, including business and leadership

  • understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ rather than self-accomplishment.

  • He shares the message that America needs God and that the nation must return to acknowledging God to address societal issues.

  • Discussion about the breakdown of family structures and the consequences on society

  • Hear about Dr. Roberts's transition from being addicted to accomplishment to being addicted to Christ

No matter how great your policies are, they will fail. And we will not improve because you must have the blessing of God on a nation. - Dr. Rollan Roberts II

About the Guest:

Dr. Rollan Roberts II is a candidate for President of the United States (R-2024), with a remarkable background in diplomacy, national security, entrepreneurship, education, and water-related matters. As the founder of Transform Africa, he has been instrumental in solving complex issues related to clean water access, business education, food security, and national stability in Africa. Dr. Roberts' extensive experience and achievements have earned him the title of Peace Ambassador to Nations from the International College of Peace Studies, and he has been sought after to address global leaders at prestigious institutions like Harvard University and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

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Aug 08, 202344:41
Overcoming Trauma, Finding Healing, and Transformation w/ Jake Kauffman

Overcoming Trauma, Finding Healing, and Transformation w/ Jake Kauffman

In this episode, we dive deep into the journey of Jake Kauffman, a High Performance Coach & Business Mentor who shares his personal story of overcoming trauma and self-sabotage.

Join us as we explore the patterns that reveal the root of our struggles and learn how to detach emotion from our experiences, paving the way for personal growth.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Get to Know Jake and His Book "Let Love In"

  • Understanding trauma and it’s impact on our lives

  • Discussion on how forgiveness can release emotional burdens and create space for growth and healing

  • The consequences of carrying unresolved emotions and how they affect various areas of our lives

  • How patterns in our lives can be clues to underlying issues that need attention

  • How understanding our unconscious motivations can help us break free from self sabotage

  • Action steps to begin the journey of healing

  • Jake explains the three stages of transformation

Transformation is much, much more about unbecoming or unlearning than it is about becoming or developing. - Jake Kauffman

The more we reconcile and work through our anger, the easier time we have at accessing happiness. - Jake Kauffman

About the Guest:

Jake Kauffman is a High Performance Coach & Business Mentor who guides mission-driven coaches & entrepreneurs on their transformative journeys. Since 2018, he has successfully coached hundreds of top online coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, helping them conquer subconscious self-sabotage and create success.

Jake is also a speaker and accomplished author. His book, "Let Love In: The Pain Stops When the Truth Starts," delves into his journey of overcoming abuse and pain, revealing how he found healing and transformation.

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Aug 02, 202348:53
Faith-Based Business And God-Powered Breakthrough

Faith-Based Business And God-Powered Breakthrough

In this episode of the Hefluence Podcast, we have the privilege of delving deeper with James Zheng, a kingdom-minded business coach and entrepreneur. We discuss the power of social media for building Kingdom connections, the importance of laughter and spending time with loved ones, and the impact of entrepreneurship on personal growth and the world. James shares his personal journey from a non-believer to finding purpose in entrepreneurship and the pursuit of God's truth. The conversation touches on topics such as cultural influences, personal development, and the fulfillment that comes from aligning with God's plan.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • From Doubter to Believer: James's transformative journey from skeptic to kingdom-minded entrepreneur.

  • God's Guidance Unleashed: How James's success is a result of divine direction and intervention.

  • Entrepreneurship for Kingdom Impact: Discover how entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool for making a difference.

  • Purpose Over Expectations: Challenging societal norms and pursuing God's purpose instead.

  • Truth in a Relativistic World: Embracing God's absolute truth amidst subjective realities.

  • Social Media's Positive Power: Unleashing the potential of social media for inspiration and connection.

  • Laughter as Medicine: The joy of finding humor and creating joyful moments in life.

  • Power Couple: Partnering with Becky for shared success in entrepreneurship and ministry.

  • Growth Mindset: Embracing personal growth, learning, and adapting to new opportunities.

  • The Impactful Testimony: James's story of transformation and the lessons we can learn.

Connect with James Zheng




Jul 05, 202350:27
Building Winning Lives through Ministry

Building Winning Lives through Ministry

In this episode, we have the privilege of delving deeper into the extraordinary life and experiences of Dr. LaNise. Dr. LaNise is not just a minister, but also a former sports coach, an accomplished author, and a powerful prophetic voice in our generation.

Get a glimpse into her wisdom as we explore the defining moments in her life and discover the remarkable events that shaped her path.

So, get ready to be inspired and encouraged as we dive deeper into the life and experiences of Dr. LaNise, a true example of embracing one's calling and living with accountability.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Learn more about Dr. LaNise and her background as a sports coach

  • Discover how her passion for coaching led her to impact the lives of athletes

  • Find out what inspired Dr. LaNise to write her first book: Coach, There Is Hope!

  • Hear her story of how she felt called by the Holy Spirit to recommit herself to ministry

  • The story of how Dr. LaNise's husband became her best friend before they became life partners

  • Know how her coaching experience has shaped her approach to ministry and leadership

  • Her thoughts on her calling for the next season of her life

  • Understand the significance of being held accountable for your abilities and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit

Make sure you got a strong tribe of accountability, a group around you that really you can run ideas past. You might have an idea, but make sure it's God's idea. Submit your ideas to the Lord. - Dr. LaNise Reynolds

About the Guest:

Dr. LaNise Rosemond, the founder of Prophetic Stirring, is an ordained Apostle and certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the Dr. John Maxwell Team. In order to empower individuals to take their ministry to the next level, she teaches and trains them in the gifts of prophecy, healing, and revelation. Driven by her love for God's people, she brings a wealth of experience in coaching, teaching, and higher education, along with a pioneering spirit and breakthrough mentality. Dr. Rosemond's anointing for miracles, signs, and wonders has been recognized by her overseers and fellow Apostles, and she is committed to seeing people walk in their destiny and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Connect with Dr. LaNise at:




Jun 28, 202344:10
Empowering Lives Through Wisdom and Prayer

Empowering Lives Through Wisdom and Prayer

In this episode, we have Gwendolyn and Chauncey Fourte, a couple whose journey and wisdom will leave you inspired and transformed. You'll have the opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level, learn from them, and know the impact they are making on people and the kingdom. And gain valuable insights into their coaching, as they share how they started on this journey of helping others.

This episode promises to be a source of wisdom and inspiration so tune in and prepare to be inspired by the wisdom and insights shared by Gwendolyn and Chauncey Fourte.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Get to know Gwendolyn and Chauncey Fourte and their personal experiences of salvation.

  • Gain insights into how rejection can be seen as a form of protection

  • Discover Gwendolyn and Chauncey's coaching journey, including how they started and the impact they aim to make.

  • Talk about the importance of people coming together and the impact it can have,

  • Understand the importance of effective communication within marriages and how it contributes to stronger relationships.

  • Hear about their sense of purpose and the areas they feel called to serve in the upcoming season of the kingdom.

  • Dive into a discussion on the transformational power of the glory of God.

Once we understand who we are, then we can understand why we're here and we can truly apprehend our purpose. - Chauncey Fourte

…when you have a strong family, when you have a strong marriage, you're going to see a strong church, strong community, strong city, strong government.  - Gwendolyn Fourte

About the Guest:

Gwendolyn and Chauncey Fourte, both trained from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), utilize their extensive life experiences, knowledge, and training to help individuals overcome obstacles that impede their progress. Through their coaching practice, they empower people to discover their purpose, enhance their strengths, and break free from stagnation.

Gwendolyn and Chauncey are now serving as senior leaders at the Kingdom Church in Broken Arrow, fulfilling their calling to support God's people. As devoted parents of five children, they practice nurturing healthy family life and fostering unity within their household. With nearly three decades of marriage, they have honed the art of balancing their family, careers, and flourishing relationship through the lessons learned from their lives.

Connect with Gwendolyn and Chauncey at:




Jun 07, 202348:19
Unlocking Your Inner Power: The Transformative Benefits of Releasing Your Emotions

Unlocking Your Inner Power: The Transformative Benefits of Releasing Your Emotions

In this episode, we have Jennie Potter, a Future Self Coach and author, who shares her powerful story of how she came to know Christ and has been used by the Holy Spirit to bring healing and freedom to others. Jennie emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and expressing our emotions, setting clear boundaries, and how God can use difficult experiences to help us grow and serve others.

Learn how past emotions can affect us and how we can clear them through her coaching and book. Sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired and encouraged by Jenny's wisdom and experience.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Get to know Jennie Potter, a Future Self Coach

  • The Holy Spirit's Presence and influence on Personal Growth

  • Overview of Jennie's coaching approach and her book, "Self Sabotage No More

  • Definition of emotions and their purpose

  • Importance of processing emotions, even the "negative" ones, in order to live full. 

  • How holding onto emotions can impact our daily behavior and how they can be triggered by events in our past

  • The reason why we have feelings and emotion

  • What would happen if we resist and hold those emotions

  • Understanding boundaries

  • Deep dive into self-sabotage and how it manifests in our lives

  • Discussion of Jennie's book, "Self Sabotage No More" and its approach to overcoming self-sabotage.

Emotion is meant to be experienced and then processed. - Jennie Potter

The goal is to move you from that chest-deep water up to the sand, up to the sidewalk. So then you can just walk towards where you want to go. So no matter what your goal is or what your business is or what your life is…The goal is walking in line, being in alignment with God's purpose for you. - Jennie Potter

About the Guest:

Jennie Potter, an accomplished Future Self Coach, faith-driven network marketing trainer, author, and motivational speaker, has a background in Counselling and a passion for personal growth. She finds joy in one-on-one conversations, particularly in guiding individuals to uncover their limiting beliefs. Despite her own struggles with fear and uncertainty, including fear of strangers, public speaking, and inviting others to events, Jennie pushed herself out of her comfort zone to create meaningful change.

Jennie empowers individuals to achieve their goals through actionable ways such as faith, vision, manifestation, exploration, and powerful daily habits. Her mission is to help others unleash their God-given gifts and radiate as bright lights in this world.

Connect with Jennie Potter at:





Apr 26, 202345:01
Building a Faith-Based Entrepreneurship

Building a Faith-Based Entrepreneurship

In this episode of the podcast, we have a very special guest, Dupé Aleru, sharing her personal and professional journey and how she discovered her passion and purpose in creating content around her faith.

During this conversation, we delve into the challenges of staying true to one's faith in a secular industry, the importance of having a strong mind and spirit to overcome the enemy's attacks, and the courage to confidently express one's faith despite any fear.

Join us as we gain insight from Dupe's journey, and learn valuable lessons about discovering our passions, following our purpose, and staying true to our faith in our professional and personal lives.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Get to know Dupe as she opens up about her journey of building a Christian brand and shares how God gave her the vision for it.

  • Dupe talks about her background and what led her to her current position as a Christian brand builder.

  • She talks about her transition from her previous work to her current role and the differences she experiences.

  • Dupe offers advice to listeners who struggle with fear, failure, and ridicule, emphasizing the importance of confidence.

  • She shares a story of a person who bashed her through comments and messages, and how she dealt with the situation.

  • Dupe discusses what the next season looks like for her and how she plans to move forward with her brand.

  • She inspires listeners to lean into their calling and trust in God's plan for their lives.

You have to be able to spend quality time with God…If you're not spending quality time with God, you will not get the answers that you seek. You won't hear the confirmation that you're praying for. God's going to always give you the vision. And so once you have the vision, then that's when you can start to like to take those steps. - Dupe Aleru

About the Guest:

Dupé Aleru is the founder and owner of Davi Creative LLC— a personal and professional development company serving Christian content creators and coaches.

She has appeared on CBS’ National Syndicated Talk Show, The Drew Barrymore Show, and Good Morning LaLa Land. Her career has spanned from being a classroom teacher and former founder of a K-12 tutoring company to a certified purpose coach, personal branding coach, content creator, award-winning motivational speaker, and six-time published author.

Throughout her sixteen years as an educator, entrepreneur, and motivator, Dupé has never changed her core mission: helping people from all walks of life surrender to their God-given gifts to serve the world.

Connect with Dupé Aleru at:





Apr 19, 202336:26
Uncovering Your True Identity with Ryan Blair: Exploring the Power of Prayer, Repentance, and Purpose

Uncovering Your True Identity with Ryan Blair: Exploring the Power of Prayer, Repentance, and Purpose

In this episode of the podcast, we are excited to welcome Ryan Blair, a New York Times bestselling author, former CEO of ViSalus, (a health and wellness company), and founder of

As we enter the new year, Ryan has a message for those who have a burning desire to fulfill their calling. As a serial entrepreneur and founder of successful ventures such as, Ryan has much wisdom to share on the topic of identity and how it plays a role in achieving our goals and living out our purpose. Throughout the conversation, Ryan and Michael delve into the importance of understanding and embracing our true identities, and how this can help propel us forward in the new year to establish the things that God has planned for us.

They also discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in this process and the importance of setting boundaries and seeking guidance and mentorship in order to grow and develop as individuals.

This podcast also emphasizes the power of prayer and the need for repentance in order to strive for greater accuracy and obedience in following God.

Join us as we kick off the new year with this impactful and inspiring conversation with Ryan Blair.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Determine how Identity is an important aspect of one's spiritual journey
  • Find out how understanding and embracing one's true identity is necessary to remove the masks or roles that are not truly oneself.
  • Understand how one's identity was obtained and the role that the Holy Spirit plays in finding and embracing one's true identity.
  • A reminder that it is not by power, but by the Holy Spirit, and understanding
  • Know how embracing one's identity can help propel one forward in the new year to establish the things that God has planned for them.
  • Be aware of how setting boundaries and limits in relationships is important for personal growth and development.
  • Learn how seeking guidance and mentorship can help individuals grow and develop as individuals.
  • Discover the role of prayer in understanding and addressing suffering, and seeking help from God to overcome it.
  • Deep dive into the Power of Prayer and Repentance in Finding Your True Identity
  • The key to spiritual growth is to be obedient to God and to exercise discernment in our actions and decisions.

We think prayer is a very simple process, but it's not. It's a very deep, intimate, emotional process. And the more that you pray, the more that your prayers are going to be heard  - Ryan Blair

Connect with Ryan Blair  at:





Jan 04, 202335:40
Small steps toward a more transformative life

Small steps toward a more transformative life

Do you feel that you are incapable of success because you lack confidence? Or you don’t know where and how to start when you’re thinking to make your life more progressive? If so, this episode of The HeFluence Podcast will provide you with inspiration and ideas on how to address it and have a healthy and successful life.

Aside from sharing that Podcasting can be a lucrative career to make for a living,. Jeremy Grate and Zach Tacker, the two amazing hosts of The Fit Mess podcast join us today to inspire us about their journey as successful individuals and podcast hosts and help us how to take small steps to achieve a better life.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Jeremy triathletes story
  • How they got started in podcasting and built a stable financial foundation
  • What were some of the things they have done to get to this point
  • The life of Jeremy and Zach now and what they do outside of the podcast and their goals
  • Their vision of the future and how they would impact someone’s life
  • Tips and opinions that will surely impact our life to be a better person

Key Takeaway

Just take the smallest messiest action you can take and be okay with the fact that it's going to suck, because the only way to get better is to suck for a while. - Jeremy

About the Guest:

Jeremy Grate lives in rural British Columbia. He’s been in the broadcasting and podcasting business. Jeremy is a certified REBT Mindset Life Coach.

Zach Tacker is passionate about assisting people in defining and achieving their wellness objectives. He's on a mission to share his story as well as some of the tools that aided him on his own wellness journey. Zach is certified to teach yoga and Insanity® Live.

Jeremy and Zach are the hosts of The Fit Mess, a podcast for people who want to make their lives more fulfilling and discover their full potential.


Connect with Jeremy Grate and Zack Tacker






Nov 23, 202242:58
Discover the life with fierce faith with Jill Allen

Discover the life with fierce faith with Jill Allen

In this episode, Jill Allen will help us grasp what it actually means to "Have It All," so you can be FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE as you live with God's purposes. She's here to help us find the strength inside ourselves to keep going, especially when things get tough.

Join us as we work together to achieve all of our goals and dreams and to create an inspired, meaningful life that we live to the fullest.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Take a look at Jill Allen's story.
  • Who is Jill, and how and where she started
  • The purpose of her book 'Set Free,' and why she wrote it
  • What she's doing now and how it affects women
  • What is the importance of having a faith-based mindset
  • How to find your Fierce

Key Takeaway

I mean, you asked about why I start these retreats adventures and all of that is fun, but the whole purpose of it is there is nothing more powerful when you see someone raise the bar and live up to God's standards and just seeing themselves the way God sees them. And so that's the biggest thing when it comes to mindset. You do that and you get your identity set with God and aligning everything up. - Jill Allen

About the Guest:

Jill Allen is a Fitness and Mindset Coach for over-achieving, stressed-out women. She is a wife, a mother of five children, a podcast host, an owner of several businesses, and an author. She assists in breaking down mindset obstacles that are impeding your capacity to hear God's call and feeding your limiting beliefs, allowing you to live the life you deserve in both body and mind.


Connect with Jill allen




Nov 16, 202233:29
Science and Us with Dr. Christina Parks

Science and Us with Dr. Christina Parks

What are some things you still don't know about DNA, specifically your own DNA? what are epigenetics and nutrigenomics?

In this episode, Dr. Christina Parks joins us in this encouraging and somewhat emotional scientific experience and she will teach us about science such as  DNA, RNA, the mechanism of injury, the difference between genetic and epigenetic predispositions, how the human body heals itself and so much more in the field science that normal people don’t know the answers, but with Dr. Park’s those will surely be comprehended.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • What was Dr. Parks' life, especially her college life and how did she get to where she is now
  • How her aptitude for science influenced her decision to study the molecular basis of disease and got a degree in cellular molecular biology
  • How children's health motivates her to study biochemistry and molecular biology
  • How the body of a pregnant woman formats the baby's DNA when undergoing stressful conditions
  • Other chemicals that change the format of our DNA
  • Her account about  the Pandemic and its vaccines
  • Natural tips for making us feel happy

Key Takeaway

Understanding the process is certainly helpful, but what's also interesting is a lot of times some of the things that we're going to start with is go out and get some fun, get some exercise, eat your vegetables, don't overeat, don't undereat, drink lots of fluids and water, love each other, be grateful - Dr. Christina Parks

About the Guest:

Dr. Christina Parks lives in Hesperia, Michigan. She Studied Cellular and Molecular Biology at University of Michigan and Biochemistry at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire She is a Former Biology/Chemistry Teacher at Hesperia High School


Connect with Christina Parks  at:



Nov 02, 202245:18
Overcoming Shame and leading to a better life with Candi Rose

Overcoming Shame and leading to a better life with Candi Rose

In this episode, motivational speaker, author, life coach, mentor, and entrepreneur Candi Rose will tell us how to overcome the control that shame has over our lives and rise beyond it to create a life we never believed was possible.

Candi experienced being bullied in school and got transferred to a different school because of that. Then she started abusing alcohol and drugs, quit school, was arrested, and became a stripper at the age of 19. Come to think of it, what other deeds would you consider significantly more delinquent and shameful than this at a young age?

Candi Rose had been an outright errant person before she turned into a wretched person with three abusive ex-partners and a single mother. But she was able to advance and enhance her life, especially with God's help. And she will share that story with us.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Tragic and traumatic life story of Candi Rose
  • Who Candi was, who she is today, and where she is at this moment
  • How she built her real estate investing
  • How God transformed her life and helped her to become a better woman
  • What are the F’s of Candi that will help us to overcome shame and help us to live a healthy life
  • How having faith in God is crucial when facing life's ups and downs
  • Candi's book about overcoming shame
  • Her Program called Become Unstoppable (Originally Love Your Shame)
  • The reason why she wrote the book
  • How does she balance being a mother, an entrepreneur, finishing this book, getting things to launch, coaching, and other similar tasks while maintaining her sense of stability and purpose?

Key Takeaway

Shame isolates you and so you don't tell anybody about it. And that's when shame grabs power over you. And so when I talk about it, then if they are able to talk about it, then it's a way for them to release whatever is going on with them. - Candi Rose

You can't waste time on a relationship if it's going nowhere. The instant you find out you feel it's going nowhere, you've got to cut the strings.- Candi Rose

About the Guest:

Candi Rose is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Self Development Coach. She travels, speaks, writes, and mentors. giving people hope and demonstrating how to enhance their lives. She’s giving away a free copy of her autobiography N A K E D as a special thanks for listening to our podcast and you can go to her website to grab your free copy.


Connect with Candi Rose  at:




***FREE copy of brand new autobiography, N A K E D,  will be given away to podcast listeners. Expected to be available by the 1st week of November 2022, mid November 2022 at the latest. Please check back with the website in November to claim your FREE copy as a special thanks for being part of the community.

Oct 26, 202201:10:21
Leadership Transformation with Judy Jernudd.

Leadership Transformation with Judy Jernudd.

In this episode, the extremely intuitive Juddy Jernudd will discuss leadership, interviewing, and effective life coaching and how she influences and enhances the lives of those who approach her.

Judy is from a business-oriented family. Judy had a beautiful quality that let her feel at ease around people from an early age. She believed that she was the one who belonged in front of the crowd. She was in charge of running her mother's second restaurant when she was just 14 years old.

Now, Judy Jernudd works with successful business owners and executives to enhance performance, production, and profits. As the company's founder and lead coach, Judy excels at working with high achievers who want to sharpen their focus and advance both professionally and personally. She does this through an action-driven transformative program: COBE, the Collaboration of Brilliant Entrepreneurs & Executives.

Here are some key highlights to know more about this episode:

  • Conversation regarding Judy Jernudd’s life
  • How and why did Judy enter the television industry
  • What are some of the things Judy is presently working on with excitement?
  • What is COBE and how it helps entrepreneurs in terms of space, delegation, time management and so on.
  • Judy Jernudd is currently working on her new book about famous people she has interviewed and the lessons she has  learned from that
  • Talk about potential and how Judy pull out the potential she see from the people
  • What are the most important lessons Judy should impart to others?
  • Why procrastination is never your friend
  • When we have a mental block, what do we need to do to get  beyond  and achieve more things

Key Takeaway

Don't wait until you're ready, don't wait until you have all the experience and everything you need because that day may never come. So when you see the stairs, Act! - Judy Jernudd

Connect with Judy Jernudd at:







Oct 19, 202239:10
How To Be Present And Live With Intention For True Happiness with Teresa Greco
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Progress, Purpose, Passion with Stacy Zant

Progress, Purpose, Passion with Stacy Zant

Stacy Zant-#1 International best-seller on Amazon. She is a passionate author, international speaker, recording artist, web designer, award winning non-profit founder of G.O.A.L (, content creator, coach/mentor and host of The Radiant Pearl Living Podcast. She enjoys writing, designing and sharing amazing resources that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Her 1st book "Pearls of The Earth" was published at the age of 17 and she has since published “Radiant Pearl in Progress, Co-Author of the book "The Power of Why", designed custom planners "The Radiant Pearl Planner", "The Fearless Creator Planner", written award nominated, multi-media featured, Praise and Worship songs and provide invaluable resources through her Podcast and published content.

She streamlines the process to content creation through her Promotional System-The Fearless Creator Method. Lady Stacy invites you to have clear vision, live to your full potential and plan for a radiant life you love! You can follow her on Instagram @ladystacyzant, on Facebook @StacyZantCreate and weekly on her Podcast.

Connect with me  on Instagram:

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Twitter & Transformation w/ Samantha Kelly

Twitter & Transformation w/ Samantha Kelly

Sam Kelly is an internationally-recognised Twitter Expert, Social Media Strategist, Author and Speaker. Known as the “Tweeting Goddess”, with a following of over 53k engaged followers,  she is also founder of the Women’s Inspire Network . In this episode we sit down to discuss the power of twitter and her personal journey of transformation.

Connect with Samantha here : 

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Prayer, Prosperity & Peace w/ Dr. Shirley Clark

Prayer, Prosperity & Peace w/ Dr. Shirley Clark

Dr. Shirley Clark is known as a CSO, A Chief Soaking Officer! She is passionate about leading others into a life of prayer that changes them, brings God glory, and impacts their world. As an author of over 40 books she also is called to help raise up individuals who are kingdom citizens and desire to impact the marketplace for God's glory. In our episode we talk faith, prayer, business, and the power of seeking God's presence. 

Get ready for a great episode!

Connect with Dr. Clark :

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