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Building Crypto

Building Crypto

By Michael Joseph

Interviews with world-class product leaders and founders in crypto to uncover actionable and tactical advice to help you build, launch, and grow your own crypto products.
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#2 - Coordinape with Zakku

Building CryptoMay 08, 2023

#2 - Coordinape with Zakku

#2 - Coordinape with Zakku

Building Web3 with Zakku

Zakku is the co-founder of Coordinape. Coordinape is reimagining collaboration and helping teams build connections, ownership, and reputation in the digital economy. Prior to Coordinape, Zach worked as a consultant with a focus on sustainability. In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • How crypto enables new ways of organization, collaboration, reputation, and how we work

  • What gets built on-chain vs off-chain

  • The role of trust in building crypto products

  • User education in a product and during onboarding

  • Building a crypto product in a rapidly changing market

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Where to find Zakku:

Where to find michaelcjoseph:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Zakku’s background

(02:26) Crypto for collaboration and reputation

(03:32) Target user and problem statement for Coordinape

(05:43) How the target user and problem statement has evolved

(11:07) What goes on-chain vs off-chain and how trust factors into it

(16:56) Scalability of trust

(19:08) Introducing new terminology in a product to users

(22:37) The value of offering guided walkthroughs for onboarding

(27:20) Progressive decentralization of Coordinape

(32:02) The future of Coordinape

(35:18) Building a crypto product with a quickly evolving market

(37:43) Closing thoughts and what Zakku is excited about

May 08, 202342:34
#1 - Layer3 with Yahya EA

#1 - Layer3 with Yahya EA

Building Web3 with Yahya EA

Yahya EA is the head of product at Layer3. Layer3 is building the platform to help consumers onboard into crypto. In today’s podcast we discuss:

  • Problem statements, target users, and aha moments for Layer3

  • Big product changes, the motivations behind them, and measuring success

  • Doing things that don't scale and how to start scaling

  • Discord workflows for crypto products

  • Building for a growing crypto market

  • Building a product around the technical limitations of crypto

  • Progressive decentralization

Where to find Yahya EA:

Where to find michaelcjoseph:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Yahya’s background

(01:07) Layer3’s problem statement and target user

(04:24) Layer3’s aha moment for both the customer and consumer

(11:23) Doing things that don’t scale

(14:43) Layer3’s biggest product updates

(18:46) Motivations behind the big product updates

(22:06) KPIs and measuring success

(25:35) Managing Discord workflows for a team

(28:31) Handling a global web3 user base

(33:19) Building for both where the market is and where it’s headed to

(38:33) Building around the technical and UX limitations of crypto

(42:39) What is an on-chain future for Layer3?

(50:20) What we’re excited about for the future of crypto

Apr 18, 202353:51