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What the Fundus

What the Fundus

By Michael Marino

This is the What the Fundus podcast. 15-20 minutes a week of what's new and interesting in the field of eye care. Even if it's not interesting, it at least will be educational.
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Outdoor Time and Myopia Control

What the FundusNov 29, 2022

Outdoor Time and Myopia Control
Nov 29, 202229:35
But I don't sell!

But I don't sell!

We discuss the points brought up in the book But I Don't Sell by Steve Vargo, OD, MBA. We strongly recommend reading this book if you work in a private practice setting whether you own a practice or not.

Jul 19, 202236:59
Limbal Stem Cell Definciency
May 31, 202228:25
Using OCT to predict diabetic retinopathy
May 24, 202227:20
Apr 20, 202232:25
To block blue light or not? That is the question.

To block blue light or not? That is the question.

The gauntlet has been thrown. The blue-light-hazard vs. blue-light-hype in the February issue of Opthalmology basically calls blue-light-blocking IOLs pure snake oil. We break down their arguments.

Apr 12, 202226:18
Move over açai. It's goji's time to shine.
Apr 06, 202221:12
Lipiflow - a review of a meta-analysis

Lipiflow - a review of a meta-analysis

Treating MGD is basically all we do now, right? In this episode, we discuss Efficacy and Safety of Lipiflow for Treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction from the journal Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology.

Mar 28, 202232:13
Prescribing oral CAIs

Prescribing oral CAIs

A recent paper published in JAMA Ophthalmology discusses our potentially overblown fear of prescribing oral CAIs to lower IOP. 

Feb 28, 202223:48
Pericytes and glaucoma

Pericytes and glaucoma

Problems with pericytes have been shown to be a major cause of the issues related to diabetes. A recent study in the journal of the PNAS shows that an issue with how they regulate calcium ion transfer may play a role in glaucomatous damage. Get ready for some basic science information!

Feb 21, 202222:27
Culturing corneal ulcers

Culturing corneal ulcers

We're back after a brief hiatus to talk about a paper published in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye about the incidence of positive corneal ulcer cultures.

Feb 02, 202224:22
Red light and myopia control

Red light and myopia control

Sorry, this is a few days late this week, but things have been a little crazy. Sara and I talk about a study discussing red light therapy to slow myopia progression. I also talk about my initial experience with Vuity. -- MM

Jan 07, 202230:22
Rayban Stories

Rayban Stories

Sara and I discuss the relatively quiet launch of Rayban Stories glasses. -- MM

Dec 21, 202112:09
A High Fat Diet and Meibomian Gland Function
Dec 14, 202115:57
Tyrvaya - a nasal spray for dry eye
Dec 07, 202117:16
Severe Glaucoma and Cognitive Impairment
Nov 30, 202114:24
CSR, CSC, iCSC, cCSC and more!
Nov 16, 202118:48
Vuity drops for presbyopia

Vuity drops for presbyopia

This week, Sara and Michael talk about the newly approved drop to treat the symptoms of presbyopia called Vuity. You can get samples by visiting their website

(One correction: I referred to Dr. David Sinclair's excellent book Lifespan as "Ageless". I apologize for the the error -- MM)

Nov 09, 202115:54
IRD and Gene Therapy
Nov 02, 202118:32
Catching up with Xiidra
Oct 26, 202124:24
What the Fundus
Oct 20, 202100:39