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Mike the Principal

Mike the Principal

By Michael Meechin

Mike the Principal Podcast features Michael Meechin, disruptor of the educational status quo.

Mike is a high school principal, speaker and consultant focused on providing support for schools and districts to move their schools, teachers - and most importantly - students forward.

The MTP Podcast focuses on a wide-range of educational topics focused on building leaders to move our schools forward.
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S2 Ep 1 - Why Culture Cannot Be Overlooked

Mike the PrincipalJan 23, 2023

S2 Ep 1 - Why Culture Cannot Be Overlooked
Jan 23, 202313:45
Ep 8 - Are We Focusing on the Right Work?
Nov 27, 202218:48
Ep 7 - How Do I Put Out the Fires and Focus on the Instruction?
Sep 24, 202217:04
Ep 6 - Why Are Grades So Taboo? (and What Can We Do About It)
Aug 28, 202223:48
Ep 5 - Supporting New Teachers (Really, All Teachers)
Aug 22, 202224:27
Ep 4 - So You Want to Become a Principal?
Mar 23, 202222:21
Ep 3 - How Does a Systems Focused Principal Lead?
Feb 28, 202219:12
Ep 2 - How to Build Culture as a New Principal?
Jan 30, 202217:54
Ep 1 - Was Becoming a Principal Worth It?
Jan 17, 202216:38