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Dominate Your Market

Dominate Your Market

By Michael Pedersen

Do you want to grow your business revenues, build an amazing company, and have a life that you have aimed for? You’ll hear from the top leaders and business professionals who will get your business and YOU unstuck and growing.
Guests include leaders in industries, CEOs, business owners, personal development as well as mindset experts, as well as health and business development experts. Listen as they share their nuggets of wisdom that can take your business and life to the next level. The goal of my podcast is for you to take action on what you hear and let me know how it turned out for you
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Get Serious About Branding: How to Build Your Brand Value without Paying a Fortune With Ernie Harker

Dominate Your MarketDec 09, 2022

Leaders in Management: Identify Your Blindspots and Triggers With Joshua Miller

Leaders in Management: Identify Your Blindspots and Triggers With Joshua Miller

What mindset do successful people have? You may wonder what successful people have for them to achieve success. Looking at them, the most common trait they have in similarity is their mindset, precisely the mentality of being intentional. Having this mindset means visualizing and speaking the things you want and acting to mold that visualization into reality. So if you want to be successful, practice having the mindset of intentionality. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Joshua Miller shares what leaders should shift their focus on with the current problems in the industry. Understand how the law of intentionality will create a path toward a successful life.


Being a leader is indeed a challenging task. Therefore, maintaining a healthy mentality and well-being is required. Also, having the right mindset is crucial to obtain success, so what mindset do you need in order to do so? Discover how having an intentional mindset will be one of the formulas to attain success.

Joshua Miller, a master certified executive, personal coach, and thought leader, learned that successful people all have the mindset of being intentional, wherein you need to imagine, speak, and take action on the things you are interested in. So now is the time to reflect on yourself and shift to a mindset towards success.


  • “Being 40 so far has been amazing because you get to enjoy the benefits of what you've worked on your whole life. And as a coach working with leaders, you draw on your wisdom from your experiences.”
  • “Take care of your well-being, and maintain a healthy mentality and wellness.”
  • “There are four quadrants of life we all are challenged with: our wellness, our career, our finances, and our relationship to self and others.”
  • “The common thread to the successes of people I’ve worked with has been their mindset, specifically about having a vision and a focus. You could call it to mind mapping, or you can call it a mantra, but it is about visualizing and speaking into existence what you want.”
  • “Fear can be motivating, or it can be paralyzing. And so it will stop you in your tracks, or it will move you forward.”


The longer your experience is, the bigger your pool of knowledge will be. So just enjoy your life and accumulate experience as much as possible.

With the current problems leaders have to deal with, such as the great resignation, they must prioritize giving attention to their mental health and well-being.

It doesn’t matter who you are, everybody will be challenged based on the four quadrants of life.

All successful people, like athletes and singers, have the mindset of being intentional. But this is not just about writing it down and speaking it. You have to take action.

Fear can either motivate or paralyze you. So take control of your fear, and use that as motivation to keep you moving forward.


10:34 – Joshua Miller Background

17:15 – What Leaders Should Focus On Currently

20:50 – Four Quadrants of Life

22:44 – CEO’s Fitness and Nutrition

26:10 – Mindset of a Good Leader

30:59 – What Holds People Back

33:41– Red Carpet

35:37 – Get in touch with Joshua



Joshua Miller Website:

Joshua’s Linkedin:

Mar 23, 202328:16
Developing Leadership Accountability and Transform Mindsets with Sam Silverstein

Developing Leadership Accountability and Transform Mindsets with Sam Silverstein

Accountability in leadership is critical to company success, yet many leadership teams recognize that they have much potential for improvement in this area. Why is leadership accountability so crucial in business, and why do so many leaders struggle to keep it? Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Sam Silverstein shares how businesses should have a leader that knows accountability. Witness how you will have a better understanding of customer motivation and avoid some common pitfalls. Understand how accountability sets the tone for your company’s organization.


In business, taking accountability builds trust and respect and models a behavior of accountability in your employees and team. Find out how to improve personal accountability and the culture of accountability at your organization.

Sam Silverstein, Accountability Keynote Speaker, empowers people to live accountable lives, transform how they do business, and thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivating an organizational culture based on accountability, and inspiring individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth. It’s time to learn that accountability is the highest form of leadership.


“Action follows belief. If the leader believes that you are important as a human being, that person would never let you down.”

“Accountability is the foundation for building anything we want in our life or business.”

“Leadership is supposed to create an environment that inspires people to choose to be accountable and their best.”

“The leader that trusts their people right from the get-go creates a different environment.”

“We're responsible for things, and we're accountable to people.”


Accountability is essential in every aspect of life, especially in a workspace.

Organizations that master the relational commitments, the relational side of the business, then what happens is they create a workplace environment. A culture that inspires people to be accountable and to be their best.



3:35 – Sam Silverstein’s Background

5:32 – Personal Accountability

10:17 – Leadership Accountability

12:33– Trust in the Workspace

15:27 – Accountability and Responsibility

26:42 – Commitment

34:35 – Contributions

37:58 – Building Accountability

40:41 – Get in touch with Sam



Sam Silverstein Website: Sam Silverstein Inc

Mar 21, 202339:17
Hire Better! Build The Right Team For Your High-Growth Business: Personality Profiles, Entrepreneurial Traits, and Professional Approaches With Kurt Wilkin

Hire Better! Build The Right Team For Your High-Growth Business: Personality Profiles, Entrepreneurial Traits, and Professional Approaches With Kurt Wilkin

Having the right people for the right job is key to running a very successful business. But what if you are inexperienced in what you should be looking for in the employees you hire for your business? Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Kurt Wilkin talks about his book—Who’s Your Mike?, improving your chances in job-hunting opportunities, good traits that entrepreneurs need to have, professional hiring approaches, and most importantly, how you can be able to hire better people to keep up with your business that’s on the rise!

Business expansion is challenging. Entrepreneurs typically begin by assembling a group of self-starters who are eager to work really hard for the business. Those tenacious teams are ideal for your startup environment. But what happens when your income hits $20 million, $40 million, or $50 million—and those same devoted employees are preventing you from moving forward?

Kurt Wilkin, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of HireBetter knows how to deal with such a predicament by diagnosing issues before they arise and making those challenging people decisions that are holding you back. After all, anything great comes with an equally great sacrifice.


  • “I don't want you to just go find a job, I want you to find something that calls you.”
  • “As an employer, I want you to give me everything you got as a person and as a human being.”
  • “You want a professional approach when people find you. The first thing they're going to do when they hear your name as a candidate is go to your LinkedIn page.”
  • “We pride ourselves on really what you don't need just as much as what you do need.”
  • “As long as we're having fun, we're just going to keep going.”


  • Finding something you enjoy and earning a living from it is everyone’s dream. Do that and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  • Every employer wants the best for their business and that includes the best employees as well.
  • A professional appearance is always a good thing to have to have a good impression on potential employers.
  • Knowing what you do and don’t need is a good way to focus on what is important.
  • The most important thing in anything you do is to have fun. If it’s not fun, why bother?


6:52 – Kurt Wilkins Background
7:59 – Writing a Book
11:33 – Traits Entrepreneurs Should Have
13:07 – Personality Profiles
15:05 – Looking for a Stable Job
17:24 – LinkedIn and Professional Approaches
22:26 – The Difference
24:24 – Consultations
27:47 – Get in touch with Kurt


Kurt Wilkin’s Website:
Kurt’s Twitter:
Kurt’s LinkedIn:
Who’s Your Mike? Book Website:
HireBetter’s Website:

Feb 23, 202324:07
Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices For Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, And Relationship Building To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With Jay Schwedelson

Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices For Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, And Relationship Building To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With Jay Schwedelson

Do you understand what your customers want? Do you believe your customers have faith in your products? When was the last time you noticed a customer tweeting about a product or service you offer? The way you sell your company impacts whether or not it will be successful. Email marketing tactics have evolved over time. What worked five years ago is no longer effective. However, it remains an important component of any marketing strategy. Listen to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Jay Schwedelson discusses the possibilities for businesses to expand more through email marketing and how businesses could capitalize on it.


When it comes to digital marketing, email is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward methods for maintaining relationships with current and potential customers, generating new leads, and building confidence in a company.

Jay Schwedelson, the founder of SubjectLine, is a highly sought-after speaker known for presenting actionable, data-driven marketing best practices in a plain and lively manner. It’s time to implement impactful email marketing.


  • "When your email database expands, that is something you own. You have control over how frequently you send it and how you interact with others.
  • "All of that work is for naught if the email is not opened."
  • The most crucial email you send to someone is the first one.
  • "Whatever you're trying to sell or promote, you're establishing yourself as something that will be useful to that person," she said.
  • "Your email should have clickable links that take readers to your page."


  • Invest more in generating or finding an excellent domain name rather than promoting.
  • Because the size of the inbox is the same and only the substance of the subject line varies, the subject line of the email has an edge in capturing the consumer's interest.
  • Give your customers everything your firm has to offer before asking for their participation in business promotion.
  • Including and utilizing videos as a marketing tactic is useful in drawing people to your company.
  • It is critical to know who you are emailing and what the call to action is when creating an email.


5:24 – Jay Schwedelson’s Background
07:19 – Domain Name
10:01 – Email Marketing
12:51 –
14:06 – Email Marketing Strategy
18:20 – Lead Capture
20:36 – Video Marketing
22:34 – Email Length
25:15 – Call to Action
27:14 – Email Content
31:22 – AI Email Marketing
34:58 – Get in touch with Jay


Jay Schwedelson Website: Jay Schwedelson
Jay’s LinkedIn:

Feb 14, 202332:41
Go-Giver Leadership and Influence: Make a Significant Impact In Your Business Relationships, Solve Problems, And Provide Value To Make Lasting Change With Bob Burg

Go-Giver Leadership and Influence: Make a Significant Impact In Your Business Relationships, Solve Problems, And Provide Value To Make Lasting Change With Bob Burg

Where does your focus aim? Is it for the customers, or is it on you? Most salespeople tend to focus on themselves rather than the people, which is a blunder. If you want people to like you and earn their trust, you must give them value and aim your focus on them rather than on yourself. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Bob Burg discuss the relevance of being a go-giver to attain a business. See how you will understand human nature and how you can influence others.


Business relationships with others require a lot of trusts, which is challenging. How can you get people to like you and earn their trust? Discover how relevant it is to focus on others and give them value.

Bob Burg, a Hall of Fame speaker and co-author of the International Bestseller The Go-Giver, recognizes that providing value to others, such as understanding what they need, fixing their problems, and assisting them in being joyful, is the way to success for your business. Now is the time to open your eyes and focus on individuals.


  • “A system is simply the process of predictably achieving a goal based on a logical and specific set of how-to principles.”
  • “Go-givers tend to sell at the much higher end of the price scale because we focus on selling at a high value, not a low price.”
  • “It is important that we temporarily suspend our self-interest. And that's the key. When we do that, now we can go in there and focus on the other person.”
  • “The essence of influence is to pull, as opposed to push.”
  • “Compliance will never take you where commitment can go.”


  • Personal development was at the heart of sales. And it was a matter of first constructing oneself on the inside. Understand that success can be seen on the outside, but it must first begin on the inside.
  • When you truly desire to assist them in resolving their problems and bringing them closer to happiness, they will feel good about you, and you will be much more likely to obtain the business.
    One of the best ways to add value to someone when you first meet them is to let them talk about themselves.
  • Great influencers, salespeople, and leaders refrain from pushing their ideas or will on others. They aim to have people commit rather than comply, and they accomplish this through the pull.
    A salesperson must always earn commitment rather than rely on any form of compliance, which is not sustainable.


3:58 – Bob Burg’s Background
6:23 – Writing Book About Go-Giver
8:59 – Go-Giver philosophy
11:56 – Human Nature
15:49 – Creating Influence
22:53 – Giving Too Much
26:43 – Does It Make Money
37:31 – Get in touch with Bob Burg


Bob Burg’s Website:

Feb 09, 202329:07
Social Selling Tips to Boost Your Business with Timothy Hughes

Social Selling Tips to Boost Your Business with Timothy Hughes

Social media has provided a platform for brands and enterprises to interact with their customers. However, you can leverage them to find and convert important leads rather than only nurturing current customer connections. Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Timothy Hughes discusses why businesses should consider social selling and how it may help them. Consider how social media can significantly increase the effectiveness of your organization and provide you with a significant competitive advantage.

You could miss out on potential advertising channels if you have not considered expanding your current social media approach.

Timothy Hughes is a best-selling author, content developer, influencer, and content sales expert. Tim is the co-founder and CEO of DLA Ignite, following a 25-year career in sales and leadership roles with firms including Oracle, Fujitsu, Sysco, and others. Tim Hughes has contributed to the creative economy through his social media networks in social and digital selling, digital marketing, leadership, and management.


  • “We must understand what digital means and the relevance to that being. It means going back to understanding that social media is social media, which means being social or media.”
  • “If you want to find modern buyers, stop being in the physical analogue world and move to the digital world.”
  • “Be where your ideal customer hangs out.”
  • “Conversations drive sales.”


  • The world has dived into the digital world, so businesses have increased chances of increasing sales, finding audiences, and discovering connections if they take advantage.
  • Knowing your target consumers and customers is also essential to determine the best platform to launch or promote a business.
  • Use social media to establish that warm connection and convert digital friends into real-life connections.


6:38 – Timothy Hughes’ Background
15:51 – Twitter and Digital Relevance
24:05 – Personal LinkedIn Brand
33:20 – Conversations and Sales
38:40 – Smarketing
46:18 – Get in touch with Timothy


Timothy Hughes Website: DLA Ignite
Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers – On Amazon
Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing – On Amazon
Timothy’s LinkedIn:

Jan 24, 202344:42
How To Live Life On Your Own Terms With Brian Gallagher

How To Live Life On Your Own Terms With Brian Gallagher

Have you ever got tired of working corporate? Do you want to enjoy life and start living it on your own terms? No one wants to slave around in a corporate setting until retirement. Every single one of us craves retirement when we are free from work responsibilities and able to do whatever we’ve always wanted. Tune into the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Brian Gallagher shares how you can be able to live a life that’s full of purpose, freedom, and flexibility. How you can be your own boss and start doing a job that you love.

Living on your own terms is about choosing your terms. Not accepting them by default or doing what others want so you won’t rock the boat. It’s your life, you should do be able to do what you love and do it often.

Brian Gallagher’s, self-proclaimed “Corporate Escape Artist”, own experiences in life were able to teach him how you can be free in life. He took a path everyone else did—went to college and landed corporate gigs but he ended up realizing none of it was for him. Now knows how you can leave corporate 25+ years early and help you earn doing work that you love and live on your own terms now—without having to wait for retirement.


  • “I was interested in doing this and helping people.”
  • “One of my biggest tips is having enough money and being financially prepared.”
  • “You need to figure out what you’re going to do next and how you arrive at what that thing is going to be.”
  • “Everything that I bring with me is all things I’ve learned from different steps along the way.”
  • “I’m not giving them ideas. I’m pulling ideas out of them.”


  • Being interested in helping people is a good virtue to have.
  • Being prepared financially is one of the biggest keys to having freedom in life.
  • Knowing what to do is sometimes difficult. It is better to plan and think before doing anything rash.
  • Experiences in life help us in case we need to go through a certain predicament once again or when we’re giving advice to other people.
  • Sometimes, someone doesn’t even need to be told what to do. They usually know what must be done and only need a push or a pull to finally do something.


2:53 – Brian’s Background
6:30 – How to Prepare Yourself
13:47 – Keeping Highly Valuable People
19:28 – Common Mistakes
26:52 – Self-Motivation
31:52 – Life’s Goals
37:11 – Being Realistic
39:07 – Get in touch with Brian
40:31 – International Trips

Brian’s Simple Man Guide Website:
Follow Brian on:
Twitter | LinkedIn

Jan 16, 202339:28
Amazing Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers With Brad Pedersen

Amazing Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers With Brad Pedersen

Are you confident in giving an unforgettable customer experience? Entrepreneurs mostly forget how critical it is to create a remarkable customer experience and journey. Especially if you are in a direct-to-consumer business, you’ll need to look at your friction points and put a lot of value on your consumers. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Brad Pedersen discuss the value of getting the best and most talented people to your team, the game changer product Lomi, and the relevance of customer experience. Be motivated on how mistakes are needed in order to reach success and that you can turn adversities into advantages.


In a direct-to-consumer business, your consumers will be your most precious things to value. How can you attract your consumers and scale? Discover how customer experience is critical in scaling your business.

Brad Pedersen, CEO, and entrepreneur, understands that customers are the most valuable thing to a direct-to-consumer business. You can influence the consumers greatly and use it to market your brand. Become unique, extraordinary, and remarkable, and leave an unforgettable experience to your consumers now.


  • “It's up to you as the leader in painting this view of the future and how your company will create a meaningful impact that will attract talented people to get behind what it is you're trying to achieve.”
  • “The most powerful force in marketing is word of mouth.”
  • “In the direct-to-consumer space, the most valuable is the customer.”
  • “Your challengers are there to build your character, and your adversities can be turned into advantages.”
  • “We don't learn from success real well. We learned from failing.”


  • Get the best talent. And if you hire the right people, they're free. Because the value they create will be so amazing that whatever you pay them doesn't matter.
  • Putting a high-talent-density group together will attract other high-talent-density folks and get referrals from their friends.
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing provides you with a direct interaction where you can impact consumer sentiment on an ongoing basis and have them spread your brand through word of mouth, which is extremely valuable.
  • Mastery is found on the mountaintop of mistakes.
  • Failing means being knocked down. Being a failure means deciding to stay down. And while the perseverance and grit required to be an entrepreneur are not for everyone, you must be willing to get back up and brush yourself off if you fail.

07:11 – Brad Pedersen’s Background
12:43 – Pela and Lomi
15:44 – High-Performance Team
20:46 – Wonders of Lomi
23:23 – Customer Journey and Service
27:53 – Friction Points
31:18 – Utilizing Adversity
33:42 – Entrepreneurial Mindset
36:57 – Get in touch with Brad

Brad Pedersen Website:
Learn More About Brad:

Jan 13, 202333:46
Start to Capitalize on Today's Top Marketing Trends with Chris Walker

Start to Capitalize on Today's Top Marketing Trends with Chris Walker

Businesses require expansion, and they need it now. To succeed in today's market, B2B enterprises of all sizes must develop new client channels, generate new revenue streams, and keep their present customers satisfied. With the appropriate digital marketing company on your side, you can stay ahead of the competition and create growth breakthroughs for your company. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Chris Walker shares how businesses may enhance marketing's contribution to qualifying pipeline and revenue while decreasing customer acquisition expenditures.


But what’s the best way to go about building and executing a content strategy? Discover the growth on strategic marketing and growth among B2B companies.

Chris Walker, Founder, and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation firm that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing. Fueled by marketing execution at scale, Refine Labs uses real data from real customers to create demand strategy and research for their clients. It’s time to create breakthroughs in growth for the world’s leading B2B software companies.


  • "The overall function of marketing is broken because we've just crammed more and more things into the marketing bucket over time."
  • "When you have a boring or stale marketing function, it's because you're not investing in that specific part of what you call marketing today."
  • "The best CEOs understand every function in the business that is critical to the business strategy."
  • "Regardless of what job title you sell into in business development, LinkedIn is the b2b infrastructure that runs business development today."
  • "The only way to truly create a market, many people return; you get to create a market by spending years in that market."


  • Marketing is so sophisticated nowadays that enterprises and companies are baffled as to why their marketing methods aren't functioning. The fundamentals of marketing remain the most effective.
  • In a changing corporate world, the process of being a good CEO is never finished; to succeed in the post, you must constantly be learning, open to trying new approaches, and willing to share your experiences.
  • Market research informs you about your market and the business landscape. Years of expertise provide a solid basis and valuable insights into your organization and the broader market.


6:00 – Chris Walker Background
11:59 – Marketing
16:43 – Investing in Marketing
20:43 – Revenue R&D
27:24 – Marketing Investment Cost
32:14 – Role of a CEO
38:56 – LinkedIn Presence
43:19 – Create Your Market
47:22 – Pricing List
52:07 – Get in touch with Chris


Chris Walker’s Website: Refine Labs
Chris’ LinkedIn: Chris Walker

Jan 09, 202348:29
Men's Mental Health: You Can Become a Happier Man with Elise Michaels

Men's Mental Health: You Can Become a Happier Man with Elise Michaels

There is more to being a man than "success," "changing tires," or "chopping wood." You suppress your tears because you believe that real men don't cry. Men are expected to be the "breadwinners" by society, so you labor without enthusiasm and find it difficult to receive. What happens, though, if you have checked off every box yet still feel lost, aimless, or alone? Tune into the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Elise Micheals offers help and advice for men who are in need of assistance.


Men are trained not to have feelings, to rely solely on themselves, and to cut themselves off from assistance. This could ruin friendships, business possibilities, collaborations, and other connections. It's time to cease working on your own and reclaim your masculine authority by maintaining your mental stability and emotional independence.

Elise Micheals is a men’s mental health coach. She helps clients heal subconscious trauma, improving the quality of their relationships, lives, and business. She struggled with mental health issues most of her life and didn’t understand why until she explored trauma therapy and neuroscience. She now helps men, as many men are silenced when it comes to emotions, which causes their struggles to be compounded and makes it even more difficult to process.


  • “I would have never imagined that I would be doing what I'm doing. It wasn't something I first set out to do. But now that I'm doing it, I love it, and I couldn't imagine doing anything different.”
  • “I get to see a side of them that the rest of the world doesn't necessarily see. The side that’s struggling and helping someone through that who really doesn't feel support from anybody else.”
  • “Something mainly that they all struggle with is relationships and emotions.”
  • “Because they can't handle what's inside, they try to control everything outside.”
  • “People don't understand that there's a middle ground where you can be very successful, and yet still understand how to navigate your own emotions so that you can have a healthy life.”


  • Finding your passion in life is one of life’s biggest goals.
  • Someone letting you see their vulnerable side is a great feeling because it signifies trust.
  • Having the opportunity to help a man, who usually keeps to himself and is truly in need of assistance is a noble cause.
  • Trying to grasp for control because you can’t handle your feelings is a common mishandling of emotions.
  • A balance between success and fulfillment is the true key to living a very happy life.


5:07 – Elise Micheals Background
8:51 – Elise’s Experience Working with Men
9:36 – Why does Elise Love Working With Men?
11:41 – The Main Reason Elise Gets Hired
14:33 – Men and Success
20:03 – The First Step
23:57 – Rejection
34:34 – Generations, Experience, and Judgement
37:27 – The Best Way to Empower People
39:30 – Get in touch with Elise


Elise Micheals’ Website:
Elise Micheals’ LinkedIn:
Elise Micheals’ Facebook:

Jan 06, 202337:15
Surviving A Recession and Thrive Afterward with Brent Burgesser

Surviving A Recession and Thrive Afterward with Brent Burgesser

What if one day you wake up in a financial hole because you didn’t manage your assets properly? It is very important for business owner to manage their finances wisely so as not to become bankrupt. After all, the key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy but your own philosophy. Tune in as Brent Burgesser talks about his life and battle with cancer along with very useful advice regarding financial management in your business in the Dominate Your Market Podcast!

It is crucial that business owner is able to manage their finances wisely because it is what makes a successful business model. Mismanagement of a business’ income could lead to disastrous results.

Brent Burgesser is a survivor of stage four lung and brain cancer and is in remission for one and a half years. He is also a successful wealth manager who has a ton of passion for what he does. He has also demonstrated a history in the financial services industry, making him an experienced private wealth advisor. His skills in retirement planning, financial goals, tax planning, financial advisory, and portfolio management have helped many of his clients with their struggles.


  • “You can set things up prior to actually pulling the trigger and selling your business. If you set it up correctly, you can save yourself millions of dollars.”
  • “Establishing that routine and becoming more focused on the things that you have to embed into your practice every day until they become a habit.”
  • “Be grateful, be thankful, and go do something to take care of your health.”
  • “That's my nature, that's my personality: to fight. I fight for what I believe in, for what I stand up for.”
  • “When the market’s going up, you're gonna make a lot of money and you're really going to like me, but when the market goes down, you're gonna love me.”


  • Never give up on challenges in life. You might end up with a completely different view of it after you overcome the obstacles.
  • Always get yourself checked whenever you feel something is wrong.
  • Do not take your health for granted.
  • Make time and focus on the more important things in life.
  • Even if the odds are against you, fight.

5:14 – Brent’s Early Life and Background
14:52 – Walking Miracle
17:29 – Financial Security and Biggest Mistakes
21:53 – Economy and Inflation
23:35 – Routines
30:53 – Success in Investments
33:48 – Putting Things Into Perspective
40:22 – Get in Touch with Brent

Brent’s LinkedIn:

Jan 04, 202338:27
How LinkedIn Revolutionizes Your Personal Branding and Online Presence with Tasleem Ahmad Fateh

How LinkedIn Revolutionizes Your Personal Branding and Online Presence with Tasleem Ahmad Fateh

LinkedIn is a platform that we might be familiar with. It is being used by various people and businesses. This can be used in the promotion of your business, or simply meeting new people. If you are someone who wants to try LinkedIn, then this is for you. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast with today’s guest, Tasleem Ahmad Fateh. He is a personal branding and content expert. Listen as he discusses all of LinkedIn, especially how to use it and how you should be posting your content.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is being used for promotion that helps increase exposure and presence to your brands – may it be personal or business type. It can also be used to engage and interact, which gives you the opportunity to meet new people.
Tasleem Ahmad Fateh is a personal branding and content expert. He focuses on studying all about content and design strategies that can help increase your posts’ engagement. An increase in your post’s engagements can open up a lot of opportunities for your brand. However, you should make sure that your strategies will benefit you and at the same time projects the person you truly are.


  • “Even if you get paid $0, you will still talk about what you're talking about. That's because I can sense that passion in you, and that passion is what makes people connect.”
  • “Let yourself discover and explore.”
  • “People don't have ideas, ideas have people.”
  • “LinkedIn is a tool and when you use a tool to project your personality, you cannot project your entire personality. The reason for that is because the only medium where you can present your entire personality is reality.”
  • “A human being is never happy 100% of the time, it's not possible.”


  • People have the ability to feel your sincerity and dedication. They are more likely to interact with you if you are genuine with your passion.
  • You shouldn’t do something just because it’s popular. Discover what you truly want so you can do what you really want to do.
  • You are a human. You feel various emotions. You can’t be happy or sad all the time. If you project only one emotion into your LinkedIn, people will have a hard time relating with you. Thus, leading to reduced interactions.
  • LinkedIn is one of the platforms being used today. If you don’t adapt to it, you will end up getting left behind.
  • Being on LinkedIn can help in increasing your brand presence. If it’s something that you can’t do yourself, then you can hire someone to do it for you.

4:49 – Tasleem Ahmad Fateh Background
9:07 – Leaving the corporate world and utilizing LinkedIn
18:26 – Discover and Explore
20:39 – Tasleem’s Health Scare
25:14 – Persona Wavelengths
29:54 – Why you should care about LinkedIn
33:38 – Ghostwriting
41:02 – Free course & Promoting Himself
55:49 – Get in touch with Tasleem

Tasleem Ahmad Fateh LinkedIn -

Dec 29, 202256:31
Employ Strategic Thinking to Become a Better Leader and Entrepreneur with Alex Nesbitt

Employ Strategic Thinking to Become a Better Leader and Entrepreneur with Alex Nesbitt

Running a business can be a daunting task. There are so many things you need to do, that it's easy for your business to fall behind. As an entrepreneur, you might want to hire employees to help keep your business running smoothly. How do you run your business? How is it different from running a home, or a school? What are common mistakes business owners make and how can we avoid them? Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Alex Nesbitt discusses how firms may maintain and improve their systematic functionality.

Many businesses start to fail when they miss a particular step in managing, one that can greatly affect their business. If you are a business owner, do you already know how to handle these mishaps properly?

Alex Nesbitt is an experienced mentor who helps CEOs and executives become better leaders, he helps them become strategic thinkers and mentors them. With over 30 years of experience, he has mentored big companies already.


  • “We can choose to have intention, or we can choose to have known what we want to get done. Now, the question is what's the mechanism to make that work?”
  • “If you want to shift behavior, you have to raise the mean, you have to raise the bar”
  • “To innovate, you have to move up to some of the level you have to take the whole system of your life to a whole another level.”
  • “There's this inner intermediate step between innovation and acceleration called the regulation”


  • Running a business is fundamentally difficult because it requires you to maintain an abnormal state, which is why it requires a lot of work, constant care for the firm, and not simply sort of cashing out all the time.
  • As long as you treat the bottleneck as the system's heartbeat and prioritize it above everything else, you can use one bottleneck to govern the entire system, which is where limitations truly work to your advantage. The rest merely serves to support that. Making that one component function properly simplifies, regulates, and makes the entire system predictable.
  • Ask yourself whether you are above the line. Are you being a builder, an actor creator, or are you being a reactor and understanding your objective?

5:31 – Alex’s background
15:05 – Making it Work Systematically
18:39 – Raising the Mean
23:10 – Handling Constraints in a Business
31:42 – First step of innovation
40:29 – Entrepreneurs Mistake
45:04 – Three questions you should ask yourself

Alex Nesbitt’s website:
Alex Nesbitt’s LinkedIn:

Dec 26, 202247:51
Why Communication is a Leader's Most Powerful and Effective Tool with Mike Acker

Why Communication is a Leader's Most Powerful and Effective Tool with Mike Acker

Communication is a cornerstone of leadership. Without it, leaders cannot effectively lead their team members, customers, and constituents. It's also the cornerstone for all of our interactions in life. Even though we might not realize it, there are various aspects of communication that are innate to us as human beings: listening, speaking, and communicating effectively while having empathy. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Mike Acker shares how to lead with no fear, have confidence in communication, and what skills to enhance in communication.

Communication is a cornerstone of leadership. Without it, leaders cannot effectively lead their team members, customers, and constituents.

Mike Acker is a keynote speaker, author, executive, and communication coach with over twenty years of expertise in public speaking, leadership development, and organizational management. Mike volunteers in his community as a Seattle TEDx speaking coach and works with overseas organizations to promote poverty relief.


  • "If you have the skill to speak and the confidence to do so, you will be in a position of universal advantage."
  • "These are only a few of the things that define us. But you don't want something to have total control over you."
  • "Skills are various things, similar to distinct concepts that you can apply to the various identities who wear it."
  • "Ultimately, when it comes to executive presence, you want to lean into who you are."


  • One of the most important skills a leader can have is communication. Effective communication requires purpose and aim.
  • A leader inspires constructive, incremental change by empowering others to work toward similar goals. Communication is a leader's most powerful tool.
  • The clearer you are when communicating with your team, the less confusion there will be about priorities, making people feel more engaged in the process.
  • Our identities, as well as the identities of others, can impact how we communicate and how others perceive our communication.

4:36 – Mike Acker’s Background
11:16 – Articulation Confidence
21:24 – Presence
27:30 – Get in touch with Mike

Mike Acker’ Website:
Mike Acker
Speak With No Fear – On Amazon
Mike’s LinkedIn:

Dec 23, 202234:00
Creating Positive Impact Mindsets and Behavior Through Initiatives That Matter with Larry Mohl

Creating Positive Impact Mindsets and Behavior Through Initiatives That Matter with Larry Mohl

Is the resistance to change holding back the growth of your organization? Almost everyone in the corporate world is resistant to change. People, by nature, like to remain in their comfort zone. People frequently perceive change as being done to them rather than with them. Larry codified a model called Learn to inspire that helps people to work in groups to move from just knowing about things to activating new mindsets and behaviors in their world of work. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Larry Mohl shares how he helps leaders build an initiative that works but helps build capabilities in the organization. Witness how you will better understand the transformation influencing the entire company’s culture, values, productivity, and operations.


In an organization, there are a lot of factors why people are afraid of making changes. If you have been given a chance to deliver effective results and long-lasting transformation, what would you do?

Larry Mohl, founder, and chief transformation officer of Rali, knows that everyone must be included in the change process and have their voice heard, even if it goes against what is expected. Then work through that. Its’ time to bring your next initiative to life.


  • “Find your voice around something you do now. Part of that process is being aware of what's in the marketplace around you. And it's what's being provided to people.”
  • “If you're leading change, your chances of success increase significantly if you can engage some supporters and persuade 10% of the organization to support the cause.”
  • “It’s understanding this dynamic of how change works in organizations and being honest that it's a messy thing.”
  • “Having the necessary tools to effectively lead, scale, and sustain change in organizations is never simple.”


  • Understanding yourself and how you want to work is important.
  • Watching videos does not help us improve; we must learn new information. We must proceed to put things into practice. Then, if we can inspire others, we genuinely improve. Although it may seem to be about them, it is about us.
  • We need to change how we change.
  • It’s about using a human-centered approach where we change with people versus two people.


05:18 - Larry Mohl’s background

14:35 - Initiatives that matter

19:36 - Large-scale change for organizations

26:50 - A message for people in the C-suite

32:50 - Make change happen in the organization

35:56 - Get in touch with Larry



Dec 21, 202234:35
Understanding Customer's Decision-Making Process And How To Capitalize On It With Ryan Paul Gibson

Understanding Customer's Decision-Making Process And How To Capitalize On It With Ryan Paul Gibson

How do you know the things that resonate with your customers? How do you know those are the right things to talk about? If you don't know your customer, what their pains are, and what keeps them up at night, you are guessing. Business and feature ideas start to take shape if you can identify the barriers in your path and the progress you want to achieve. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Ryan Paul Gibson shares how to unlock powerful marketing insights for better marketing and understand your customer's pain points by talking to them.


In businesses, they normally talk about cost, money, and time to put together. They just look at their competitors. But how can you better understand your customers about what and why they bought your product to provide a great customer experience? Discover how buyers buy your product.

Ryan Paul Gibson, the founder of Content Lift, knows the best approach for gaining insightful marketing data. The data helps you make smarter choices with marketing budgets. It’s time to focus on your customers and dominate the market!


  • “From a dominated market, if you don't deeply understand that market, and how and why they do things, you are not going to dominate it.”
  • “People talk about alignment all the time. Alignment, for me, isn't necessarily us having a meeting once a month to talk about the pipeline. The alignment is, do we have a set cohesive firm of beliefs of why people are choosing us and where marketing starts and stops and when the sale starts and stops?”
  • “The average small business needs results in two weeks. So what I've tried to do with how I approach it is get very focused on their path. Where are the pains and problems that buyers are facing? Why did they choose you? And then how do we take all that and map that into our go-to-market strategy, so we can build out assets, sales, and marketing that can impact even next week.”


  • The amount of marketing you do will differ from the number of sales you do based on the market, how you advertise, and how people buy products in your vertical or business.
  • You must be very specific about what you are trying to understand rather than just having unclear conversations.
  • Businesses don't have time to wait six months to reshape their go-to marketing strategy; they need quick wins tomorrow.
  • You always have to keep understanding your customers.


04:43 - Ryan Paul Gibson’s background

08:05 - Ryan’s experience as a marketer

15:18 - Setting research objectives

19:53 - Customer experience

23:56 - Money on marketing and advertising

30:00 - New product or service launch

39:45 - Get in touch with Ryan




Dec 19, 202238:11
The Importance of Customer Research and Finding Out What People Really Think With Tom Herman

The Importance of Customer Research and Finding Out What People Really Think With Tom Herman

Did you really know your customers? Businesses tend to think that they know their customers well, but they do not. Overlooking this problem will surely affect your business negatively, and it may lead to its downfall. You can avoid this by simply investing in customer research and basing your decisions on actual data and intelligence. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Tom Herman shares how businesses should focus more on customer research and base their decisions on actual intelligence. Watch how you will realize what leaders should do in decision-making and learn what the most important thing for businesses is.


Business revolves around customers. And many businesses know their customers well. But little did they know that customer behavior changes affect your sales. Discover how researching your customer is a good investment.

Tom Herman, the founder of Veda Intell, knows that over the years, customer behaviors are changing. Depending on how a business knows its customers will dictate where it will go; its eithier goes up or down. Now is the moment to invest in customer research and deliver the best experience your customer can get.


  • “It comes down to making decisions based on actual intelligence, not opinions, assumptions, and best guesses.”
  • “There's no excuse for not knowing your customer.”
  • “How do you serve your customer well if you don't know your customer well?”
  • “If you don't understand your customer, it will affect your company in many different ways, not just marketing.”
  • “It's not necessarily the product or service you're selling. It's the outcome.”


  • You must watch out as a leader in an organization not to let speculation and presumptions determine your course of action. That is all there is to it.
  • Everyone should invest in market research, and It is possible to achieve. Strangely, such a crucial component for business was disregarded by some companies and left unattended.
  • To enable their teams to realize the company's vision, leaders should provide them with the required knowledge, skills, and insights. If you're not doing that, that's a serious leadership error.
  • It's research; it's not rocket science. Since it isn't the most expensive item in the world, investing in it is worthwhile.
  • It's really all about getting the customers to their destination in a way that suits them without putting too much pressure on them or making them work too hard.

5:41 – Tom Herman Background
12:07 – Decisions Based on Actual Intelligence
16:25 – Investment in Research
19:58 – Most Important Thing in Business
25:01 – Less Than 45 Days
30:04 – The Software Company
40:02 – Best Customer Experience
44:48 – Get in touch with Tom

Tom Herman Website:
Veda Intell
Tom’s Linkedin:

Tom Herman's Episode

Dec 16, 202243:48
How to Attract, Connect, And Convert Potentials into Loyal Customers With Jason Vana

How to Attract, Connect, And Convert Potentials into Loyal Customers With Jason Vana

Never getting the right clients for your business? Ever wondered if there was some kind of strategy for you to attract and convert people to become your ideal customer? What if there are actually certain approaches that will help you overcome this obstacle using no-nonsense and content methods? Join Jason Vana in the Dominate Your Market Podcast as he shares his strategies that will help you attract the perfect customers for your business and other tips regarding entrepreneurship.


It is imperative that you know your way around your business, especially your customer base. With straightforward brand and content strategies, you can draw in your ideal clients.

Jason Vana is a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. In order to attract and convert their ideal consumers, he works with B2B service and SaaS firms to define their brand strategy (ideal customers, positioning, messaging, offering, and brand processes), brand design (logos and websites), and content strategies.


  • “If you really want your brand and your company to be super successful, and attract people to you, look at what the successful B2C companies are doing and see how you can relate that to yours.”
  • “That's what people want to see. How you are going to transform their life, business, and job. If you can't answer that in five seconds in a very clear concise way, you are not going to get conversions.”
  • “Copy is what converts and sells.”
  • “Figure out what feeling you want them to have. Reverse engineer it.”
  • “The goal here with branding is for people to look at you and at your competitors and say how much superior you are.”


  • It’s important to look at others’ mistakes and learn from them too.
  • Standing out will garner more attention.
  • You need to learn from the best. Try emulating what they did right with your own business.
  • Identify the most important part and focus on what actually matters always.
  • Be straight to the point, avoid the pleasantries, and get right to business.


3:53 – What Certain Companies are Doing Wrong
7:27 – Educating and Pain
10:51 – Pain Points
12:22 – Brand Evaluation
17:41 – The Five-Step Process
27:28 – The Most Important Part of Your Website
30:49 – The Brand’s Significance
39:05 – Brand Experience
43:24 – Being Better than Your Competitors
47:52 – Get in touch with Jason and SHFT


The True Role of Brand Strategy
The B2B Revenue Growth Playbook
Jason’s Podcast with Justin Welsh: “Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business”
SHFT’s Website:

Dec 14, 202248:37
The Power of Branding & Why It is Important in Your Business With Rami Guzlan

The Power of Branding & Why It is Important in Your Business With Rami Guzlan

Brands are like people. They have a personality, and they connect with their audience. The best brands look like real people - they are human, funny and relatable. This is how it should be. However, sometimes brands miss the mark and feel "too corporate". Brands need to take care of their image and make it more friendly to its audience. And if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need to consider what makes someone like your brand more than anything else. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Rami Guzlan shares how branding is not just about logos or colors, and why businesses should prioritize branding.


It's a good idea to establish your own brand. However, do you have a crystal-clear understanding of why it will bring value to your company? It is going to be very beneficial to your company.

Rami Guzlan, the Founder and Brand Strategist at Tenby Studios. Many people confuse branding with a logo or colors, but it is much more than that. It's time for a new era of brands that feel human - and that foster genuine connections with their customers.


  • "The only way to differentiate yourself is to be yourself, to be different, and to truly develop a human persona around your brand."
  • "You must be able to share your story in such a way that it draws people to you and attracts that target audience to people who share your mindset."
  • "Passionate people gravitate toward other passionate people."
  • "When you're developing your brand, you want to position yourself in such a way that people fall in love with you."
  • "First, determine your core brand, and then make assumptions about your customers."
  • "Express the pain point in a digestible manner that hammers home the pain point."


  • Branding is vital since it not only creates a distinctive impression on consumers, but it also informs your customers and clients on what to expect from your business.
  • Branding allows you to form relationships with your target audience, which can lead to them becoming loyal consumers.
  • Branding encourages recognition, and your brand can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Employer branding is utilized to attract exceptional personnel to your firm while also assisting in the retention of your best existing employees. It explains to your audience "why I should work for you" in a way that promotes your company as a fantastic place to work.


6:25 – Rami Guzlan’s Background
9:31 – Branding
10:51 – Engaging as the CEO
21:32 – Brand Message
25:55 – ROI for Branding
27:19 – New Age of Branding
32:18 – Communicating Pain Point of Customers
33:46 – People Focus Brand Strategy
38:30 – Get in touch with Rami


Rami Guzlan’s Website: Tenby Studios
Rami’s LinkedIn:

Rami Guzlan’s episode

Dec 12, 202235:09
Get Serious About Branding: How to Build Your Brand Value without Paying a Fortune With Ernie Harker

Get Serious About Branding: How to Build Your Brand Value without Paying a Fortune With Ernie Harker

Want to know what good branding is? The brand of our company represents the wholeness of a company and the personality it has. People go to those brands that would connect with them emotionally. Paying attention to the colors, textures, patterns, fonts, and vocabulary is important in creating your brand, as it is the building block of a brand. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Ernie Harker shares how you would make a branding that would connect to your clients and customers emotionally. See how you understand the significance of creating recognizable branding and avoiding inattention to your business.


One of the most things customers see in a company is its branding and how it represents itself. How can you create unique branding for your company? Discover how to create a unique brand that will represent your company.
Ernie Harker, Branding Expert, Author, and Keynote speaker, understands the value of good branding. He knows that emotionally connecting with your clients and customers is critical in creating a good brand. Open your eyes wide and turn your attention to creating branding that would resonate with the heart of your customers.


  • “Brands are highly forgettable. So you can market like crazy, but if the brand isn't very sticky, or the message isn't very sticky, it will be forgotten.”
  • “Don't hide behind your frickin website. Even if you are the CEO, people want to know who's the head dog of a company.”
  • “When it comes to branding, we need to take a step away from the product and service that we sell and figure out what our personality is and how we will get our personality reflected in our marketing.”
  • “When you know what emotion and feeling your brand conveys when people see it, it is time you can architect an experience for the desired outcome.”
  • “Many people don't realize we could be charging more, but we need to up our game.”


  • We need to connect with our audience emotionally and with whoever decides because they must emotionally connect with your brand before understanding your cost-value proposition.
  • It becomes essential for large organizations to create a personality for their brand that is reflected in a very strong aesthetic that is simple to recognize and connect with.
  • You better have a kick-butt product if you're in the business. It's enough to get to the game. But then you've got to attract attention.
  • Colors, textures, patterns, fonts, and vocabulary are the building blocks of a brand. Then you use those things on your website, LinkedIn, podcast, etc.
  • Most businesses lower the price of their products to compete with other companies. Good brands, however, usually come with a premium. You'll go out of business if you keep engaging in that mathematical game of trying to persuade your customer that your costs are significantly lower than the benefits.


4:56 – Linkedin Incident
6:12 – Ernie’s Background
12:11 – The branding of Ernie
16:03 – Trust in People
26:18 – Ernie’s Book
32:17 – Maverik Adventure's First Stop
40:41 – Transparency in Business
45:15 – Chuck Norris
51:53 – Get in touch with Ernie


Ernie Harker Website: Ernburn Inc.
Your Brand Sucks – On Amazon
Ernie’s Linkedin: Ernie-Harker

Dec 09, 202250:01
How to Attract, Retain, and Improve Relationships To Your Clients With Ali Cudby

How to Attract, Retain, and Improve Relationships To Your Clients With Ali Cudby

Learn how to maintain a proper relationship with your customers in your business with Ali Cudby. Have your customers keep coming back to you, and have them experience wonderful customer service. Tune in with Ali Cudby to learn more about how to properly maintain your relationship with your customers and further improve it.

Having your own business is not an easy task, you should know how to properly manage and maintain things, but how about your customers? Please find out how to maintain your customers and have them keep returning for more.

Ali Cudby is the CEO and Co-Founder of CXology and Alignment Growth Strategies. She is an expert in enhancing your business’s customer retention. Customers are the number one reason why companies keep going. Learn how to retain them properly.


  • “How people feel drives their decision-making processes”
  • “If you win a customer, and then you don't keep them, you're probably serving them at a loss”
  • “Managing expectations of the customer is the number one way that these relationships go awry”
  • “It's not about the complexity of these processes, it's about the consistency of them


  • “Customers respond based on how they feel they are treated. Most of their buying decisions is based on how a business treats them.”
  • “Money and revenue come from the longevity. Retention is the whole game.”
  • “When it comes to engaging with customers, it all comes down to having clear and consistent processes that employees can follow.”
  • “It's remarkable how much your staff would appreciate it if you lay out a clear path for them to follow.”
  • “Look at the reality of your company and identify the processes you do and don't have. Be honest about where you are and consider how you are handling the customer's experience after the transaction. Would you be excited about this kind of customer experience if it involved someone you value and want to stick around?”
  • “It’s not just about, you had a really amazing experience, because somebody was good at their job, Did you have a great experience, because their company said, this is something we want our employees to do consistently for our customers.”


3:57 - Ali Cudby’s Background
7:26 - Ali’s Inspiration
12:17 - Importance of Client Referrals
16:03 – Why Big Companies skip the relationship process
21:31- What companies can do to improve Customer Retention
27:17 - How companies justify Investing in Customer Retention
34:15 - Consistent Process


Ali’s website:

Dec 07, 202240:39
Market Your New Product Effectively Using Innovative Marketing Strategies With Scott D. Clary

Market Your New Product Effectively Using Innovative Marketing Strategies With Scott D. Clary

Want to know how to market a new product? It is a huge obstacle to market a new product since people still do not know it. But if done successfully, it will be one of the biggest achievements in your life. The first thing you should focus on in order to do this is educating people about our product. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Scott D. Clary shares how businesses should market their product and services, especially if it is new. See what business owners should look out for and the importance of marketing yourself to build trust with your customers.

Creating a business that promotes a new product would be sensational if done correctly. You would be popular as you are the first person to market that product. But how would you do it? Discover the way how to market your business and grow your business.
Scott D. Clary, CEO and entrepreneur, knows that marketing a new product is challenging. You have to focus on educating your customers about the benefits of your product versus what they normally buy. And doing this is expensive. But once done, you will be successful.


  • “In marketing, you just have to do it better or do it cheaper, or do it slightly differently than somebody else is doing it to be effective.”
  • “The most important thing I've learned in business is the second you can be okay with being wrong. That's when you start to succeed.”
  • “It's quite difficult to hire remotely, but if you can start to get into the cadence of finding good people, it becomes much less of a headache.”
  • “The toughest part about virtual outside of like the culture and the bonds that you create with people that you work with, that you miss when you're virtual is that quick exchange of information.”
  • “People buy from people they never buy from businesses.”


  • When bringing a product to a market, you must focus on education. But it will be expensive since you’ll need to educate people and convince them to change their habits.
  • If you do everything right in a market being created, it will be a wonderful feat to achieve because you're the first to successfully build a company in that market.
  • CEOs need to put their egos aside. Once you've found the right person to hire, you just let them go. After that, they'll take off and do what they do best. There shouldn't be a problem if you qualify them correctly.
  • You must start over if your business is disrupted and no one knows who you are. However, starting to market yourself will boost your efforts and benefit your current company because customers will come to know and trust you.
  • You must always be present if you want to succeed as a marketer. Additionally, quality matters, but so does consistently showing up.


9:59 – Scott’s Background
11:44 – The start of his Company
18:15 – Benefits of the Vitamin Patch
21:59 – Hiring the Right Hire
28:23 – Working Set-up for Employees
31:34 – Elon Musk on Twitter
36:02 – Advice for Small Business Owner
41:19 – Rewriting the Playbook
42:52 – Recommendation for Creating a Linkedin
46:30 – Scott’s Newsletter
49:31 – Efficiency in Content Creating
54:32 – Get in touch with Scott


Scott D. Clary’s Website:
Scott’s company website:

Dec 05, 202247:27
Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs, Unleash Your Inner Greatness & Start Wining in Life with Curt Mercadante

Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs, Unleash Your Inner Greatness & Start Wining in Life with Curt Mercadante

There is a certain belief that men should be strong and tough. It is a belief that prevents men from showing their emotions which makes them hide what they truly feel. This affects them negatively in various ways. Tune in Dominate your Market Podcast as Curt Mercadante discusses all the belief and prejudice with men that affects their daily lives. Discover how can men control their emotions and stress and become truly free.


The prejudice and belief the men are in prevents them from doing anything and is blocking their freedom. Discover how you can overcome this and achieve fulfillment and true happiness.
Curt Mercadante is a speaker, trainer, and coach that aims to help men become truly free which will lead to them getting the beliefs that they want, true happiness, and fulfillment. He also has a podcast entitled “Freedom Media Network.”
It’s time to focus on yourself and become who you truly are.


  • “Your beliefs are the foundation. Your beliefs fuel your thoughts and your actions which fuel your result. We're conditioned to only focus on the thoughts and the actions and that's why we end up in this vicious, murderous cycle.”
  • “Be afraid of your emotions, confront your emotions, don't fight them. Allow them to wash over you.”
  • “The more you ignore your subconscious and your emotions in your beliefs, at some point, whether you like it or not, and it won't be on your terms. Your subconscious will shake you by the shoulders, heart attack, anxiety, attack, divorce, whatever it is, it will speak to you because you are too cowardly.”
  • “Guilt and negative energy can keep you trapped.”
  • “Once you start communicating with your subconscious beliefs and clear them. You don't need motivation and willpower; you just flow forward like that water. Because it just is that's just who you are.”


Your beliefs are the source of everything that you think, do, and feel.
Do not hide your emotions. Let yourself feel. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Otherwise, it will find another way to get out of your system.
If you keep on hiding your emotions, one day, you will reach your limit. All of the emotions that you had hidden, will force itself out.
You can connect with your subconscious mind through meditation.


3:58 – Curt Mercadante Background
9:44 – Freedom
16:23 – Male Leaders
22:40 – How to Handle Stress
32:09 - Accountability
38:12 – Not listening to nature
46:56 – Get in touch with Curt


Curt Mercadante Website:

Nov 29, 202248:31
Why an Effective Persuader Starts with Authenticity with Trevor van Woerden

Why an Effective Persuader Starts with Authenticity with Trevor van Woerden

LinkedIn has existed for years. It has accumulated change overtime. Contents are changing, becoming more personalized. It is opening up to a lot more opportunities. People also have their own preference on what they want to see on LinkedIn. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Trevor van Woerden shares how you can leverage LinkedIn for your business and how your team members can help in your business.

LinkedIn has been used widely as a form of communication, promotion, and others. But have you ever wondered how you can make use of it for your business?

Trevor van Woerden has been in the selling industry for over 25 years. He has proven his skills in the field. He promotes the use of LinkedIn to increase engagement on your business. Most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn. They sometimes end up doing pitch slapping which people do not like. It’s time to change your ways and improve your engagement through the LinkedIn platform.


  • “The lesson to the CEO is to look at your what your action is on LinkedIn and ask yourself that question: “Am I talking to my customer about their pain and how they're going to solve it?””
  • “Listen to your team members. They are hearing what's actually happening, hearing what the customers are actually saying, hearing what the pain points are. Discover that and use that as an Intel, as audience intelligence gathering.”
  • “I still want to know who you are, I want to know what your challenges are, I want to know what your successes are, and so on. I don't just want to hear about your company.”
  • “As a CEO, you have people who are willing to affiliate because you're employing them. They will do that, but they need you to give them room to be authentic. Let them talk about their own stories. As they do that, your customers are going to reveal their problems are going to reveal their complaints and all that.”


  • If you don’t give your team members the freedom for them to share their ideas, then you might be losing an opportunity to grow
  • LinkedIn changed over the years, including its contents. There is also an increase in the opportunities it offers.
  • LinkedIn 2.0 refers to the idea of a social network that gives you the opportunity to communicate and make friends.
  • Your team members are the ones who usually interacts with your consumers; hence, they know what the customers think and feel.
  • Let your team members have their own strategy in contacting a customer, they know what they are doing.

3:01 – Trevor van Woerden Background
5:50 – People in the Organization
11:25 – Changes in LinkedIn
19:02 – LinkedIn 2.0
21:50 – What Businesses can do to Leverage LinkedIn
26:44 – Pitch Slapping
29:18 – Post Slap
32:09 – Hotness Unleasher Show

Trevor’s Social Medias:
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Nov 24, 202240:46
Exposing the Root Cause of Personal Branding Problems and How To Fix Them with Sam Winsbury

Exposing the Root Cause of Personal Branding Problems and How To Fix Them with Sam Winsbury

When you hear about personal branding, you may think that it is something that revolves around you. It is a common misconception. Personal branding is building a reputation for your business which would be beneficial to you in the long run. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Sam Winsbury explains what a personal branding is, its importance, and how you can utilize it for your business.

When it comes to business, building your reputation and building trust with your customers is important. It benefits your business in a variety of ways. Discover how you can build a powerful personal branding.

Sam Winsbury is the CEO and founder of Kurogo, a personal branding agency. He has proven his expertise in the field as he was able to build 100 personal brands at the age of 23. Personal branding creates an incredible opportunity for you and your business. It can give you benefits like increasing awareness to your brand, increasing number of clients and so much more. This is a sign to establish your personal branding and improve your business.


  • “It's not about forging or faking a reputation for itself. It is simply about building a reputation that's going to serve you and your business, by framing the skills, the expertise, the experiences you have, in the best way possible.”
  • “Reputation is an asset, it's a tool. It's a marketing tool that everybody should be using.”
  • “It's not about positioning you as the hero of the story, it's about positioning you as the guide. It's going to help them along their journey, be the person that's going to take them on that process.”
  • “You've got to retain that core part inside of you: that passion, that uniqueness that you have, and make sure that it comes through in your content.”
  • “Just by taking the focus off you and making it more on how do I help people get from A to B, your personal brand becomes less about you and more about the bigger question.”
  • “You're always best positioned to help the person you once were.”


  • Personal Branding is something that you can use that will be beneficial for your business.
  • Personal Branding offers a lot of benefits on your business. It can help you increase brand awareness, grow your business, increase conversion rate, and a lot more.
  • When it comes to personal branding, it doesn’t mean that everything is all about you. Your main focus is on helping people and how you can help them in solving their problems.
  • One of the problems that occur in personal branding is not understanding your audience. Your content will be able to position itself if you understand your audience better.
  • You are at an advantage if you are helping the people that went through the same thing that you encountered. You will be able to help them because you experienced the same thing
  • One of the ways you could dominate the market is to create your own category.

1:13 – Kurogo
3:15 – Personal Branding and its Importance
5:29 – How Personal Branding can help a Business
10:24 – Building your Personal Branding
13:52 – Personal Branding Authenticity
17:29 – Empathy
19:16 – Understanding your Audience
21:51 – How Sam Started
24:42 – Advice for Business Leaders
27:16 – Creating Content
30:54 – Dominating the Market through Personal Branding
39:27 – Positioning a Process

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Nov 22, 202242:24
How Taoism Plays a Big Role in Sales with Pat Helmers

How Taoism Plays a Big Role in Sales with Pat Helmers

Have you considered marketing podcasts? Podcasting is the new business trend, and interviews are a good way to promote your brand and business. A podcast has a bigger audience than an interview-based blog article that can rank in search engines since search engines perceive podcasts as a different entity rather than just normal content with little or no value to the listeners. Tune in to Dominate Your Market Podcast as Pat Helmers discusses how businesses should identify a target audience, advertise themselves, and make their identity known.


How do people find you? Promoting yourself and your company is critical in business to increase sales. Learn how sellers can reach buyers using promotion and interview-based podcasting.

Pat Helmers is the founder of Habanero Media and the host of the Sales Babble podcast. He assists firms in determining the genuine value they contribute to the market. He assists sales professionals in developing their value propositions, generating leads, and increasing sales. It's important to bring out your originality in order to capture your audience's interest and generate sales.


  • "If you ask people, "Who do you think we should have on the podcast?" "Who should we be speaking with?" It allows you to expand your network significantly."
  • "Your brand is the problems and challenges you address and how you answer them in a way that distinguishes you from everyone else."
  • “To lead people, walk behind them. So that when the best leader's work is done, the people say, “We did it ourselves.”
  • "According to one study, one of the main concerns sellers have is that they only follow up twice. They lack the determination to keep following up."
  • "If you comprehend that everything changes, there is nothing you will try to cling to." Nothing is impossible if you are not terrified of death."


  • Determine your unique target audience. That audience must be interested in you or the products or services you offer.
  • Branding is critical in sales and marketing. It is critical to determine what distinguishes you from the competition and what impact you have on the people. Making a shift is an important aspect of sales and marketing.
  • It is not about you being a great leader. It's about the influence and changes you bring, as well as how you motivate people to be the best they can be and prepare them to lead.
  • Change is constant, and we must learn to adapt in the corporate world.


0:14 – Pat Helmers’ Background
1:50 – Business Angle Is for A Podcast
10:03 – Branding and Testimonials
18:26 – Tao Te Ching of Sales
26:28 – Actionless Action
29:30 – Good Book
31:15 – Get in touch with Pat


Pat Helmers’ Website: Habanero Media
Pat’s Podcast Website:

Pat Helmers’ Episode:

Nov 17, 202233:26
Dissecting Decision-Making Process through Science with John Petrocelli

Dissecting Decision-Making Process through Science with John Petrocelli

Do you know the consequences of relying on your personal experience rather than evidence? Most people tend to make their decisions just based on their personal experience which can create negative outcomes. You can change this by primarily relying on evidence to make decisions. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as John Petrocelli share how healthy skepticism helps us base our decisions on evidence. Notice how this method guides you to make the best decisions and gain back the trust of your team members as a leader.


Fake news and information are rampant in today’s society. And someone can use it to deceive and take advantage of us. Meanwhile, others rely on their own personal experience to make decisions that can produce flawed outcomes. Discover how making decisions based on data, evidence, and research keep us away from bullshits of our world.

John Petrocelli, experimental social psychologist and professor at Wake Forest University knows the negative outcomes of relying on our self-experiences and being exposed to bullshits. It's time to adopt a new perspective and make the best choices possible in light of the available evidence.


  • “Most of the internal talks come from personal and professional experiences. And relying on those as if we are prisoners of the confines of our own experience is often a very messy way to collect data.”
  • “It's difficult to argue against one's personal and professional experiences. But once they open their minds to other information, they tend to make much more informed decisions.”
  • “Even the people most confident in their ability to detect bullshit are often the most susceptible to it.”
  • “If you don't have enough time to do it right, you won't have enough time to do it over again. “
  • “Every day is another opportunity to use better information to make better decisions. Better information does not guarantee better judgment decision-making. But better judgment decision-making almost always requires better information. “


  • A healthy sense of skepticism is just accepting the fact that a lot of the information we receive from multiple sources every day may not be correct.
  • Engaging in evidence-based reasoning, decision-making, and communication takes time.
  • You do need to know your customer, And you need to target the most valuable among them and try to build their loyalty around your brand.
  • When someone bullshit us, they are communicating something with no regard or very little regard for truth, established knowledge, or genuine evidence. On the other hand, when someone is
  • lying to us, they know it, and they care about the truth. However, both of them are deceptive.
  • Investing heavily in evidence based leadership, reasoning, communication, and decision-making helps leaders to gain the trust of their team members.


1:23 – Self-Talk and Mindset
11:03 – Making Quick Decisions
19:37 – Bullshitting vs. Lying
29:05 – Problem in Society
34:06 – Advice for CEOs to Gain the Trust of their People
37:40 – CEO of Ford Motor Company
41:34 – Get in touch with John


John Petrocelli’s Website:
Wake Forest University:

Nov 15, 202243:36
Content Is Still King And Here’s Why With Joe Pulizzi

Content Is Still King And Here’s Why With Joe Pulizzi

Do you know how to deliver quality content to our audience? Many businesses try their hand at content creation but fail. The majority of errors are caused by a need for more understanding of the tactics required for success. You can deliver high-quality content by producing content relevant to your company's area of expertise and aiming it at the right audience. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Joe Pulizzi shares how businesses should create content to maximize their company's growth. He will also talk about the common mistakes in creating content and the things you should be aware of.


  • Creating content online is critical for the company's growth in today's business world. Unfortunately, some companies are still not doing it, and some are doing it poorly. Discover how you can leverage your company by making content using the right strategy.
  • Joe Pulizzi, founder of multiple startups, content entrepreneur, and the best-selling author of seven books is aware of the strategies for maximizing business growth through content creation.
  • Many businesses still need to figure out how they will succeed, though. Thus, now is the time to know how to make content uniquely and accurately target your audience.


  • “Creating content is a marathon, not a sprint. And most people quit for two reasons: First, they don't have any differentiation. Second is they don’t have consistency.”
  • “Have the positioning in your content strategy that tomorrow, social media will be gone altogether. And if you do that, you're going to be okay.”
  • “Start making a list of the podcasters or the bloggers of the newsletter writers targeting the same audience, as those people are doing something right. You’re all on the same team, and there's a lot of opportunity there.”
  • “The OG content marketing goal was always around loyalty.”
  • “You want to get as focused on a niche as possible. So that when you create content for your target audience with that content niche, you can be the leading expert in that area.”


  • A great media company consistently delivers over time. Content marketing never stops; it is a marathon. And most businesses have never used this muscle before.
  • Less content is preferable. Kill off seven or eight of the things you're doing that do not affect your clients or potential clients. Kill that so you can redirect those resources to one or two other projects and excel.
  • You are allowed to use rented land, but remember that the rules could change tomorrow. Have a way for people to always return to something under your control.
  • Find out who the expert is within your company because having an internal resource is crucial. A lot of this can be delegated to writers and editors, but you still need internal champions for the project.
  • When starting any content marketing initiative, there are two components to the sweet spot. One is, what is your company's area of expertise that you can use to develop content? The second is who's the audience you're targeting?

1:19 – Joe Pulizzi Background
3:50 – How Content Marketing Evolved
10:05 – Failing Companies
17:05 – Creator Economy
20:28 – Content Creator in a Company
26:33 – Content Tilt
30:43 – A Great Book to Read
32:46 – Learn More About Joe

Joe’s Company Website:
Non-Profit Foundation:

Nov 11, 202236:41
Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters with Simon Girardin

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Matters with Simon Girardin

Do you have a website? Have you ever thought of what your customer feels while using it? Most business owners create a website and leave it as it is without updating and optimizing it, affecting the customer journey and decreasing customer flow. But with conversion rate optimization, you can increase the quality of the customer journey and have a unique outlook that will surpass your competitors. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Simon Girardin shares the benefits of CRO and how it affects the growth of your business, the current bottlenecks, and some quick conversion tactics.


  • One of the vital aspects of business is to bring your customers to you, but with the use of websites and social media, how do you ensure your customers will come? Discover the methods and tactics to secure the flow of customers in your business.
  • Simon Girardin, a CRO consultant, recognizes the relevance of research, testing, and the process of CRO for your business to grow. With most clients looking for a business website before deciding, it is critical to ensure that your website is optimized and up to date. To create a quality customer journey that will lead to a large flow of customers.


  • “CRO is all about establishing a process in the business, developing a mindset, having different optics, and kind of creating disempower environments and setup so that your business grows.”
  • “It's important to understand who their customers are and what kind of things they're in.”
  • “If you provide pricing and are transparent, you start developing that trust, so these customers will come because the trust is already established.”
  • “Content speaks for yourself. And it's kind of also your offline sales representative. You don't have to hire anyone on the website when the website is clear on itself.”
  • “What do you offer as a company, whatever it is, is a solution to something. When you start positioning it like this, you can start having an emotional load in your message. ”


  • The Internet is so easily accessible nowadays. Thus, a website, social media, or any other online platform will be part of your business's entire customer journey.
  • The customer journey is intricate. But, when we're inside a company, we have so much knowledge that we have blind spots. And we need to recognize that customers have a different level of information than we do.
  • You need proper access and method to escape the sea of sameness. And the best way to do it is to take one step at a time, which is where CRO comes in.
  • If your competitors are completely unrelated but substitute competitors offer prices or provide more clarity than you do, you leave customers with doubts and anxieties.
  • You would be so far ahead of the game if you could change the information on your website to serve your ideal prospect as the solution rather than the features.


4:42 – Simon’s Background
6:41 – B2B in CRO
8:23 – Website Conversion Optimization
12:05 – Comprehensive Research Process
13:21 – Importance of Naming of Buttons
15:30 – The Current Bottlenecks
21:49 – Quick Conversion Tactics
28:02 – Pricing on the Website
33:53 – Addressing Pain Points
38:32 – Get in touch with

Simon Girardin Linkedin:
Simon’s Company Website:

Nov 07, 202238:46
Why Men Need To Evolve and How with Dr. John John Schinnerer

Why Men Need To Evolve and How with Dr. John John Schinnerer

Want to know how to manage your emotions and be in control of your anger? Society assumes that males should not show their feelings. Therefore, most hide beyond their masks and refuse to express their feelings. You can manage your emotions and evolve beyond the way men usually are. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Dr.John Schinnerer Talks about the dilemma that numerous men have the feeling of being miserable and how you can overcome your emotions and express your feelings.


Our society dictates that men should avoid letting out emotions that could result in disconnection. With the epidemic of men feeling lonely and stressed, how could Men cope with their feelings? Learn how men overcome and express what they think.
Dr. John Schinnerer, executive coach, speaker, and author, understands the epidemic of men feeling lonely and stressed. And he knows that the value of men providing for the family will be cancerous in the future. Have the responsibility to evolve, pass beyond the way men are, and live a happy and successful life.


  • “It's not men’s fault that we are the way we are. However, it is men’s responsibility to evolve beyond it.”
  • “There is this attraction to successful men by women, partly because they feel that it will protect them, which makes them feel secure.”
  • “Men are providers. Men provide for the family, and that's a good value. However, I think it gets cancerous and detrimental for many Men because we don't balance it well.”
  • “One of the tricks is realizing that emotion is separate from how you behave. And that you have a third of a second between emotion and action.”
  • “Emotion can always overpower a rational mind.”
  • “The way we're socialized don't feel, and yet we're human, and we feel shame, which results in disconnection.


  • It's not an excuse to have no tools for Men’s behavior. And yet, it's an explanation. So it can help us make sense of why it happened.
  • As soon as boys get into kindergarten, they start to police themselves. If a boy shows sadness or fear to the public, they will be told to get rid of that as it is feminine.
  • The three emotions that men are allowed to or are safe to express are lust, stress, and anger. And anger is viewed as manly, but the problem is that most men’s emotions get funneled through that anger lens.
  • This simple exercise is the best way to start developing metacognition. Stop, take a breath, and ask yourself, "What am I thinking right now?" And the next step is to pause, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, "What am I feeling right now?
  • Men usually are in a thought stream and are trying to step out of it. The best and easiest way to avoid getting flooded with emotions is simply to talk to yourself in third or second-person pronouns.


9:31 – Feeling Of Loneliness And Stress Among Men
16:16 – Emotional Mind
20:36 – Men’s Social Club
24:45 – Man Box Culture
30:18 – Three Emotions To Express Safely
32:57– Male CEOs Experiencing Negative Emotions
38:51 – Thought Stream
43:49 – Feelings
48:16 – Gap Between Stimulus and Response
51:24 – Recommended Resources
53:17 – Get in touch with John


Dr. John Schinnerer Website:
Guide to Self: The Beginner's Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought – On Amazon
John’s Podcast Website:

Nov 04, 202246:56
The Convergence of Health, Mind, and Performance with Mycal Anders

The Convergence of Health, Mind, and Performance with Mycal Anders

Having thoughts on pursuing a healthy body? Most people tend to forget their health as they are busy doing other important things. Not realizing that this will affect their performance in the long run and may result in bad outcomes. You can change this now if you put importance on your health just as much importance on other things you do.

Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Mycal Anders shares his endeavors in pursuing his dreams, his knowledge in the importance of health and physical fitness, and his progress doing Intentional Adversity.


There is a saying, “Health is Wealth”, which is true as our money has no value if our physical fitness, mental health, social relationships, and other aspects of our lives are broken. Understand the relevance of having a healthy body in living a successful life.
Mycal Anders, the founder of Next-Level Performance Consulting, knows that maintaining a healthy mind and body is essential to become successful in business and in life. It’s time to put a lot of attention into keeping your body fit and mentally healthy.


  • “ Good coaching is good coaching, regardless of the skin it's in.”
  • “What makes coaches worth their salt or not is your willingness to either push a little further or let them off the hook. And that's the difference between everlasting results and a temporary fix.”
  • “Your weight is your suit of armor. “
  • “These are the core tenants of the path to progress. Always honor your commitments by keeping your promises, doing the hard thing, and caring for yourself.”
  • “There's a spectrum of these things, but it's in your best interest to seek out those opportunities to challenge yourself before the universe inevitably presents that challenge for you.”


  • For Mycal, there are two reasons for being consistent in fitness and nutrition. One is just outright accountability, and two is to explore his next best decision for himself, his family, and his business.
  • Many CEOs are driven to be successful to the point where they’ve sacrificed their physical, mental, and social relationships.
  • You're allowing yourself to get out of shape, consciously or subconsciously, so that you can focus on this tangible aspect of physical fitness rather than dealing with these underlying issues.
  • Numerous CEOs do not understand the link between health, physical fitness, mind, and body.
  • Intentional adversity creates a positive feedback loop that reinforces courageous, nurturing, and empowering behaviors. And all of that is on the other side of facing fear and doing difficult things.


7:15 – Mycal’s Journey
13:40 – Pursuing The Dream
20:53 – Pivoting Next Level
24:45 – Momentum Behind Health and Physical Fitness
28:08 – Hamster Wheel of Fitness
34:33 – Intentional Adversity
37:50 – Mycal’s Son Recessive Condition
42:05 – Challenge
47:27 – Get in touch with Mycal


Mycal Anders Website:
Mycal’s Linkedin:

Nov 01, 202243:34
Why Brands Should Embrace TikTok Marketing Strategies Today with Nigel Thomas

Why Brands Should Embrace TikTok Marketing Strategies Today with Nigel Thomas

Do you want to expand your business by using different social media platforms? Indeed, without being said, putting your business online will open many opportunities for your business. With the TikTok trend going on, you can use this platform to boost your marketing strategy and reach out to more consumers. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Nigel Thomas shares how you can utilize TikTok as a platform to market your business. He will teach us the types of content, video time framing, and how often we should post for us to leverage TikTok.


  • Technology nowadays has had an enormous development ever since. How can you utilize this to maximize its potential in order to market your business? Find out how to use TikTok effectively to market your business and build trust with your clients.
  • Nigel Thomas has built three marketing agencies and is now alpha Inbound's CEO. He understands the business opportunities TikTok has opened very well. No wonder this will be a great platform to market your business, and stepping into this world will be an excellent investment.


  • “From a strategic point of view, what was happening is it was short-form content that was taken from long-form content, and it was spliced up across the platform. So from a strategic point of view, it's about getting people to stimulate curiosity within what we call hooks.”
  • “This creator economy thing, it's not going away. It's going in the direction that everyone who owns a little piece of the internet will do well for themselves.”
  • “Just like with any other marketing in any other sales, you need to understand your market and your customer. “
  • “Try and find 10 to 15 people on Tiktok already doing what you're doing in your industry; these guys will have already done all the research for you.”
  •  “What you probably want to do, because you've already got resources on other platforms, is use Tiktok as a new discovery channel”


  • An effort is needed to do this marketing strategy. If you can’t, you can hire content creators or video editors who do understand TikTok.
  • The companies that empower their team members to make TikTok content will be in a way better position. It’s a good strategy for bringing in clients and recruitment.
  • The Foundation of knowledge is critical. Research first to understand your market and get on the phone with ideal clients. It won't work out if you don't research, just like all other strategies.
  • Fancy studio and equipment are not required. As long as you say the right words with passion and you believe in what you are saying,  then you'll be okay.
  • Feeding people in numerous areas where you can build more trust would be best.


6:47 – Leverage TikTok

11:13 – Empowering Team Members and Employees

17:53 – Types of Content

23:27 – Video Timeframe

28:31 – Quiet Quitting

30:00 – How Often You Should Be Posting

33:37 – TikTok Powerful Algorithm

34:24– Recent Book

35:12 – Get in touch with Nigel


Nigel Thomas  Website:


Oct 27, 202233:29
Utilizing Storytelling In Your Marketing and Branding with Dan Manning

Utilizing Storytelling In Your Marketing and Branding with Dan Manning

Stories are the best way to explain something in a simple but wonderful way. There is a word that people used long ago: storytelling. It is said that storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication and has been used for centuries. Now you may be asking yourself what does it mean? In fact, storytelling does not only apply to the recorded form like books or movies. It can also be applied to some online sources such as web pages, video clips, articles and social media platforms.


Ever since we first started communicating with one another, humans have been weaving tales for one another and for the most part, audiences have been attracted by what they hear. It has been shown that telling stories is an effective marketing strategy. Discover how buyers becomes interested in your products through storytelling.

Dan Manning is the founder and chief narrative architect of To address difficult problems, he teaches teams critical thinking, teamwork, creativity, and communication. Dan also works with entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants to create three-minute stories that sell.


"What I wanted to do was to assist in the creation of impact, to assist in the creation of impact in other people's lives, businesses, or whatever they chose to devote themselves and their lives to."

"As humans, we are wired to learn from one another. And the most effective and consistent way for us to do so is through storytelling."

"The more specific you can get about that point, the more compelling your story is, and the more people want to hear it."


Integrate a reliable source into your narrative that contributes to its originality and appeal.

The most valuable products to sell in marketing and sales are the ones that make an impression.

The "why" question refers to the motivations behind starting the business, the end aim, and the positive social impact you want to see.


3:07 – Dan Manning’s Background

6:37 – Storytelling

13:17 – The why question

18:31 – Ideal Marketing Story

21:06 – Consumer Psychology

25:08 – Three Minute Stories

31:06 – Realistic Storytelling Marketing

34:50 – How to Start Storytelling

42:15 – Dan’s Book Recommendation

43:26 – Get in touch with Dan


Dan’s LinkedIn: 

Dan’s Website: 

Oct 25, 202243:09
Create a Successful Food Business Strategy for Long Term Success with Will Nitze

Create a Successful Food Business Strategy for Long Term Success with Will Nitze

Purchasing a goods online is a huge deal. Every minute, hundreds of things are sold online, and the majority of these products are subpar. That's where you come in with your one-of-a-kind product. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition, persuade them to buy your goods, and convert them into devoted consumers. Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Will Nitze discusses how businesses should focus on branding and understanding the niche, what customers want and need, and how to connect with them.


What distinguishes your product from others, and how will you persuade consumers to buy it? Learn how customers select and purchase your items.

Will Nitze is the founder and CEO of IQBAR, a Boston-based brain and body nutrition firm. After studying psychology as an undergraduate at Harvard, Will became interested with the human brain and how it operated. Then, in his mid-20s, he started experiencing chronic brain problems, including regular headaches, which he blamed on his high-carb diet. He experienced significant cognitive improvement by removing staples from his diet such as bread and spaghetti!


  • "We're still trying to figure out the existential question of "who are you?" and "why are you special?"
  • "You have to have six or seven different messaging schemas based on all of your Omni channel nodes, which is difficult."
  • "I believe I could do better in the world of human capital; team building, selecting the right people, and motivating them in the right way."
  • "You have to accept hardship to some extent, which 99% of people do not."


  • Commit to discovering who you are and what distinguishes you and your product from the competition.
  • Customers are drawn to your messaging. Understand how to effectively and efficiently deliver your message.
  • Invest in your employees as a business owner. Motivate them to be a better version of themselves by inspiring them with your motivation to reach your goal.
  • Everything you do in marketing, sales, service, and support, as well as value realization, should be connected with a marketing engagement strategy.
  • Work smarter rather than harder. Everyday hardship is unavoidable, but it does not have to be terrible all of the time.


8:47 – Will Nitze’s Background

12:40 – Kickstarter

13:58 – Tips for Starting a Business

20:29 – Consumer Wants and Needs

24:18 – Brand Message

30:24 – Is there anything you would do differently?

32:46 – Importance of Effort

35:15 – Would you have started this company back then?

40:45 – Difficulties in Startups

48:46 – Get in touch with Will


IQBAR Website:

Will Nitze LinkedIn: 

Oct 20, 202244:57
Selling Is Easy When You Do It Right with Ted Olson

Selling Is Easy When You Do It Right with Ted Olson

Have you ever wondered what you’ve been doing wrong that you aren’t selling anything? Have you been struggling to sell? Most sellers only focus on the products and services they are offering. They often forget to focus on their potential clients. You should focus on helping your clients by offering products or services that would help solve their problems. You must become their trusted adviser, coach, or guide. Tune in on Dominate Your Market podcast as Ted Olson talks about building trust and confidence with your customers in order to improve your technique and increase your sales.


People will buy from you if they see that your product or services are something that they need. As a seller, your buyer must trust you. Help them with their buying and decision journey.

Ted Olson is an entrepreneur and sales consultant who helps individuals and companies develop sales strategies. Additionally, he wrote a book entitled "Feel Good About Selling," which is a book about how to improve sales and avoid habits that hurt them. Ted shares some insights and tips on how to improve your sales.


  • “Most sellers are not thinking about the prospect. From their perspective, they're focused on their products and services. The customers feel that, so they are not positioning themselves well.”
  • “You need to help people with their buying and decision journey. Help them feel confident with their decision.”
  • “If you are in a competitive landscape that sort of everyone has a general idea of the price, you might want to get it out there.”
  • “We have to help sellers realize that they are trusted advisers, coaches, and a guide. They are not the hero of this story. You want to make your prospect a hero, you want to put the sword in their hands so they can slay the dragon.”
  • “People will go to great lengths to not feel fear, even to the point of inaction because it's safer.”


  • One of the problems of a seller is how they focus more on their products and services. This isn’t right. You should be focusing on your customers and become a trusted guide that provided them with the solution or help they needed.
  • A seller must become a buyer’s trusted adviser, coach, and guide that would help them.
  • Even if your product’s the best in the market, if the buyers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. You have to stand out and show them you’re different from others.


2:55 – Introduction to the Podcast and the Guest

6:12 – Seller’s Struggles

8:23 – Urgency in Closing a Deal

11:37 – Change

14:17 – Sales process

16:44 – Fear

19:22 – Happy Ears

26:30 – All about the book

29:13 – Market share strategy


LinkedIn -

Twitter -

Ted Olson’s Book Website -

Feel Good About Selling Book on Amazon - 

Oct 18, 202227:37
Trust Is The Missing Link To Success In Business With Andy Fry

Trust Is The Missing Link To Success In Business With Andy Fry

In relationships, the word "trust" is commonly utilized. People have faith in one another, and businesses and brands have faith in their partners. However, in today's environment, trust can be difficult to establish, particularly in business connections (i.e. dealing with new clients). While we have seen how the Internet has converted social interactions (communication) between individuals into something brandable, it may still be difficult for a firm to identify the suitable partner via the Internet. But how can you foster trust? Tune in to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Andy Fry discusses how trust is developed, gained, and how businesses establish trust with their clientele.


In any corporate context, trust is essential. Corporate relationships not only aid in the formation of business partnerships, but also in the development of long-term trust relationships. In a digital setting, you can gain a prospect's or customer's trust by demonstrating that you will keep your word and deliver as promised.

Andy has more than 20 years of consulting expertise, especially with the Oracle Projects Suite. He has worked with businesses from a variety of industries. Andy has built long-term ties with several of his clients and has worked with them on multiple occasions. His professional and personal experiences have taught him that certain people distinguish themselves from others by finding and implementing patterns that result in high levels of performance.


  • "Most people say they recognize trust when they see it. And I believe it is more so that people will be suspicious when they see it."
  • "Trust is built on three pillars: credibility, authenticity, and reliability."
  • "If you embed those four trust principles, it will change your relationships."
  • "You've earned trust in the sense that you have trust in another person, but the trust belongs to each of us."
  • "You must ensure that you are making the correct decisions." And that stress is the same as being eaten by a dinosaur."


  • Trust is earned and given rather than taken.
  • People frequently begin with skepticism toward anything because they are fearful of making the wrong decision.
  • Trust is built on three pillars: credibility, authenticity, and dependability.


5:10 – Andy Fry Background

7:31 – Trust in Business Environment

13:18 – Building Trust

23:10 – Self Awareness and Personal Development

27:50 – Trigger Words

36:42 – Online Reviews and Trust 

43:12 – Get in touch with Andy


Andy Fry Website: Quantas Consulting

Andy’s LinkedIn: 

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Business101: Why Establishing a Solid Business Vision Matters with Mark Samuel

Business101: Why Establishing a Solid Business Vision Matters with Mark Samuel

Even for the most intelligent businessperson, starting a new firm is daunting. A lot is riding on this choice; money is flying around; several people may add their two cents. Some businesses fail while others prosper. People frequently fail to recognize the importance of establishing long-term business goals, vision, and mission for the firm and the team. Listen to the Dominate Your Market Podcast as Mark Samuel discusses the importance of Creative Branding, New Product Innovation, Strategic Business, Market & Sales Planning, and many other topics.


Following and copying someone else's blueprint in business is not bad, especially when you're just starting.
In 2016, Mark Samuel, creator of protein snack producer Iwon Organics, used his fitness industry connections to secure a national launch in Vitamin Shoppe's 800 shops. However, Samuel does not advise other entrepreneurs to attempt the same feat.


“Build something with a clear vision, a purpose, and be a good enough guy to bring on other people and manage other people. When you do that, you're building something cool at your company.”
“The big key piece to the end driver of your business is all about margin.”
“Focus on long term, consistent, and sustainable growth, and build a core demographic.”
“Patience is a core asset that's required as a person starting a company.”


Believe in what you are doing and the reason why you started. Remember every lesson and error you've made and apply them as you move forward.
Understand your environment, form relationships, and volunteer for a cause because it feels good to be focused on something that adds value to other people's lives.
Describe the vision you communicated to your team. It must have a mission, a reason for being, so that people know where you're going and why. Then hire people and delegate to them the tasks for which you hired them. That's a fantastic setting.


6:08 – IWON Organics’ Background
7:51 – Biggest Challenge
12:25 – Mark’s Start-up Journey
14:03 – Influencer Marketing
16:32 – Culture
18:11 – Startup Advice
21:01 – Gain Market Share
23:15 – Get in touch with Mark


Mark A. Samuel's Website: IWON Organics
Linkedin: Mark A. Samuel

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How You Stand Out as a Brand and Why It's More Important than Anything Else with Derrick Mains

How You Stand Out as a Brand and Why It's More Important than Anything Else with Derrick Mains

There are different ways to market your brand and attract consumers. But with competitors around you, how can you market effectively and make your brand stand out? You can attract your consumers without being positive about your competitors through aggressive competence as a strategy, combined with a great branding position. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Derrick Mains shares different ways you can market your brand effectively and gain attraction higher, way above your competitors. You will understand how important the consumer’s perspective is and the perception of others to analyze and solving your problems.


Nothing happens if you sit on the sideline and do nothing. So what will you do? Be aggressive and attract them. Bring your brand to a high position past competitors and use aggressive competence to get your consumers.
Derrick Mains, founder and CEO of podcastology and The Process Fixer use aggressive competence as a strategy to build a market brand and stand out more among other competitors. He also knows that long-form content is critical in nowadays market since it helps consumers to know more and understand your brand. Taking a step back and changing your approach to branding is the right thing if things are not working.


“Approach is infinite. By changing the way that you approach the problem. You can solve things much more efficiently. ”
“Standing out as a brand is more is more important than anything else.”
“Try to create a business that has differentiating factors. And sometimes it can almost seem counterintuitive.”
“Marketing is all about perception from your consumer.”
“It's about long form content. Make sure you're doing long form content, whatever that is.”
“ The power of the internet anymore is just incredible.”


Start understanding Six Sigma and lean. Recognize the importance of applying those principles to business.
Have that competence take your brand, to such a level of confidence that you don't have a problem talking about your competitors because you are so far above them.
Sitting on the sideline is not a way to attract your customers, you have to get aggressive. Go get up and take a shot over and over. Because your probability will be higher than just sitting there doing nothing.

You have to have somebody that has a perspective that is different from yours to come in and analyze. if you bring in random persons, their perspective is going to be so radically different than yours, they're going to see things that you can't see.
Consumers just want to see a conversation taking place with your brand, which allows them to grasp who you are and allows them to truly understand you as a genuine individual.


11:04 – Derrick Main’s Background
16:07 – Six Sigma and Lean
21:07 – Stands Out
28:55 – Aggressive Competence
32:45 – Perception
36:37 – NASA Story
39:22– Gaining Market Share
42:56 – Power of the Internet
45:04 – Get in touch with Derrick


Derrick Main Company Website: The Process Fixer
LinkedIn: Derrick Mains
Derrick’s podcast: Podcastology

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Tactics on How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product & Increase Sales with Martyn Lewis

Tactics on How to Get Customers to Buy Your Product & Increase Sales with Martyn Lewis

Want to know what people think when they buy something? We assume to think we know our customers. In reality, our customers are just like us and purchase our products for the same reasons we decided to make or sell them. You can shape a customer's vision and positively affect and manage the entire buying journey of a customer. Tune in Dominate Your Market Podcast as Martyn Lewis shares how businesses should look outside their internal ideas about selling something and see how customers buy. Witness how you will have a better understanding of customer motivation and avoid some common pitfalls.


In business, nothing happens until somebody buys something. If you had to interview your customer, what would you think you’d find out? Discover how buyers buy differently than they did before.

Martyn Lewis, CEO and entrepreneur knows that customer buying has changed in a world where everything is in demand. Buyers have much information and choice at their fingertips, and the divide between companies and buyers is more comprehensive than ever. It’s time to look beyond your sales process and focus on your buyers.


“Enabling people to grasp hold of the future and really do sales and marketing in a different way.”
“Just let's go and tell everybody how great our product is. That's the market engagement crisis.”
“You can predict how people are going to reassure respond, but it's not logical.”
“Finding that traction is hard. Growth is hard.”
“One thing you can do is go out and find out how your customers are buying. Don't ask about features and functions.”


Start looking at how customers buy. Focusing on how you sell and market reversing around you will determine the customer buy.
In sales and marketing, it's all trying to convince somebody about why they should buy it. If the customers are interested and know why they should buy it, write about how and why they shouldn't or why they wouldn't.
As a business owner, try to prove your product's value and start addressing the real concerns so you can effectively engage in that marketplace.
Everything you do in marketing and sales and service and support and value realization, everything that touches a customer should be aligned to a marketing engagement strategy.
It would help if you understood what's happening behind the scenes as your customers or prospects go through their buying journey.


5:53 – Martyn Lewis Background
9:06 – Convincing Consumer
14:32 – The Change
17:27 – Market Engagement Crisis
20:00 – Marketing Engagement Strategy
22:08 – Status Solution
29:07 – Market Stage
36:42 – Trigger Moments
37:31 – Get in touch with Martyn


Dominate Your Market Podcast:

Martyn Lewis LinkedIn

How Customers Buy…& And Why They Don’t – On Amazon

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