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Michael Santos Mindset

Michael Santos Mindset

By Michael Santos

Share strategies and tactics to overcome struggle and prepare for success. I served 26 years in prison. Lessons I learned changed the way I think and helped me develop a stronger mindset. Those mindset strategies and tactics prepared me for success. Each day I share those strategies and tactics to teach and inspire others. Click here to learn more about my story:
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018: Building Authenticity to Show a Success Mindset

Michael Santos MindsetOct 02, 2018

018: Building Authenticity to Show a Success Mindset
Oct 02, 201814:29
017: Showing Appreciation to Build a Success Mindset
Oct 01, 201815:30
016: Celebrating Achievements to Build Your Success Mindset
Sep 30, 201815:53
015: Build Awareness and Grow Your Success Mindset
Sep 29, 201815:55
014: Create Accountability Logs to Build a Success Mindset
Sep 28, 201816:50
013: Take Deliberate Action Steps to Build a Success Mindset
Sep 27, 201815:23
012: Aspirations will fuel and power a Success Mindset
Sep 26, 201815:30
011: The Right Attitude Leads to a Success Mindset
Sep 25, 201815:41
010: Setting Clear Goals to Develop a Success Mindset
Sep 24, 201815:33
009: Defining Success With Values on Mindset Podcast with Michael Santos
Sep 23, 201815:47
008: Opening Small Business or Investing in Real Estate
Sep 13, 201814:46
007: Everything You Think, Say, and Do in Harmony
Sep 12, 201812:55
006: Use a Success Mindset To Prepare for War in Times of Peace
Sep 11, 201814:03
005: How Success Mindset is Like Connecting Dots

005: How Success Mindset is Like Connecting Dots

Are you ready to start building more success in your life? Then change the way you think! In today’s Michael Santos Mindset episode I reveal how a success mindset it like connecting dots. I had to start connecting dots at the start of a journey that would carry me through 26 years in federal prison. I’m revealing those dots on the My Story section of in an accordion fashion. The story is long, so I model the message after what I learned from #GaryVaynerchuk; if you haven’t listened to @garyvee I highly recommend him as a resource. I learn a lot about creating digital content from Gary's work. Readers who want to see how a success mindset carried me through the journey can see how I connected dots that led to academic credentials, publishing credentials, raising capital, investing in stocks, building businesses, and earning millions of dollars—even though I began the journey from deep in the bowels of America’s prison system. I hope you subscribe and share.
Sep 10, 201814:17
004 How a Success Mindset Led to $5 Million in Assets
Sep 09, 201814:04
003: What is the Success Mindset?

003: What is the Success Mindset?

What is the Success Mindset? In this episode,​ I reveal more about the curriculum I’m creating at to the very clear pathway that will lead to a success mindset. I learned these techniques while I was locked inside of a jail cell as I was starting a sentence that would keep me in prison for multiple decades. By changing the way I think—developing a success mindset—I created opportunities that allowed me to grow. That success mindset led to new opportunities for building prosperity upon release. Now I teach that success mindset to others. Carole, my wife, is using the success-mindset techniques to launch a new business related to hospital consulting. You can use these success-mindset techniques to reach higher levels of performance in your life. Have you thought about steps you can take today to become more successful tomorrow? Today’s episode will give you the strategies that have worked for me and that can work for you!
Sep 08, 201815:44
002 How to Create Prosperity With Appreciating Assets

002 How to Create Prosperity With Appreciating Assets

Creating success after struggle requires incremental action steps. After 26 years in prison, I knew that I had to take specific action steps to build stability for my wife and me. What strategies are you using to build prosperity? To get to the next level, my wife used the same type of mindset strategies that motivated me through prison. We thought about ways that we could raise capital to acquire real estate. Since traditional financing like mortgages and bank loans were not available to me when I got of prison, I used creative financing techniques. By thinking creatively, we succeeded in acquiring real estate. And during the first five years of my liberty, we conducted more than $9 million in real estate transactions. Those strategies were possible because of our mindset. Now we’re using the same strategy to prepare for the next five years. It’s my way of incorporating lessons I learned from Professor Marshal Goldsmith’s book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.
Sep 07, 201814:29
001 Introduction to Michael Santos Mindset

001 Introduction to Michael Santos Mindset

Revealing background on how Socrates inspired me to change the way that I think. I was locked inside of a federal prison, facing a life sentence. Rather than dwelling on the struggle, I learned how to think about what I could do to make things right. By changing the way I thought, I could seize or create opportunities. Adhering to a values-based, goal-oriented strategy empowered me and brought discipline. I used that same strategy to begin building my career after 26 years in prison. By changing my thoughts, opportunities opened for me to acquire assets and prepare for prosperity. I encourage listeners to use this same mindset to build their lives.
Sep 06, 201811:53