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Michael's Walk

Michael's Walk

By Michael Earp

Road Trip • Music • Healing • Tori Amos

A 2-month road trip around the U.S.A. reimagining the conceptual journey taken by a character the focus of Tori Amos’ 2002 album, Scarlet’s Walk. A travelogue, a memoir, and an exploration of relationships, abuse, music and healing. Connecting with other Tori Amos fans, interviewing them, and exploring the cities and landscapes we visit.

3 trans queers, 33 states, 55 days: limitless possibilities for healing.

Heartfelt thanks to composer and producer, Matt Katz for our theme song.

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Tour Talk Ep 1 of 2

Michael's WalkJun 16, 2022

S01E19 - Home Again, Home Again
Sep 12, 202201:24:31
S01E18 - Wednesday
Aug 22, 202201:59:49
S01E17 - Strange
Aug 14, 202238:22
S01E16 - Crazy
Aug 07, 202201:27:19
S01E15 - Carbon
Aug 04, 202201:11:52
S01E14 - Sweet Sangria
Aug 02, 202249:00
S01E13 - Wampum Prayer
Aug 01, 202225:33
S01E12 - Don't Make Me Come To Vegas
Aug 01, 202226:27
S01E11 - Taxi Ride
Jul 30, 202201:15:41
S01E10 - Mrs Jesus
Jul 29, 202201:06:54
S01E09 - Pancake
Jul 27, 202201:09:18
S01E07 - Your Cloud
Jul 23, 202201:25:08
S01E08 - I Can't See New York
Jul 22, 202201:16:45
S01E06 - Gold Dust
Jul 16, 202201:05:48
S01E05 - Virginia
Jul 16, 202238:21
S01E04 - Scarlet's Walk
Jul 12, 202246:21
S01E03 - Another Girl's Paradise
Jul 09, 202240:54
S01E02 - A Sorta Fairytale
Jul 03, 202201:03:35
S01E01 - Amber Waves
Jun 30, 202201:02:57
Tour Talk Part 2

Tour Talk Part 2

3 Mind-blowing LA shows before we head off on Michael's Walk properly... well, until Michael tests positive to COVID-19 and finds himself alone in a hotel in Palms Springs for 5 nights! 

Jun 21, 202255:35
Tour Talk Ep 1 of 2

Tour Talk Ep 1 of 2

When we got to Vegas, we sat down to have a chat about the first 2 shows we've been to. 

Thanks to Mike for the snippets. xx

Jun 16, 202201:07:29
Episode 00: What to pack?

Episode 00: What to pack?

Before we leave, Michael and Bayley talk about where #MichaelsWalk came from, and what to expect and share what this journey will mean for them. 

The official playlist to accompany the podcast can be found on Spotify.

Any show notes and resources we talk about will be here, on Michael's website.

Enormous thanks and gratitude to Matt Katz for composing and producing the theme song and music. 

If you're enjoying the podcast, we're releasing plenty of bonus content just for subscribers of my Patreon on the AU$10 p/month level and up, who will also get all the other goodies I already offer through the different tiers, CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Jun 04, 202230:08
Michael's Walk: The Podcast Trailer!
May 08, 202202:31