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By Michele Marotta

Covering Southern California's creative scene
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Chatting with Skye Delamey - Untamed Circus!

Studio City NowJul 28, 2021

Chatting with Michael Levine

Chatting with Michael Levine

I recently spoke with actor/writer/producer Michael Levine. We spoke about his newest projects, and his production company.

His website is

He's got a story to tell.

You will like what you hear :)

May 30, 202322:32
Chatting with Harley Wallen - Episode 132

Chatting with Harley Wallen - Episode 132

I had the pleasure of speaking with Harley Wallen recently, and we had a lot of fun talking, looking at our animal pictures (he's got a dog that looks like mine! and he has cats), and learning about his newest project, Ash and Bone, now available on VUDU and how he got into entertainment. His bio is below:

Harley is a multi award-winner and has starred in over 40 feature films and TV shows with legendary stars such as Tom Sizemore, Tara Reed and John Savage among many others.
He started his journey as a Martial Artist early with Judo at age 7 and is now a 5th degree black belt. Harley also spent time learning other arts (Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon - Do black-belts as well) and Mixed Martial Arts. His other love at a young age was dance as he was an outstanding break dancer in his teen years. His sheer talent and skill is what landed him his first opportunity in acting as a dancer at the syndicated Swedish TV cult hit 'Solstollarna'! Soon after, he realized he was bitten by the acting bug.

Harley then moved from Sweden to the United States to boldly pursue his dreams. After a short stint these plans got sidetracked by business opportunities as Harley climbed various career ladders.

After returning to acting, it wasn't long before the roles started coming and the growth he had experienced in the business world started happening to him in the acting world. After the film incentives ended in Michigan, he decided to start making films of his own. Not having a film school background with only limited experience, he decided to go online to further his education in filmmaking and took several more classes and seminars in acting. Finally in 2016 Harley and his wife Kaiti formed the film production company 'Painted Creek Productions'. The one thing he really takes pride in is his commitment to the character he is playing regardless the size of the role or the paycheck. Harley is now writing, producing, acting and directing and has found his life's purpose. 

Harley can be found on IMDB, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

May 10, 202341:33
Chatting with the Authors - Jane, Jola, Tasha and Mirav

Chatting with the Authors - Jane, Jola, Tasha and Mirav

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mirav and three of her protégés and they have a story.

Jane – Lives in England

Jola – Lives in New Jersey, originally from Poland

Tasha – Lives in New Orleans


Jane Anderson, whose book “Growing up on a Farm” will be released in May 2023.  It details her life growing up, the hardships, etc. 

Jola, currently living in New Jersey just published “From Impossible to I’m Possible”, written in 4 days!  It is now a best seller. Her website is:

Tasha, a former speech pathologist, currently lives in New Orleans. Tasha has lived in Dubai, New York and other areas.

And – of course – Mirav, who arranged this get together.

All three ladies are on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

You will have to listen to get all their details.

We had a lot of fun talking. It felt like everyone was at the dining table, sipping wine and just having a great time being together.  And we did! 

Our plan is to meet in New York, go out for cocktails and do the town. 

Come join us on the journey, and have fun listening to the podcast!

Apr 22, 202341:36
Chatting with Claudia di Martino
Apr 03, 202348:18
Chatting with Sarah Fast

Chatting with Sarah Fast

I recently spoke to Sarah Fast – and she’s got a story - several stories!  She recently published her 3rd book, which is available on Amazon.

Sarah’s career started with a degree in psychology and criminal justice.  She worked in a juvenile facility and we spoke about some of her experiences working there.

We went off topic many times and just had fun.

Awaken You is the ultimate self-help and inner awakening guide for those who crave to embody the life they love to wake up to everyday! In this exciting experience of shifting and aligning to what you desire, Sarah will show you how to increase your energetic frequency and manifest the life of your dreams.

Each chapter is infused with awakening energy, inner power, and light that will support you as you transform your life from the inside out.

By the end of Awaken You, you will tap into a deeper knowing and trust of who you are and what you came here to do.  You will feel awakened, unstoppable and ready to kick fear in the butt!

Sarah can be found on Facebook and Instagram at Awaken You Coaching.


Mar 20, 202324:00
Chatting with Renate Prandl
Mar 11, 202301:01:56
Chatting with Dr. Frieda Wiley

Chatting with Dr. Frieda Wiley

I recently spoke with Dr. Frieda Wiley and it was incredible. Dr. Wiley has an incredible background, and was a lot of fun to talk to.

She is a bestselling author, award-winning medical writer, and journalist who solves communications problems for her clients, one word at a time. She also just happens to be a licensed pharmacist and former chemist with an alphabet soup of letters behind her name (if she actually used them all). But don’t let that mislead you: She is a writer at heart.

She has been writing pretty much as long as she can remember and won her first writing award in the first grade and published a poem in the fifth grade. You could probably say she considers herself a writer first and a scientist second.

Interestingly enough, she accidentally “fell” into technical writing after college: Her first real job out of school was working as a chemist for an aerospace company whose main customer was the United States Navy. In that role, writing typically meant drafting a lab report, drawing up work orders, or tweaking a standard operating procedure. A few years later, her path became clear when she published her first magazine article and some marketing materials while still in pharmacy school: She wanted to write.

Today, she draws from her diverse professional experiences in chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacy practice to produce content in plain language as well as in complex jargon for scientific and medical professionals. She enjoys her work and believes it illustrates her commitment to serving others by crafting meaningful content that engages readers.

All I can say is – she is amazing!

Mar 04, 202335:51
Chatting with Miles Dalton - 2, the Hollywood Mystique

Chatting with Miles Dalton - 2, the Hollywood Mystique

I had the pleasure of speaking with Miles Dalton again. Miles is a writer, director and actor and has got the sexiest voice ever.

On this podcast, we talk about unrealistic goals in the entertainment industry, including the drug and alcohol use. Around the 25 minute mark, we discuss the equally unrealistic goals set for women in the entertainment industry. The norm used to be stick thin women with poufy lips. Thankfully, that’s changing.

You will like what you hear.

Feb 18, 202337:58
Chatting with Derek Shapiro

Chatting with Derek Shapiro

Derek reached out to me this morning, and we did two interviews.  He interviewed me, and then I interviewed him!   We have mutual connections, and unique backgrounds.  We had a lot of fun, spoke about the Dhar Mann issues, and connected.  Fun times !

Feb 10, 202356:11
Chatting with LaJune Singleton - Episode 2

Chatting with LaJune Singleton - Episode 2

I had the pleasure of speaking again with LaJune Singleton recently, and we had fun catching up. LaJune is an incredible health and nutrition coach, lifestyle coach and author. She is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and provides the tools you need to redefine your mind so that you can create the space necessary for important positive shifts in your health and wellness.

In November and December of 2022, she had zoom meetings about breaking bad habits.  

Her first book, Releasing my Trauma – the Root of Self-Sabotage, can be found everywhere books are sold, and her second book, to be released soon, is called My Daddy is My Angel.

After our first podcast, LaJune inspired me to lose some of the weight I gained during quarantine and when I let her know on LinkedIn, she was extremely supportive!  

The below is taken directly from her website:



As your BOARD CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH, here are the TOP FIVE areas I will coach you in:






LaJune’s contact information is:

and a youtube achannel – you will have to google that one!

Feb 05, 202324:40
Chatting with Dr. Dana Watson

Chatting with Dr. Dana Watson

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Best Selling Author, Dana Watson. Dr. Watson is an amazing person, who holds three master degrees, is a licensed and ordained minister, author and has an honorary doctorate in Leadership and Divinity.

Dr. Watson is known nationally as a dynamic speaker, author, and expert in holistic healing. She uses humor and transparency to connect to her audience to deliver an effective presentation. Her speaking topics include her personal story of domestic violence and how she turned her pain into her purpose, healthy relationships, fatherhood, nourishing the body, and healing from trauma.

She is on a mission to rebuild one heart at a time, as she is best known for advocating for domestic violence victims, facilitating healthy relationship classes, and ministering to the youth of Norfolk, VA. She has successfully turned her pain into purpose.

Dr. Watson has a heart to give back, as she has provided free services to women and men who are ready to escape abusive relationships as a volunteer in facilitating groups at Deerfield Correctional Center for Women and the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center.

As a founding board member of The O.A.T. Foundation, the Outreach Advisory Team, she focuses on strengthening a supporting and cultivating families. “Building safer communities and restoring broken homes: One family at a time.”

She has a background in counseling and takes a holistic approach to healing. Healing starts from the inside out, and Dr. Watson helps find out the issues. She specializes in individuals, couples, and families who have been impacted by stress and/or trauma in their lives, relationships, employment or businesses. Coaching and counseling services are offered to youth and adults in individual and/or group sessions. Services also include grief coaching health coaching ADHD, relationship coaching and life coaching.

Check out her website – she is amazing !

Jan 28, 202342:21
Truth, Lies & Alzheimer's - Its Secret Faces with Lisa Skinner
Jan 14, 202338:31
Chatting with Clayne Wayman - Episode 3 - his journey into the Amazon

Chatting with Clayne Wayman - Episode 3 - his journey into the Amazon

I spoke to Clayne Wayman recently. He is the coolest guy in Utah – but we already knew that! We’ve chatted on several other occasions. Clayne’s parents are part of the Fundemental Latter Day Saints. His father has five wives. I’ll link the previous podcasts below.

His book - Echoes of Resounding Love – A True Story of a Polygamous Kid’s Journey to Spiritual Awakening,’ a book by Inspired Thought Leader written by Clayne Edward Wayman, has become an international bestseller. The book has hit bestselling status in the US, the UK, and Canada in 29 categories and is available on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Last year (2022), Clayne was diagnosed with a form of thyroid cancer. Rather than go the traditional route – removal of the thyroid and then medication for life – Clayne went to the Amazon for three months. His doctor was not happy about his decision.  Western medicine is not always the best medicine. 

Clayne had previously studied herbology and shamanism and always knew if he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, he would go the plant medicine route. He came back from the Amazon with a new spirituality.

The Amazon has over 40,000 plants. 70% of plants treating cancer come from the Amazon. His journey in the Amazon is amazing.

So, buy the book and listen to the previous podcasts. You will be amazed.

Jan 08, 202324:28
Chatting with Chef Jess Lewis
Jan 04, 202328:16
Chatting with Mirav, Heidi and Beverly - Lady X

Chatting with Mirav, Heidi and Beverly - Lady X

I again had the pleasure of chatting with Mirav, Heidi and Beverly about their bestseller book, Lady X. Mirav is in Italy, Heidi is in Monaco and Beverly is in Australia.

We got caught up on what everyone has been doing over the past year and it was fun. Thanks to the magic of zoom, we all got to see each other.

I had to edit out names of people – so will let you guess who they are!

Beverly has been traveling Australia, Heidi has been in Monaco and Mirav has been coaching writers while living in Italy.

Lady X is again a bestseller, and we are all excited about this.

Everyone’s Instagram is in the podcast so sit back, have a cup of coffee or tea and listen for half an hour. It’s a fun conversation.

Dec 29, 202238:01
Chatting with Wendy Eliot - Me and My Worry Monster!

Chatting with Wendy Eliot - Me and My Worry Monster!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Wendy Eliot recently. She has lived an incredible life. She was in a cult, became a nurse, teaches. Wendy is amazing.

She recently published her book “Me and My Worry Monster: Snapshots of a Life Lived with Anxiety and 9 Methods to Deal with It “. Wendy shows how to manage stress and life’s anxiety. Her book is a bestseller and a synopsis is below:


This book is for those people who have experienced anxiety but don’t want to bother anyone with it, and for those people who may not even realise they are anxious but just feel nervous at doing something different.

This book is for those who get ‘Sunday night nerves’ at the thought of going back to work on Monday, for those who get a queasy stomach before exams.

This book is for those who choose not to do something in case they make a fool of themselves, who have that little devil sat on their shoulder whispering all sorts of commentary to stop them doing something out of the norm.

This book is for those who are in a job they hate but worry about doing something different, who reach for the wine glass as soon as they get home, because they deserve it, because they’ve put up with all of the days stress at work.

This book is for those who feel they are different to everyone else, and nobody quite understands why they feel how they do.

This is for anybody who at any time in their lives has been worried or anxious about a future event.

It takes you through the authors experience of her own worries and provides you with some amazing tools to help you process your worry and anxiety. Make use of those tools. You will be astounded.  AND - I no longer  have the Sunday night anxiety!

Dec 13, 202242:16
Chatting with Tommy Anderson - A salute to our veterans!

Chatting with Tommy Anderson - A salute to our veterans!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tommy Anderson recently. I met him a few weeks ago at an event honoring the late Paul Sorvino. Paul Sorvino was not only an actor, but a veteran and a member of the American Legion, Post 43. I met Tommy at this event.

Tommy was Army/Air Force, and currently an actor, writer, author, filmmaker and podcaster.

He joined the military (Army) after high school. He went transferred from the Army to the Air Force – I didn’t know you could do that! He was a medic, and after a firefighter. What doesn’t he do?

Well ---

Tommy Anderson is a best selling author and award winning photographer/artist living in the Los Angeles area. An accomplished screenwriter and Associate Producer on the film based on his best selling novel "Haboob Wind", Tommy is also an actor in both television and film.

Anderson is a founding member Movie Muse Productions independence film company in Temecula, CA. Tommy was part of VetPics' first film (in post production), "Life after Oblivion", (based on the story 'Oblivion' for the San Diego Film Consortium's Armed Forces Film Challenge) was written and co-produced by Tommy.

In addition Tommy has co-hosted and has appeared on several Southern California radio talk show programs.

Most recently he was the face of the national Spotify commercial as the man with the dancing dog. He is a co-host with Take it Back with Tommy & Tina podcast on IQ Podcasts Studio.

Tommy has written a new novel "Two Million Steps" which is now being publication. Tommy has co written several award- winning screen plays.

Before moving to the Los Angeles area Tommy lived in Madison, Wisconsin. He was a career firefighter/paramedic with the Madison, WI Fire Department and retired from the US Air Force Air National Guard.

Tommy is a board member with US4Warriors Foundation, and a member of  the Hollywood American Legion Post 43, Veterans in Media and Entertainment, and the US Press Association as well as a photo-journalist with the California American Legion Press Association.

So – he became an actor, writer, etc.

Tommy has written three books, and is currently writing a screenplay.

He can be found at:

and Facebook at:

His Podcast is The Real Tommy Unleashed Show, on Spotify, etc.

Nov 14, 202240:36
Greg Simakovski - the crisis in the Ukraine
Oct 24, 202230:58
Chatting with Amelia Zachry

Chatting with Amelia Zachry

I had the pleasure of speaking with Amelia recently.  Her book - ENOUGH - A Memoir of Mistakes, Mania, and Motherhood - will be published today, October 18, 2022.  Below is a synopsis.

What Enough means to me…

Enough is a book of hope and of inspiration. It was written as a heartfelt outpouring of my voice newly found to share insights on the plights that are sexual assault, mental illness and all the stigma that surrounds us. It has taken me years of healing to come to a place where I am able to convey these stories. Fear, shame and guilt cloak me most days but with peace and healing, I overcome again and again.

This is my story but it is also the story of so many women who have come before me. Inspired by their strength and courage in survival, I stand in their shelter to tell my story.

Enough is a book that I wish allows readers with similar experiences to resonate with and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Also, a book I hope helps those who live with loved ones with bipolar or PTSD to gain understanding on its realities. For others, a source of descriptions of these stark realities to then stand together with us to end the stigma, or at least not be part of the stigma in action. The topics touched on in Enough are rarely pleasant and may get uncomfortable, but important nonetheless. I believe that talking about them will bring about healthy discourse amongst readers to battle the stigmas.  Website and phone numbers are below.


Amelia Zachry was born and raised in Malaysia. She obtained a bachelor of commerce, majoring in marketing from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. When she met her husband, she moved to live with him in Japan, then Canada. During her time in Canada she obtained a bachelor’s in human ecology with a concentration in family studies from the University of Western Ontario.

She began writing her debut memoir after finding her voice, bringing to light secrets she had kept. Secrets of sexual assault and subsequently bipolar disorder that she suffers from. She is an advocate for mental health and sexual assault awareness, supporting causes to dismantle rape culture and normalize mental health. She maintains a blog where she writes regularly on topics of mental health, sexual assault awareness, immigration, and parenting.

When she’s not writing, she can be found tending to her many house plants or hiking with her husband and two daughters. Amelia currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

Should an assault happen to you, please reach out to the following:

Assault hotline:  1-800-656-4673.

Oct 18, 202237:50
Chatting with Julie Mac of Montana's Best
Sep 26, 202227:07
Chatting with Miles Jonn Dalton

Chatting with Miles Jonn Dalton

What can I say about Miles Jonn Dalton? He follows the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Bore” and he’s got the sexiest voice in town.

Miles is an Canadian actor, writer, and producer who is best known for Dreams of Darkness (2021), My Younger Brother (2000), and The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980). Miles hails from Quebec, Canada.

We spoke about Dreams of Darkness, a sci fi thriller. The movie will be released on streaming services. Can’t wait.

Considered by many to be an actor whose talent and screen presence is reminiscent of The Golden Age of Hollywood, Miles began acting at a young age and originates fromMontreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the great nephew of legendary actor Karl Malden. In addition to acting, Miles modeled in Europe and appeared in Playgirl magazine. Definitely a man of many talents.

AND - Miles is also an accomplished drummer and musician.

Sep 14, 202236:23
Chatting with Stanley Livingston

Chatting with Stanley Livingston

I have the pleasure of speaking with Stanley Livingston recently. He is so cool !!! We spoke about his early days as a child extra, how Ozzie Nelson gave him lines (Remember Ozzie and Harriet?), and his years on My Three Sons. All my friends had crushes on him. On set, Stanley learned about the behind the scenes activities, and is owner of First Team Productions.

Stanley is known to millions for his portrayal of “Chip Douglas” on My Three Sons during its 12 year run. The show continues to run on the ME TV network, and has been seen on SBC, CBS, Nick at Night, ION, TV Land, Hallmark, Family Channel among others. Amazing.

Stanley has also appeared in How the West Was Won, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, X-15 and Rally Round the Boys.

He has worked behind the scenes for years as a Producer, Director and Writer. He is the owner of First Team Productions and currently developing  “The Quarrymen” – the story of the greatest band on earth – The Beatles!

Some trivia is: At 18 he married a go-go dancer, Sandra Livingston. The six-year marriage ended in 1974. The marriage produced a daughter, Samantha Livingston.

Played the brother of his real-life brother Barry Livingston on My Three Sons.

His acting mentor was the late Fred MacMurray.

As of April 2002, was directing children's shows for PBS.

Profiled in 2016 book, "X Child Stars: Where Are They Now?", by Kathy Garver and Fred Ascher.

The May 4, 1988, edition of Variety announced in the Film Production column that the movie "The Warrior" directed by Ray Cantrell began filming March 15, 1987, in New Orleans. Cast members included Stanley Livingston and Barry Livingston. No evidence the film was ever completed or released.

He was also in a film called “Skippy”. The film has never been released and it is believed only two copies exist.

With the passing of Tim Considine on March 3, 2022, Livingston is the last surviving of the original five cast members of My Three Sons.

We will be doing an episode 2 - Stanley is fascinating. 

Sep 03, 202234:54
Chatting with Dr. Lies Wouters

Chatting with Dr. Lies Wouters

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Lies Wouters. She is fascinating. Dr. Lies and I spoke about everything, and I later showed her a pair of wooden shoes my parents brought back from the Netherlands in 1964. She was amazed I still had them! Dr. Wouters’ bio is below:

Dr. Lies Wouters is an international positive psychology expert, work and organizational psychologist, advisor, trainer and team coach, based in the Netherlands. In addition to the comprehensive research, she has conducted about happiness and resilience, she assists organizations in the areas of: mental health; optimal functioning; motivation; and positive communication. Her mission is to contribute to reducing the number of burnouts in the Netherlands by helping to make people within organizations healthier and happier; and ensuring that they thrive in psychologically safe team environments. In 2018, Dr. Wouters published her first book in Dutch, Hoe Dan (So Then How) together with a businesswoman who wrote about how she overcame life’s struggles. In the book, Dr. Wouters responds to her explaining the psychological theories of what helped and why.

Dr. Wouters is the founder of her own international business, OMG! which stands for tailor-made leadership and specializes in providing leadership training and coaching. For more than ten years, Dr. Wouters and her team of fellow experts have been facilitating online and onsite leaders and professionals with business related workshops. Their work is underpinned by their professional knowledge that each individual is unique and each organization is unique. Thus, they only deliver custom work.

Dr. Wouters is a PhD student at the Open University in the Netherlands where she is researching the topic of psychological safety. The title “Drs” stands for doctorandus which is Latin for he/she/they who should become a doctor. Her first article about psychological safety will be published in the spring of 2022. When Dr. Wouters is not pursuing her professional career and helping other people to thrive at work, she loves to spend time with her husband and two children. She enjoys being outside in nature at all times of the year. She also loves dancing and enjoying good, healthy food with family and friends.

Dr. Lies Wouters can be reached at the following social media sites:




Aug 17, 202219:02
Chatting with Mirav - Episode 109

Chatting with Mirav - Episode 109

I spoke to Mirav recently, and we caught up on the past year. To refresh your memory her biography is below. Our recent conversation consisted of her author/writer coaching, and her approach to life. I love talking with Mirav – she’s fun, fascinating and has a wonderful outlook on life.

Mirav Tarkkais a Power coach, drawing knowledge from her experience as an IDF Operational Sergeant & international self-defense teaching career, she is also the bestselling author of 5 books to date, a Public speaker, trainer and a very proud single mother of two wonder women 🙂

Through her profound personal journey during which she was challenged many times and had to break down in order to break through, she discovered the power of the mind to be as powerful as that of the body. Her mind helped her survive on an emotional level and her body sustained her physically, working with both of them together was the secret to accomplishing her highest goals. From this her own unique method was born, combining strengthening the body and sharpening the mind, unleashing what she calls your “Power Of Warrior” and use it to create an unstoppable life in all areas. Her method was tested among hundreds of her students, she was interviewed multiple times for magazines and television and received an international award for her innovation of inserting mental training into the physical world of self-defense.

She believes that, to create overall wellness and use the full potential of your born power, the power of life, training must include various factors which contributes to one’s optimal health and state of mind. Her method includes balancing, connecting to your Qi, facial training, laughter yoga, warrior tapping, EFT, self talk, Warrior moves, connecting to your sensuality, self loving and more.

Aug 07, 202225:03
Chatting with Thanvi Voruganti
Aug 06, 202210:39
Chatting with Skye Delamey - Episode 4

Chatting with Skye Delamey - Episode 4

I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend, Skye Delamey recently.  She is incredibly talented.  Every show she plays, she sells out.  Skye is currently working on her 6th album and has recently released a spoken word project - all poems written by her.

We spoke about our dogs, NAMM (music conference), and life in general.  We had a fun time catching up.

Skye's website is 

Her shows, links to her YouTube channel and merchandise is there.

You will like what you see and hear.

Jul 29, 202216:52
Chatting with Sanita Mitchell

Chatting with Sanita Mitchell

From Tragedy to Purpose: Sanita Mitchell launches Nonprofit Anaya’s Project to Support Bereaved Families with Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Fertility Struggles and Grief.

More than 12 years ago, Antonio and Sanita Mitchell lost their precious little girl, Anaya Simone, at 28 weeks of pregnancy. Despite their heartache, their faith aided them in overcoming their pain and beginning a new life focused on inspiring and helping couples in need. While experiencing the isolating world of grief, they continued to struggle with infertility and content medical intervention to remedy the issue. This ignited a new birth in the launch of the nonprofit organization – Anaya’s Project.

This is the beginning of Anaya’s Project.

Sanita talks about her struggle with infertility after Anaya’s passing, grief, and how she overcame this loss.

Sanita is a certified Life Coach, Marriage Dynamics and Repair Enrich Facilitator.

She also ran her own registered in-home childcare program and is a 2nd grade teacher.

She is very amazing and I know you will learn from this interview.

Jul 21, 202243:18
Chatting wtih Racquel Jones - the Brillionnaire !

Chatting wtih Racquel Jones - the Brillionnaire !

I had the pleasure of speaking with Racquel Jones recently. Racquel is not only interesting, she is also a wealth of information.  Her incredible course – the brillionnaire – is described below. We will do a session 2 when we both find time.

Racquel talks about government programs that are available for low income families, along with other programs to improve your living situation. Her program is below and listed on

Click on “for Residents”. Its an interesting program.

Except from her website:  The Great Escape Course

Because welfare is not our life, or legacy!

The feelings of inadequacy, insignificance, and NOT being enough have ruled your thoughts for far too long. You are smart, you have value and purpose and most importantly you have what it takes to make your way prosperous.

This course was created to release you from frustration, anger, and stagnation; the mental gymnastics, lack, brokenness, stress, and anxiety.

The GEC principles and strategies work because we've successfully worked them!  Access the freedom, purpose, and prosperity you and your children deserve.

Learn how to LEVERAGE and MAINTAIN your social service benefits while INCREASING and PROTECTING household income

Learn two (2) MAJOR loopholes, many case managers and social service agency's do not know!

Walk away with a solid, step-by-step "Escape Plan" that places you on the path of purpose and destiny.

Jun 17, 202244:15
Chatting with Debra Page - Episode 104

Chatting with Debra Page - Episode 104

I had the pleasure of speaking with Debra Page recently.  We reminisced about our days as RN's, we got to talking about how she went from being an RN, lactation nurse and them CEO of a 129-year old male-dominated fencing company, Louis E. Page. Debra not only embarked on a powerful journey of self-exploration, strength and uncovering a powerful sense of self, but also how she succeeded in elevating revenue growth by 45% as the first female owner of the business. What's more -- this incredible journey of identity rebuilding, personal growth and strength enabled her to launch her self-titled company that aims to guide women in uncovering their fullest potential and mastering all aspects of their lives through her book, coaching and upcoming women's summit.

It’s a common speedbump for many mothers—becoming unexpectedly divorced or widowed can abruptly knock any mother off of her life’s vision and leave her with more questions than answers. Such is the case for Debra Page who studied and worked as a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant until she became widowed and inherited her husband’s 129-year-old Wire Mesh Fencing Company, Louis E. Page, which had been exclusively run by the patriarchs in her family’s legacy and then landed in her hands.

Debra not only embarked on a powerful journey of self-exploration and strength, but also untapped the keys to success. From driving the company toward unprecedented revenue growth by 45%, She did not stop there. Her emotional journey and triumph propelled a personal mission to guide women and mothers, much like herself, to unleash their greatest potential by launching ‘The Inspired Mom Global Summit,’ becoming the Founder and President of ‘Woman Emerged,’ Creator of the ‘High Five I Am Program,’ and so much more.

Debra is fascinating and has had an incredible journey. Sit back, relax and have a listen!

May 18, 202248:47
Chatting with Sarah Negus

Chatting with Sarah Negus

I had the pleasure of speaking with Author and Shaman Sarah Negus.  Below is her biography.  Fun and interesting conversation.

This is taken directly from her website  -


I’d always been “tapped in” so to speak but pushed it aside as I grew.

A chance meeting led to a spiritual instructor who would change my life. I spent 12 years learning from her.

She didn't have a formal way of teaching, so I had to pick up what resonated with me and use my own ability to see beyond the veil— to listen telepathically and read energy to understand what was happening.

I experienced deep inner child work, shadow work, vision training and energetic attachments. I saw manifestations of my fears, felt my body respond to energy, thought, and history.

I finally understood the way the body, mind and spirit heals itself.

I had to figure a way to ground everything, to bring it down into reality.

I studied Psychosynthesis (psychology with a soul) developed by Roberto Assagioli. He believed that our experience distorted love, joy, compassion, and wisdom into qualities of anger, hate, and fear. He uncovered the wounds and distortions of energy and tracked them back to the quality of the person.

Psychosynthesis really resonated with me, and this is what I strive now to accomplish.

So, modern day shamanism is the marrying of traditional shamanism and modern psychology. It’s unique to me and is an expression of all I’ve learned on:

· body-locked emotional trauma

· deeply-embedded belief patterns

· spiritual healing

· emotional freedom

· physical well being

· personal power

· physical rehabilitation

· hands on healing

This is my soul’s work — to help you be the best version of yourself and make an impact in the World.

Your beliefs, behaviour, emotions and thoughts are all power signals to the Universe. The life you live will be a reflection of who you are inside. You are the creator of your world.

You can try to hide behind a facade of smiles and success like I did, but if you’re fighting what needs attention on the inside, the Universe will let you know, often in very unpleasant ways.

Been there when the Universe ‘bumps’ you, done it over and over again, so you don’t have to.

I help you shine light on the dark parts you’ve hidden, so that you acknowledge them, heal or lighten them, and then, move beyond them. In doing so, you rewrite the unconscious story you play throughout each day.

· What was holding you back has now fallen to the side.

· The feelings that have caused sabotage and regret can now be cleared and transmuted.

· The energy you’ve been sending out evolves to work in your favour, every time.

Everything you encounter on my website was tailor-made to help you personally expand into success and fulfilment consistently.

If abundance, happiness, and health have been hit or miss for you, it changes to a daily occurrence.

You are Universally supported in every way, every day.

I help you learn how to plug into that and stay for as long as you please.

May 09, 202222:45
Chatting with Kimberly Meredith

Chatting with Kimberly Meredith

I spoke with Kimberly Meredith recently, and she has a story.  She is an internationally renowned medical medium and healer. Following two near-death experiences, Kimberly received miraculous healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. In addition to hosting the syndicated radio hit, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, Kimberly is also a frequent guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. Her website is:

Following a near-death experience in 2012 where an SUV knocked Kimberly onto the concrete, she was told she would not walk again. After a painful and arduous journey to recovery in which Kimberly was slowly losing the ability to speak, she began praying over her body and learning to heal herself. With her gifts no longer dormant, it was with the help of The Divine that brought her back from her near-death experience. Now she was tasked with accepting the light and awakening fully to her gifts.

Tapping into these gifts, Kimberly Meredith is here to show you a route to an optimum life; by finding new-found health and vitality on all levels. Choosing to elevate our consciousness into higher dimensions such as the fifth dimension can greatly improve the qualities of our lives, awaken our gifts and heal ourselves faster than ever before. At this time, many spiritual higher-dimensional Guides are here for us, to serve us and move us into the fifth dimension.

Full of practical methods, nutrition, case studies and testimonials, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension will empower you to confront your own health struggles and find true, lasting healing. You will discover:

Methods to alleviate mental, emotional, and physical ailments. Spiritual practices that will lift you into the realm of the Fifth Dimension. Stories, exercises, prayers, affirmations, and other information to elevate your mind, body, and soul.

Kimberly's book, Awaking to the Fifth Dimension has been published!  

This book will open a portal into the Fifth-Dimension way of thinking and living. Find happiness and freedom with Kimberly's gentle wisdom and guidance.

Kimberly has a devoted audience of 50.4K Instagram followers who are waiting for this book and will act as ambassadors for the book at pre-launch and on publication. Kimberly Meredith is a gifted medium. Her skills as a medium have been verified at IONS (Institute of the Noetic Sciences) and Dr Norman Shealy refers to her as a modern-day Edgar Caycee. This book contains direct, actionable content. Readers who are suffering from illness and struggling to find answers will find the practical tips and advice useful. They will be able to quickly address their own health issues and find  healing on their own. Kimberly Meredith has a unique story that will interest readers. She discovered her healing gift after experiencing an eye-opening near-death experience.

Apr 24, 202227:12
Chatting with Tameka Walker Chapman

Chatting with Tameka Walker Chapman

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tameka Walker Chapman recently. We spoke about her time in the Navy (let’s hear it for our women veterans!), her two adorable children and her message of empowerment. Her bio is below:


CEO, Mogul Media, LLC (
Creator and Founder, Mogul TV Global Network (

Tapping into her gift of creativity, Tameka Chapman created the Mogul TV Global Network to offer television programming that showcases culture, legacy and diversity. Partnered with Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Apple TV, MOGUL TV Global Network App is available to over 100 million viewers!

Tameka Chapman is a US Navy Veteran, Television Producer, Award-Winning & International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Global Speaker, former Paralegal Specialist [15 years] and 7-Figure Business Growth Strategist to some amazing entrepreneurs! When she is not busy in her multiple roles as the CEO of Mogul Media, LLC, she is fully enjoying life with her husband of 22+ years and the amazing toddler duo Aspen and Arden

Mogul TV Global Network
Watch amazing shows and LIVE events on
Website |
Email :

Check out Season One of the original shows!
Curves, Curls and Crowns
In Her Ear
Young & Thrivin' Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs And stay tuned for more

Apr 19, 202240:44
Chatting with Dana Olita

Chatting with Dana Olita

I met Dana and her daughter, Rory, a few years ago at a movie premiere. Today, I got to know her a little better. Not only is Dana a writer/screenwriter, she is a comedian, with lots of interesting stories.

She grew up in Philadelphia to Italian parents and – wow ! Her grandparents, raging alcoholics, owned a Speak Easy during prohibition. Dana said her grandmother would start drinking beer at 6 a.m. Gramma had 12 inch fingernails painted red. Maybe it was the style?

Anyway Dana started the comedy when she wrote a mob related screen play. She auditioned for Flappers in Burbank’s open mike, and then on the Dive Bar Tour. Can’t wait to see one of the Dive Bar shows.

Take a listen, and follow her on facebook and check out the comedy.

Apr 04, 202220:29
Chatting with Skye Delamey - 3
Mar 20, 202223:13
Chatting with Rich Baumann - EPISODE 100 !!!

Chatting with Rich Baumann - EPISODE 100 !!!

I spoke to Rich Baumann recently, and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I could have spoken to him forever, however Zoom only gives me so much time. Rich is an amazing storyteller, and singer/songwriter. He spoke about his life in Wisconsin, his songwriting style and story telling style. Oh – and he played two amazing songs. He is incredible.

Rich performs at libraries, senior centers and festivals, including Kerrville. I am attaching his bio along with his website and some clips of him performing.

AND – he has sung with the late great Pete Seeger! What more can I say about the coolest guy in Wisconsin?

Rich Baumann has done more than seven thousand programs in more than two thousand senior facilities and hundreds of schools and libraries all over the country. All the way from Seashore Pointe at the tip of Cape Cod to Belle Chase twenty miles south of the Super Dome to Haven in the Hill Country in Kerrville, TX!

Songs of Life

Audiences experience a very special warmth hearing stories and songs that bring fond memories for the very old and exciting dreams to the very young. There are songs of farming and sailing, home and travel, love and loss, life and death... Rich takes each person to a very special place in every performance.

"One Step Closer" is a workshop created and facilitated by Rich Baumann focusing on rapport and influence. Rich has presented workshops for caregivers in numerous memory care facilities, nursing homes, hospitals and churches.

"Songwriting with Seniors" is a fun workshop that can be an in service event that focuses on reminiscence. It is a good opportunity to include family members.

"Weeds in the Garden" Written by Kathryn Morski" performed by Rich Baumann

"Battlefield" written  by Rich Baumann

"What Would Love Do? Written by Dave Schindele

Picture of Rich singing with Pete Seeger

Listen to "Rainbow Rapids written by Ron Broomell" performed by Rich Baumann

Pumpkin Pie by Rich Baumann and second graders

Mar 14, 202250:33
Chatting with Gloria Garayua

Chatting with Gloria Garayua

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gloria recently. Fun conversation and I miss seeing her.  AND --- Gloria’s background is amazing.

She was born and raised in the Bronx and attended St. Nicholas  Elementary School , and started her acting career by playing the Angel in her kindergarten school play, followed by a new play every year.  In High School, she participated in school plays and choir performances, as well as being active in the drama, music, and ecology clubs. Gloria received her B.F.A. in Acting from Long Island University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. In college, Gloria’s portrayal of Ariel in “The Tempest” earned her an Irene Ryan Nomination where she placed as the 1st National Alternate.

After college, Gloria embarked on a national tour (“Great Scientists Throughout the Ages” by the National Theatre for the Performing Arts), and two regional tours “Halfway There” with the Periwinkle National Theatre Company, and various plays in repertoire with the George Street Playhouse Touring Company. Afterwards she settled back to NYC where she worked consistently in theatre doing both plays and musical theatre throughout the NY and NJ area, while constantly in acting and dance classes. In NYC, Gloria landed the role of “J” in NYC’s Off-Off-Broadway hit “Mono” (Critic’s Pick of the week by Time Out NY, Paper Magazine, and NY Magazine in 2004).

In 2004, while still living in NYC, Gloria was cast in “Two Sisters and a Piano” by Nilo Cruz at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, CA. Having had great success in NYC, she relocated to California and immediately got an audition for Jim Carrey’s “Fun With Dick and Jane”. Gloria landed the role of “Blanca”, Mr. Carrey’s nanny. She then guest starred in  NYPD Blue.

Gloria continued acting in studio films including  “Mother and Child”,  starring Annette Bening, Jimmy Smitts, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, and Samuel L. Jackson, “Henry Poole Is Here”, directed by Mark Pellington and starring Luke Wilson, George Lopez, Cheryl Hines, and Adriana Barraza and “Fixing Paco,” which was- nominated for an IMAGEN Award for Best Webseries in 2013 and 2014and Gloria played the lead!

Gloria is an acting coach and has private and group classes. Her website is, and has a video series for beginning actors.

Mar 07, 202225:40
Chatting with Jimmy Meza - Confessions of a Limo Driver !

Chatting with Jimmy Meza - Confessions of a Limo Driver !

I first met Jimmy about ten years ago in an acting class, and we reconnected about two months ago. Jimmy has a podcast – Juicy Divas – Confessions of a Limo Driver, and he has stories !!! Some of the stories are:

Driving Black Eyed Peas, Sean Penn, Elizabeth Taylor and Gary Shandling! He even has a story about a tequila lady losing her underwear. The fun never stops ! The back seat of a limo holds many secrets.

Jimmy has been a Radio Host for about 5 yrs now. He is also an actor and sometimes comedian as well. His podcast deals with a Plethora of subject matter. Mostly discussing topics with relation to the music and movie industry and everything in between. Enjoy the ride keep your hands and feet inside at all times. Let the proverbial good times roll.

We had a lot of fun chatting a few weeks ago. Could not stop laughing. Please take a listen to this interview, then check out his podcast.

Mar 03, 202235:01
Chatting with Maven Quest

Chatting with Maven Quest

I had the pleasure of speaking with Maven Quest recently. We had a fun conversation and you can hear us laughing, giggling and - my dog barking and sirens in the background. I’ve posted her bio from LinkedIn below, however, Maven is multi-talented. She is a writer, photographer and – wait for it - a paranormal investigation. How cool is that? She talks about her first paranormal experience and how it changed her life. We also spoke about a mutual friend who opened doors for not only us, but many women. Should out to Mirev !!!

Maven Quest, a.k.a. M. Arcturus the author of Atlantis: City of Mages, and there’s many more books on the way. Her greatest aspiration is for her books to stir the imagination in others and even create a bit of controversy. She wants her readers to form their own ideas surrounding the topics she writes about. She believes that every point of view has the ability to expand knowledge and spur people into action to follow their dreams and pursue their personal truth.

She will be posting updates to upcoming books, events that she will be attending, like book signings, and blog, not only about her books, but also my adventures in photography and paranormal investigations. You didn’t seriously think that she only wrote books did you?  She has many passions and many interests, and can only hope to inspire others to live their life to the fullest. All she can do is live by example, one adventure at a time, and she would love it, if you would journey with her.

Feb 12, 202254:37
Chatting with Imani Khaliid - There Was Violence
Jan 31, 202223:40
Chatting with Rich McCulley
Jan 29, 202239:37
Chatting with Lee Fardon

Chatting with Lee Fardon

I had the pleasure and honour of chatting with Lee Fardon recently. I first heard about Lee many years ago, when my friend Leigh brought me his album “Palestine”. I was hooked - and thank you Leigh!!  Lee is incredibly talented and fun to chat with. We spoke about his early days, his influences, his days with Arista Records and how the quarantine affected him. His partial bio is below.

Lee is an English singer/songwriter, instrumentalist and recording artist. He was born in Battersea, south London in 1953. For his 10th birthday, Lee’s father brought him a Dansette record player and  the Bob Dylan’s album Freewheelin, which proved to have a profound influence on his future career. In the early 70’s Fardon played as a solo artist, playing folk based rock and roll in various London folk clubs such as The Nag's Head pub in Battersea,[1] The Crypt at St Martin in the Field, Trafalgar Square, The Mandrake Club in Soho and The Half Moon pub in Putney. At this time, he began writing his own lyrics. He was signed in 1977 by Arista Records when he formed his first band, Lee Fardon and the Legionaires. The Legionares played most of the pub rock venues in London including the Hope & Anchor, Islington, Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre, The Hammersmith Odeon and the Marquee Club, where the band supported Dire Straits for four Sunday nights. By 1982 he was signed by Aura Records and formed The Lee Fardon band. [2]

Subsequently, Lee toured with Dire Straits, was produced by Mark Knopfler and recorded with Annie Lennox. His second album received critical acclaim, notably, Alan Jones the editor of Melody Maker wrote that “The God Given Right” was “bold, thrilling and breathtakingly assured". [3]Journalist Patrick Humphreys, in an article in Melody Maker, described Fardon as “the God given writer”.[4]

Difficult to categorize in a single genre Lee fuses rock, folk, soul and pure poetry.

His new CD, “On the Up Beat: is amazing. It’s a fusion of the New Orlean’s sound and jazz. The youtube “The Making of On The Up Beat” shows the making of this CD. At Room with a View Studio. The video is created by his talented wife, Sharon Fuller, an extremely talented artist.

I’ve linked his website and YouTube below.

Jan 23, 202228:09
Chatting with James Davis - The Midlife Mentor
Jan 22, 202226:28
Chatting with LaJune Singleton

Chatting with LaJune Singleton

I had the pleasure of speaking with LaJune Singleton recently, and wow – did I learn a lot about nutrition and wellness and inspired me to start losing the ____ pounds I gained during quarantine. LaJune is a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, who provides you with the tools you need to redefine your mind so that you can create the space necessary for important positive shifts in your health and wellness.

​Virtual and in-person programs are designed for children, families, retirees, and busy career women with their scheduling needs in mind. If you're struggling with health, nutrition, wellness, and fitness goals and developing a growth mindset, coaching is the way to achieving your best you. Healthy mindset and eating starts at home with your children. Let her show you how she can help with a free consultation.

The below is taken directly from her website:



As your BOARD CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH, here are the TOP FIVE areas I will coach you in:






LaJune’s contact information is:

and a youtube channel – you will have to google that one!

I was so impressed talking with LaJune.  As I mentioned above, I started following her advice and feel healthier.  Check out her social media channels.  I know you will be impressed too !!

Jan 02, 202225:16
Chatting with Al Siamon and learning about Balance 7

Chatting with Al Siamon and learning about Balance 7

I had the pleasure of speaking with Al Siamon recently. All I can say is WOW !!! Mr. Siamon is 91 years old, a cancer survivor and had a quadruple bypass. He is alive and kicking and just amazing. AND has a story and he owes it all to Balance 7.

He developed a product called Balance 7, a health supplement, makes the body alkaline and is amazing. I’ve been using it for a week and can feel the difference. The Balance 7 story is below.

His Balance 7 journey started when he was 65 and was feeling “old and worn out”. His doctor told him this was normal. For Mr. Siamon, it wasn’t normal. 

Balance 7 is a liquid dietary supplement with the powerful ability to raise pH levels in the body. Its proprietary mixture of safe, all natural minerals triggers the body’s ability to maintain a healthy and strong immune system.

From conception to production, Al Siamon spent more than two decades developing and testing Balance 7.

This unique, easy to use blend works without expensive products or complicated diets. A consistent and daily regimen greatly improves the efficacy and potency of the pH balancing process.

Since its inception in 2005, the use and introduction of Balance 7 in the United States and throughout the world to millions of people launched a steady stream of testimonies about the product’s extraordinary health benefits.

Within 72 hours, most people begin to experience: Higher energy, boosted mental awareness and enhanced overall health.

Since I’ve been using Balance 7, I can personally say I’ve experienced this. I can honestly say I feel healthier. It’s a great product and I am very happy with the results so far.

Social medial links are:


Dec 22, 202117:30
Chatting with Bianca Banks

Chatting with Bianca Banks

Its Bianca Banks - what more can I say? Bianca and I chatted recently about everything. Her parents were in the health care field, and Bianca, who was in that field, did a complete 180 and went on to do incredible things. She is an LA native who made a name for herself as a business woman, community advocate, philanthropist, and socialite.

Bianca made her entertainment premiere as a main cast member and reality star on 2017's Bravo's "Invite Only Cabo" alongside famous celebrity hairstylist, Larry Sims. As a side note, Larry Sims suggested she get into entertainment.

Bianca is now raising the bar for her talent and has officially launched her podcast, 'The MND Show". With her daughter, Jasmine Shannon, as her co-host, they focus on current events and powerful topics that have brought edge, personality & realness to the podcast world.

She and her Jasmine also have a show on Dash radio (internet).

Bianca can be contacted at -, or google Its Bianca Banks, and she's everywhere.

Dec 11, 202120:58
Chatting with the Ladies of Lady X

Chatting with the Ladies of Lady X

I had the pleasure of a zoom call with Mirav Tarkka, Faith Rodriquez, Beverley Holt and Heidi De Love –located all over the world -  Italy, Colorado, Australia and Monaco. They collaborated on “Lady X”, a thrilling and sensuous story as well as a toolbox to help you find inner love. We all have a bit of Lady X inside us – a fascinating book that will entrance you from beginning to end – are you ready for the ride?

Beverley Holt is in Australia – she is a holistic entrepreneur and self-love expert.  Beverley is a Reiki Master, Teacher and Health and Wellness Podcaster. She is a co-author of Lady X. Her website is:

Heidi De Love was born in Belgium and currently lives in Monaco. She founded a language school which she headed for 18 years. She has a profound love for language and books and spends her time proof reading, editing and content writing. Heidi is a consultant in communication and is a co-author of Lady X. She doesn't have a website but people always find her :)

Faith Rodriquez lives in Colorado and is a psychic and medium. She has worked with intuitive kids and adults, helping them to understand and fine-tune their intuition. She shares spirit messages helping to give peace and closure after a loss, connects with pets that are living and that have past to share messages with their loved ones.  She offers different energy healing sessions and teach others how to channel divine light energy to heal themselves and others. She uses her intuition to mentor others in their businesses, life, relationships, and healing and teaches different energy clearings to heal and shift your energy to promote healing within the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energy bodies. Her website is

Mirav Tarkka is the incredible woman who put us all together! Mirav is a power coach, self defense teacher, writer/author and mother raising two young daughters. Mirav has authored several books, including Lady X. Mirav’s books can be found on Amazon at:

Nov 22, 202138:25
The Elevator Movie - Mukesh Modi
Nov 16, 202126:51
Chatting with Mirav Tarkka

Chatting with Mirav Tarkka

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mirav Tarkka recently. I had two interviews, and edited them together - both very interesting. She is an incredible woman, who has a story. Her bio is below.

Mirav Tarkka is a Power coach, drawing knowledge from her experience as an IDF Operational Sergeant & international self-defense teaching career, she is also the bestselling author of 5 books to date, a Public speaker, trainer and a very proud single mother of two wonder women.  

Through her profound personal journey during which she was challenged many times and had to break down in order to break through, she discovered the power of the mind to be as powerful as that of the body. Her mind helped her survive on an emotional level and her body sustained her physically, working with both of them together was the secret to accomplishing her highest goals. From this her own unique method was born, combining strengthening the body and sharpening the mind, unleashing what she calls your “Power Of Warrior” and use it to create an unstoppable life in all areas. Her method was tested among hundreds of her students, she was interviewed multiple times for magazines and television and received an international award for her innovation of inserting mental training into the physical world of self-defense.

She believes that, to create overall wellness and use the full potential of your born power, the power of life, training must include various factors which contributes to one’s optimal health and state of mind. Her method includes balancing, connecting to your Qi, facial training, laughter yoga, warrior tapping, EFT, self talk, Warrior moves, connecting to your sensuality, self loving and more.

Her favorite quote is: "Some women fear the fire, some simply become it" By R.H. Sin
She currently lives on the beautiful coast of South Italy and continues to train, write and inspire people all over the world.

You are welcome to follow her and enjoy her methods, get motivated and inspired via:

Or follow her authors page @

Nov 14, 202135:22
Chatting with Clayne Edward Wayman - Episode 2

Chatting with Clayne Edward Wayman - Episode 2

Clayne has got to be the coolest guy in Utah – next to Robert Redford!  During this segment, we talk about United Order. Wikipedia defines United Order as: In the Latter Day Saint movement, the United Order was one of several 19th-century church collectivist programs. Early versions of the Order beginning in 1831 attempted to fully implement the law of consecration, a form of Christian communalism, modeled after the New Testament church which had "all things in common.” Clayne describes it as God run communism – the celestial law of economics aka The United Order.

Clayne’s story gets more and more interesting. He is one of 45 children from a polygamous marriage, left the FDLS and lives in the Salt Lake Valley with his wife and four daughters - one wife. He does not subscribe to the many wives theory.

His book – Echos of Resounding Love – a true story of a polygamous kid’s journey to a spiritual awakening will be published in the near future.

We will be publishing another podcast about Clayne’s life in and out of the polygamous parentage. He is very interesting and has a story to tell.

The path to freedom is discovery and don’t be afraid to discover.

Nov 06, 202120:39
Chatting with LA Love the Boss
Oct 24, 202131:41
Chatting with Paul and Tiffany - 2nd Chance Saves Lives

Chatting with Paul and Tiffany - 2nd Chance Saves Lives

I had the opportunity to speak with Paul and Tiffany recently about 2nd Chance Saves Lives, and their experiences.  I don't even know where to begin with their story.  Its interesting, fascinating, almost reads like a soap opera, but has a uplifting ending, but not really an ending, a new beginning.

Paul was in prison for 14 months – in 2003, he was a boxer and running a juvenile home. He was contacted by someone in Nigeria – this was before the Nigerian scams were known – about training kids to box. He was sent a check for $150,000 which cleared. Bottom line – Paul was indicted on 40 counts including bank and wire fraud. All but one charge was dropped.

Paul’s story is amazing. He was in prison for 14 months, was homeless twice, and now, he and Tiffany have developed several programs, including Falsely Imprisoned and 2nd Chance Saves Lives.

Paul and Tiffany also talk about Marquis Reiner, who was convicted on circumstantial evidence and Michael Harris of Death Row Records.

Their website is: and they are on at 2ndChance Saves Lives.

Fascinating story with a fascinating beginning.

Oct 21, 202124:16
Chatting with Anna Nyakana

Chatting with Anna Nyakana

I had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Nyakana recently. She is so incredibly talented. She is an Award-Winning and Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Owner of Niyah Zuri Books and Niyah Zuri Studios. Anna was born in Berlin, Germany in 1986 to a Ugandan father and German-Moldavian mother.

Anna is the author of the Niyah Zuri series,and has released her second book.

Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh's Throne follows self-assured heroine Niyah Zuri as she and her best friends, Miguel and Hugo Gonzales, travel through time with the use of a mystical map. Readers are taken on an adventure with every turn of the page as the trio forge their friendship through exploration.

The series begins its epic tale when Niyah and the Gonzales twins discover an enchanted map in their clubhouse & are accidentally teleported to the Triassic period. After evading carnivorous dinosaurs, the time jumping continues as they're sent back to Ancient Egypt in order to help a young Prince Tut overcome his fear of rule. The group race against time to complete their mission, returning to their time period in haste as the Pharaoh’s sudden death has the royal guards suspicious of Tut’s foreign visitors. And the story goes on !!!

Anna is an inspirational speaker and – well, inspirational.

Her latest venture is concerns hair, letting your natural hair go – natural and being yourself. She breaks through the stereo type of everyone fitting in one mold.

I know you will love listening to this interview with her. She’s a fun person.

She can be reached at, and on instagram and twitter.

Oct 17, 202126:46
Chatting with Gramps Jeffrey

Chatting with Gramps Jeffrey

I spoke to Gramps Jeffrey recently about his recent book: I don’t want to turn 3. I read it – and remember when I was 3. SOOOO -

Grandpa Jeffrey explains why he wrote "I Don't Want to Turn 3" as follows:

Living this past year in isolation due to the pandemic, I was with my family. This gave me special time to watch and interact with the grandkids. Cool !!!

All 6 kids have completely different personalities. The one thing they have in common is the sense of curiosity and how excited they get when they accomplish something new. Watching them grow year to year and how they interact with each other is the basis for this book.

What goes through a toddler’s mind that parents are so desperate to understand? When does a toddler understand the difference between “me” and “us”? This book explores how a family finds out together.

As a baby boomer trying to understand how the world has evolved since I was 3 years old, is also part of this story. My parents did not have cell phones, Internet or cable TV. My parents’ definition of discipline is quite different than parents of today. Has today’s world made for a better place for children to grow up? I will let you answer that question as you weigh how you were treated growing up compared to how we treat our kids today.

So, I wrote this book to read to these grandkids. Their reaction has been invaluable. As you watch them understand Jordan’s discovery of right versus wrong, you can see the older kids have gone through the same dilemma. And the younger kids don’t quite yet understand the concept of sharing. This whole experience, for me, has been priceless.

There is a surprise ending that will pull at your heartstrings.  

Gramps Jeffrey also wrote “The Secrets of Retailing or How to Beat Wal-Mart !!!! Can’t wait to read that one and that will be our next podcast !

His books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and his website:

His website is awesome - and he is an amazing guy.  

Oct 11, 202122:15
Chatting with Clayne Edward Wayman

Chatting with Clayne Edward Wayman

I had the pleasure of speaking with Clayne recently. First – he is 4th of 45 children! His parents were part of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints – a break off branch of the Mormon church. This is not to be confused with the FDLS church in Southern Utah/Arizona or Warren Jeffs. Clayne was raised in the Salt Lake Valley.

I’m still stuck on 4 out of 45! However, we spoke about other topics as well.

Most importantly, we spoke about how he left the polygamous family life.  His mother and father, who were legally married, had 12 children, 11 left the FLDS cult.  His father was married to the other wives, but through the FDLS church.  

Clayne talks about his father and grandfather’s multiple wives and children. His father I believe had 4 wives and his grandfather had 12 wives.

Clayne said in school he was bullied by someone who called him and his brothers and sisters “Pligs” to which he called that person a “monog”. Too funny.  

We touched briefly on The United Order, which will be another podcast.  Also, other books including the Journals of Discourse and the Salamander Letters.  Also another podcast. 

Clayne's story was so interesting – and I could have talked to him all day.

His book - Echos of Resounding Love on the Vasparlife website.

The book will be published in the near future and I’m looking forward to it.

Clayne currently lives in Utah, is married (one wife - does not engage in polygamy) and has four beautiful daughters and is in the mortgage finance industry.

Can't wait to talk with him again.

Sep 26, 202132:55
Chatting with musical artist Coties Palmer
Sep 20, 202111:53
Chatting with Rick Overton

Chatting with Rick Overton

Rick and I recently had dinner together, and had a very interesting conversation.  We used to be neighbours, he moved, and we had a lot to catch up on.  Between the traffic on Ventura Boulevard and the people in the background, we talked about life in general, food, motorcycles and female comedians. 

Rick's new special, Set List with Rick Overton, is incredibly funny.  Its unscripted improv, and can be found on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Comedy Dynamic.   Pop some pop corn, pour a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and be prepared to laugh for an hour!

Rick is a multi-talented actor, voice actor, writer and comedian.

He can be reached through his website is or you can always send me a message at and I will pass it on to him.  He a funny guy :)

Sep 13, 202144:47
Chatting with candidate Patrick Kilpatrick

Chatting with candidate Patrick Kilpatrick

What can I say about the man who has done everything, except being a rock star and president? Other than having the best voice in town - I don’t know where to start – however, I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Kilpatrick for the second time. We spoke about his run in the California Recall Election.

During our conversation, he talks about his platform and thoughts/ideas of bringing our industry back to California, among other things.

Patrick’s platform is found on: He reads all emails and responds.

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, please vote in this recall election.

Again, his website is 

Sep 05, 202120:03
Chatting with Ron MacDonald, Author of ARLINGTON ANTHOLOGY: Field of Honor

Chatting with Ron MacDonald, Author of ARLINGTON ANTHOLOGY: Field of Honor

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ron Macdonald recent.  His new book, "ANTHOLOGY: Field of Honor" is a collection of extraordinary stories by ordinary people that made commendable impressions in time.

Ron Macdonald is an accomplished and published photographer for over twenty years, and a speaker, has just published, “ARLINGTON ANTHOLOGY:  Field of Honor”: a riveting narrative that evokes intense emotions in the stories during the Revolutionary War and renders the nation breathless.

Ron shares heartwarming and compelling stories of loyalty, brotherhood, sacrifice, and heroism.

Across from the Potomac River from Washington DC lies this nation’s most sacred  of grounds, Arlington National Cemetery. Here resides some of our nation’s finest from as far back as the Revolutionary War are buried here. Some 400,000 men and women call Arlington their final resting place—from presidents, honored statesmen, explorers, and literary figures to the common soldier and sailor, along with 3,800 former slaves. Their stories beg to be heard—stories of courage against insurmountable odds, of love of brother and country, and of sacrifice. Stories of hope and dreams and choices made during adversity.

In this often heart-wrenching, inspirational anthology, we see how these noble souls, be it generals or ex-slaves, influenced the world in which they lived. Their stories are still with us, making us who we are as a country and bidding us to think of life, not of death. Life to which, in their youth, they lent their passion and joy of spring.”

Ron’s book can be found on Amazon, and Covenant Books.

Sep 05, 202131:53
Chatting with writer Rick Karatas

Chatting with writer Rick Karatas

Rick and I had a fun conversation a few weeks ago. What can you say about a guy who writes songs entitled “A Grain of Salt … and a Marguarita” and “All I want for Christmas is Sleep”? Rick also let the world know that he sings better than Bob Dylan and Yoko Ono !!! Watch out Pavarotti !

We started our conversation talking about the books he’s written, most notable - Rainbow Relatives: Real-World Stories and Advice on How to Talk to Kids About LGBTQ+ Families and Friends. Whether you have your own questions because you’re preparing to come out to your kids, or you aren’t sure how to explain to your kids why their uncle has a boyfriend or why their friend has two mommies, this book can help. With an entertaining and educational approach to educating yourself and your peers about the issues and topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, Rainbow Relatives will provide answers to your kids’ questions and help you raise them to be open-minded and accepting adults. First and foremost, this book will help you approach the conversations you need to have and predict what you can expect from them. Rick  tells a variety of stories, such as that of a Mormon woman’s transition from fighting against gay rights to becoming a crusader for them. Also included are the voices of filmmakers, actors, musicians, mental health professionals, and more. Through Rainbow Relatives, Rick helps parents support, advocate for, and educate their children, relatives, and family friends.

Then there is: “How Catering sucked the life out of me!” If you have ever been a server or worked in the food industry, you will get it.

What can I say about “DWI – Drinking While Decorating?” 

Rick is a funny guy, and multi-talented.

Rick is the writer/producer of the film “Walk A Mile In My Pradas,”  starring Tom Arnold, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr, Bruce Vilanch, Nathaniel Marston. The film was on Netflix for 2 years and Amazon Prime. We want it back on Amazon Prime!!!

His content is on youtube:

Rick’s books can be found on East End Books, Amazon and his website:

His email is

Aug 21, 202134:36
Chatting with Bob Marovich

Chatting with Bob Marovich

I had the pleasure on speaking with my friend, Bob Marovich. I met Bob about ten years ago on a Vee Jay Records site. Bob is the expert on Vee Jay – The Gospel Years. So, this is Bob !!!

He has been a writer since he was old enough to spell, is a grantwriter, fundraising professional, and serves as the editor of the GlobeTrade monthly "Borderbuster" e-newsletter. Bob launched JGM on the tenth anniversary of its predecessor website, The Black Gospel Blog, which he founded July 28, 2004, as the first blog to cover African American gospel music. Bob is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host.  Since 2001, he has produced “Gospel Memories.”  The show features classic gospel, spiritual, and jubilee music, and interviews with gospel legends.  It airs Saturday mornings on Chicago’s WLUW-FM and throughout the week on several Internet and low-power FM radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Bob has been interviewed about gospel for television, radio, and newspapers, and was featured on a BBC Radio 2 documentary on the life of Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  He is also the gospel editor for

Bob’s work has been published in the Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music (Routledge 2005), Encyclopedia of African American Music (Greenwood Publishing 2010), and in the ARSC Journal of the Association of Recorded Sound Collections.  He has presented and participated in panel discussions on gospel music at the Gospel Music Workshop of America, National and Independent Gospel Music Association Industry Summit, Blues and the Spirit Conference at Dominican University (River Forest, Illinois), the American Library Association, and the Association of Recorded Sound Collections annual convention.

Formerly second vice president of the Chicago Area Gospel Announcers Guild (Gospel Music Workshop of America), Bob is on the board of the Chicago Gospel Music Heritage Museum, the Rhythm of Gospel Awards, Blackburn College, and Tree House Humane Society.  He is a member of the Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy, the National Independent Gospel Music Association, the Recording Academy, the Center for Black Music Research, and the Association of Recorded Sound Collections.

Bob’s collection of historic gospel recordings exceeds 5,000 vinyl discs that contain more than 19,000 individual tracks, and thousands of gospel CDs.  His collection of gospel music memorabilia includes sheet music, song folios, photographs, signatures, anniversary programs, tickets, posters, and other promotional material.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.  His first book, Shout Troubles Over: The Birth of Gospel Music in Chicago, published in March 2015 by the University of Illinois Press as part of its Music in American Life Series.

Bob lives in Chicago with his wife, author Laurel Delaney, and their two cats.  Bob's wife, Laurel, has a podcast for women entrepreneurs.  Bob gives the podcast name towards the end of our podcast.  I will be listening to it!

He can be contacted by email at and  

Aug 21, 202139:20
Chatting with Chef Ryan Rondeno

Chatting with Chef Ryan Rondeno

Chef Ryan Rondeno has a passion for French, Italian and Regional American Cuisine. He has introduced his clients to new cuisine with his focus on local, sustainable cuisine with a strong emphasis on bold flavors. Chef Rondeno continues to revamp his own style of cooking with the love of New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors.

Born in Metairie, Louisiana, Ryan Rondeno had a culinary upbringing surrounded by great southern cooks, including his grandfather who was a local legendary chef. He began his career at 16 working as a New Orleans prep cook, where his love for Cajun-Creole cuisine began. After graduating high school, he attended The Chef John Culinary Institute in Thibodaux, Louisiana. While in school, he working under the late Chef Jamie Shannon of Commander’s Palace, who instilled the importance of restaurant service, and Chef Anne Kearney of Peristyle, who focused on detail and perfection. These two chefs helped Rondeno build a strong foundation of southern cooking and superb technique.

After obtaining a college degree, he worked with chefs Emeril Lagasse, Anton Schulte, Mathais Wolf, Sue Zemenick, and Gerard Maras to enrich his culinary repertoire. Rondeno established culinary techniques in French, Italian, Southern, Cajun-Creole, and farm-to-table cuisines under remarkable chef-teachers and mentors. The opposing schools of stark simplicity and grand detail expanded Rondeno’s culinary range, allowing him to strike a balance to develop his own gastronomic flare.

After Hurricane Katrina, he rolacted to Atlanta and rejoined the Emeril Lagasse Corporation as a saucier, butcher, and sous chef under Chef Michael Blydenstein. As he continued to hone his skills, Rondeno moved to New York where he became Executive Chef at a Southern style seasonal restaurant.

In 2008, Chef Rondeno relocated to Los Angeles, and is currently a personal to celebrity clients. His culinary focus is on the use of grass-fed organic meats and locally-grown organic produce, with an emphasis on creating bold flavors. As his cooking continues to evolve toward clean eating and the use of sustainable products, Chef Rondeno continues his work as a chef for his celebrity clientele, including the catering for gala dinners and large-scale culinary events.

In 2014, Chef Rondeno started Rondeno Culinary Designs focusing on creating crafty and elegant bites for his clientele. He has found the perfect mix of combining New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors.

In 2016, he developed the Ryan Rondeno Spice Collection (Nola Creole Rub, Citrus Herb Rub, and Ancho-Chili BBQ Rub). His focus was to help cooks enhance the flavor of the dishes.

Ryan’s website is https://www.rondenoculinarydesigns.comand his app is Food Culture, available on android and IOS. I downloaded the app – wonderful recipes!

Aug 06, 202113:15
Chatting with McKenna Lee
Aug 01, 202127:23
Chatting with Skye Delamey - Untamed Circus!
Jul 28, 202115:56
Chatting with Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP DRCOG DFP DYT Dippallmed LFhom

Chatting with Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP DRCOG DFP DYT Dippallmed LFhom

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP DRCOG DFP DYT Dippallmed LFhom.  During our interview, she explained what all the letters after her name meant, and, among other things, spoke about life activation.  She has worked in all aspects of medicine, including hospice and palliative care.  She is an international teacher with the Modern Mystery School.   After entering the dating world, she wrote "Once Upon a Tinder", which I will be ordering from Amazon shortly.  Dr. Ann's biography is below.

Dr. Ann, 'the love doctor', is a Family Doctor with over 25 years experience working in the NHS. She currently works in Palliative and Holistic Medicine. She is often consulted as a medical expert in the media, including Yahoo, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. Furthermore she is an International teacher in the Modern Mystery School of Metaphysics.

Her passion for helping people understand their full potential shines through, in this, her first book. It was written from her home in Ireland during lock down while unable to travel internationally. It was born out of a desire to create better understanding and more love between men and women. It chronicles a series of first dates and romantic encounters, with lessons learned. What does it take to rediscover yourself mind, body & soul after a breakup. Of course, the most important relationship of all is inevitably the one we have with ourselves!


Jul 25, 202142:28
Chatting with Hephzi Pemberton and the Diversity Playbook

Chatting with Hephzi Pemberton and the Diversity Playbook

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hephzi Pemberton recently and talking about her book, The Diversity Playbook. Her book, which I just ordered through Amazon, demonstrates with clarity, relevant case studies and research as well as an applicable exercise in each chapter, show leaders and firms who embrace and embed inclusion and diversity into their business will benefit. They will be the businesses that innovate and adapt more rapidly.  Can’t wait for my copy.

Hephzi explained Angel Investing to me, which is a long time, and sometimes risky investment, but very worthwhile.

Her background is impressive - She is an entrepreneur and Angel Investor, who runs a strategic consultancy and search firm called Equality Group. In partnership with leading Finance and Technology firms, they help source diverse executive leadership talent and consult on how to create a more inclusive culture to nurture and develop executives through to their full potential.

Equality Group also regularly publishes research and insights across the inclusion and diversity space. Recent reports include ethnic minority representation at board level, the problems of bias, authenticity at work and a wide range of diversity-related topics.

Hephzi is the CEO and founder of Equality Group, a strategic consultancy that helps firms hire diverse leadership talent and fully integrate social sustainability, diversity and inclusion into the fabric of their organization.

Her childhood was spent growing up in multiple locations from Leeds, England  to the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) to Cambridgeshire. All of these moves had one thing in common: community.

Equal parental rights as mandatory across the public and private sector; better government funding for early years childcare (see Denmark and Sweden for inspiration) and bring back the gender pay gap reporting with harsher repercussions where no progress has been made.

Her advice to her younger self?

Don’t worry too much about the future, just focus on what you need to get done now and enjoy it! Even the hard parts where you don’t know what’s going to happen will come good. Remember you are more capable and more adaptable than you think, and you will surprise yourself with what is possible.

She still gives this piece of advice to herself today. The recent pandemic and lockdown has really taught her to focus on each day as it comes and how to savour the joy and the fun of the moment.

Her plans for Equality Group are to grow and impact the Finance and Technology industry for greater social sustainability.

Hephzi is very inspirational and extremely interesting.  She can be found on her website,, and LinkedIn.

Jul 21, 202116:24
Chatting with Eugenia Kuzmina

Chatting with Eugenia Kuzmina

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Eugenia Kuzmina.  She is not only an actress, model, singer and comedian, she has an interesting story.  She began her modeling career in Russia, went to France, and talks about how modeling is not the glamorous career everyone fantasizes about.  Eugenia talks about the cattle calls, and bookings, and how, when starting out, she lived in a dorm type setting with other teenage girls.  AND -  Her father was a scientist in Russia when the Chernobyl incident occurred.  Eugenia also talks about how secretive the nuclear plant melt down was, and her family being followed by the KGB.  

Eugenia talks about the roles she has played as an actress and how she got out of being typecast.

She is a extremely interesting, speaks several languages, is gorgeous and also just a super nice person.

Take a listen - I'm sure you will like her story.

Jul 17, 202142:01
Chatting with Domestic Abuse Survivor El Dubois

Chatting with Domestic Abuse Survivor El Dubois

I spoke to Erica "El" Dubois earlier today - her story is amazing.  El is a domestic abuse survivor who is still being stalked by her ex husband.  She speaks of her experiences with the local law enforcement and the District Attorney's office, who were unable to help her.  She addresses the issues of legislation that helps survivors and life after the escape.

El's book - Twisted Crown, A Survivor's Story - details her journey and can be found on Amazon in paperback and audible.  

Her websites are:

All social medias are:  @elduboisauthor

Jul 10, 202157:57
Chatting with Mukesh Modi

Chatting with Mukesh Modi

I had the pleasure of speaking with writer/producer Mokesh Modi a few days ago.  His newest project, "The Elevator", is intriguing.  The all star cast  consists of Eric Roberts, Eugenia Kuzmina, Matt Rife, Avery Llardi and Avery Morris.  

The plot consists of Roman Juniper, husband and father of three, is forced to go to work on the Saturday of his daughter's birthday.  He plans to return home in time for the party before things take a sharp turn of events. His wife and kids are setting up decorations and food at the house and start to wonder where Roman is since it is well past his clock out time.  A man matching Roman's description has been reported as a victim of a life-threatening accident and the Juniper family is extremely distraught and thinks it could be Roman.  They quickly drive off to the hospital to find out where and what has happened to their loving Roman.

The film is making the film festival route right now and will be released to the public soon.  I can't wait !  

Mukesh's message is "Do not keep anything pending and take care of your family first."

Mukesh also wrote and directed a documentary called "The Vision", which inspires a sense of community.

You can find Mukesh at and on Instagram @realmukeshmodi.  He is also on YouTube.

Jul 06, 202120:56
Lottery Corruption, U.S.A. - Chatting with Author Harold Rosen

Lottery Corruption, U.S.A. - Chatting with Author Harold Rosen

I had the pleasure of speaking with Harold Rosen a few days ago. Harold has obtained compelling evidence from several state lotteries that revealed suspicious patterns and corruption in the state lottery system. Harold talks about the numbers 0 0 0 and 9 1 1, how when they show up in the lottery numbers, and the national tragedies that follow. I could have gone on for hours with him – very interesting podcast and lots of information.

Harold can be found on LinkedIn at Author Harold Rosen. His book, Lottery Corruption, U.S.A. is found on Amazon, Walmart, his LinkedIn, and where ever books are sold.

Jul 04, 202124:16
Chatting with Dave L∞k
Jun 29, 202125:47
Chatting with Ted Russell Kamp

Chatting with Ted Russell Kamp

I had the pleasure of meeting Ted Russell Kamp a few years ago, and have heard him in several clubs and festivals in the Los Angeles area. Don’t know where to begin – Ted is an incredible singer/songwriter/producer and Grammy winning bass player.

We start out talking about his love for music - he started out playing trumpet !!!!   Then he went on to bass ....

Ted writes, records and travels the world performing his own country/roots/Americana music from his eleven critically-acclaimed albums. Ted also plays live, records sessions, and collaborates on songs with A-list songwriters and musicians in L.A., Nashville, Austin and around the world.  He often works out of his home studio — The Den — and has produced several well-received albums for fellow artists there. Ted has also had the honor of being a friend, collaborator and member of Shooter Jennings’ band for most of the last 15 years and recently played on the 2020 Grammy winning Country Album of the Year, Tanya Tucker’s While I’m Living.

Ted is well known for his ability to step into bands and rock all genres of music — the decades he spent holding down the bottom end for bands as diverse as Shooter, Jessi Colter, Whitey Morgan, Wilson Phillips and others have made sure Ted had the chops for anything from major festivals to David Letterman appearances and the Sirius XM Outlaw Country Cruise.

The last few years have found Ted focusing on his own career as well as touring and recording with Shooter. He tours continuously in the US and Europe, and has releasing his solo albums to critical acclaim. His records have debuted at #1 on the Euroamericana Chart and made the US Americana Chart’s Top 100 Records of the Year. The Big Takeover wrote, “Kamp simply knocks one ball after another out of the park…Saturated in talent and sincerity … good music done right.”

Born and raised in New York, Ted made his way to Los Angeles by way of Seattle. He spent several years in Seattle, and recorded four LPs with his trio Ponticello before moving to LA in 2001. Once in LA, Ted formed the group Union Pacific, played with numerous bands, did extensive session work. In 2003, he joined Shooter Jennings’ band and has never looked back. Whether he’s headlining a major show in the Netherlands with European superstars, playing Gruene Hall in mid Texas in the dead of summer, rocking an LA honky tonk with some of the best players in town, or working in his new studio to pull the soul from each song, Ted pours his drive and musical talent into every note.

Ted has released his new album – Solitaire. Pour a glass or wine, get comfy on the couch and enjoy!

He can be reached through his website:

Jun 14, 202132:16
Chatting with Anthony Williams

Chatting with Anthony Williams

What can I say about Anthony Williams? He was born with a heart condition, had a mitral valve replacement, is a game designer, hockey player, podcaster (The Independent Mouth), parent to two children and has an interesting life and story to tell.

During our podcast, we talk about how and why he left New York - yes, a fellow New York Italian !!!! -- lived in Seattle and landing in Temecula.

I met with him last week, and over Italian deli food, which is the best, we chatted, laughed and ate.

We ended our podcast, and lunch with Anthony describing how he delivered his daughter on the side of the 15 freeway near Poway, California. His description is hilarious, describing his front seat as “It looked like someone killed a moose.”

So, pour a glass of wine, stretch out on the couch and laugh and listen.

AND - check out his podcast, The Independent Mouth.  You'll like it !

Jun 01, 202101:21:47
Chatting with Byron Cherry aka Coy Duke

Chatting with Byron Cherry aka Coy Duke

Just some good old boys, never doing no harm ....   

I had the pleasure of chatting with Byron aka Coy Duke recently and very grateful he took time from his busy day (deep sea fishing!) to talk to me. Byron has just finished a faith based movie, and is flying to Ocala, Florida, for a reality based pilot. In October, he will be at Hazzard Fest. One of the “How did this happen” moments we talked about how Byron missed the Dukes of Hazzard audition, John Schneider crashed an audition and wound up being Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazzard. Why did Byron miss the audition? He was in Florida training to be an Eastern Airlines flight attendant. Eventually Eastern Airlines fell by the wayside !

The Dukes of Hazzard has become one of the most popular TV shows in the world and still has a worldwide following to this day. Byron developed a huge following as Coy Duke. This was the break Byron had been waiting for. Under contract with Warner Brothers, Byron went on to do numerous shows such as Murder She Wrote, In The Heat Of The Night, Vietnam WAR stories (A Mini Series) and various TV commercials and guest spots on numerous talk shows, and was the spokesperson for the American Cancer Society.

Byron lives in California with wife, Krista, and their two kids. Byron continues to travel year round with the world famous General Lee Dodge Charger making appearances both nationally and abroad at Car Shows, Charity Benefits and Various Concerts and Events.

Just like he did in Hazzard County, Byron is still "straightening the curves and flattening the hills" of his home town in his own General Lee (now has a new owner), and enjoys getting out and meeting the Dukes fans. He travels with his own photos to autograph, as well as his own hats and specially made "Coy Duke" t-shirts and tank tops and other Duke memorabilia. He also has been known to autograph various car parts on fan owned General Lees.

Byron is a lot of fun and can't wait to see him in the near future.  

May 17, 202133:49
Chatting with Gabriel Bologna and TANGO SHALOM !

Chatting with Gabriel Bologna and TANGO SHALOM !

What do you get when you put Lainie Kazan, Renee Taylor, A Rabbi, a Priest, a Muslim holy man and a Sikh mystic together?  You get Tango Shalom! Oh, did I mention the Vatican Choir and Sikh Temple Band does the music? This is the first film in history to do so, and the first film in history to bring all four faiths together.

Gabriel Bologna, producer and director of this incredible film talks about how this film came together, the characters, and the message of this film.

This film brings together holy men from the above faiths in an effort to solve Rabbi Moshe’s moral issue – Moshe wants to save his Hebrew school, meets a tango instructor, and so the moral issue begins –he enters a big televised Tango competition to save his Hebrew school from bankruptcy. There is only one problem: due to his orthodox religious beliefs, he is not allowed to touch a woman! The solution is creative and the surprise ending will have you laughing and crying.

AND – you have to love Moshe. His foray into New York (from Crown Heights, Brooklyn) is an eye opener for him. He is the lovable underdog who keeps his beliefs and morality intact while dancing the tango. You have to see it.

The film has been a hit with the Jewish Film Festivals, and is currently being shown at the  Miami Jewish Film Festival.

Check out the link below and you will see why. 

Apr 21, 202127:52
Chatting with Michael Vaccaro, the Child of the 70's
Apr 20, 202129:21
Chatting with Sean Casey

Chatting with Sean Casey

What can I say about Sean Casey? He is the man that has done everything.  He has the perfect broadcasting voice but wait – he was a broadcaster! His first job in radio, under the name of Ray Gilmore, was at a classical music station. Sean talks about how his name was changed from Ray to Sean, his years in radio, and gives advice about a radio career. His advice? Go into television – it keeps your options open and you make more money.  He retired from radio in 2008 after being on the air at various number 1 radio stations in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

Sean is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and arranger, who was signed with Decca, RCA, United Artists, Columbia and EMI. In the 1960’s, Sean’s band, the Spokesmen, wrote “The Dawn of Correction” as an answer to Barry McGuire’s “Eve of Destruction.” It made the Billboard charts. As a singer/songwriter, the Spokesmen were on ShinDig, Lloyd Thaxton, Gene Wolf and the Mike Douglas shows. This was the mid 1960’s.

Sean talks about “Sadie The Cleaning Lady”, the song that launched the career of Australian singer Johnny Farnham

Sean Is retired, however, he really isn’t. He continues to manage his commercial real estate properties, write and produce songs and still does voiceovers.

I’ve linked On the Other Side of Corona,  Sadie the Cleaning Lady and Dawn of Correction below.

His website with his music is

Apr 20, 202142:56
Chatting with Jeremy - Episode 4

Chatting with Jeremy - Episode 4

Jeremy and I chatted again.  This is episode 4 and its more like a talk show.  Jeremy talks about his life during Covid.  He's writing his second musical and gave us a hint of what its about.  We also talk about walking around his neighborhood, and dogs, lots of dogs!   He's a fun guy and ladies - he's single !!!

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down for half an hour and listen.  You'll like what you hear! 

Apr 13, 202137:56
Chatting with Jeremy - Episdoe 3

Chatting with Jeremy - Episdoe 3

We have another episode with singer/songwriter/actor and my friend, Jeremy Ebenstein.  During this episode, Jeremy does one original song, and a cover by Laurence Jones Band.  We talk about his influences, how he's been spending quarantine, and of course, Elvis Presley.   We also talk about walking - During the short time Los Angeles was open, I would go walking with Jeremy.  He's a fun guy and ladies - he's single !!!!!    He's been sign spinning during quarantine, and enjoys being outside.  

Jeremy is writing his second musical and can't wait for the finished project.

He can be found on YouTube and is starting a TikTok channel in the near future.

Apr 09, 202132:08
Chatting with Geoffrey Mark - the Guy whose done everything!

Chatting with Geoffrey Mark - the Guy whose done everything!

What can I say about Geoffrey Mark? He is a writer, actor, jazz singer, radio host, show biz historian,  voiceover artist and keeper of my secrets – he does everything! AND – he has had an interesting life.  During this podcast, Geoff talks about his beginning in show business, how he met the love of his life (Joel) in a class, his time in Arkansas (the Klan harassed him constantly), his writing and philosophy on life. Geoff sings “There you go” from Annie Get Your Gun, which is his tribute to Joel. Geoff talks about his best-selling books: The Lucy Book and Ethel Merman: The Biggest Star on Broadway, as well as the Family Affair Cookbook. His newest book is Ella: A biography of the Legendary Ella Fitzgerald. Geoff is also the producer of Nigel: Come Back to me.

Geoff is a walking encyclopedia of television history.

He also talks about his 32 years of sobriety. Very, very happy for him

One of the scariest moments of Geoff’s life was seeing John Lennon’s assassination. Geoff was getting off the New York subway, and saw a figure (John Lennon), ran up to his best friend’s apartment, and John Lennon was gone.

I met Geoff when I was 8 or 9, and am so happy I reconnected with him. Just love him to pieces J

Apr 04, 202156:48
Chatting with Don Baldaramos
Mar 21, 202132:31
Chatting with Sheri Pedigo
Mar 05, 202134:46
Chatting with Thom Michael Mulligan

Chatting with Thom Michael Mulligan

What can I say about Thom Michael Mulligan? Well – a lot!! Thom’s mother was a stage actress, and brought him to an audition – he got the part in a play called “Street Scene.” When he was ten he discovered hockey. Beside the usual biography (below), Thom is an avid hockey player and coach (coaching is on hold for the moment), During this podcast, we cover all subjects, ranging from toilet paper hoarding during quarantine, working during COVID, how he and a friend founded the New Hope Film Festival, and how hosting the LANFA Awards in 2019 opened doors.

We talk about several films, including Callous, which is available on Amazon, Sweet Taste of Souls, a psycho-thriller and Nighthunter, a film he just finished.  He has co-written many productions, including The Witching Hour.  

 He also gives sound advice to anyone who wants to get into acting, whether it’s a hobby or as a profession.

His biography (from IMDb) reads as follows:

Thom Michael Mulligan is an American actor and producer known for his extensive acting work on the stage and in the film world. He is also a multi award winning producer of the feature film "Callous, which garnered "Best Feature" film awards at numerous film festivals throughout the country.

Originally from NYC, he has worked in off Broadway productions, television, feature and short films. He is president of Rolling Action Entertainment. Thom is also a co-founder and the Executive Director of Submissions for the New Hope Film Festival.

Besides acting, Thom also writes and has had some one act plays produced and wrote the full length play" Just Dirty Laundry" which received critical acclaim! Thom has also been involved in working with various charity groups.

Mar 01, 202151:46
Chatting with the fabulous Patrick Kilpatrick

Chatting with the fabulous Patrick Kilpatrick

What can I say about the man who has done everything, except being a rock star and president? I don’t know where to start.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Kilpatrick recently. We spoke about his start as an ad agency writer, journalist, creative director and on-air reporter for 11- time Emmy winning "What's Happening America", Patrick worked for nearly every major magazine and ad agency in New York - TIME Inc., Playboy, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated to Interview, Life Magazine, Cycling, Sailing, Popular Photography, Modern Bride, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Luxe Magazine, Quest '78, Popular Mechanics and Psychology Today, etc.

He is one of the finest screen and television character actors, playing against a spectrum of action heroes. We spoke about working on Erasure together (I was an extra – can’t miss me, I’m in basic black !!!). He shared that while working on Erasure, he filmed another movie on the weekends. He has appeared on over 200 films and television shows as lead actor, producer, screen writer, director, and global entertainment teacher- from "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise to "Dark Angel" with Jessica Alba, from the largest production in Public Broadcasting history to the Los Angeles Theater Center with John Goodman and Academy Award winning British director Tony Richardson in Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra". He has appeared in over 75 hit TV shows such as "24", "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and all "CSI".

In one 18-month period Patrick did five major studio films, two independents and 27 television guest star spots on 18 different shows..

As a voiceover performer he has appeared as the voice of Sailplane Grand Prix, the narrator of the Olympic IMAX movie, and as political VO for candidates Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) and Mayor of Miami/Governor candidate Florida's Phillip Levine (D).
Kilpatrick is president and CEO of Uncommon Dialogue Films, Inc. (UDF) (founded 2005) - a full service event/script, casting, film and media service company - idea inception to global return on investment realization. His producing/fund raising/film financing and production background has taken him from Fiji to the London Stock Exchange for the presentation of investment film slates. Until a military coup toppled the Fijian government he was briefly named founder of the University of Pacific Film and Theater program.

Patrick has taught acting, auditioning, directing, producing and film distribution, Men in the Movies, Star Trek and Stage Combat at the University of Wisconsin (Whitewater) and Hampton Sydney College in Virginia and at the Texas Theater Center in Dallas/Fort Worth. Kilpatrick has prepared full film school curriculum for the governments of Brazil and Nigeria while privately and group entertainment coaching in Los Angeles and via Skype.

The Uncommon Dialogue Film Mentorship Program - under his directorship and chief instruction, utilizing his "Deliver the Goods" Curriculum - has coached countless students from beginners to active professionals in all phases of entertainment warrior status while guiding each to agency representation and self-production.

Patrick is finishing up his 2nd biography – the first one was a best seller.

As I said – he’s done just about everything!

Feb 21, 202151:11
Chatting with Skye Delamey

Chatting with Skye Delamey

I had the pleasure of speaking with Skye Delamey recently and was amazed at how versatile she is. Skye is a master vocalist (4 octaves), singer/songwriter, piano player, actress, pin up girl and author. Skye also sells out all shows at the Whiskey when she plays there.

During our interview, I learned that Skye not only went to UCLA, she also went to Loyola Marymount and Stella Adler, and has had an array of impressive acting coaches.  

As a recording artist, Skye has worked with Michael Blum (Producer), James Lugo, Phil Brown, Bobby Moore, Ry Welch, Skip Saylor and David Longoria, among others.

Skye’s 4th album will be released this year, with two new songs – Party Stoppers Suck and Raquel. Can’t wait for the album to drop! Her music is a available on Itunes, Apple Music and Amazon.

She has been a contributing writer to Music Connection Magazine and Songstress Songwriting.

AND – what else can I say? Believe it or not, there is more! Skye is also endorsed by MAC Cosmetics, West Tone (ear plugs), Daisy Rock, among others.

Her music videos are on her website (, and under the Tour tab, you can see her when she will be streaming and upcoming events. She has merchandise and a branded store.

Check out the website and her youtube channel, follow her in twitter and instagram. You will like what you hear.

Feb 15, 202120:38
Chatting with Mel Novak
Feb 15, 202128:47
Chatting with David Velo Stewart - Trill Vision !

Chatting with David Velo Stewart - Trill Vision !

I had the pleasure of speaking with David Velo Stewart again. David tells us about his exciting new app, Trill Vision.  The Trill Vision app will be available on IOS, coming to Android in March 2021 and its free. I’m very excited about the Trill Vision app. One of the cool features is - Friday nights, there is a Virtual Interaction Cinema via the app. People actually dress up. It’s a night out without leaving your home.

All I can say is – Listen to David’s description, then download the app, and enjoy.

Feb 03, 202120:18
Chatting with TikTok warrior, Brad Gosse

Chatting with TikTok warrior, Brad Gosse

What can I say about Brad Gosse? I’m not sure how I discovered his TikTok videos, but am so happy I did. He is warped, in a good way. Brad talks about how he started his career in online marketing and is a self-taught “Growth Hacker”. He started as an online marketer, and things have just taken off from there.

He is a happily divorced comedian, an online marketing genius and content creator.

His books – one banned by Amazon – had an unusual start. His first book, “Why Daddy Hits Mommy” started out as a bad book cover, had a bazillion hits on TikTok, people wanted the book and the rest is history.

Brad started Vector Toons, which is a Shutterstock type site for cartoon clip art.

He started his speaking career in 2010 and had addressed crowds at WordCamp, conferences in the adult entertainment industry, digital media and The Underground Online Seminar

Brad has also introduced me to omegle dot com, a site that randomly pairs you with people from all over the world. 

Pour a glass of wine, sit down and check out his TikTok and YouTube channel.  Take a look at the very cool clips on

Jan 29, 202118:43
Chatting with Greg Vaccariello

Chatting with Greg Vaccariello

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the funnies guys in the comedy circuit – my favorite cousin and favorite person all around – Greg Vaccariello! Greg talks about his start in New York, how he got into the entertainment industry, from the open mikes in New York, to moving first to Los Angeles, then Las Vegas, and working the Las Vegas clubs and eventually working the cruise ship circuit. Greg has performed in some of the well known comedy clubs in Las Vegas, including the Tropicana and  the Comedy Store, among others.

Greg is also a seasoned actor, having appeared in King of Queens, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Intent, Hope and Faith, Ed and various commercials, including the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.

During this podcast, Greg offers advice to up and coming actors and comedians. Most importantly, take classes, and get into the club scene.

He can be found on YouTube as Greg Vaccariello, and Twitter and Instagram and Huge Big Shot (#hugebigshot), and his website –

About 12 years ago, Greg was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as the translator between the Prime Minister of Italy and then President George Bush. Its hilarious!!!!

Take a listen and follow him on social media!

Jan 23, 202112:52
Chatting with Nancy Kelel - Front Line Strong

Chatting with Nancy Kelel - Front Line Strong

This episode is dedicated to the front line workers.

I had the pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter Nancy Kelel. In this podcast, Nancy and I start out chatting about her influences and why she got into music. More importantly, we speak about the pandemic, and her dedication to Front Line Workers. Her song, Front Line Strong, is linked below. Nancy talks about her inspiration for the song, the viral photo of two nurses holding signs in a hospital window (in her video and used with permission of the family) and her struggle with H1N1 many years ago. She was in a coma for 3-1/2 weeks and talks about her recovery and rehab from this. As mentioned below, we also speak about being grateful. Nancy met the doctor who saved her life in a Costco gas line and had the opportunity to thank him.

Proceeds from Front Line Strong go to the Brave of Heart fund. The fund provides charitable grants to eligible family members of frontline healthcare workers and volunteers who lose their lives to COVID-19.

Of interest is the Songs Alive contest to write a song about water, which brought awareness to the lack of water and resources on the Navajo reservations in Arizona. She wrote a song called “The Water Song” that she would like to produce. (check out testimonials)

One of the subjects we touched upon was “being grateful”, and Nancy has a lot to be grateful for, as mentioned above. Nancy also mentions “Songs Alive”, and is the recipient of their 2019 Songwriter of the Year !!

Jan 12, 202146:21
Chatting with the incredible Licata Brothers

Chatting with the incredible Licata Brothers

What can I saw about the Licatas? Jimmy and Tony are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. And two of the most talented performers to hear.  Not only did I have the pleasure of interviewing them a few weeks ago, I've seen them grow up performing.  During this podcast, I had the pleasure of  having them perform two songs on the show. One is an original – Rainbow for Rain, and the other is a cover of Don’t be Cruel.

Jimmy and Tony talk about their start at Coffee Gallery in Alta Dena, California, at an open mike, going on to being an opening act to being the headliners. Especially impressive when you consider how young they are!

Jimmy went on to study communication in England and Tony went to Musician’s Institute  and studied audio engineering.

Their website is:, instagram, twitter and Facebook other social media: @thelicatabrothers and of course Amazon, Spotify, and wherever you can find music.

Since the Covid lockdown, Tony and Jimmy have been posting zoom appearances. Check out their Facebook and get on the mailing list – you won’t be disappointed.

Also, shout outs to our late friend, Duane Thorin, and our living friends, Larry Wines (who introduced me to the Licatas), Bea Broda and Bob Stane at Coffee Gallery Backstage.

Their biography is as follows: (taken from the website).

As a sidenote - their website shows photos of Jimmy and Tony starting out.  They were so young and the talent just shown through.  

The Licata Brothers, Jimmy and Tony, are a growing musical phenomenon in Southern California. And “growing” is the only word for it. Jimmy, born July 14, 1997 and Tony, November 30, 2000, began making melodious music together about the time that they could walk. Introduced by their parents to a wide range of musical styles, from Classical to Classic Americana and Pop, the brothers took to all the styles like bees to honey. Jimmy proved to be a guitar prodigy by the time he was 11, whipping out Jimmy Page like licks that blew everyone who heard him away.  Meanwhile Tony could do a mean imitation of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson at age 10 and was already turning into something of a tunesmith.  They are both multi-instrumentalists and display the confidence of old pros on stage.  One admiring veteran dubbed them “The New Traditionalists” because they see the value in the great river of music that has been flowing since before they were born, and are eager to jump right in.

Their collaboration began in earnest around 2010. With the unflagging support of their parents and the wise guidance of local songwriters, musicians and performers, they began to develop a style that showed a deep admiration for the many musical masters that had come before them.  Now 21 and 17, they have “that sibling thing” one associates with the Everly Brothers.  They seem at times to be two guitar playing vocalists occupying one soul, and they result is nothing less than astounding. The Licata Brothers have been regularly thrilling audiences with a unique combination of heartfelt vocals, infectious acoustic guitar and a multi-lingual song catalog that spans the past 100 years. Their 2015 four-song debut CD “Grizzly Bear”, a tribute to some beloved tunes from the 1920s and 1960s, has received rave reviews. This was followed up in the summer of 2016 with “Gift for the Soul”, an intimate and powerfully-uplifting series of original acoustic guitar and vocal arrangements set to prayers found in the Sacred Writings of the Baha’i Faith. The Licata Brothers’ clever performing and arranging skills have been on display at numerous venues throughout the Southland, and now, with a new CD set to come out in the summer of 2021, they are poised to become what they have always been at heart:  Musical Citizens of the World.


Dec 29, 202024:46
Chatting with the incredible Joe Iaquinto

Chatting with the incredible Joe Iaquinto

No introduction necessary, just chatting with Joe Iaquinto.  We had a fun time :)   

What an incredibly talented and funny guy.  We talk about his early childhood in New York, losing his parents at a young age, how he got into music, and the music he wrote for some very adult themed movies!    He is just an all around cool guy who knows all my friends and I can't wait to interview him again.   Next time, he will be in California and we can open a bottle of tequila !

Dec 13, 202001:03:49
Chatting with Marc Platt and the Block Chain Revolutionizing the Music Industry
Nov 29, 202032:36
Chatting with Hot Wheels Guy - Michael Zarnock

Chatting with Hot Wheels Guy - Michael Zarnock

What can I say about Michael Zarnock? The man has done everything. He is a musician, actor, writer, World Record Holder, Race Car Driver, Author, Race Car Driver, is in the Guiness Book of World Records he gets paid to play with Hot Wheel cars, and has a YouTube show (Hot Wheels TV).

We talked about meeting, my brother Tony Wood (RIP), Barris Kustom, George Barris (Batmobile creator) and the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

I felt like Mike was sitting across the table from me – you could hear our dogs barking, eating and making their presence known!

Mike’s knowledge and his massive Hot Wheels collection has earned him notoriety around the world. He is the leading authority on Diecast and Hot Wheels – the ultimate Super Collector.

Of note – he holds 3 Guinness World Records for Hot Wheels and is the world authority in Hot Wheels and Diecast cars. Michael has worked with EBAY authenticating collectors’ Hot Wheels/Diecast cars and appraising collections for insurance cases and divorce cases. Yes, these collections can be worth upwards of $500,000.

On February 5, 2020, Michael earned a Guinness World Record for the most gravity fed loop-the-loops on a Hot Wheels Track. The track measured 34 feet and was built as part of the Jaguar Land Rover display at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show.

His collection has earned him two different World records – first in 2003 and again in 2007. Both were for owning the largest collection of different model cars.

Mike’s books sell out almost instantaneously. The books can be purchased through his website,

Mike’s YouTube show, Hot Wheels TV takes his audience deep within the subculture of Hot Wheels collecting.

Check out his website, YouTube channel and books. You will like what you see !

Nov 29, 202043:08
Chatting with Diego Garcia

Chatting with Diego Garcia

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the most talented, and busiest people in this industry, Diego Garcia.

Diego has been writing and performing since he was 18 years old, and now performs in his band, Stage 11 as the lead singer. Stage 11 released their first CD in 2017 and you can find their music at Diego is also part of High Noon Whiskey. Since quarantine, Stage 11 has been streaming rooftop concerts in downtown Los Angeles. Their next rooftop concert will be in December 2020. Can’t wait to hear it !!!!

I had the pleasure of seeing, and hearing, Diego sing at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) for Best Male Vocals in November 2016 singing Halleluiah. Just incredible. Heard him again at a house concert and was amazed.

As an actor and voiceover artist, Diego has been in over 80 commercials, and numerous television shows including The Shield, Entourage, Brothers and Sisters, Dirt and Surviving Suburbia to name a few..  The most recent commercial is for Geico, as a new neighbor.  Fun commercial :)

His websites are: and

Nov 24, 202034:03
Chatting with Cris Franco

Chatting with Cris Franco

I had the pleasure of speaking with Cris Franco recently and WOW – he is one interesting and super cool person.  And please excuse the recording quality.  Sometimes no matter what you do .....    :)  

In high school, he and and our mutual friend, Micki Furr (shout out to Micki !!!) were understudies in Guys and Dolls. He started his career as a singer in Disney World, and left it to come back home to California for the most romantic reason, his partner, now his husband. He and Casey have been married over 40 years! Cris then went on to work at Disneyland, went to Cal State Northridge, and by a twist of fate, wound up in Zoot Suit.  That changed his life forever.  

Cris was a tour guide at Universal Studios for awhile, and has some 

Cris Franco has combined his bilingual-bicultural Mexican-born roots with a desire to entertain and educate by creating engaging, humorous television that enlightens the viewer to the unique "American-Latino" experience. For his outstanding work on PBS, Cris has received 3 Los Angeles Emmy Awards, 2 Southern California Golden Mike Awards, The Imagen Award and The Nosotros Golden Eagle Award.

One of his youtube videos is:

His shows are: The Cris Franco Show, East LOS High – a telenovela for good looking teenagers, Café California, To be or not to be Latino.

I had so much fun talking to Cris. I can’t wait to talk with him again and once lockdown is over, we will do coffee. Can’t wait to meet Casey.

Nov 22, 202042:35
Chatting with Gedina Bergstrom

Chatting with Gedina Bergstrom

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gedina a few weeks ago.  She is incredible.  I binged her YouTube videos and she has an incredible jazzy vibe.  Gedina talks about her blind audition on The Voice, her musical background, her mermaid pop and most importantly, 4th Door Records.  Gedina has been an indie artist during her entire career.  She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube  Since live music has been shut down this year, she has been playing on Rogue Nation.  Her last Rogue Nation was October 26, but keep checking back for more appearances.  Her biography is below.  Please check out her website at


Gedina is proof of all the wild magic that comes from living with utter boldness and crystal-clear intention. Not only an accomplished singer/songwriter, the L.A.-based artist has fearlessly forged her path as an entrepreneur, martial-arts instructor, and fierce advocate for women’s advancement in industries of all kinds, with each endeavor engaging her force-of-nature energy and firecracker spirit. And with her magnetic brand of mermaid-pop—a sound shaped by her lifelong status as a salty-haired surfer girl—Gedina makes music that uplifts and elevates while leaving a life-changing impact.

On her 2018 debut album Tell’em, Gedina introduced the world to the raw passion and uncompromising honesty essential to her mission as an artist: instilling women with the courage needed to rewrite their own stories, and to build a more beautiful reality for themselves. “There are so many women who struggle with self-esteem, who believe they’re not enough or they’re too much,” says Gedina. “What I strive to do with every song is help women find their voice, to stay in their power, and to dismantle all the things that no longer serve them.”

Gedina discovered her love of singing as a little girl, thanks largely to the Little Mermaid soundtrack and to the golden-voiced icons she finds infinitely formative. “I didn’t have a mom in my home, but what I did have was Mariah, Christina, Celine, and Whitney,” she says. “They were all my sisters, they were my mom and my godmom and my aunties—they were the women who raised me. What they gave me was that sense of self that empowered me to get onstage and use my voice in a way that could make a difference.”

Graduating from high school at age 15—after spending her early-teen years busking and singing in local clubs—Gedina later enrolled at UC Irvine and gigged in nearby blues bars. Heading to L.A. once she’d finished school, she spent the coming years navigating the music industry and—in 2012—landed a blind audition on season three of The Voice. That same year, Gedina released her debut single “Shame,” revealing the depth of her warm authenticity and spirited songwriting. By 2015, she’d scored an international hit with “First Time, First Love”—a track that’s now amassed over 2.2 million streams on Spotify.

With Tell’em arriving last June, Gedina recently released a luminous new single called “Future Soulmate.” Recorded at Angelhouse Studios in Torrance and produced by Drew Kapner (who’s engineered records for artists like Jason Derulo and Twenty One Pilots), the track gives a rarely-glimpsed look into the power of self-belief. “The message is that the universe is rigged in your favor, and you can create whatever you truly want to have,” says Gedina. “And because connection is at the core of what we desire as human beings, a soulmate can come in any form. It could be your neighbor, your mailman, the older woman you sit with at the bus stop. As long as you have that connection with another human, you can create miracles together.”

Nov 13, 202016:43
Chatting with Voice Over Artist Larry Hudson

Chatting with Voice Over Artist Larry Hudson

What can I say about Larry Hudson?   He is one of the nicest guys in this business.   AND

Larry Hudson is one of the most talented voice over artists around. Chatting with him was amazing. He talks about his journey from professional big band drummer, to commercial real estate and then voice over artist. Larry created his job as a voice over artist when his job in commercial real estate came to a standstill. He was announcing the shows at the California Mart in downtown Los Angeles, and one thing lead to another ....

Larry is an incredible instructor in Adobe Audition and Audacity (Audacity is a free program, Adobe Audition is part of the Adobe cloud family), talks about the microphones to buy (condenser not dynamic), and where NOT to go to buy your microphones.

He can be reached at, and a partial biography is below.

Aspiring Voice Over Artists - please check out Work Out Wednesday. All information is on his website !


Larry is a voiceover actor in Los Angeles with a professional recording studio and has been active in the industry since 2009. He provides his voice daily to a wide variety of voiceover projects including Commercial Ads for radio and TV, Narration on Documentaries and Corporate projects, Political Ads, as well as eLearning/tutorials for corporate web presentation.

His list of client credits includes Disney/Picture Head, TOYOTA, Lexus, Kubota Tractor Corp, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Apple, Google and, just to name of few.

Larry provides a clear concise baritone sound that embodies strength, power and sincerity. His signature sound is relaxed and conversational. Listeners are drawn in by Larry’s versatility which enables him to bring light hearted fun to character pieces or deep sincerity to roles of a more solemn nature. The client’s needs are always the first priority with Larry. His intention is clear… to bring to the project what is necessary for the client to achieve their vision. He looks forward to the opportunity to provide you with the voice and performance you envision.

Oct 30, 202030:04
Chatting with Dylan Berry

Chatting with Dylan Berry

Dylan is one of the most fascinating people I've had the pleasure of knowing, and interviewing.  I first met him when he invited me to join NOIZ Society, a secret society for music people, and talking with him today, I learned there is so much more to him than writing.  This interview was a lot of fun - we laughed a lot, and got to know each other as professionals.  Dylan is an owner of, a company that provides custom music for 100's of the top shows on TV for 15 years and was the first to employ composers all over the world through the proprietary technology they built.   They embed in Post Production facilities directly gaining access to producers and providing a more efficient music service than their competitors. AND - NO MIDDLE MAN !!!!

Smashhaus profit share paid composers more than any other company in this field despite what they depict in their deals and never recouped our "admin fee".  They paid exactly half of all income ever made to our composer/partners amounting in Millions.

Since then, the business has been diluted by copy cats who slashed prices and I refuse to do so.  Smashhaus is the little engine that beat up the big boys and thus Dylan is very proud of this company and the composer team worldwide that made it happen! Today, and as a result of this, we are focused on smaller run, highest quality work for media, not large scale production as we were before.  ARTIST RUN 100%!! VIVA EL ARTISTE'S.


Check it out.



Program Director of Soundcloud Radio, a globally distributed, 24/7 radio on DashRadio Networks an evolution of my show where I hosted the emerging artist hour and a music industry talk shows.

​GUESTS: Chainsmokers, Armin Van Buuren, Redfoo, Nervo, X Ambassadors, Redman, Earth Wind and Fire, OT Genesis, Lianne V, Becky G, Karmin, Icona Pop, Bonny McKee, Laidback Luke, Wesley Stromberg (Emblem3). Jay Sean, Dana Dane, Nicky Romero, Lil Dirk.


An entertainment industry network connecting leading Nordic and U.S. Creators, brands and entrepreneurs from the Entertainment industries.

Partners include: The United Nations, Dynaudio, Royal Unibrew, Soundcloud, ReverbNation, The Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic Innovation House, Consulate General of Finland, Embassy of Denmark, Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Arla Muuto, Kissmeyer, Ampelos, Nacc, Hummel, RepostNetwork

Found of NOIZ Society: An elite order of Noiz Makers / Hollywood Ca


An invite only, secret society inspired power circle of music industry operators, artists, producers and leaders with zero degrees of separation.

​We meet in undisclosed locations in Hollywood California and often feature star performers and amazing emerging music makers in intimate settings.

Take a listen - I'm sure you will like this interview.


Oct 12, 202028:01
Chatting with Rachel Walker - Episode 1
Oct 11, 202005:14
Chatting with Robert Morgan Fisher
Oct 11, 202054:55
Tribute to Eddie Van Halen - Chatting with Fred Meyer.

Tribute to Eddie Van Halen - Chatting with Fred Meyer.

Disclaimer - some explicit language

Tonight we talk about the late Eddie Van Halen and Fred's time with Warner Brothers.  Fred tells the back story behind Van Halen, among other artists.  Tonight we focused on Eddie Van Halen and his recent passing.  Fred is hilarious in his retelling of the back stories.  His website is, and his life street show is on, on Sundays at 4pm Pacific Time.  Fred's email is

His stories of life on the road as "the Promotion Man" will keep you enthralled for hours.  i binged his shows and loved every one of them.

Lets lift a shot of tequila tonight to Eddie Van Halen and be grateful this musical genius was with us.

Also, please excuse some of the language - but then again, its Van Halen !!!

Oct 07, 202047:05
Chatting with Marc Cashman - Episode 2

Chatting with Marc Cashman - Episode 2

Marc gives his insight into avoiding scams in the voice actor world.  The most common scam is the check scam, prevalent in all fields.  The second scam is a school promising a demo tape at the end of the course, whether the student is ready to record.  

Marc also talks about playing the plastic surgeon in the video game Twisted Metal. I can't describe it - you have to listen -  this is an image you cannot get out of your head !!!!  

During this episode we give a shout out to Larry Hudson, another Voice Over Actor who also teaches editing techniques through the Audacity and Adobe Audition platforms.  Larry's contact info is

Marc can be reached at

Any questions for me?

Oct 05, 202027:56
Chatting with Marc Cashman - Episode 1: Behind the Glass Door

Chatting with Marc Cashman - Episode 1: Behind the Glass Door

Google Marc Cashman's name, and you will be amazed at what you find. Marc started his career as a copywriter, actor and voice over actor. He is not the Marc Cashman in Toronto - he is the Marc Cashman author of V-Oh !

Check out his Voice Cat - Let this Cat out of the bag !!

Let this Cat out of the bag.

He pounces on Promos.  Attacks Animation.

Purrs at Trailers.  Nimble with Narration.

He leaps in and out of Audiobooks.

Climbs into ad copy, finding the just the right hook.

Marc can be all that.  A pro V-O cat.

When you let him out of the bag.

Voted one of the “Best Voices of the Year”by AudioFile Magazine three times—and an Audie winner—Marc is a veteran voice actor with 40 years of studio experience in Radio, TV and Internet commercials, foreign film dubbing, animated series, video games, and over 150 audiobooks.Marc creates and produces copy and music advertising for radio and television, and was named one of the “Best Voices of the Year” three times by AudioFile Magazine, and has been a keynote speaker and Master Class instructor at VOICE 2008-2014, Keynote Speaker at VO Atlanta 2012, as well as Master Class.

Sep 28, 202027:20
Chatting with Jason Stuart and his awesome mom, Gloria

Chatting with Jason Stuart and his awesome mom, Gloria

First - I have to apologize for the recording quality.  The recording gods were not with us when we recorded this.  Don't know why.  SOOO, with that being said, Jason Stuart is the funniest guy around.  I had the pleasure of speaking with him, and his mom, Gloria.  

Gloria is the coolest mom ever.  The banter between Jason, Gloria and myself is hysterical.  While listening, all I thought of was - this is so cool, we need to sit down, drink coffee and chat about anything.  She is the inspiration for the book title "Shut Up I'm Talking."  

Jason is a comedian who has headlined at the Comedy Store, and has several movies coming out.  He came out on "Geraldo" many years ago, and his career skyrocketed after that.   Jason wrote the series, Smothered, that can be seen on, and the movie Immortal will be released on September 8, on demand on Showtime and Amazon.  Abducted is also on demand and Amazon.

We briefly talk about politics ..... So please go out and vote !

Jason's book, "Shut Up I'm Talking" is available on Amazon and his website,  

He said one of his influences is/are Omar Sherif.  Jason said he saw Funny Girl and fell for Omar !

One of his most challenging roles was Birth of a Nation and he plays a white plantation owner.  

Please check out Jason's website at and take a look around.  

AND - if you know where Gloria can find a one cup, not a pod, coffee maker, please let Jason know.  Gloria will love you forever for it !!!

Sep 04, 202033:38
Chatting with Jon D'Amore - Its Been a Slice !!!

Chatting with Jon D'Amore - Its Been a Slice !!!

Jon D'Amore - what can I say?   He is an accomplished musician and writer.  Jon's first book, The Boss Always Sits in the Back - A Memoir, is a fun and incredible read.  Jon talks about his 22nd birthday in Las Vegas, and how a gambling scam in the 1970's changed all gambling laws in the United States.  

His second and third books - Deadfellas and The Deliveryman - also talk about the underworld (mafia).  His fourth book "As Long As I have Lips" is a romance.  

Jon talks about his cross country moves and what he wants in the future.  He can be reached at

Jon's does zoom readings on Saturday and Sunday.   Take a listen !!!

Aug 28, 202053:31
Chatting with Hugh LeHane

Chatting with Hugh LeHane

A few days ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Hugh LeHane.  I love his accent !!!!   We could have gone on forever so there will be an episode 2.  Hugh has been living in London for the past two years. He talks about his move to London, what originally brought him to California, his acting, voiceover and spiritual work.  I've included his biography below.  Enjoy !!

Actor Hugh Lehane was born in Limerick and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. A multi talented artist he is also a musician, an editor and a filmmaker. As a young boy Hugh was enchanted by Stephen Spielberg's classic film 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind'. The experience was profound and in Hugh's own words... "With Close Encounters I truly came to know the wonder, the magic of cinema, the scope of what it could do and it changed me. Later, as I grew to know myself as an actor this film became a reminder of my purpose as an artist. To create art that touches the soul, that fundamentally, emotionally, spiritually moves people, and in doing so, giving back the same experience, the magical wonder that Spielberg gave me as a child with Close Encounters."

For 8 years Hugh studied intensively at Studio 24 Seven in Hollywood, Los Angeles with the amazing acting teacher / career coach Mark McPherson. Within weeks of beginning these classes Hugh booked a Lead Role in the award winning feature film 'Gothic Assassins' which played at International Film Festivals around the world.

Hugh recently moved to London, England. Within a week of arriving he had signed with an agent and auditioned for one of the top Casting Directors in the country. Hugh was born for this. This Irish force of nature is about to take the world by storm. Watch this space, this actor will very soon be a household name.

Some of the highlights of Hugh's time growing up in Ireland as an artist include performances at Dublin's famous Olympia Theater, as a musician going on a Nationwide Heineken Sponsored Ireland & UK Tour, producing-directing & starring in many musical theater shows at the Rupert Guinness Theater and getting past numerous public rounds of selection to win a personal audition with Oscar nominated Director Alan Parker (Fame, Mississippi Burning, Evita, Midnight Express) for his film 'The Commitments'.

Aug 19, 202059:26
Chatting with David Velo Stewart

Chatting with David Velo Stewart

I had the pleasure of chatting with David Velo Stewart a few weeks ago.  David is a fascinating film maker and writer who started his career in Ohio as a D.J.  David's latest project, This Thing Called Hip Hop, is inspirational, and shows the origins of hip hop.  This is streaming on Amazon Prime.

David graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor's degree in African American studies with a concentration in film. In January 2000, Stewart founded Velocity Productions Ltd. This entertainment company specializes in producing feature films, documentaries and web videos. In 2001, Stewart completed the narrative feature film HipHop for Life, which premiered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has been screened at the Sundance Film Festival (2002) and Acapulco Black Film Festival (2001). Stewart followed the success of Hip-Hop 4 Life with a city vs. city rap battle documentary series. The fifth and final installment, Hip Hop Life (2007) can be found on Netflix and iTunes. One of his latest film, The Low Key Savage Sunday is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

One of the things that impressed me is there is little to no swearing in David's films, and absolutely no use of the "N" word.  

David has also written picture book for children and is working on his second book.  

He can be found on instagram @hiphopbattle and

Please take a look at Hip Hop Battle on Amazon Prime - you will love it!

Aug 15, 202039:35
Chatting with Jan Seides

Chatting with Jan Seides

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with the very talented singer/songwriter Jan Seides in Austin, Texas.  My dogs were in the studio with me, and you can hear them knocking over chairs and snoring !   

Jan plays guitar, piano, mandolin and ukulele.  She gives us an insight on her influences - Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Judy Collins.  Jan discovered she had perfect pitch when she was 4 or 5 - Did you know the vacuum cleaner noise is a perfect C note ?  How cool is that?

Jan organized the Concert for the Navajo Neighbors last May, which raised money for the tribe.  I also learned that the Navajo Nation sent money to Ireland during the Irish potato famine and now Ireland is helping the Navajo Nation during this pandemic.  

Jan also sang an original song - Rachel's sister - which is incredible.  

Today, July 26, 2020 at 3:00 Central time, Jan will be doing a Zoom concert which can also be viewed on Facebook.  She does zoom concerts every other Sunday, however, you can see her on her website and on Facebook.

Jan can be seen on, instagram and twitter as @janseides, and her website is 

Take a listen :)  

Jul 26, 202042:27
Chatting with James Lee Stanley

Chatting with James Lee Stanley

I had the pleasure of speaking with James Lee Stanley.  I've known him as a musician for years and was fascinated talking with him.  Could have spent hours listening to him.  

James is a multitalented singer/songwriter who has opened for Bonnie Raitt, Robin Trower, worked with Poco, and Peter Tork, among others.  James talks about how he got into music, his influences and life on the road.  He also has 34 albums/cd's out.  

During our chat, he talks about recovering from throat/tongue cancer - he had surgery in 2019, and 8 weeks later was singing again..  He gives us his views on politics (YEAH !!!!!) and is just a fascinating guy !

He has a weekly show on Thursday nights, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Facebook and a radio show on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. on the Folk Music Notebook.

James can be found at,, instagram and twitter @ jamesleestanley, and his cd's are on every music platform available - CD Baby, Reverb Nation, to name a few.

Jul 26, 202046:06
Chatting with Chad Watson - 1

Chatting with Chad Watson - 1

I had the pleasure of chatting with the very talented producer and musician, Chad Watson.  I've known Chad and his lovely wife, Pam Loe, for years, and learned so much about him today.  Chad plays multiple instruments - bass, trombone, mandolin, among others.  He had played with Freebo, Charlie Rich, Kenny O'Dell, Maria Muldair, John York and Barry McGuire, among other country and jazz musicians.  Chad and Pam often perform together at The Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth, California.  Once the quarantine is over, they will be there once again.

Pam Loe, Chad's wife, is a musician in her own right.  She is a talented singer, and vocal coach.  Pam can be reached at and her facebook is  Her facebook page highlights both she and Chad singing, and their concerts.

Chad can be reached at

Cant wait for episode 2.

Check it out !

Jul 22, 202031:22
Chatting with Darryl Harrelson

Chatting with Darryl Harrelson

A sit-down interview with producer Darryl Harrison.  Darryl is a talented producer and drummer, who has worked in the country music field for years.  Looking forward to Episode 2 !

Jul 17, 202023:25
Chatting with Jeremy Eberstein

Chatting with Jeremy Eberstein

My guest today is the very talented actor, singer, songwriter and writer, Jeremy Eberstein.  Jeremy talks about his influences, his journey into acting and how he got his start playing a potato latka!  Take a listen - he is a funny guy :)

Jul 15, 202050:41
Chatting with Indie Musician Austin Kranick

Chatting with Indie Musician Austin Kranick

Austin Kranick - what can I say?   He is an extremely talented musician whose influences include Prince, Nirvana and Linkin Park.  This twenty minute interview showcases his influences, his talents, the shows he has performed in and plans for the future.  The band is dropping some new material on July 20th.  Austin and the band is on Facebook as Austin Kranick Music and also youtube.  Take a listen !!!!  

Jul 14, 202018:47
Chatting with the Tommy Lama

Chatting with the Tommy Lama

Today we hear the magical incantations - well for a minute - of the multi talented Tommy Savitt, also known as The Tommy Lama !   Tommy is a talented comedian who started his career as a lawyer in New York City.  He has always said "I went to the best acting school in town, Law School."  Tommy had a resident at the Tropicana in Las Vegas for several years, and is back in Los Angeles.  Once the Covid crises is over, he will be out touring again.  Always fun to watch.  You can also hear his helpers, his two dogs, bar in the background.  You can find him on social media at The Tommy Lama or email me at if you want to reach him.

Jul 08, 202030:47
Chatting with Keith Reza

Chatting with Keith Reza

Keith Reza is an extremely talented writer and comedian.  In this episode, he gives shout outs to everyone who has influenced him in his career, and who his influences have been.  We also discuss, in depth, the George Clooney movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 2.  Don't ask - it just ended up being here !!   

Once the pandemic is over, Keith will be performing again.  I highly suggest seeing him.  He's funny, personable and makes you happy.  Thanks for listening.

Jul 06, 202041:42
Chatting with Elaine Ballace

Chatting with Elaine Ballace

Elaine Ballace is a talented actor, writer, and former ice skater.  Elaine has appeared in Young Frankenstein, Dracula Dead and Loving it, and has her YouTube show - Camp Elaine.  Elaine was also in the web series "The Rich and the Ruthless."  She can be reached through Facebook or you can email me at if you have any questions.   Thank you for listening :)

Jun 29, 202032:45
Chatting with Kenny Metcalf

Chatting with Kenny Metcalf

Kenny Metcalf is an incredible singer, songwriter and musician.  Kenny was the keyboard player for Stryper, the Christian rock band in the 1980's, then went on to become the Number 1 Elton John Tribute Artist.  Kenny talks about his incredible recovery from near death - the Kenny Metcalf Miracle - and how his faith has healed him.   I first heard Kenny at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) about 8 years ago, and am his biggest fan.  His website is  Take a look around and I know you will be amazed with his work.  

Jun 19, 202043:11
Chatting with Nancy Jo Perdue - the Going Out Party

Chatting with Nancy Jo Perdue - the Going Out Party

Two friends chatting and having fun on a girl's night out - finally !  We flirted with fireman, ate Chinese food and had a great time.  Enjoy the banter :)

Jun 14, 202015:12
Chatting with Paul Petersen

Chatting with Paul Petersen

Interview with teen idol, actor, singer, writer and child advocate Paul Petersen.  Paul talks about his years on The Donna Reed Show, his friends who are former child actors.  He also spoke of his his work with A Minor Consideration, and his crush on Annette Funicello.  Who doesn't like Annette ???  

Jun 01, 202017:57
Chatting with John M. and Hillorie McLarty

Chatting with John M. and Hillorie McLarty

John M. is a talented singer songwriter in the Los Angeles area.  He hails from the east coast, and has lived in Nashville, and Northern California.  He is currently in Southern California, moving back to Nashville in the next month.  John is a hit at house concerts and at the local clubs.  

In this podcast, John sings a favorite - My Mother in Me - a tribute to his late mother.  

Hillorie McLarty is John's manager and significant other.  She is the marketing and advertising manager at Music Connection Magazine and is finishing up her degree in creative writing.   Hillorie is the producer of Sunday Morning Live, which is a Facebook Live show on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

I wish both John and Hillorie the best in Nashville, and know they will be a hit in the clubs and house concerts there.  

May 26, 202041:23
Chatting with Kimbra - Episode 1

Chatting with Kimbra - Episode 1

Coffee talk with actress, model, singer and writer, Kimbra Westervelt.  Kimbra has had an amazing life traveling all over the world as a model and actress.  Her website is kimbrawestervelt dot com and she can be reached either through the website or studiocitynow at gmail dot com.

Happy listening !

May 26, 202045:41
1 - Chatting with Melody Guy

1 - Chatting with Melody Guy

Melody Guy is a gifted songwriter from Nashville.  Her writing has an emotional depth and honesty that strikes you deep down in your soul.  In Episode 1, Melody sings her newest song, Human Connection, written about the isolation of the current home isolation/quarentine during the Covid-19 crisis.  This is an honest look at her feelings and her background.  Later episodes will go into her hobbies - she has discovered painting, and other life work.  Thanks for listening.  

May 13, 202045:32
1 - Marc Cartwright, photographer and renaissance man

1 - Marc Cartwright, photographer and renaissance man

Marc Cartwright grew up in New York, on Long Island's East End.  Partially raised by his grandparents who were avid fans of Hollywood classics, Marc developed a passion for the entertainment industry.

A graduate of NYU, Marc runs a successful photography business in Los Angeles, where he photographs established as well as up and coming talents in Film and Television.

With his experience behind the camera producing photoshoots, Marc followed his passion for film directing and producing.  he co-founded the production company Glass Cabin Films to create short and feature length content.

His websites is:

May 11, 202019:12