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The Leadership Mindset - The podcast for growing leaders

The Leadership Mindset - The podcast for growing leaders

By Haydn Bratt

How much could you achieve if you were to invest 91 hours of concentrated, intentional effort? Be it a business idea, a hobby, learning a language or playing your favourite sport - in 91 hours I bet you could make a load of progress?

15 mins a day for 365 days is over 91 hours!

This show is all about how in just 15 mins a day you can transform the way you lead - your team, your business and yourself. Through the science of habits we will inspire you to make micro changes that will radically improve the results you achieve.
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Season 3, Episode 5: From doing to being with Sandhya Maheshwari

The Leadership Mindset - The podcast for growing leadersFeb 15, 2021

The importance of surrounding yourself with people who raise you up...

The importance of surrounding yourself with people who raise you up...

This week I want to talk about the power of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up...

Last week I invested in my own personal growth by joining 8 other business leaders to work on our businesses. We were in the Italian sun for 4 days - its a lot of time to take away from building the business so why do it? Well I will share why in this episode...

I will also share something exciting tat we are doing at Mindset Leadership next week - our very first Inner Circle Summit! Listen to find out more...

Jul 12, 202316:08
Show Up: Why effort is not enough...

Show Up: Why effort is not enough...

In this episode I talk about one of the foundational Habits of the M-Powered Business System - Show Up.

In particular we start to unpack the link between effort and impact. When you get to elite levels the effort put in is no longer a competitive advantage - everyone at that level will work hard. What makes a difference is Thinking, Character and Skill.

We provide simple practices to work on each of these 3 areas.

Jun 20, 202316:16
Live to Serve: How the Motivational Orientation of your team can impact performance...

Live to Serve: How the Motivational Orientation of your team can impact performance...

To download the FREE assessment simply visit

In this episode we explore the importance of motivation - especially when we move from Fear Based leadership towards a more empowering culture.

Jun 14, 202315:57
Episode 8: Creating an M-Powering Inner Framework - Part 2

Episode 8: Creating an M-Powering Inner Framework - Part 2

Building on Episode 7 where we looked at the Power of Values and Beliefs today we really start to unpick the process of creating an empowering framework that we can trust and rely on to help us to make better decisions in consequential situations.

This is where habits really can support us.

May 17, 202316:05
Episode 7: Creating an M-Powering Inner Framework - part 1
May 10, 202315:31
Episode 6: How to make a MIGHTY impact...

Episode 6: How to make a MIGHTY impact...

One of the areas I am most passionate about is how small business owners and entrepreneurs can create impacts that are exponentially larger than their business size or the resources they have available.

People often mistake effort for impact - yet the truly impactful focus not on what goes in but on how they can maximise the difference they can make!

In today's show I share two key tips for moving from small to mighty...

May 03, 202315:43
Episode 5: We fall back on the level of our training...

Episode 5: We fall back on the level of our training...

In today's episode I share a couple of examples from the sporting world that prove the idea - we don't step up when it matters, we step back to the level of our training and preparation.

There is a belief in many areas of business that when it matters we can just show up and we will deliver to a high standard - that almost automatically our skill will shine through and we will do great work. it is true that when the adrenaline is flowing we can and will often perform to our best - BUT ONLY IF WE HAVE PUT THE WORK IN FIRST.

The elites - those who are the very best in the world at what they do - they have worked tirelessly hour after hour practicing their craft so in the moment on elite competition they can perform to the level they desire. We need to do the same in our businesses - in this episode I share a few tips as to how we can do this...

Apr 26, 202317:24
Episode 4: Your Business is a Tree

Episode 4: Your Business is a Tree

In this next episode I want to continue to explore the themes and concepts that led me to write my upcoming book (The M-Powered Business).

Many years ago, before I had started my entrepreneurial journey I met a man who shared with me why he was so passionate about the businesses he ran at the time and it stuck with me - so much so that it has become a central guiding part of why I am so passionate about small business.

In this episode I will share why thinking of your business as a TREE can really help and why this forms a core part of the reason behind the book...

Apr 19, 202315:22
Episode 3: Why the M-Powered Business?

Episode 3: Why the M-Powered Business?

In this episode I am going to dig into the reasons why I have decided to write and publish my upcoming book - The M-Powered Business.

I share with you the real cause that sits at the heart of the book, this show and well, just about everything that I do in the world... I am going to dig back into my own story and two specific pivotal moments that led me to this deep purpose in life - and hopefully help you to understand why this matters so much.

Apr 12, 202316:17
Episode 2: MindFLOW

Episode 2: MindFLOW

MindFLOW is everything...

What do we mean by MindFlow? In this episode I unpack this term and really explore why MindFLOW is truly the secret to success in your business.

Pulling on performance psychology, habit science and the work of many people around Growth Mindset we will take a short, yet deep dive into a subject that holds the key to human growth and performance improvement...

Apr 05, 202316:45
Welcome to the all new M-Powered Business Show

Welcome to the all new M-Powered Business Show

Welcome to the all new and improved M-Powered Business Show.

I have decided to relaunch this podcast under a new name and with a new intention - to help you in just 15 minutes a day start to develop the habits and high performance routines that will transform your business and your results.

In this launch show I am going to take you through what you can expect over the coming weeks and how best to take advantage of 15 minutes each day! I will share a little bit of the science behind 15 minutes and why this magical number will help you, day by day, boost your performance and transform your results.

I hope you enjoy the new show - please let me know if you do or if you want us to change anything to make it work better for you.

If you want to get even more high performance content and ideas then please click here and join our private messenger group where I share daily tips and ideas to inspire you to achieve more:

Mar 29, 202316:11
Season 3, Episode 9: Change is a fallacy...

Season 3, Episode 9: Change is a fallacy...

We seem to be obsessed with change. From change initiatives to change management it has become a an accepted part of the language of business and our organisations. Yet, does change even exist?

I would argue that change is the wrong term. I believe that what actually happens is a far more natural process called renewal. Rather than being about a change what we are actually doing is constantly recreating the world and always building something new. When looked at through this lens then the opportunities are endless and resistance is lessened.

Mar 29, 202117:16
Season 3, Episode 8: Losing control

Season 3, Episode 8: Losing control

In this latest episode where I am exploring some of the challenges facing leaders as we create the future of work I am exploring the anxiety many will be feeling about having to give back control over their lives. For years we got accustomed to the fact that a large part of our time was dictated by the organisation we work for and the job we do. We accepted this as the normal.

Over the last 12 months we have opened our minds and our eyes to a new way to work and this has led us to have greater control. How many of our teams are ready to give this back? How many of us are ready to go back to the way we worked before the pandemic? Sharing some of my own thoughts on the way that I am now working verses a year ago I am certainly making different choices and am very resistant to reverting back to a previous mode of work.

In this episode I encourage you to start the conversation - to discover just what people have loved and what they have missed so that we can design our business in a way that helps people be their brilliant best.

Mar 22, 202119:58
Season 3 Episode 7 : A better way to lead...

Season 3 Episode 7 : A better way to lead...

Recently I have been reviewing the aims of this podcast - to discover a better way to add value to you, the people who listen in. My WHY is to find a Better Way and Share it - this is what drives me every day. As my friends at the WHY institute say, when you know your WHY WHAT you do has more impact.

We are approaching one of the most challenging periods for leaders the world over. The pandemic has created a dramatic shift in our expectations for life and work, and navigating our way through the aftermath is going to test leaders everywhere. The future of work is here, and we the leaders in business large and small everywhere are designing this future as we go. I believe there is a better future for the way we all work, I am passionate about helping more people to love what they do and design their life so that they can do more, be more and achieve more.

In tis episode I am setting the scene for the challenge ahead and over the coming weeks I will helping you as you navigate the new normal, and build the future workplace. My hope is that we together create a future where we can all thrive.

Mar 15, 202116:39
Season 3, Episode 6: How confidence and belief can help you succeed with Julie Nichols

Season 3, Episode 6: How confidence and belief can help you succeed with Julie Nichols

After growing up on a farm, and taking responsibility for running the farm from an early age Julie Nichols has always had a strong drive to succeed. After studying Agronomy she has recognised that there are different ways to operate that can help both growers and buyers all achieve more by working together - the Chinese principle of Guang Xi is a guiding ethos for Julie and her business Organzo (

In this wonderful conversation Julie discusses her lessons learnt as a business owner, and how through it all she has never doubted her ability to succeed. This is not born out of arrogance, but an unshaken belief in her ability to create positive outcomes. What is wonderful about Julie is whilst she has belief in herself, she also recognises where she needs help and support. Her Advisor Board is a practice I would encourage all business owners to adopt.

If you would like to find out more about Julie and her work then check her out on Linked In -

If you have enjoyed this podcast please rate and share so others can get to hear this great advice.

Feb 22, 202128:28
Season 3, Episode 5: From doing to being with Sandhya Maheshwari

Season 3, Episode 5: From doing to being with Sandhya Maheshwari

With a passion for personal growth and development spanning more than 40 years Sandhya Maheshwari is a student who now helps her clients through her own Transformational Life Coaching business, Lotus Life Mastery. Taking her upbringing in India and her spiritiual and religion beliefs and augmenting them through working with great mentors and teachers Sandhya has discovered how important the shift is when we stop focussing on what we do and start to work on who we become.

Sharing simple yet powerful questions Sandhya helps us to understand our key drivers that are impacting our life, so that we are open to and embrace personal transformation. 

Sandhya Maheshwari is a Transformational Life Coach and her business is LOTUS LIFE MASTERY. She has been in the personal and professional training and development industry for over two decades.  Her clients produce extraordinary results in the area of their health and well being, relationships, their career (vocation / creative expression), and they experience time and money freedom.

Sandhya offers free workshops and discovery sessions and those who are ready and willing take action to move beyond where they are to where they would love to be.

She empowers her clients with rigor and compassion to create and live a life by design.

You can connect with Sandhya at or by visiting her Facebook page:

Feb 15, 202129:33
Season 3, Episode 4: Just get on the train with Jacqueline Burton

Season 3, Episode 4: Just get on the train with Jacqueline Burton

How can a fear of rollercoasters become the mantra for living a fearless life? In this conversation Jackie Burton shares how, on a holiday to Florida she overcame her fear of the Hulk roller-coaster by taking one step forward and then just going with it. Something she has taken into her life and her business - the attitude of just get on the train!

Jackie is a highly successful retail leader and business owner. She leads two Vodafone Franchise stores in the North West of England, as well as launching a new business where she helps fellow entrepreneurs successfully grow and lead their business'.

Jackie's passion and belief in what is possible shines through in this conversation - using both her desire for growth and taking unhelpful criticism and using it as the catalyst to challenge herself to prove just how much she can achieve! She has found her own way to successfully deal with the imposter in her own head - a challenge she admits she faces daily! This is a great example of how we can manage our inner chimp and still push ourselves to be all we want in our life!

If you want to connect with Jackie she is on Linked In:

Her email is:

Feb 08, 202127:48
Season 3, Episode 3: Creating your future with Ruthann Bowen

Season 3, Episode 3: Creating your future with Ruthann Bowen

What happens when you return after a career break and find your expertise and the thing that you once loved was no longer as relevant or the world has changed so much that you need to start again? This was part of the story of today's guest Ruthann Bowen.

Ruthann is the founder of Wix DesignHer ( and the Chief Marketing Officer for EastCamp Creative. Ruthann has dedicated her new found passion for web design to helping entrepreneurs, specifically female business owners, create beautiful websites without having to invest in huge design costs. In fact her brand new book is designed to do just that - it's called "Creating your own website in a weekend" and helps entrepreneurs create DIY websites that are beautifully designed, converting websites.

Ruthann is passionate about helping others and the importance of design. In this episode the not only shares what she does but also the journey she has been on as a business owner herself. From leaving a wonderful job, to the concern of her parents through to her work now disrupting the web design market Ruthann has always felt challenged by working inside a "box" as she calls it. Her desire to create and her love of finding new ways to do things means that she is able to forge her own path balancing the courage to take on board feedback, whilst having the inner confidence to trust her instincts - a balancing act she manages with real style.

if you want to connect with Ruthann you can visit her website or connect on LinkedIn:

Feb 01, 202132:42
Season 3, Episode 2: Finding your brilliance with Alison Tansey

Season 3, Episode 2: Finding your brilliance with Alison Tansey

Sometimes a product or service comes to the market and provides a solution that is so obvious and needed that you can't believe it didn't exist before it was created - this is what Alison Tansey and the team at Simply Brilliance have done. 

Alison has had a highly successful career in the People Development function with a series of large corporate organisations. Through this she recognised the value of finding brilliant providers to help augment their own internal talent to create truly "dial shifting" solutions. Yet, the process of uncovering these brilliant providers was time consuming and often challenging. There had to be a better way...

There was - Alison left the corporate space and with her co-founder created it! In this conversation we discuss not just the great service she has created but also the thinking and the journey she has pursued in stepping into the entrepreneurial space and becoming a business owner and leader in her own right. From training others to now living the theory Alison shares how she is now applying the years of information and knowledge she has gained. Sharing her own thinking around the challenges this creates.

You can connect with Alison on Linked In here:

You can find out more about Simply Brilliance here:

Jan 25, 202126:03
Series 3 Episode 1 - Solving complex problems with Sally A Illingworth

Series 3 Episode 1 - Solving complex problems with Sally A Illingworth

In this episode I am speaking to Sally A Illingworth. Sally is someone who I have admired for a while through the platform Linked In - she was one of the first people to capture my attention by using video as a way to connect. In this conversation we explore how Sally's natural problem solving and curiosity led to her using the Linked In platform to see how she could create content that engaged people, and how this has since taken her career into a completely different space! If ever their is a person for whom the idiom "anything is possible" rings true it is Sally. What runs through all she does though is a love of solving complex problems and a deeply analytical approach to everything she does.

Sally is a hardworking, calculative and strategic consultant who thrives in complex adaptive working environments. She loves logical analysis and strategizing to find and curate the most effective solutions. Sally has high standards of operation and embraces her imagination to ensure the most considerate and thorough outcomes for important projects.

Sally is truly passionate about sinking her teeth into complex projects and enjoys working behind the scenes on strategically important tasks and immersing herself in her work.

If you would like to connect with Sally (you 100% should!) the best place of course is Linked In - here is her profile:

Hope you enjoy this episode - if you do then please rate it and share it with your friends

Jan 18, 202132:00
Season 2, Episode 20: Happy New Year - the importance of goals with Scott Oliver

Season 2, Episode 20: Happy New Year - the importance of goals with Scott Oliver

It's that time of the year when goal setting and resolutions are front of mind. And yet, why do so many goals remain unfulfilled and so much energy and enthusiasm dissipates? In this conversation I am talking to Scott Oliver. Scott is an Attorney at Lewis Kappes in Indiana, and huge congratulations to him as he has just made partner at his firm. 

As a passionate member of the legal profession Scott understand the value of connection and also is a super keen advocate of personal growth and lifelong learning. In this great discussion Scott shares how he has seen the silver lining in the recent challenges and how this has opened him even further to the opportunities that adapting brings to us all.

One thing Scott shares is how important it is to focus on the process - it is not just about the outputs but it is how you achieve them that matters. This is an area that has made Scott really stand out in his profession. In this discussion he shares how focussing on the process is a key part of goal achievement.

Scott Oliver is an attorney at Lewis Kappes where he practices corporate, banking, and real estate law. Through his practice, he regularly represent state and national banks involved in commercial financing, as well as businesses and individuals in matters involving business/real estate transactions, including: real estate acquisitions/sales, business acquisitions/sales, leases, entity formation and governance, commercial issues, creditor’s rights, contract preparation, contract negotiations, and compliance.  Throughout his career Scott has has closed hundreds of SBA and conventional financing transactions for lenders and worked with businesses of all sizes to start, scale, and thrive.

Outside of his legal career, Scott is also an adjunct professor, speaker, and advocate for the “human” side of practicing law. He believes that a lawyer is much more than a billing machine behind a desk – a lawyer is a partner to clients, a mentor to others, and an agent for positive change and leadership within his/her community.

Through his unique perspective on the profession, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive to help others, Scott has positioned himself as a leader in his field and beyond.

Jan 04, 202131:46
Season 2, Episode 19: being your own best friend with Izabella Piekarska

Season 2, Episode 19: being your own best friend with Izabella Piekarska

What does it take to come back from a life limiting spinal issue to climb the highest mountain in Greece? Well that is exactly what my guest has done. Izabella Piekarska is an inspiration. Izabella is a member of the mastermind group that I am part of and over the past 2 years I have grown to have untold respect for her.

Izabella is an executive coach, a leadership developer as well as a psychologist. As a member of the international John Maxwell Team she loves to help people and has a deep compassion for others - wanting to help them in business and in their life. She lives and works in Poland. You can connect with Izabella here:

Linked In -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Dec 28, 202030:40
Season 2, Episode 18: Finding balance with Sarah Walters

Season 2, Episode 18: Finding balance with Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters is a Director at Aster Commercial Services Ltd. She also happens to be a very valued fellow member of a mastermind group that I am fortunate to be part of. I love spending time with Sarah because really understands people and their energy. 

Experienced in procurement and supplier relationship management across Corporates in the OEM, food manufacturing, retail and financial industries, CIPS qualified with over 20 years commercial experience. I have a solid reputation for leading teams to delivery and driving the best value for my clients. Pragmatic, unflappable and with a can-do attitude, I work at pace but not at the expense of quality and necessary due diligence.
Well versed in IT systems, software and services Procurement I can also turn my hand to marketing services and digital as well as direct manufacturing. I am also a whizz at category management: analysing spend and supplier data to prioritise and ensure the most efficient approach to driving value.

In addition to her professional career Sarah is also  Raki Master - I am not sure how many other procurement professionals have this passion but for Sarah it makes sense as to how she uses this skill to help advance her ability to serve her clients.

If you want to connect with sarah then you can find her on Linked in:

Dec 21, 202032:21
Season 2, Episode 17: it's not about you with Kimberly Hambrick

Season 2, Episode 17: it's not about you with Kimberly Hambrick

In this conversation I am joined by Kimberly Hambrick. Kimberly is someone I have got to know via Linked In - we both have a passion for leadership and naturally were attracted to like one another content. this has formed into a true friendship. Kimberly is an amazing person and inspires so many through her work as a coach and leadership expert. I love her no nonsense down to earth approach and the fact that she is unashamedly her!

She works to Equip and empower professionals to escape the everyday nonsense of the corporate grind using a proven system that minimizes risks. Start your journey to the life you want to live personally or career wise.

As you continue to grow yourself, you may be faced with looking for a different position, corporation, or to start your own company and follow your passion or calling.

You might ask yourself: what might be next, where do I start, how do I minimize risks, and how can I be fulfilled professionally.

She  has a successful career of growing individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their greatest potential and to navigate such transition points. And she is living proof that this system works and it will work for you as well.

She walked away from almost 30 years in the corporate world to create her own company that is focused on helping others to showcase their strengths, providing them with tools and strategies to create their next step, and building their confidence to achieve their dreams.

She is also the host of the The Cannoli Coach podcast which focuses on sharing stories of about how to overcome obstacles, celebrate successes, and create the life you imagine.

You can check here out here on Linked In:

You can also check out her podcast - The Canoli Coach here:

Dec 14, 202029:51
Season 2, Episode 16: You can trust life with Emily Mishler

Season 2, Episode 16: You can trust life with Emily Mishler

What do you do when the career that you really want doesn't really exist? Well if you are Emily Mishler (Creative and Managing Director of the Cultivated Group - then you create a business and do it anyway!

Emily has a pretty unique and very special take on the world - there she uses her passions for creative communication, business and philanthropy to bring about good - to truly change the world and help more people to realise their dreams. The Cultivated Group believe in asking tough questions, tackling big problems and challenge convention. So much so that Emily's organisation isn't just limited to global operations but are currently working in space too! Now that really is stretching your thinking as to what is possible.

Beyond the worthy causes that Emil supports via her business she is also passionate about children's education and has written a series of books under the banner Esme The Curious cat (check out the website at

In this discussion we talk about the inner work that is needed to take control of ones choices, to grow the inner belief that you need as you step into uncertainty. Emily's take on life is refreshing and advanced - she has real clarity and is super intentional about the way she lives her life and this shines forth in her choices.

Dec 07, 202031:27
Season 2, Episode: 15 It's OK to not be OK with Sam Padmore

Season 2, Episode: 15 It's OK to not be OK with Sam Padmore

When you go to the doctor and they give you 2 options, to wait 12 - 18 months for counselling or the chance to take some "Happy Pills" it gives you a realisation that you need to start taking action - or at least it did for this week's guest Sam Padmore.

Sam is the Director or MORE Ltd (Linked In:, a coaching business that is helping use positive psychology and emotional intelligence to help clients who are struggling with their mental health. Sam has faced his own challenges and freely and openly admits that he is managing his own mental health each day. Speaking from his own experiences he has created a science based approach to help his clients develop a range of solutions that can help them.

In this conversation Sam talks about how important it is to be open - how important it is to communicate and build self awareness as the first stage towards acceptance.

Nov 30, 202029:34
Season 2, Episode 14: Losing yourself in your obligation to others with Chiara Covone
Nov 23, 202029:25
Season 2 Episode 13: Serendipity with Georgina Kelly
Nov 16, 202026:45
Season 2 Episode 12: Have a vision with Sasha Krysta

Season 2 Episode 12: Have a vision with Sasha Krysta

In today's conversation we are talking to Sasha Krysta. Sasha is Founder and CEO of Lionique London Ltd and ThirdEye Tech Ltd - you can connect with her on LinkedIn here:
As a consultant and strategist working with Tech start ups Sasha is at the cutting edge of the services that are changing the world around us - a fast paced sector that is flourishing right now.
In this conversation Sasha shares her insight into the mental framework she has created that sees her running 3 successful business' and be a mother to her her recently new born baby! As she says she loves a challenge and her focus is on how she can achieve her vision of the difference she wants to make in the world.
Sasha shares how she had th courage to step out of being "employed" and feeling suppressed to taking on running her own organisation - how this was part of her own life plan - the vision she created for herself. yet, as a highly creative person she was also comfortable with allowing the organic process of how this was going to happen to take her on it's course.
For Sasha the vision is the start point - and i loved how she helped us to understand that vision isn't a big scary thing tat is the preserve of CEO's and big thinkers - we can all create a vision of how we want to make our own world better.
You can find out more about Sasha and her work by visiting
Nov 09, 202029:59
Series 2 Episode 11: How play makes us better with Jeff Harry

Series 2 Episode 11: How play makes us better with Jeff Harry

How many people tell you their career was inspired by the Tom Hanks film B.I.G? Well that is exactly where Jeff starts his story.
Jeff Harry is the founder and Dir of Mischief (is that not the best job title) at Rediscover Your Play ( He is a coach and international speaker and is working with business to help the tackle some really serious challenges using play as the mechanism to unlock creativity and achieve optimal performance.
In this brilliant conversation we find out how play is actually linked to "flow" states and how by taking away the pressure of the outcome we allow people the freedom to explore and get curious about how they are feeling.
If you would like to find out more about Jeff and his work you can connect with him here...
Nov 02, 202026:44
Season 2 Episode 10: The Miracle Morning with Sarah Cooper

Season 2 Episode 10: The Miracle Morning with Sarah Cooper

How does a film and TV producer go from a successful career in the media space shift to launch and build a highly successful online business around the demands of being a busy mum and having a great family life? The story, as you might imagine has not always been an easy one.
Sarah Cooper ( leads an online business for the brand Arbonne International LLC and is on a path to help ambitious women with a burning desire for more, to create a life on their own terms by following simple steps to start their own online wellness business.
Sarah is an avid fan of Linked In and more importantly the Miracle Morning concept - currently well over 90 days in she has developed a brilliant morning routine that see's her fired up and full of energy to go after the day. I got to know Sarah through her content - as a female entrepreneur she is passionate about the importance of Mindset and the positive impact this can have on our success.
In this wonderful conversation she shares her journey and tells us a bit more about why this matters so much and what it has done for her in her life.
Oct 26, 202032:52
Series 2 Episode 9: Bloom where you plant yourself with Marissa Nehlsen

Series 2 Episode 9: Bloom where you plant yourself with Marissa Nehlsen

To book a place on the next 66DayChallenge - click here...

Our grandparents always seem to give us the best advice and for Marissa Nehlsen her grandma shared "you are not a tree - you are free to move and plant yourself wherever you want to be, and then bloom where you plant yourself" Marissa Nehlsen is the founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group. From humble beginnings as a rural farm girl to running a  multi million dollar financial organisation Marissa certainly knows a thing or two about the choices we make. In this delightful podcast I have the awesome opportunity to hear more about the thinking and mindset of one of the most inspiring women I know. I have the fortune to call Marissa a friend and to hear some of her insights into how she has created the life she now leads is a genuine honour. Marissa delivers results by connecting with people and sharing her practical tools and techniques to help them achieve their goals and transform their lives in 5 core areas; financial, emotional, relational, spiritual and physical. Beyond her financial organisation she is currently leading two new start ups to increase her reach and sow more seeds, in her own worlds she wants to help as many people as she can to transform their lives through the help she can provide. Marissa lives by the ethos of working out what you have in your pantry and using this to do good and serving others. As if that is not enough she also has created a charitable organisation called Foundation Latin America that is funding sewing schools all over the world If you want to discover more about Marissa and the work she does you can connect with her here: Facebook: Linked In: web:

Oct 19, 202033:52
Series 2 Episode 8: The importance of persistence with Solange Semedo

Series 2 Episode 8: The importance of persistence with Solange Semedo

Persistence is everything. When your self belief fails you then you need to fall back on your persistence to see you through. If ever a person lived out her advice it is Solange Semedo.

Solange is the Group CEO of ETZ Group PLC - ETZ offers a full stack of software for recruitment agencies. With back office at its core, ETZ saves recruitment agency processing costs by up to 85%. Back office, payroll and CRM software that saves money and helps recruitment agencies grow.

A Portuguese national who was brought to the UK by her mother as a young child Solange has had a challenging journey to where she now finds herself leading her organisation. As she shares in this wonderful discussion hard work and perseverance have been two of the hall marks of her career. From packing goods in a factory, through working for large international law firms to investigating white collar crime Solange has had a very varied history. As a black female non UK national she has faced bias and discrimination, and it feels has always had to fight to have a voice. 

Her personal story has led her to genuinely wanting to lead with humanity and a caring approach - to ensure that the company she leads does not negatively impact the lives of teams in the way that she has had to suffer in her career. 

Listen in as she shares her wisdom and advice that she has gained from her life so far.

You can connect with Solange on Linked In:

Solange is a UK commercial solicitor with over 10+ years’ experience in white collar crime, EU/Competition law investigations, and Compliance. Solange has worked in private-practice  at New York law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, and UK heavyweight Clyde & Co; and in-house at Oil & Gas company BP, US eDiscovery leader KrollDiscovery; and in the public sector at the Office of Fair Trading (now the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)). Solange has substantial knowledge in the Technology industry, speaks 5 languages fluently (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian), has an LLB (Hons) in English and European Laws and an LLM in EU Law from the University of Essex.


Oct 12, 202033:01
Series 2 Episode 7: Discover your WHY with Dr Gary Sanchez

Series 2 Episode 7: Discover your WHY with Dr Gary Sanchez

How has a dentist helped over 50,000 people globally to discover their purpose in life? 

Dr Gary Sanchez is the leader of the WHY Institute ( - an organisation that he formed to help people all around the world discover their WHY. In this fabulous conversation Gary shares his own story as to how he discovered his own WHY and what it meant to him, and how he has since discovered a Better Way that he has Shared with people everywhere.

From working with one of the coaches of "The Secret" fame to jumping on the phone with Simon Sinek (author of start with WHY) Gary's story is pretty incredible - he has transformed his world all because of a need to figure out for himself why he does what he does. What he uncovered was a system that can allow you to discover your why too in just minutes. Once you know your why we can have a really great conversation.

Having invested time in discovering my own why (and realising that Gary and I share the same WHY) i have been impressed by the work Gary is doing and how easy and yet powerful this tool is. In this conversation you can simply hear the passion with which Gary operates - as he says when what you do is aligned with why you do it - this is what fuels our passion.

If you want to find out more about Gary and the work he is doing then follow him on Linked In (

Oct 05, 202029:16
Series 2 Episode 6 The importance of staying curious with Toby Newman

Series 2 Episode 6 The importance of staying curious with Toby Newman

How does staying curious help us to stay ahead of the curve? Toby Newman is passionate about helping others to learn and grow and is working, both inside his organisation and through his social collaborations to help inspire people to become life long learners.

In this episode Toby shares his background story that has led him to having delivered his own TedEx talk, created a You tube channel and formed the 'nevereandinglearner'. In this honest and thoughtful discussion he shares that where he is now was not necessarily part of a plan and how he took inspiration from the Bar Luhrmann song "wear sunscreen" from 1997 (for those younger listeners to this podcast you can check it out here - worth a listen

Toby is the Internal Talent Development Lead for TedEx Eindhovenas well as being an L&D Manager at HERE technologies. You can connect with him on Linked In here:

His TEDx Talk: – this playlist includes the talk with his post thoughts and journey to TEDx. He also has YouTube channel -

In the podcast Toby shares a number of resources - here are the links:


Self-awareness great resource:

The counselling course:

Sep 28, 202032:07
Season 2 Episode 5: Being the nicest person you can be with Debbie Halls-Evans

Season 2 Episode 5: Being the nicest person you can be with Debbie Halls-Evans

Throughout her very successful career Debbie Halls-Evans has been drawn to helping people to grow, develop and overcome their personal challenges so it is no surprise that she now leads a global people development organisation with her husband. In this brilliant conversation Debbie shares her story - the journey she has taken that has seen her have a successful corporate career, through winning a TV cooking show, to now leading RLC Consult.

Debbie shares how her work ethic and her belief in what she can do has been a constant thread throughout her life. Like many she has doubts but she has learnt to overcome them and take action. Throughout all of this her one overriding piece of advice is to "be the kindest person you know". 

Debbie is the partner at RLC Global ( - you can also follow her on Linked In (

Sep 21, 202031:40
Season 2 Episode 4: Don't fight it, follow it with Karen Turner

Season 2 Episode 4: Don't fight it, follow it with Karen Turner

Your instinct knows the way. When sharing her single biggest piece of advice Karen Turner, Founder and Consultant at 22 Coaching & Consulting ( tells us to stop fighting it and start to follow it.

This has led her from a successful career in the healthcare industry to set up her own consultancy where she helps healthcare clinicians and practitioners to build their business' and achieve even higher levels of patient care and practice performance.

In this wonderful episode we discover how Karen overcame here own inner critic to set up her own business and pursue the things that matter most in her life - some people call it selfish but as we discover Karen has recognised that this is just about following your dreams.

Sep 14, 202025:28
Season 2 Episode 3: Being a professional "oddity" with Shakil Butt

Season 2 Episode 3: Being a professional "oddity" with Shakil Butt

What role does the HR profession play in changing the world of work today? In this amazing conversation Shakil Butt, HR Hero for Hire, shares his own background and journey through the worlds of finance and HR to become one of the leading voices in changing the landscape for work in Britain today.

On the back of the recent global movements around diversity and inclusion Shakil shares his own passion for the role leaders play in creating fully inclusive spaces where people feel safe to perform at their best. He also shares how some personal development he undertook allowed him to really focus on what matters most in his life and how this has helped him shift his focus. 

What does success mean? Shakil is really clear on what it means for him.

To find out more about Shakil and his work visit

You can also connect with him on Linked in here -

Sep 07, 202034:58
Series 2 Episode 2: The power of tolerance with Rob Davies

Series 2 Episode 2: The power of tolerance with Rob Davies

What does political philosophy have to do with leading customer contact centres and creatng great customer experiences? This was a questions that today's guest Rob Davies has been asking himself recently. The answer? The love of solving complex problems and the importance of tolerance.

As a PHD academic Rob wrote his thesis on the power of tolerance. Then in his own words he fell into the gambling sector and his career has since taken him around the globe helping business to build amazing customer experience. However, what has stayed true is that that Rob loves working on complex issues and identifying solutions.

In this wonderful conversation he will share with you the 3 foundations of tolerance and how this have become the fundamental building blocks on which he has built his leadership - and the basis for many of the career choices he makes.

If you would like to connect with Rob his linkedIn profile is

Aug 31, 202029:36
Series 2: Episode 1 - Breaking new ground with Ishtar Ali
Aug 24, 202027:46
Episode 20: "Your people are watching" with Andrea Edwards

Episode 20: "Your people are watching" with Andrea Edwards

Why doing the right thing is so critical for leaders - because our teams are always watching how we act and behave and this, more than anything will impact the way they respond to us.

In this wonderful episode I speak to Andrea Edwards. Andrea owns a number of cafe's, bars and bistros as well as running a leading business coaching consultancy and has a wealth of experience leading large teams from a successful career in hospitality. Given the challenges facing the hospitality sector right now Andrea shares how her genuine care and love for people has helped her to stay true to her values even when the environment has been really tough.

Andrea is a Coach : Mentor ; NED @ Andrea Edwards Ltd. She specialises in systems and processes, helping business owners achieve sustainable profitability through her People to Profit chain

If you would like to connect with Andrea you can follow her on Linked In:

Aug 10, 202023:19
Episode 19: It's time to change the rules with Haydn Bratt
Aug 03, 202020:52
Episode 18: The certainty of change with Teresa Quinlan

Episode 18: The certainty of change with Teresa Quinlan

The recent global pandemic has bought into focus for many the fact that change is constant - and that certainty is a something that few really have. In this great conversation Teresa Quinlan shares her insight into change, how emotional intelligence (EQ) can help us to thrive through change and what it means for us as leaders.
Teresa is the founder of IQ+EQ=TQ ( working to build emotionally intelligent companies. She is an Executive Coach as well a a Leadership consultant and is the co-host of the wonderful podcast TNT ESQ.
From her own background as a child feeling like the "you should" and "you must' restrictions that she found suffocating she shares how she moved towards discovering EQ as a way to challenge these restrictions without causing further control measure responses. Here she shares how we all can use curiosity as a great framework to be willing to learn and grow.
Jul 27, 202031:32
Episode 17: Being an ENERGIST with Dave Evans

Episode 17: Being an ENERGIST with Dave Evans

What happens when in the middle of an online event you create a brand new word that just seems to explain something that has previously required a paragraph to make sense of? This is what happened when Dave Evans was online at an event and suddenly created the word ENERGIST.

In this podcast i am joined by Dave Evans, Founder and Chief Learning Officer at RLC Consult, a global business that has as it's mission to "Disrupt the global leadership deficit in the global business community" Dave is a man who absolutely embodies the word he created - to be an ENERGIST. in this wonderful conversation Dave shares his backstory and tells us how he has come to believe so strongly in the opportunity we all have to change the world around us.

Drawing on some of the traumas that have impacted his personal life, from illness and near death experiences Dave shares how he has "marinated" in the wisdom of the very best teachers to learn the mental frameworks that we need to help us to live an intentional life and apply energy to the day you are in.

You can connect with Dave and the team at RLC by visiting their website and on social @rlcglobal. 

Jul 20, 202025:45
Episode 16 - Creating a place to thrive with Paul Dowie

Episode 16 - Creating a place to thrive with Paul Dowie

What does it take for people to thrive? What does it even mean to thrive. In this Micro conversation Paul Dowie, HR Director - Architectural Coatings for PPG Industries shares his passion for how the role of HR can play a significant part in creating cultures that enable others to thrive.

From his own experiences, cutting his own teeth in leadership roles Paul has identified the importance of organisational culture in helping people to love their jobs. However, what Paul really brings to life in this conversation is the way that the culture comes to life through the actions and interactions that individuals have with the business - and the power of leadership to make a real difference. 

Paul can be contacted via Linked In - here is the link to connect with him

Jul 13, 202024:20
Episode 15: Exploring the lower case in leadership with Homy Dayani-Fard
Jul 06, 202029:49
Episode 14: Connecting learning to strategy to delivering amazing service with Wesley Bourne
Jun 29, 202023:32
Episode 13: Conscious Leadership with Rhys Thomas
Jun 22, 202026:43
Episode 12: The importance of people development with Sam Shepard

Episode 12: The importance of people development with Sam Shepard

Watching others progress and develop has been a cornerstone of Sam Shepherd's career. With a background in hospitality and retail Sam has always focussed on how to help others grow. In this insightful conversation she talks about why this matters and how, her own experiences with leaders she has worked for has helped shape her own passion for being a leader who helps others to grow. She also has a wonderful piece of advice for us all, either setting out on our career or in our current roles.

Sam Shepherd is the Group Director of Human Resources at O'Callaghan Collection (, one of the leading privately owned hotel groups in Ireland.

Jun 15, 202024:47
Episode 11: The power of influence with Melahni Ake
Jun 08, 202025:20