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Midwife Talks

Midwife Talks

By Lindy Casey

The Midwife Talks about current women's health news and studies. She shares some of her favorite crunchy practices and projects. And she tells stories. Birth, travel, sorrow, joy, all the stories.
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Birth Story - Sarah and Derik Beeston

Midwife TalksJan 24, 2023

The Baby Was Not His

The Baby Was Not His

NPE means Not Parent Expected or Non-Paternity Event. What happens when the father named on the birth certificate is not really the biological father? This is one story out of many.

As many as 1 in 10 births might be incorrectly attributed to the wrong father. That's a lot of surprises and potential heartache.

When a person finds out they have a different parent than they expected it can be shocking and almost universally, they blame their mother. If you are a mother who misattributed your baby's father either on the birth certificate or through what you told your child, I'd love to hear your side of the story.

Leave a 3-minute voice mail, or text me at ‪(715) 575-9420 You can also email Thanks for listening today and I hope you'll join me in the future. Please like, share, and subscribe. That helps more people find this podcast. 

Jun 28, 202310:49
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Birth Story: Gemma Louise Miles

Birth Story: Gemma Louise Miles

Gemma Miles, a popular YouTuber, recently had a baby and posted a VLOG of her labor. In this episode, I comment on how a midwife might do or suggest different things.  This was interesting to me because Gemma is in the UK and some of what she describes in her VLOG is different from how things are done in US hospitals. Links BIRTH VLOG | labour & delivery of our first baby & bringing him home! My daughter's YouTube channel: My Books:  Use code FreeForMe to receive free shipping at checkout.
Jun 17, 202222:19
Mental Health Stories
Jun 09, 202226:34
A Little Bit of Justice
Jun 03, 202249:55
Mean Girls
May 27, 202225:14
Birth Story: Ferrets in the House

Birth Story: Ferrets in the House

When the midwife has an allergic reaction, everyone is at risk. Since I'm retired, I can finally tell the truth about what the midwife community is all about.
May 17, 202225:14
The Right To Privacy
May 04, 202215:29
The measure of a mother

The measure of a mother

 The midwife offers some positive affirmations to remind you that your body is pretty remarkable and shares how to make poo spray. Next she gives a deeper commentary on the birth story from the last episode, and  then tells a home birth story. 

Aug 09, 201911:48
Touchy, Touchy

Touchy, Touchy

Midwife Lindy Casey discusses how pregnant women feel when they get unsolicited advice from strangers, and worse - when they are touched. She also shares some tips about how to boost your child's immune system to protect them when they return to school this fall.  And last, she shares a birth story. 

Aug 07, 201918:05