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The Business as Mission Podcast with Mike Baer

The Business as Mission Podcast with Mike Baer

By Mike Baer

Regular dialogue about BAM or Business as Mission with people just like you serving God in business around the world. Your host is Mike Baer, long time BAM leader and founder of Third Path Initiative, LLC.
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Creation Care—Part of the Quadruple Bottom Line of BAM

The Business as Mission Podcast with Mike BaerSep 30, 2023

Creation Care—Part of the Quadruple Bottom Line of BAM
Sep 30, 202334:58
Serving the BAM Ecosystem
Sep 15, 202329:16
Kingdom Investing
Aug 31, 202338:46
Jo Plummer—Global BAM Advocate
Aug 15, 202337:14
Grace and Joy in Business
Aug 01, 202333:11
Jesus’ Love Means Jobs
Jul 15, 202345:49
Jobs. Dignity. Opportunity.
Jul 01, 202335:41
Businesses to Support Families, Churches, and Indigenous Mission Activity
Jun 15, 202334:12
Mats Tunehag—BAM Global Statesmen
Jun 01, 202336:39
Missions Disrupted

Missions Disrupted

Larry Sharp PhD, founder of IBEC Ventures and missions professor, shares the thinking about his latest book, Missions Disrupted. BAM is not changing missions. The world is changing and missions must respond. BAM is one of the ways the Church is meeting the current challenge as we obey Jesus and make disciples of all nations. I’m
May 15, 202335:11
A Voice for BAMMERS

A Voice for BAMMERS

Sabrina Hammond is a podcast marketer and scheduler—almost like an agent. Her work is getting key people on podcasts to tell their story, something that could really help BAMMERs is developing their markets and telling their stories. Her company is Kingdom Connections Podcast & Media Agency and you can connect with her using the following links— If you’d like to help support the Business as Mission Podcast, go to
May 01, 202335:09
From “Stateless Children” to World Class Coffee
Apr 15, 202334:26
Let It Be Wild!
Apr 01, 202334:20
A Little Heaven in Your Business
Mar 15, 202336:42
Think About a “Mission Trip” at Work
Mar 01, 202334:29
A Man of Many Hats
Feb 15, 202339:33
The Story of Pure Flow Boda
Feb 01, 202338:40
An Environmental Kingdom Company
Jan 15, 202339:37
Is Romania Becoming a BAM Epicenter?
Jan 01, 202340:02
Avodah: Living “Workship”

Avodah: Living “Workship”

Professor, author, speaker, Kara Martin of Australia returns to share more perspective on the concept of work and worship. Check out her books on “Workship.”
Dec 15, 202239:28
BAM in India

BAM in India

Meet Daniel Madapur. Daniel founded Edge Magazine (www.the edge in Bangalore with a view to fostering a BAM Movement in that part of the country and developing a regional (and national) BAM ecosystem. His joy and faith in the Lord Jesus is contagious and you’ll enjoy hearing his story.
Dec 01, 202228:29
Just in Time for Christmas!

Just in Time for Christmas!

Julie Colombino-Billingham returns with an update on the story of post-Covid. The situation in Haiti is dire yet God keeps the high end gift company thriving and people working. Smart business moves and the Lord’s faithfulness about in this story. Learn more at and look for Julie’s new book “From Death to Dollars” soon. Support site:
Nov 13, 202230:22
Wild for the Kingdom!
Nov 01, 202239:06
House of Diamonds Tackles Human Trafficking in SE Asia
Oct 15, 202227:42
BAM—The Complete How To Roadmap
Oct 01, 202232:18
The Steward Investor
Sep 15, 202227:54
Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong

Bill Job, one of the earliest practitioners of BAM is still at it. Pandemic, illness, family struggles, relocating—none of these have cramped his God-given entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy this episode as Bill shares some of the wisdom that God has shared with him over the last 4 decades.
Aug 31, 202235:44
Pastor Rod Returns!

Pastor Rod Returns!

The “business pastor” Rod St. Hill of Brisbane Australia returns to share more insights on how to equip business leaders to make disciples in the market place. Join the pastor of Ignite Church to learn more. Listen and share this with pastors you know…maybe yours!
Aug 14, 202234:47
Co-Laborer Creates Co-Working Business in Colombia
Jul 28, 202234:12
Marketplace Leadership: An Example and a Coach

Marketplace Leadership: An Example and a Coach

Mark Bilton is a well known and highly respected Christian business leader in Australia. His story as a believer in business, executive, leadership coach, and strategist is most encouraging and very challenging. He also writes and you get his books just about anywhere. You can find out more about Mark, his work, and his books at these sites. and
Jul 15, 202231:38
BAM Companies Need Good Governance, Too!
Jul 01, 202231:49
Investing for the Kingdom
Jun 15, 202237:58
Coffee? Yes, please.

Coffee? Yes, please.

Meet Dave Price, visionary Coffee and BAM advocate. Dave has worked within the Global BAM community to push what he calls CAM—Coffee as Mission. It’s not about coffee shops but the entire coffee industry from farmers to baristas.
May 30, 202230:55
A Long Time BAM Pioneer
May 16, 202230:46
More BAM Wisdom (2)

More BAM Wisdom (2)

This is Part II of Larry Sharp’s “lessons learned” in BAM. Larry’s heart and experience help us avoid traps that many early BAMMERS have fallen into. Larry is an experienced missionary, professor, coach, and board member. Currently serving with IBEC Ventures and TriVenture—the BAM Launchpad. HTTPS://
Apr 29, 202230:29
BAM Wisdom (1)

BAM Wisdom (1)

Larry Sharp, PhD, shares more BAM Wisdom in part 1 of 2 episodes this month. This conversation focuses on having a strong foundation and clear purpose, if you want to do more than just get by. Larry is a respected teacher, professor, BAM Coach, sits on the board for Freedom Business Alliance.
Apr 15, 202225:33
Empowering Women in Kenya through BAM
Mar 31, 202233:33
Coconuts and the Kingdom
Mar 14, 202238:53
O Canada!
Feb 28, 202231:03
BAM Sage
Feb 14, 202220:54
Business and Human Trafficking

Business and Human Trafficking

Return guest, Rachel Nelson, is the Executive Director of Freedom Business Alliance. Https:// FBA exists to mobilize and equip companies around the world to make a difference in the dark area of human trafficking and sex slavery. Her update is important as this month is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in the USA.
Jan 26, 202227:54
God’s Banker Turned BAM Catalyst
Jan 17, 202224:47
Globe Trotting BAM Trainer
Jan 03, 202235:04
You Don’t Have to Cross an Ocean
Dec 15, 202124:37
BAM Venture Capital
Dec 01, 202133:45
A BAM Coach
Nov 15, 202120:21
Setting the Captives Free
Nov 01, 202130:30
BAM Training
Oct 15, 202120:49
High Tech BAM in Brazil

High Tech BAM in Brazil

Meet Danilo Brizola of Snowman Labs—a software engineering and design shop in Curitiba, Brazil. Danilo’s company is built on a solid Kingdom foundation and serves clients around the world.
Oct 01, 202127:04
The BAM Global Story
Sep 15, 202138:22