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Roots: Everyone has a story.

Roots: Everyone has a story.

By Mike Scozzari

A first of its kind family history podcast where each episode will feature everyday researchers, and dive into their own family history and stories. We all get to watch celebrities learn about their family history on television, but I think it's time that the everyday researcher gets to talk about the most interesting parts of their research journey. This show will make you feel like you’re part of the conversation and no matter who the guest is, I can promise you that their stories will be fascinating.

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Family history... From a kid's perspective

Roots: Everyone has a story.Nov 09, 2023

Her husband died... Or did he?
Nov 13, 202301:20:40
Family history... From a kid's perspective
Nov 09, 202359:37
"I came to America... In 1920."
Nov 02, 202346:46
Everyone has a story.

Everyone has a story.

Welcome to 'Roots: Everyone has a story'. In this very first episode, I'll be talking to you about my idea for this podcast and how I plan to bring you new content each week.

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Nov 01, 202321:24