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The Karnjanaprakorn Show

The Karnjanaprakorn Show

By Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Novel ideas related to life, work, and random tings.
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From Homeless to Multi-Million Dollar Sports Card Collection with Erik Myers

The Karnjanaprakorn ShowNov 28, 2023

From Homeless to Multi-Million Dollar Sports Card Collection with Erik Myers
Nov 28, 202354:19
Tech Optimism, AI Tutoring & Olipop (Tings Newsletter #16)
Nov 21, 202315:39
Nov 19, 202311:18
Protocol Daddies with Johnny Bowman
Nov 14, 202301:10:22
Midlife Transition with Ryan Vaughn

Midlife Transition with Ryan Vaughn

Episode #2: I chat with Ryan Vaughn about midlife transitions, letting go of externally created identities, and the role of psychedelics in self-discovery.


Ryan Vaughn is a founder/executive coach at ⁠Inside Out Leadership


00:00 - Introduction

01:27 - Motivation

02:52 - Midlife Transition

03:45 - Identity Shifts

11:32 - Phases

15:34 - Transitions

20:39 - Ego

24:09 - Psychedelics

36:36 - Relationships


Ryan's article on the ⁠Midlife Reorientation⁠


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Oct 31, 202345:29


Episode #1: Over the past 365 days, I've been on a sabbatical. Intentionally doing absolutely nothing. That was really hard for me. But taking time off to do nothing was also one of the best things I ever did. I reflect on the year and talk about reprioritizing my life and going through an identity shift.

00:00 Intro

04:32 Five Regrets of the Dying

05:41 Second Mountain

09:49 The Karnjanaprakorn Show

Oct 23, 202312:35