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Milangela's soul garden

Milangela's soul garden

By Milangela

Follow me on my journey and achieve mental and physical wellbeing as we go along. We will be enjoying nature, discovering your creativity and tapping into spirituality.

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EP2: Make conscious creation a lifestyle with Holli & Jeanna

Milangela's soul gardenMay 08, 2022

EP2: Make conscious creation a lifestyle with Holli & Jeanna
May 08, 202240:12
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Mar 13, 202231:30
EP34: Psychoastrology & Healing Core Wounds with Lisa Tahir
Sep 19, 202146:10
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May 30, 202147:32
EP32: It ain't over till it's over with Janie J
May 23, 202141:27
EP31: Writing heals and keeps me sane with Zvezdana Rashkovich
Apr 04, 202146:55
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Mar 21, 202134:58
EP29: Milangela's solocast: The Face Behind
Mar 14, 202110:30
EP28: When you acknowledge what you want with Jayne Marquis
Feb 28, 202138:26
EP27: Feeling great in your temple with Grace Asagra
Feb 21, 202140:27
EP26: Vulnerability or oversharing with Milangela
Feb 11, 202111:51
EP25: When your body demands you ask "Why?" with Valrie Blair
Jan 31, 202138:39
EP24: Truth & Empathy with Junon Macéus
Jan 17, 202101:15:41
EP23: My way to healing from cancer with Rusti L. Lehay
Jan 10, 202158:12
EP22: The healing power of our voice with Yavin & Upala from Songdance
Jan 02, 202144:14
EP21: We can appreciate the sunshine when it rains with Sandi Neilson
Nov 22, 202049:29
EP20: Find your way to joy in life with Lucille Necas
Nov 15, 202056:36
EP19: Change the way you are with Milangela
Nov 07, 202005:20
EP18: Goodbye to Sleepless Nights with Ambika Devi

EP18: Goodbye to Sleepless Nights with Ambika Devi

Counting sheep in the wee small hours? Getting up from your bed to go to the bathroom and then explore your fridge, unable to get that ZZZs? Join me and my guest, Ambika Devi, and change that pattern forever!

In this exclusive episode we are also giving away a special coupon! Use the CODE: MilangelaHelpsYouToSleep for 20% off of Ambika's sleeping program!

Nov 01, 202031:50
EP17: Your net worth is not your self worth with Victoria Buckmann
Oct 20, 202046:13
EP16: Herbs helping us thrive with Susun Weed
Oct 02, 202001:18:05
EP15: No more panic attacks with Otmar Braunecker
Sep 26, 202055:17
EP14: Awakening the Dormant Forces in us with Bharati Corinna Glanert
Sep 19, 202059:08
EP13: Through Fire and Water to Fairy Tales with Angela Legh
Sep 12, 202041:27
EP12: Burnout and how to avoid it with Gabriela Guzman Sanabria
Aug 17, 202049:03
EP11: From Hell to the Great Unknown with Anouk Bindels
Aug 16, 202034:07
EP10: The majestic realm of words with Rusti Lehay
Aug 15, 202049:44
EP9: From cosmetology to face yoga with Katya Mochagina
Aug 14, 202041:28
EP8: Changing life to an amazing journey with Jill McGregor
Aug 07, 202049:25
EP7: To help others you only need to be one step ahead with Roy Coughlan
Aug 05, 202037:37
EP6: Meditation to restore your energy
Aug 03, 202012:54
EP5: Moving toward the light with dr. Lucille Necas
Jul 29, 202046:09
EP4: A medium on creativity in us with Božidar Kolerič
Jul 24, 202017:29
EP3: The meaning and importance of being creative with Rania Odaymat
Jul 19, 202028:35
EP2: Age-ing means Sage-ing with Ambika Devi
Jul 17, 202036:49
EP1: Why Milangela's soul garden

EP1: Why Milangela's soul garden

In today's episode I'm sharing my personal story which really was the reason for the creation of this podcast.  I hope it will make a change in people's lives, and leave a trail behind me, the one of grace and giving.

Jul 09, 202010:39