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The Million Dollar Body Podcast | Burn Fat and Get Motivated with Nate

The Million Dollar Body Podcast | Burn Fat and Get Motivated with Nate

By Nate

The Million Dollar Body Podcast talks to high performers and entrepreneurs who want to increase their energy, clarity, and efficiency using fitness and nutrition as tools. Hear from other business owners who have had their best years ever and most success in their work, their families, and their focus, only AFTER they reclaimed their health.
You'll also hear about some of the fastest ways to trigger rapid fat loss without lengthy meal prep or marathon workouts.
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Dane Espegard - The Dream Machine

The Million Dollar Body Podcast | Burn Fat and Get Motivated with NateOct 18, 2021

How to Get Lean Only Cooking 2 Meals per Week
May 25, 202209:11
Here's The Exact Way to Lose 30lbs (hint: it's an app on your phone)

Here's The Exact Way to Lose 30lbs (hint: it's an app on your phone)

Here's Exactly How I Would Lose 30lbs.

1 Gal h20 per day
Meal Plan your dinners for the week
7+ hours of sleep per night
3 days weight training
3 days 30/15/3 cardio
10k steps daily

Not too bad, right? But also nothing groundbreaking.

So here's the thing. 

Take these activities and GET. THEM. SCHEDULED.The best fat loss tool is your calendar. Use it surgically.

May 18, 202209:32
Momentum is the Secret to Fat Loss

Momentum is the Secret to Fat Loss

Why does a train at rest only need a little door stopper to keep it in place while a train going 60mph will go through a brick wall?



The same applies to our efforts with fat loss. Anyone can put together a 4 day streak, but when the weekend hits and all the sudden we have 17 drinks and 4 burgers from Jack in the Box, there goes our streak, and it takes us another 4 days just to get back in the rhythm. 

Don't make these mistakes. 

Take a lesson from thousands of people who have come before you and set your efforts up in order to create hot streaks. When you do that, you'll see the success you want. 

May 11, 202210:27
Is Too Much Exercise Making You Skinny Fat?

Is Too Much Exercise Making You Skinny Fat?


I hear this a lot (mostly from men) "I've been training 6x per week, doing HIIT classes, working out every day and running after my workouts and the weight isn't coming off!"

Because it's obvious, right? If some is good, then more must be better?

But there's actually something else at play here - we need to pay attention to CARDIO COMPENSATION.

May 04, 202209:02
How To Delete Visceral Belly Fat (that is probably trying to kill you)

How To Delete Visceral Belly Fat (that is probably trying to kill you)


1. Give your body a reason to burn fat - if you’re always burning sugar, you’ll never escape this cycle

2. Keep stress and cortisol low. Are you stressed out of your mind?
A new diet or HIIT class isn’t going to help out.

De-stress and become fat adapted as a FIRST priority and watch how easy weight loss becomes.

WANT TO START BECOMING FAT ADAPTED? Join us for the Low Carb Reset starting May 2nd.

Drop a emoji below if you want more info.

Apr 27, 202211:19
Why is a Banana a ROUGH Breakfast for Fat Loss?

Why is a Banana a ROUGH Breakfast for Fat Loss?

Why is a Banana a ROUGH Breakfast?

What does this have to do with being a bag boy at a supermarket?

How do we eat to "teach" our bodies to burn fat?!

So many questions answered on this episode of the MDB Show

Apr 20, 202209:22
Is Carb Backloading the Best Fat Loss Method?

Is Carb Backloading the Best Fat Loss Method?

Is Carb Backloading the Best Fat Loss Method?

Carb backloading is one of the most effective method for fat loss as well as being incredibly sustainable

Sure you could lose weight by eating only tilapia and broccoli but the second you stop doing that (because...gross) you gain all the weight back.

This simple low carb strategy is incredibly powerful without taking over your whole life.

Apr 13, 202209:39
The Honest Truth: What It's Like To Be A Gym Owner
Mar 29, 202244:20
Want Fast and Simple Fat Loss? Try The 30/15/3 Method
Mar 23, 202211:42
Level Up Everyday With This Powerful Mindset Shift
Mar 15, 202240:37
Creating a Life of No Regrets
Mar 08, 202234:41
Is 3 X 10 Killing Your Game?
Mar 01, 202234:06
How A Busy Dad Dropped 60 Pounds
Feb 22, 202233:11
Can You Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight?
Feb 15, 202234:13
Show Up, Don't Quit and Keep Evolving with Tom Antion

Show Up, Don't Quit and Keep Evolving with Tom Antion

Tom has never had a job. For the past 44 years, he has owned his own business. Starting from scratch, Tom owned 5 apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE he graduated from college. 

Tom owned and operated the second largest nightclub in the State of West Virginia. 

Tom survived two gun fights, a knife fight, and over 100 serious altercations with bikers trying to kill him in the nightclub business.

This led him to learn and master real life combat skills, which he now teaches at

Tom lost $400,000.00 in the nightclub business when the drinking age went from 18 to 21, but he refused to go bankrupt and paid off all his creditors as he recovered from the nightclub loss and started an internationally known entertainment company.

This is a guy who has literally "been there, done that".

In a world of wannabe YouTube influencers and TikTok stars, Tom is the real deal. In fact, they're making a movie about him on Netflix. Check out the trailer here:

Tom founded the only licensed and dedicated Internet Marketing School in the Country He uses this organization to  teach marketing, while helping disadvantaged people gain skills that can help them make money for life. 

Make sure to connect with Tom and get on his email address because you literally have NO idea what amazing idea he's going to come up with next.

I had a ton of fun on this episode, and I hope you enjoy it as well! 

Feb 09, 202253:60
7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight
Feb 08, 202227:07
How To Use Carb Cycling For Fat Loss
Feb 01, 202232:54
Davey Fisher: Behind the Scenes Secrets of a Famous Fitness Trainer
Jan 25, 202236:26
Back WIDTH vs. Back THICKNESS | How to Develop a V Shape Upper Body

Back WIDTH vs. Back THICKNESS | How to Develop a V Shape Upper Body

In this quick MDB episode I go into detail about how to train to build wide lats that compliment your physique and how most people are actually training the WRONG way.

In fact, for the first 8 years of my training career, I did this 100% wrong and wondered why my back development was so minimal. It's not been until the last 2 years or so that I've seen INCREDIBLE progress in how my back looks and performs, without having to add more weight or spend more time at the gym.

This simple technique change will make a massive difference for you, ESPECIALLY if you've had a hard time developing the lean, muscular physique of your dreams. 

This was something I went into detail with with our private coaching clients a few weeks ago, but I think it's going to make a big change in your training, so I wanted to share it with you. 

And if you want to see the video, simply go to the "Lose Your Gut. Eat More Tacos. Never Track Calories" Facebook community to get the whole experience.

Jan 19, 202211:26
How to Get Abs for the First Time and Keep Them For Life (feat. Cameron Call)
Jan 18, 202232:25
21 Advanced Fat Loss Strategies That Get Results
Jan 11, 202229:33
This Type of Fasting Will Help You Detox Your Body from Sugar

This Type of Fasting Will Help You Detox Your Body from Sugar

A special episode of the MDB podcast, where my friend Jon Clark interviewed me for a 30 day "sugar free" challenge that's he's running as a part of his community. 

Tune in here to see the best type of fasting for detoxing from sugar, how to get through a fast without suffering, and some of the incomparable benefits of fasting and how you can use them in your own life to lose your gut, eat MORE tacos, and do it all without having to track calories. 

Jan 06, 202226:53


Have you been telling yourself you'd get back in shape, start a business, or learn a hobby when things "slow down"?

That's never going to happen. And that single lie is stealing your time.

It will never be the right time. But it doesn't have to be


Dec 30, 202106:16
How to Lose 85lbs with Rusty Osborne
Dec 28, 202138:50
The Truth About Getting Rid of Your Stubborn Belly Fat
Dec 21, 202120:41
How To Double Your Rate of Fat Loss (By Eating More and Training Less)
Dec 14, 202119:53
The Most Effective Blueprint to 10% Body Fat For Men (Without Fad Diets)
Dec 07, 202127:03
From Dad Bod to Greek God: Train These 3 Muscle Groups for Greek God Status
Nov 30, 202121:43
Who is Nate Palmer? Interview from Mighty Pete Lonton

Who is Nate Palmer? Interview from Mighty Pete Lonton

This was a very special episode that my friend the Mighty Pete Lonton from the Fire in the Belly Podcast allowed me to share here.

If you've ever wondered "who is Nate Palmer exactly?" this is for you. In this episode, I go through a bit of my personal journey, what drove me toward fitness in the first place, what keeps me pushing every day, and what's in store for the future. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it!

Nov 30, 202101:03:42
The Mental Shift Busy Dads Need to Make to Lose 40+ Pounds (with Joe Oubre)
Nov 22, 202134:29
Setting Your STANDARDS Through Exercise with Kevin McShan

Setting Your STANDARDS Through Exercise with Kevin McShan

Nov 19, 202131:30
The Power of Fitness Communities for Lasting Change (with Ben Brown)
Nov 16, 202149:04
How to Use Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training to Get FASTER Results with Dr. Mike DeBord

How to Use Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training to Get FASTER Results with Dr. Mike DeBord

Blood flow restriction training is a great way to improve muscle tone and strength. BFR training has been used by professional athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders, power lifters and even Hollywood actors who are looking for that ripped look. BFR training uses pressure cuffs or wraps on the muscles in order to restrict blood flow without cutting off circulation. BFR training has only recently become popular with the general public because of its amazing results!

In this interview with Dr. Mike DeBord of B3 Sciences, we go in depth on:

  • How to use BFR Training
  • Who should use Blood Flow Restriction
  • How to get the best use out of your bands
  • What types of bands are best for your results
  • Different types of exercise for different goals
  • How BFR can help with bone density, endurance, insulin resistance, improved healing, and building muscle.

BFR training is the perfect way to get that lean, toned look without having to spend hours in the gym! BFR has been proven to increase muscle strength and tone by as much as 20% with only 1-20 minutes of BFR training. Athletes are also able to improve their speed and agility when BFR training because it increases blood flow to the area, as well as causing a "hormonal cascade" of HGH, and IGF1 that can result in improved healing and recovery as well as more muscle and strength.

BFR training is a great way to recover from an injury because BFR training can be used on the extremities, but just because you can't "occlude" your back or shoulders doesn't mean you wont get any benefits - the increased amount of HGH and IGF1 will result in noticeable changes throughout the body.

BFR has also been proven to increase bone density by up to 15% in just 12 weeks! BFR is so much safer than using heavy weights or other types of resistance exercise for elderly populations, people dealing with Arthritis, or anyone who is looking to get in shape, but has never worked out before.

Click the link below to find out more about B3 bands and Listen to the episode to hear more about this incredible new technology.

Nov 12, 202145:38
Being Lean vs. Shredded: What's the Difference?
Nov 09, 202119:51
Christian Lovrecich: The Bounce Back

Christian Lovrecich: The Bounce Back

Serial entrepreneur? Advertising & digital media expert? Podcast host? Youtube celebrity in-the-works? The truth is, one could say, Christian Lovrecich is the closest thing to a digital renaissance man.

He’s currently on a mission to not only help businesses scale from 6 to 7, 8 figures (or higher), harnessing the full power of Facebook ads through innovative marketing strategies. In other words, he makes his clients cut through the noise fast & simple, leaving their competitors wondering “Boy, what just happened?”

And it doesn’t stop there. For those who want an insight into the mind of a brilliant modern advertiser, every week he shares his most recent marketing & advertising insights through his YouTube channel Pixlfeed. But Christian is all about pushing the envelope one step further…

That’s why his Podcast is a true labor of love when it comes to truly fleshing how modern & successful entrepreneurs have built their way to the top, in friendly, hour-long interviews with them you can watch while sipping down your favorite drink.

In this interview with Christian, we hear his stories of multiple times getting kicked in the teeth and how he was able to take some tough situations and turn them to his advantage.

PLUS, if you're looking for a kick-as$ business idea, Christian drops some serious knowledge here. 

Listen to what he has to say about Youtube, FB Ads, and the future of copywriting here

Check out Christian's Youtube Channel:

Nov 05, 202141:08
How to Do a Sugar Detox And Drop Belly Fat: Everything You Need to Know
Nov 02, 202116:48
Macros, Mindset, and Maintenance: Drop Fat and Keep It Off (ft. Garrett Serd)
Oct 26, 202128:46
The Keto Lie: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Do Keto
Oct 18, 202135:12
Dane Espegard - The Dream Machine

Dane Espegard - The Dream Machine

Oct 18, 202134:26
How To Get An Unshakeable Mindset of Success
Oct 12, 202130:28
The 5 Real Reasons Men Don't Have Abs
Oct 05, 202136:20
Ryan Shekell: Every Breath Counts
Oct 04, 202139:50
Joe Sanok | Thursday is the New Friday

Joe Sanok | Thursday is the New Friday

You may have seen all the buzz about the four-day workweek, from people from Tim Ferriss, to Craig Ballantyne and other coaches showing productivity hacks to get you there.

But have you ever thought that "this couldn't possibly work for me". 

If so, you're going to want to check out this interview with Joe Sanok, the author of "Thursday is the New Friday. How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want", a book about tactical ways to reclaim your time and spend time doing high value things that bring you joy and energy.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Where the 40 hour workweek came from
  • The neuroscience on how working less gets more done
  • What three inclinations top performers have
  • How to kill it after you have slowed down
  • How we will see the four day workweek emerge as the standard in our generation

Grab your copy of the book at or connect with Joe on Social media or on his podcast "Practice of the Practice".

Sep 28, 202118:50
Advanced Techniques for Building The Six-Pack You've Always Wanted
Sep 28, 202130:41
A Tale of 2 Dads: Which One Actually Loses Weight and Keeps It Off?
Sep 21, 202129:36
6 Fitness Excuses That Are Keeping You Soft and Stuck
Sep 13, 202124:20
5 Quick and Easy Morning Rituals That Burn Fat and Build Focus
Sep 07, 202122:06
8 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Getting Rid of Your Dad Bod
Aug 30, 202133:02
6 Ways To Unlock Your Body's Secret Mechanism for More Energy
Aug 24, 202125:05
Lose Fat Faster By Manipulating the 3 Phases of Fat Loss
Aug 17, 202122:46