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Mimie Edutains

Mimie Edutains

By Hamidat Ahmed-Ishimel

Mimie Edutains is a podcast that talks about relatable events to youths which vary from trends, lifestyles, gender codes, bants, and relationships. It's basically about me being the best version of myself.

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Visa Process Journey

Mimie EdutainsOct 31, 2023

Throwing a Book to Battle a Wasp

Throwing a Book to Battle a Wasp

In this uproarious episode, we delve into the world of high school shenanigans and explore the sheer absurdity that unfolds. Join our host as they regale you with a hilarious anecdote about a brave high school friend's audacious mission to conquer a wasp using an explosive method.
Dec 03, 202309:07
Bizarre Food Combinations
Dec 01, 202308:18
Chronicles of an International Student
Nov 19, 202323:28
Visa Process Journey
Oct 31, 202313:02
Taking Breaks And Finding Balance

Taking Breaks And Finding Balance

Join us on this episode as we sit down with the insightful Daraayo Daniels to explore the art of taking breaks and finding balance in our hectic lives. Discover practical tips, personal anecdotes, and expert advice on navigating the delicate dance between productivity and self-care. Follow the guest : Guest’s Podcast: @grownthepodcast & @testimoniesandteapod Follow the Host:    Follow the podcast:   Send in a voice message:
Oct 05, 202321:43
Where Have We Been?
Sep 18, 202313:45
The Birthday Episode
Mar 25, 202320:31
We are One😮🥳🥳
Feb 13, 202304:35
Cultural Preservation; Then-Now-Future
Jan 25, 202343:13
Nov 30, 202209:37
20 Random Questions with June
Oct 28, 202227:30
Secondary School Days

Secondary School Days

I attended City of Knowledge Academy, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.
IG Handle: @ckacademyintl
Also, please follow up with Mimie Edutains on IG.
IG Handle: @mimieedutains
Sep 29, 202220:54
What's Your View On This?

What's Your View On This?

#Episode with Co-Host.
#What's your view?
Feb 15, 202210:08
#Youth Employment

#Youth Employment

#What really is unemployment?
#Why are people unemployed?
Feb 15, 202210:40
Why Mimie Educates??

Why Mimie Educates??

#What exactly made me start this.
Feb 13, 202205:35