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Mina Javaherbin Talking Here

Mina Javaherbin Talking Here

By Mina Javaherbin

Creative thinking and a creative life. Monologues, interviews, about my books, my life, and other authors and creative beings. Subjects are about the arts and humanities. From architecture to writing Rumi for children.
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Elisa Kleven Is Here! Author, illustrator, creative.

Mina Javaherbin Talking HereMay 22, 2021

April Jones Prince is Here! Author, Agent, Mother, Teacher, Friend, Mentor, Creative Soul.

April Jones Prince is Here! Author, Agent, Mother, Teacher, Friend, Mentor, Creative Soul.

April Jone Prince is the one who discovered my voice and sold my first books to the publishers.
I feel rich to have a friend like her in my life.
April's book You Are A Reader, You Are A Writer is out on August 3, 2021
Let's read what the tough and prestigious reviewers at Kirkus Review say about her new book.
A Starred Review! Woot.
★ ”This cleverly designed picture book is actually two rhyming stories, bound back to back. The stories meet in the middle in a page with text printed in a circle that repeats the mantra that “readers and writers and writers are readers.” This innovative design reinforces the book’s central ideas: that reading and writing go together and that, fundamentally, every child is capable of creativity. . . . Taken together, the text and pictures articulate a quirky, inspirational call to creative action that is sure to empower young children to explore the wild world of words. A cleverly designed, engaging picture book about the joy of text.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review
Congratulations dearest April on your latest book.
Dear listeners, in this episode we talk about different genres within the Children's Picture Book Genre. Listen to learn about April, how she became an author and her path to creativity. Because April teaches at a great school for illustrators, she also gifts us with many morsels of wisdom unique to her nurturing nature. Hope you listen and enjoy.
For more information about April Jones Prince, and her books, please visit her website below
Aug 03, 202146:43
Eric Kimmel Is Here! Author of over 150 children's books sits down for a chat.
Jun 26, 202101:12:58
Elisa Kleven Is Here! Author, illustrator, creative.
May 22, 202136:48
Kevan Atteberry Is Here! Author and Illustrator
Apr 20, 202154:05
Daniel Miyares Is Here! Illustrator - Author - Creative
Apr 02, 202151:03
How To Become A Published Author!

How To Become A Published Author!

So many of you lovelies have asked me in the past decade, "How can I become an author?"

Have a listen and let me know your questions and feedback so I may have a follow-up podcast and we can learn together.

Please send your questions to me via my website and my Instagram account.

Happy Writing!

Mar 15, 202146:05
Author Margo Porras Is Here!

Author Margo Porras Is Here!

Margo Porras is the author of, Growing Up in La Colonia: Boomer Memories from Oxnard's Barrio

Please have a listen, you'll be happy you did. And do read her book. You'll love it as I did.

In this podcast, we have suspense, as she couldn't find her book. 

Drama! As we made each other cry. 

Comedy! As we made one another laugh.  

And believe me when I tell you there is also a needed and future award-winning documentary in here too. 

We also talk about creativity and how, in order to nourish it, we need to make space and time for it in our daily lives. 

Margo also cohosts a very entertaining podcast called Books Vs Movie Podcast here's a link

Hope you enjoy my podcast. Please keep in touch and find us on social media too. Thank you.

Feb 13, 202157:17
Lindsey Yankey Is Here! Artist - Illustrator - Author - Creative

Lindsey Yankey Is Here! Artist - Illustrator - Author - Creative

Years after I wrote and submitted My Grandma and Me to my publisher, I met Lindsey. Sometimes it takes a while for a publisher to find just the right person for the very important illustration section of any picturebook. 

I couldn't be more thrilled to meet her through this process. We are definitely a good match. 

In this episode, we talk about life, creativity, and offer a glimpse into the way we worked on My Grandma and Me.

You can see Lindsey's art and read more about her on her website -

Thank you for listening. Please follow me on my Instagram pages, javaherbinwriter, and Mina Javaherbin Talking Here, where I'll leave notifications about my upcoming podcasts and you can share your thoughts and questions with me. 

Thank you.

MIna Javaherbin 

Feb 03, 202133:16
Martin Dorey Is Here! Author - Climate Activist - Surfer - Creative

Martin Dorey Is Here! Author - Climate Activist - Surfer - Creative

Martin Dorey is my guest. I talk to him from the shores of California to the shores of Cornwall, England. Please forgive the little wobbles here and there since my voice hits the satellite, then he'll reply and his voice will hit the satellite before getting back to me. Well, you know the drill. It's a big deal, isn't it? And guess what? Humans thought of this and created it! I'm positive we can also fight plastic and clean up our earth, together.

In this completely unscripted episode, I talk to Martin about one of his books, Kids Fight Plastic. We talk about using less, reusing more, and how his book can help us all to use less plastic. 

It's important to get to know plastic and understand its low recyclability.

Here we also talk a bit about politics, because one can not avoid politics when one talks about trash!  

I'm so grateful for Martin's time. and I hope you take this opportunity to hear him out. 

I'm new to podcasting and I promise to learn to talk less and control my excitement. Thanks for your patience and support. 

Please learn more about Martin and what he's doing to help our planet by reading his books and visiting the sites below.

Dec 08, 202040:49
Mina Javaherbin - Talking Here! Announcing my upcoming podcast.

Mina Javaherbin - Talking Here! Announcing my upcoming podcast.

Hi all! I'm announcing my upcoming and first ever episode at the end of Oct 2020. Please subscribe. Follow me on Instagram for the exact date. @javaherbinwriter
Oct 23, 202002:09