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Mindfulness Moments

Mindfulness Moments

By MindfulDevMag

A podcast about improving your life with mindfulness featuring guided meditation, affirmations, meditation music, and more.
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[Meditation Music] Positive Flow to Finish Work with Gamma Waves

Mindfulness MomentsApr 15, 2021

[Meditation Music] Positive Flow to Finish Work with Gamma Waves
Apr 15, 202130:22
[Meditation Music] Internal Focus at the Ocean with 3-Min Bowl-Interval and Theta Waves
Apr 08, 202101:00:22
[Meditation Music] Quick Break in the Forest to Re-Energize
Feb 26, 202115:13
[Meditation Music] Law Of Attraction For Success Binaurals
Feb 19, 202120:46
[Meditation Music] Rainy Morning with Birds Chirping
Feb 12, 202109:19
[Meditation Music] Gratitude
Feb 05, 202130:20
[Meditation Music] Take a Walk at the Ocean to Relax
Dec 15, 202001:02:39
[Meditation] Relax Now at a Babbling Brook

[Meditation] Relax Now at a Babbling Brook

17 min guided meditation to unwind. Get more guided meditations at

Water is powerful. Be like water, as Bruce Lee already told us. It can calm us down and relax. And the Relax Now meditation combines water with a soothing voice, so you get a double dose of relaxation.

Dec 08, 202016:47
[Meditation Music] Nature Sounds for Relaxation with Theta Waves
Oct 07, 202030:07
[Talk] 4 Habits to Help You Focus Better
Aug 19, 202002:00
[Affirmation] 21 Creative Affirmations to Boost Your Creativity
Aug 09, 202002:37
[Talk] How Mindful Eating Keeps Your Weight Down

[Talk] How Mindful Eating Keeps Your Weight Down

Mindful Eating is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and that without any diet restrictions. Eat what feels right for you. In the amount that is right for your body. 

Just eat it with your full attention, savoring the food, and feeling when it's enough.  

Sounds strange?  

It does, but it also works. I've personally lost over 20 pounds with eating mindfully and never ever felt hungry.  And this is only one thing mindfulness can change in your life. 

There are plenty more benefits waiting for you.

Jun 19, 202008:24
[Affirmation] 43 Morning Affirmations For a Great Day | Kick-Start Your Day

[Affirmation] 43 Morning Affirmations For a Great Day | Kick-Start Your Day

Kick-start a good day off by listening to and absorbing these 43 refreshing and uplifting morning affirmations. Our morning affirmations are uniquely crafted to make sure that you start into a great day. 

 👉🏼 get all morning affirmations at 

Listen to these morning affirmations each day to experience more exceptional results. Don't just listen to these affirmations TODAY. Listen to them EVERY morning for a week and then take a look at how you are feeling about things.  

These morning affirmations help you to pull in a vast amount of positivity and abundance. Improve all areas of your life and make your days brighter. Do not underestimate the power of simple positive re-enforcement. What we think becomes real. So, listen to these positive affirmations after waking up, and they certainly do have the power to add optimism, love, and good fortune to your entire day.

Jun 19, 202005:50
[Meditation Music] Meditation Music for Focus and Concentration with Gamma Waves
Jun 19, 202030:21
[Meditation] Calm Your Mind at the Beach Guided Meditation

[Meditation] Calm Your Mind at the Beach Guided Meditation

One of the best meditations you can do after a hard day at work. With the Calm Your Mind meditation, you go to the beach for a walk or just sit there, listening to the smooth female voice as your guide and the calming waves. Calm down and enjoy the peace.

Jun 19, 202016:41