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Mindful Foliage

Mindful Foliage

By Scott Dee

Meditative sounds and guided meditations. Go out and enjoy some nature, or bring nature into your ears!
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Listening to Nature Outside

Mindful FoliageAug 09, 2021

The Quiet of the High Desert
May 01, 202210:24
Observing a Plant
Aug 18, 202121:02
Settling Down Outdoors to Listen
Aug 15, 202112:10
A Few Breaths and a Body Scan
Aug 12, 202115:41
Listening to Nature Outside
Aug 09, 202115:03
A Few Minutes of Square Breathing
Aug 06, 202105:59
Chanting Om / Aum to Clear Your Head
Aug 03, 202109:35
Listening Out In The Canyon
Jul 31, 202115:05
Waves Crashing On A Rocky Beach
Jul 28, 202110:23
The Resonant Medicine Bowl
Jul 25, 202105:33
Breathing and Listening
Jul 22, 202118:23
An Easy Daily Mindfulness Practice

An Easy Daily Mindfulness Practice

Hello everyone! 

Daily mindfulness practice is one of the best ways to keep your mind and heart in balance (not to mention the many benefits for the brain and body!). Most days, I enjoy starting my practice with the same routine, to get centered and present in the moment. 

To start, a round of resonant breathing. This is breathing to a rhythm of: inhale for 5 seconds, pause, exhale for 5 seconds, pause. This particular pace of diaphragmatic breathing can activate the vagus nerve while bringing balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It's also a wonderful way to explore your breathing, keeping your awareness engaged on the relaxation growing in your body. 

Next up is a round of Bhramari, humming bee breath. It creates a wonderful resonance in the throat and head, pushing errant thoughts away while freeing up your voice. It helps you connect with the feeling and resonance of sound itself. 

Then a steady body scan, piece by piece. Starting with the right thumb and moving across every part, this is a chance to connect with your body through the application of your awareness. 

Then a final round of Bhramari to relax the mind even further. 

I hope this is a practice you can enjoy implementing daily as well! 

For more information on other mindfulness practices and being mindful around nature, please check out the articles on my site, If you want to take a gander at nature indoors and out, please check out my instagram, @mindfulfoliage.

Jul 19, 202119:38
A Few Minutes of Medicine Bowl
Jul 16, 202104:32
A Longer Yoga Nidra Practice

A Longer Yoga Nidra Practice

Jul 15, 202135:21
Humming Bee Breath - Bhramari
Jul 13, 202106:16
Settling in to Listen
Jul 07, 202121:51
Simhasana - Lion's Breath
Jul 02, 202102:52
Cooling Sitali Breath
Jun 29, 202106:46
Resonant Breathing - Find Balance
Jun 24, 202113:10
Diaphragmatic Breathing - An Introduction
Jun 22, 202107:46
A Pleasant Time in Yoga Nidra
Jun 17, 202134:24
Getting a Good Look at Your Emotions
Jun 15, 202121:48
Listening to Nature - In the Wild
Jun 10, 202115:44
A Centering Body Scan and Concentration Practice
Jun 08, 202114:12
Focus on a Single Object

Focus on a Single Object

Concentrating on a single object settles your mind quite firmly into the present moment. When you focus completely on a task, nothing else interrupts you. Your own thoughts don’t get in the way, and neither do any of your worries and aversions. Concentrating in a mindful way is much like this, except that you’re not really trying to accomplish something. You’re trying to simply be. And, at the same time, not trying. At first, it will take effort. Your attention will wander to thoughts, you’ll force yourself back to the task of concentrating. As your ability for mindfulness builds, you’ll find yourself drifting away less. At the same time, you’ll find directing your attention to be even easier. At the very height of mindful concentration, this will take no effort at all. You’re working to not work.

This change in concentration doesn’t happen overnight. For most of us, there’s no sudden moment of enlightenment that makes it all click. You may sit one day and find yourself settling easily into focusing on a single object. Other days, you may be tired, spending as much time re-straightening your back as you do trying not to think about it.

Concentration improves gradually.

Please practice from a state of kindness and compassion for yourself and whatever you’re looking at. Be gentle with yourself when your awareness wanders, and be kind with how you encourage yourself to draw it back to the object in the present moment.

For more meditation, head over to If you just want to look at plant photos all day, follow me on instagram at I'm hosting weekly meditations online through different channels. Check out the website or instagram for more details.

Jun 07, 202112:15
A Little Bit of Listening (to Nature)
Jun 03, 202113:38
Spending Some Time With Nature
May 28, 202116:26
Getting a Look at your Emotions
May 26, 202124:40
Squeeze and Release - A Quick Exercise
May 23, 202106:26
An Easy Yoga Nidra Practice
May 17, 202120:39
Bamboo in a Canyon
Apr 10, 202131:45
Birds and Water

Birds and Water

Nature is all around us, and wonderful in so many ways.

This field recording was made at the back-end of a small canyon on the California coast. Water drips continually from the land above the canyon, spattering sparsely on the rocks at the bottom. Birds swarm the area - mostly House Finches and Anna's Hummingbirds, but also some Crows. Due to the rocks and the depth, there's no cell signal. Just the lovely sounds of nature. (A few moments of passing planes were cut out).

I hope you enjoy!

Apr 01, 202119:30