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Mindset Body Bank

Mindset Body Bank

By Rob Pallante

MindsetBodyBank is intended to create awareness and share stories from my personal life experiences and from others who have had to challenge the Mindset of the way they think to overcome adversity, to prepare their Body for a healthy journey and how to combine the learnings and efforts of those two qualities to create a Bank of resources to draw from when life comes knockin!

Please subscribe, share and leave a review to help grow the awareness of this community. There are no sponsors and I don't get paid. The objective for me is to give back and be of service to those who might find value in my experiences.
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Be Kind with Seanna Thomas Founder of Hockey Snacks

Mindset Body BankMay 11, 2021

Dream Bigger Than Everyone Else with Lance Pitlick former NHL Defencemen

Dream Bigger Than Everyone Else with Lance Pitlick former NHL Defencemen

When it comes to grit, perseverance, reliance and attitude I think my guest Lance Pitlick has those bases covered. Lance was drafted in 1986 by the Minnesota North Stars but never got the opportunity to play in his hometown state after college.  Suffering a groin injury in his senior year with the Gophers limited his playing time. He found himself sitting as a free agent at the end of the season after the North Stars decided not to sign him. 

As fate would have it, he was fortunate enough to have someone who believed in him pull a few strings and he wound up signing with Philadelphia. Lance would spend the next 4 years playing in the AHL. It wasn't until he was 27 years old and now apart of the Ottawa Senators organization that he got the opportunity to step on the ice for his first NHL game. His ability to dream bigger than anyone else shines through when you know what it took for him to get to the NHL. He never looked back after that opportunity and he established himself as an NHL regular for the majority of his next 8 seasons.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Lance has gone back to his roots where he now gives back to the community that he grew up in. he has established himself as one of the top skills coaches around the world boasting more than 2000 drills and skills in his arsenal. Check him out at With the support of his wife Lisa Lance was able to see his NHL dream come true. The Pitlick legacy is being carried on through his son's Rem who is with the Chicago Blackhawks and his younger son Rhett who is a freshman at the University of Minnesota and a Montreal Canadiens draft pick from 2019.

Nov 03, 202101:26:14
Own Your Story with John Nelson HC and GM of the LaSalle Vipers
Jul 13, 202101:03:03
How to Fix Your Shit with Coach Bold

How to Fix Your Shit with Coach Bold

Gianluca Boldarin or Coach Bold as he is affectionately known, joins me again to discuss our perspectives on the development of young athletes, their mindset, their work ethic and their opportunities.

This conversation becomes very passionate as you will hear and actually goes on for close to 2 hours. So this will be part 1 of our conversation and part 2 will be played next week.

I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did having it. Lots of great nuggets of information if you are willing to go into it with an open mind. Approach this podcast from the perspective that you have 2 coaches who truly want to help. The biggest road block we sometimes encounter is actually the athletes more than anything. If these young guys learned to get out of their own way we would see so many more young football players reaching their potential instead of burning out.

Jul 02, 202101:09:01
Be Good At Many Things with Sean Thomas Erlington of the Hamilton Tiger Cats
Jun 22, 202157:39
Better Than I Was Yesterday with Taylor Cook

Better Than I Was Yesterday with Taylor Cook

Talk about resilience, Taylor Cook has pushed her mind and her body to so many limits chasing her dreams of being a professional female goaltender. From her very honest roots in Brantford, Ontario and with no formal technical goaltending training until she was 18, Taylor pushed herself to continuously be better than she was the day before. Her journey has taken her all over the map as you will hear. She now calls Oslo, Norway home. She not only coaches girls hockey, plays on a women's professional team, runs a female goaltending clinic but she's also recently been certified as a mental performance coach....I'm tired just reading that!

As Taylor continues to pursue her dreams she has had yet another slight set back as she's rehabbing her left knee after having surgery from a training accident. This girl continues to keep pushing and you have to love her resilience and grit.

Tune in to hear here story and her journey around the world! You can catch Taylor on instagram @tayy.cook or her website

May 18, 202156:04
Be Kind with Seanna Thomas Founder of Hockey Snacks
May 11, 202149:59
You Can Change Your Now with Brent Sopel

You Can Change Your Now with Brent Sopel

Many ex-athletes choose to live off a reputation of what they did as an athlete in their sport. Not Brent Sopel. You'll hear very quickly that his legacy is to be remembered as someone who changed the world. And he's not doing this because he played 1000+ professional hockey games over 18 years or because he won a Stanley Cup in 2010 with the Chicago Black Hawks... He is determined to leave his mark by creating awareness around dyslexia and mental health. Since retiring he has created the Brent Sopel Foundation which is dedicated to providing financial and educational assistance to help students with dyslexia fulfill their potential through early detection and intervention.

In 2015 his daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. Soon after Brent discovered that he too had it. That realization had come full circle and helped answer the reason why he had struggled in school as a youth but was given different labels at that time. His vision now is to change the world and after spending an hour with Brent, I believe he can do it!

May 04, 202101:00:40
All Over The Map with Ryan Phillips
Apr 28, 202157:24
Being Present with Graeme Bonar

Being Present with Graeme Bonar

I'm bringing back my first repeat guest, Graeme Bonar. Graeme was the very first guest I had on my show over 13 months ago. As you'll hear, it was the first time and the last time I was able to record a podcast live in person. I'm so happy to reconnect via Zoom and catch up with my old friend. The world has become a very confusing place to be in for young athletes and we explore ways that they can keep busy and active with the implementation of new habits and routines. Graeme and I discuss what he's doing now to help those struggling with addictions and mental health. We talk a little shop (hockey) about the effects that Covid is having on the sports world from the grass roots level all the way through the pro's.

As usual we share a few laughs and a couple stories. I'm always enlightened by our conversation when I hear about the congruencies between our two practices and how far we each have come on our own life journeys. Graeme will always be a special human to me and anyone else who is blessed to have him their life.

Apr 20, 202154:28
Love Yourself for Who You Are ...featuring Joanne Noble, President of the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame

Love Yourself for Who You Are ...featuring Joanne Noble, President of the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame

Growing up in a suburb of Toronto as the youngest of 6 children and having a love for all sports, Joanne Noble truly has represented the city she was raised in on so many levels. She currently still lives in Etobicoke and also holds the position as President of the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame.

So what does the President of a hall of fame do...well you'll have to tune in to find out. She also tells an incredible story of her passion for tennis, hockey, golf and just being healthy and fit. Joanne continues to challenge herself and those around her and those are the qualities of a great leader. I learned a lot about Joanne and her journey through various sports but most of all I really got to appreciate how she never settled and never quit. 

This was a real interesting interview for me as there are many common friends and family friends who are inductees into the ESHoF. I honestly had no idea how many great athletes from many sports are inducted here. I encourage you all to check out the list of inductees...I guarantee you'll be surprised.

Mar 23, 202158:12
Project Hockey....Lets Gooooo!

Project Hockey....Lets Gooooo!

What do you get when Arizona and British Columbia meet in Minnesota? You get Project Hockey!

Danny Heath from Glendale, AZ and Evan Karambelas from Fort Saint John, BC met up in Mankato, MN during the 2011-12 season where they were members of the Minnesota State Mavericks hockey team. Fast forward to today and the guys are 3 years into the development and distribution of their Project Hockey app. Already crossing borders into 12 countries they are finding success in their ability to deliver interactive, hockey training tips and plans into the hands of young hockey prospects. The app delivers everything a young player would need from skill development, to interactive actions with other members, Project Hockey swag for completing successive drills, mindset and accountability practices and the opportunity to hear from real pros who join live Zoom calls with the members.

The idea is to provide low cost, high value training tips to kids and teams that might not otherwise have accessibility and as you'll find out...these guys are on a mission to leave the hockey world a better place than they found it!

I wish both Danny and Even continued success as they continue to spread the good word on Project Hockey!

Mar 16, 202148:50
Momento Mori ... Interview with the legendary Bob Mckenzie

Momento Mori ... Interview with the legendary Bob Mckenzie

What an honor for me today to be able to record a podcast and interview with the OG Hockey Insider, Bob McKenzie. What a great individual and classy gentleman who took the time to share his story with me here. Bob was born in Toronto in August of 1956. he was always into sports and hockey in-particular. He shares his journey and his passion for the game of hockey which, like most, was a humble beginning. Writing for the The Sault Star up in Sault Saint Marie, Bob always had a dream of being a hockey beat reporter. He was anxiously trying to get hired on by one of the major papers in Toronto but that never came to fruition. But he was offered the opportunity to interview for the editor-in-chief job with the Hockey News...Bob was only 25 at the time. He went on to spend 9 years building up the Hockey News and learning about the printing and publishing and business side of running a magazine.

As you'll hear, if that job didn't pan out he was ready to cut his hair and pursue being a police officer. I think we are all glad he way it ended up!

Bob has made significant contributions to the way that hockey is reported and he is the original Hockey Insider, breaking the news in the hockey world for many years. As he now winds down his career, he still loosely remains tied to the game without the pressure of breaking the latest greatest news. You can still catch him on many of the telecasts both in Canada and the US as he lends his years of insider knowledge to the various panels and discussions about what is happening around the National Hockey League. I was very humbled and by this opportunity and I wish Bob and his family all the best as he slowly rides off into retirement!

Mar 09, 202155:16
Learn to Fail Forward with Natalie Allport

Learn to Fail Forward with Natalie Allport

This is an episode of firsts for me...first time I'm not interviewing a hockey player, a football player or a male....Today I get the privilege to introduce you to Natalie Allport. The first female guest on my show. Natalie is a very interesting young lady with incredible passion and drive. She was a former Canadian National Team Snowboard member who turned her competitive side to Crossfit most recently. She is also the founder of 93/Agency which helps athletes, brands and business achieve online success. She personally had to find ways to learn and grow and monetize her own NIL (name, image, likeness) in order to make ends meet during her professional snowboarding pursuit, so this makes her the perfect subject matter expert in this space. She has her own podcast called ALL IN (love it) and can be found all over social media just by searching her name, Natalie Allport.

By the time our interview was done I had learned so much about the intensity of snowboarding, the culture and the mental toughness involved in being a professional in that sport. I have a new found respect because of nat's story and journey. Having had to come to grips with a string of injuries and the potential fear while staring down from the top of the mountain and questioning, what if..... Natalie had to make a difficult decision to pack it in and focus her passion in other areas.

You will see by the end of this podcast that she hasn't missed a step and is a very intense and focused individual that credits failing forward as part of her continued success.

Tune in and give her a listen now and give Natalie a follow on wont be disappointed!

Mar 02, 202101:01:18
What Should You Really Be Doing Right Now with Mark Visentin formerly of the Phoenix Coyotes

What Should You Really Be Doing Right Now with Mark Visentin formerly of the Phoenix Coyotes

What a great story and journey talking about battling high expectations and potential career uncertainty. Mark Visentin experienced the highs and lows of being on a world stage as a promising young junior player to missing 30 months in a row with back to back ankle injuries in his first few years as a pro.

Mark was drafted in 2010 in the first round of the National Hockey League to the Arizona Coyotes. He represented Canada two times on the world stage at the World Junior Championships in 2011 and 2012. He was a First Team ALL-Star in 2010 and also won Goaltender of the Year that same year while playing for the Niagara Ice Dogs.

Mark is an intense young man who has had to deal with adversity and injury at a young age after having such a promising career. Although his hockey career didn't turn out the way he thought it would he is able to turn that passion around and use it to fire himself up for a promising business career.

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Mark and hearing how he handled himself through the highs and the lows. It's definitely a story you'll want to sit back and listen to.

Feb 23, 202155:23
Everything Happens for a Reason with Chris Heid
Feb 16, 202101:00:30
Unfinished Business with Kevin Porter

Unfinished Business with Kevin Porter

If you look up a guy who doesn't take "No" for an answer you'll probably see Kevin Porter's picture. At 45 years old, Kevin juggles his job as a firefighter AND as a paramedic with his pursuit of playing pro hockey!! Is he busy, umm yeah, you could say that!! Kevin is a work horse and in better shape than most 25 year olds. He has a no quit attitude and he backs it up with resilience, hard work and commitment.

After having to leave the game as a youth due to injuries and then suffering some personal set backs in his life, Kevin has now dedicated himself to the pursuit of playing pro hockey. His training regiment sometimes runs him to the point of exhaustion as he weaves it into and around his shifts as a firefighter and paramedic. It's not uncommon for him to jump on the ice (prior to lockdown) first thing in the morning after coming off a 24 hour shift! If that's not dedication and determination at 45, or any age for that matter, I don't know what is?

I've had the pleasure of skating with Kevin and just "getting in the way" as he puts himself through drill after drill for an hour with his coach, Eddie Choi (who was on an earlier podcast) who helps kevin keep his edge.

I wish Kevin luck in his pursuit and admire his mental strength and courage to never quit!

Feb 02, 202151:23
A Lot of Patience with Nathan Rourke of the BC Lions

A Lot of Patience with Nathan Rourke of the BC Lions

Nathan Rourke was not your typical young Canadian boy chasing a hockey dream...from a young age all he thought about was football. His hero growing up was Brett Favre. Nathan was born in Vancouver but grew in Oakville and now finds himself back in Vancouver preparing for the opportunity when the CFL returns to play to make his professional debut as a BC Lion. Nathan was recently drafter 15th overall and was the highest drafter Canadian quarterback since Jesse Palmer in 2001. Nate shares his journey which has taken him from Oakville to Alabama to Kansas and eventually Ohio University where he played his college career before being drafted. Nate will be the first o tell you that his journey hasn't always gone the way he thought it would so he has learned to be patient and evaluate the options available at the time that would allow him to earn himself a an chance to get to the next level. Covid has again put up a few obstacles but Nate continues to persevere, work hard and ask himself what he can learn from these challenges to make himself better.  That type of growth mindset and his tried-less hard work will pay dividends in his career when he gets to line up behind center and call his first cadence for a snap!

I wish Nathan all the best but he knows its not luck that will help him, it's his decisions and his efforts that will propel him to do great things!

Jan 25, 202148:51
Stay In Your Lane featuring Sam Cosentino from SportsNet
Jan 18, 202151:12
Recycle Your Pain with Jack LaFontaine of the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Recycle Your Pain with Jack LaFontaine of the Minnesota Golden Gophers

I'm joined today by an up and coming young prospect who was drafted in 2016, 75th overall in the 3rd round by the Carolina Hurricanes. Jack LaFontaine is a goaltender who grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. He has currently found himself a home in Minneapolis, MN as the starting goaltender for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, who are currently 10-0, with Jack starting 9 of those games and boasting a 1 GAA to lead the NCAA.

Jack's journey to Minnesota wasn't a direct one, and as you'll hear in his story, he had stops in MIchigan and Penticton before landing a spot on the Gophers roster. Jack has had to endure a few set backs and hurdles but his character, his drive, his passion and his perseverance have rounded him out to be not only the leading goaltender in the country, but more importantly, a humble and hard working team player.

I really enjoyed this interview and I wish Jack and the Gophers continued success in their quest for a national championship!

You can follow Jack on social media at Instagram and Twitter and the Golden Gophers Hockey team on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Jan 11, 202101:03:51
Rise And Grind with Kris Draper

Rise And Grind with Kris Draper

Well today I have a great show lined up with Kris Draper ... if by chance you're NOT sure who he is, let me share a few of his accomplishments as a hockey player;

  • Drafted 62nd Overall by the Winnipeg Jets in 1989
  • The only player to play and score in the NHL and the AHL before playing junior for the Ottawa 67's
  • Won 2 Gold medals for Canada at the World Junior Championships back to back in 90 and 91
  • Won Gold with Canada at the World Hockey Championships in 2003
  • Won Gold with Canada the World Cup of Hockey in 2004
  • Won 4 Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings in 1997, 1998, 2002 & 2008
  • One of only 5 players to ever play more than 1000 games for the Detroit Red Wings
  • Winner of the Franke Selke Trophy as the Top Defensive Forward in the NHL in 2004

Kris  retired in July of 2011 and now lives in the Detroit area with his wife Julie and their 3 kids. Kris now serves as the director of amateur scouting reporting to former teammate and current GM Steve Yzerman. Most recently Kris' son Kienan was selected in in the 7th Round by the Red Wings and Kris had the honor of calling his son's name.

Jan 04, 202101:04:33
Don't Judge Yourself with Ciarán Fox

Don't Judge Yourself with Ciarán Fox

It's only fitting as we end the year that I bring you guys a little insight into who has been instrumental in my journey. Ciarán Fox and I met back in June and we have met for an hour a week every week since then. I call him my brain coach, but he goes by the handle of @themindguyofficial. 

He was formally trained as an occupation therapist but has also studied the power of neurology. He was a former rugby player originally from Ireland and now residing in the UK, Ciarán has worked with Nike athletes and is big supporter of nootropics which feed and enhance the brain. In particular, he works closely with a nootropics company called @cogneticsgroup.

I'm very fortunate to have a mentor like him and I'm sure you athletes listening will find today's podcast quite helpful. In my own program, knowing who trained your trainer will help you understand the foundation that they are helping you build. So today I share a peek into one of my trainers who has also become a friend.

Dec 28, 202053:16
Keep Learning, Keep Working, Keep Listening, Keep Grinding with Davis Payne the Ass't Coach of the Ottawa Senators

Keep Learning, Keep Working, Keep Listening, Keep Grinding with Davis Payne the Ass't Coach of the Ottawa Senators

Today's guest is one of only two guys who started both their playing career and coaching career in the ECHL only to rise through the ranks into the National Hockey League. Davis Payne who is now the assistant coach with the Ottawa Senators is one of those guys.

Davis has a great hockey sense and a great sense of humour. You're gonna love his stories and his analogies. He shares both his journey as a player and as a coach. The highs of winning a Stanley Cup with the LA Kings and the lows of being fired as the head coach of the St. Louis're gonna want to listen right to the very end where Davis shares an incredible story that is worth the wait. Theres a great message in that story but you'll have to listen to the episode to find out what it was.

Davis brings an element of confidence and experience behind the bench for the Senators and is a true gentleman in the his approach to coaching and life. 

Take out a notebook and a pen...lots of great information in this episode whether you're a player, a coach or a parent!

Dec 21, 202001:18:43
A Great Coach Can Change A Life with Rob Wilson, Head Coach of The Peterborough Petes

A Great Coach Can Change A Life with Rob Wilson, Head Coach of The Peterborough Petes

One of my oldest friends joins me to share his journey that has taken him all over the world as a player and then a coach and now back to Canada where he holds the reigns of one of the most storied franchises in junior hockey, The Peterborough Petes. The Petes have boasted famous coaches such as Scotty Bowman, Roger Neilson, Mike Keenan and Dick Todd. Rob Wilson steps in at the helm of a team that he also played for back in the late '80's.

Rob has also seen playing time in the pro ranks in North America as well as over in Europe and is a member of the British ice hockey hall of fame. He transitioned into coaching after his playing days in 2003-04 with stints in the EIHL and with Great Britain's National Team. He's coached in Italy and Germany and just prior to taking over the Petes was the head coach of the DEL's Nuremberg Ice Tigers from 2015-2018 and was named the DEL Coach of the Year in 2016-17.

Rob is originally from Rexdale, Ontario and played all his minor hockey in the (M)GTHL. He now resides in Ennismore, ONT with his two daughters and his wife Heidi and her son.

Dec 14, 202046:59
Your Choices Become Your Successes featuring James (JR) Richmond
Dec 07, 202057:57
Keep Pluggin Away with the Pinizzotto Brothers
Nov 30, 202048:52
Enjoy The Ride with Eddie Choi

Enjoy The Ride with Eddie Choi

Always fun when you can catch up with old friends and today's episode was certainly entertaining with Eddie Choi. Eddie was born to parents of Korean descent who immigrated to Canada in the mid '60's. Settling in the west end of Toronto in an area known as Rexdale most of the Choi's neighbors were Italian.

Young Eddie learned to like hockey by playing on the street with the neighbourhood kids and that passion turned into a life long commitment to the sport. Eddie excelled on the ice playing at the highest level of minor hockey and leading many championship teams. He then took his speed and scoring skills and put them to use for the Henry Carr Crusaders Jr team where that earned him a hockey scholarship to the Big 10 to play for Ohio State. After 4 years as a Buckeye Eddie decided to turn his playing passion into a teaching passion. 

At 50 years old he still laces up the skates everyday and uses the core values that he was raised with, family, respect, honor and commitment to instill those values in his young students. Although Eddie has seen the likes of PK Subban, John Tavares and many others pass through his schools he is most proud of the students who have become grown into hard working, respectable adults who embrace the same values that he used to guide them.

If you're interested in working with him you can find at Eddie at and @eddiechoihockey on Instagram.

Nov 23, 202041:22
Anything Is Achievable with Mike Futa

Anything Is Achievable with Mike Futa

You guys better sit back and buckle up for today's episode because it moves quick and there are lots of laughs and lessons. My old friend Mike Futa, the former VP of Hockey Operations and Assistant GM with the LA Kings stops by to share his story of family, friendship, heartbreak and resilience. We have a lot of laughs through this one. Mike is such an upbeat positive person you can't help but like him. His work ethic and his attitude have carried him to the pinnacle of professional hockey by having the privilege of seeing his name engraved on Lord Stanley (The Stanley Cup) not once, but twice. It wasn't the road that he started out on that lead him there so he learned to adapt and persevere along the way. One door closes and another one opens and the next thing you know you are hoisting the Stanley Cup over your head. Mike is a perfect example of Anything is Achievable if you stay focused and go ALL IN. You can follow Mike on instagram @futes44 or look him up on Facebook.
Nov 16, 202001:07:37
Be Excellent and Start Today featuring Ryan McMullan

Be Excellent and Start Today featuring Ryan McMullan

Great episode today on leadership. My guest Ryan McMullan and I met during a 2 day intensive workshop in a mindset business group we both happened to be in. Not sure how the hockey players in the group seem to find each other but we did.

Getting to know Ryan we shared our stories and his was one of pure heart and resilience. Ryan has a huge passion for success stuffed into a 5'9" frame. Not exactly ideal for being a defenceman back in the day. But that didn't stop him from pursuing the game he loved and earning a spot on a Division 1 NCAA hockey team.

When the game was over Ryan pursued a career in operations management and continued to volunteer his time coaching youth hockey as well as being a volunteer firefighter. Those experiences being in a leadership position helped him follow his passion, which is helping others discover theirs. There's something to be said about being of service and helping others and Ryan was gracious enough to share some of those experiences with me.

You con find Ryan at or you can hit him up at Ryan McMullan on LinkedIn. 

Nov 09, 202046:43
The Bottom Line featuring Jake Teale

The Bottom Line featuring Jake Teale

Today I had the privilege of sharing ideals and mindset with Jake Teale from Ottawa Pro Sports Management. Jake hails for Sudbury, Ontario which is known as the Nickel capital and is situated 3 hors north of Toronto. Jake describes himself as the "son of a coach" so it's only fitting that his purpose in life is to help young athletes "discover the light" that he knows is inside each of them. Jake's father, Johnny Teale was a pro boxer who was once the Canadian Welterweight Champion. 

Jake shares with me his guidance on  self efficacy in which you learn to have an expectation of success long before you ever get there. Jake is lighting up young minds so that they aren't afraid of people laughing when they share their big audacious dreams.

You can find Jake on LinkedIn at

Nov 02, 202044:34
Put In The Work with Jacob Little

Put In The Work with Jacob Little

This was quite an eye opening interview. I knew a little bit about Jacob but not all the details. At 10 years old his father Todd, went to prison. Jacob spent many of his formative years visiting his dad through the prison system. Growing up in Tweed Head, New South Wales in Australia he was lured into the lifestyle that had landed his father in prison. 

Partying and hanging out with biker gangs, Jacob would often be in fights and found himself making bad decisions. This soon landed him in a boys home at the end of high school. He then transitioned into an adult prison and was forced to quickly learn to survive.

Today Jacob and his dad have started an organization called About Time For Justice and they serve helping the young men who have been put through the different institutions try and regain their self confidence and get back on their feet.

At 29 years old this young man has come full circle and has found a new calling in life and is currently training to step into the ring and become a professional fighter!

Oct 26, 202042:42
Fix Your Shit with Coach Bold

Fix Your Shit with Coach Bold

On today's episode I get the chance to catch up with Gianluca Boldarin or Coach Bold, as he is known by his athletes. We had a few laughs on this episode as we shared our thoughts on our native country of Italy, the power of mindset and our shared philosophy of how some people need to "fix their shit".

Gianluca studied under the late Charles Poloquin and incorporates many of the original Poloquin techniques into his 'application and analysis' training methodology. He has worked with professional and college, high school athletes with a primary focus on developing the best football players he can.  

If you're interested in getting ahold of Coach Bold you can reach him at most social media sites under the name @coachbold.

I look forward to having Gianluca on the show again as he has an intense work ethic but also a good sense of humor!

Oct 19, 202057:33
Success Lies On The Other Side of Fear

Success Lies On The Other Side of Fear

Imagine growing up in a small blue collar town in western Pennsylvania as a boy and you maxed out your growth at 5'3". Now add on to that the fact that you're a chubby kid too!

It would seem like the odds are stacked against an individual like that...Welcome my friend Jeremy Gardner!

Jeremy shares his journey from being the short, fat kid to stepping on stage and finishing 5th in a body building competition in less than a year,  having to then go out and leave body building to earn money and becoming an oilfield roughneck, to finding the power and strength to overcome his fears and is now earning $10k+ a month helping blue collar workers find health, fitness and happiness during their hectic lives.

His program is called 520Fit and you can find him on Facebook at Jeremy Gardner or on instagram at @jeremy520fit.

As always please leave a comment, like and share if enjoyed today's podcast.

Oct 12, 202054:56
Managing Your Street Cred with Fiona Birch

Managing Your Street Cred with Fiona Birch

This episode marks the return of the Mindset Body Bank podcast. After releasing 2 earlier episodes and then taking a hiatus to further develop the platform, I return wit the intent of releasing a new episode each week.

In this 3rd episode I get an opportunity to chat with Fiona Birch. Originally from Australia, Fi made her way to Canada 21 years ago with a physiology degree and plenty of experience working with sports, particularly mens rugby, with some world class athletes.

She shares her journey on how she has come full circle back into the sports world. This time helping and supporting young amateur and professional athletes, mostly hockey players, navigate the world of social media. As the founder of Pro Athlete Online, I learnt very quickly that Fi plays many roles, from counsellor, to media programmer, to mother hen, to support network, to liaison and confident to my favorite, which is her likeness to the Ray Donovan character from the HBO series of the same name, where she may be called to come in and help "clean up" someone else's mess.

Be sure to like and share this episode and tune back in next week to see who stops by!

Oct 05, 202055:46
Interview with Graeme Bonar

Interview with Graeme Bonar

This episode of MindsetBody Bank I am reunited with my old friend Bones after almost 20 years we sit down and catch up over lunch about life, hockey, kids, grandkids and special gifts.

Bones was kind enough to open up about addiction to drugs and alcohol and share his story about recovery. I was so grateful to have this opportunity to give my old friend a hug and see a new passion in his eyes that couldn't be further from when he had a hockey stick in his hands 30 years ago expected to be an NHL prodigy.
Mar 11, 202059:53


This is the first episode of MindsetBodyBank and I give you a bit of a background on who I am, where I came from, a few of the experiences I've had and how I've had to overcome some pretty fucked up shit, dust myself off and keep going! Hopefully you get something out of it and keep listening!
Feb 13, 202029:13
February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020

Feb 12, 202000:54