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Mindy Dougherty

Mindy Dougherty

By Mindy Dougherty

Poetry and Spoken Word by Mindy Dougherty ♡ Owner & Creator of Feed My City.
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The Shallow Well

Mindy DoughertyFeb 26, 2019

Apr 29, 202001:05
Where Did Your Soul Go?

Where Did Your Soul Go?

Suicide has no boundaries and to a friend who lost his life in the end, I choose to qrote some poetry. RIP Matt ♡
Apr 26, 202001:16
Desire Thee
Apr 23, 202001:23
I See You
Apr 19, 202001:03
A Lion Will Roam
Apr 19, 202001:08
I Swallowed written by Mindy Dougherty

I Swallowed written by Mindy Dougherty

I enjoy using humor to help ease my anxiety and frustration
Jun 08, 201902:02
PTSD CRPS & Veteran Safety
Mar 19, 201904:60
Follow your gut & Child Advocacy

Follow your gut & Child Advocacy

I believe we need to step up as a society to protect our children from abuse, abusers, pedophiles, and victims of sex slavery. It's time we speak up about the atrocities at hand. Kids being taken from the front of their houses and in grocery stores while parents are distracted. No way can I let this be unheard. As my friend reminds me Robbie Grayson, "They have to be right 1 time, you have to be right 100%"

Mar 12, 201910:45
Spoken words 2019

Spoken words 2019

Mixed poetry and spoken words by Mindy Dougherty
Mar 06, 201905:51
The Shallow Well
Feb 26, 201902:46