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By Minimally Useful

Jerry and Nate have been called many things: sultans of sales, masters of marketing, Titans of trade, captains of capital... have been none of those things. But, they have strong opinions about the pitfalls of capitalism, and they desperately seek validation. So, join them in Crapitalism.
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The Cost of Quitting

CrapitalismAug 26, 2021

The Cost of Quitting
Aug 26, 202155:58
The Billionaire Space Race
Aug 12, 202151:52
The Pay Day - Part 4 - Paying to Work
Jul 29, 202148:38
The Pay Day - Part 3 - WTF is a Salary
Jul 15, 202143:27
The Pay Day - Part 2 - The Negotiation
Jul 01, 202153:07
The Pay Day - Part 1 - What is Pay?
Jun 17, 202135:11
The Interview Game - Part 2
Jun 03, 202135:60
The Interview Game - Part 1
May 20, 202132:44
Patently Insane
May 06, 202153:49
Paid in Experience
Apr 22, 202154:14
You’re Being Watched
Apr 08, 202158:24
Gettin’ Giggy Wit It
Apr 01, 202158:14
All Nestléd In
Mar 25, 202101:02:23
Conspiratorial Review
Mar 18, 202101:00:09
The Bottom Dollar Makes No Cents
Mar 11, 202150:15
Mar 04, 202158:21
Everything is Fine
Feb 25, 202156:21
The Gilded Descent
Feb 18, 202149:11
The Great Time Heist
Feb 11, 202101:00:01
Boomer Economics and Stonks
Feb 04, 202101:06:40
Welcome to the FUN-derdome
Jan 28, 202154:21
The Gift That Keeps on Taking
Jan 21, 202147:27
All work, Some play
Jan 14, 202154:28
Audio Visual Assault
Jan 07, 202157:15
Covid Crutch - Part 3

Covid Crutch - Part 3

In this thrilling conclusion to the Covid Crutch series, Jerry and Nate begin the bashing of businesses using Covid as a reason to take advantage of employees. Let us walk you through just why you needed to take that pay cut for job during these "unprecedented times."

Dec 31, 202018:02
Covid Crutch - Part 2
Dec 24, 202022:02
Covid Crutch - Part 1

Covid Crutch - Part 1

This episode Jerry and Nate raise questions about some of the businesses taking out Covid loans, build a smarter presidential campaign for Kanye, and manage to describe a horrifying scene starring a beloved mascot and simultaneously come up with a great idea for a T-shirt.

Dec 17, 202026:35
Trailer - Welcome to Crapitalism

Trailer - Welcome to Crapitalism

Hello fellow human. We’re the masters of Minimally Useful and we’re coming at you with a podcast about one of our favorite topics, a little thing called Crapitalism. As titans of industry we view it as our civic, maybe even divine, duty to point out all the ways we’re being attacked, cornswaggled, and even boondoggled by businesses while throwing in our own flavor with powerful insights.

Dec 16, 202001:11