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A football podcast with more than a focus on Everton. Cultural talking points from the world of football inside and outside of L4. Ciao & Obrigado.
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special edition Macca x the esk

Mint PodcastFeb 07, 2022

special edition Macca x the esk

special edition Macca x the esk

We look back at the week that was, and the dawn of the Lampard era.

Are we ambitious enough as a club? After 27 years and counting, Macca asks "how do we support the team and push for a better EFC"? It's a question many Evertonians have brought up in recent weeks. Are we on a road to nowhere, or good times just around the corner? Following a tumultuous start to the year and impassioned protests, we reflect on Everton's business affairs from Russia with love, and lack of discipline as an institution we can't seem to shake. Can demands to "sack the board" really make a difference? Do fans still play an important role in shaping the club? Everton's managerial appointment in Frank Lampard would argue that, yes, they do. Will Lampard be given the resources required to compete? We delve into a fan culture screaming for a football philosophy to get behind, desperate for silverware, and debate if Everton will ever take their seat with football's elite.  What's it all about, Moshiri? 

Up the Toffees 


Feb 07, 202201:01:32
Minterview Series x Dave O' Grady (Musician Seafoam Green)

Minterview Series x Dave O' Grady (Musician Seafoam Green)

MINTerview episode IV

Dave O’Grady of Seafoam Green, and some of us here go back a long time, so, sitting down with him and hearing about his fondest football memories was something quite special. Irish roots, becoming an evertonian, trialing at Home Farm in the ‘90s, and emigrating to Liverpool, this is more like a chat with an old friend, than an interview, "I don't know how I ended up at Home Farm, maybe one of my school friends was playing there. I ended up going there and had a little trial and got on the team - Home Farm at the time, they wore the Everton Kit, I remember thinking that’s cool, seeing that on the TV and that was the club we were playing for.” His childhood passion for St Pat’s, impact the Premier League has on the League of Ireland, and why Seamus Coleman is more daylight robbery than a steal. That Ireland / Liverpool love affair, the trad scene as we know it today, tour tales, playing at Finch Farm, and what’s next for Dave and his band.

Running order:

-Introduction - 00m 27s
-Plugs and mentions - 00m 35s
-Home at St Pat's and Home Farm (early years) - 4m 35s
-Why Everton? - 7m 05s
-Roy Keane Rebel Rouser - 11m 58s
-Jack Charlton Fishing trips - 14m 31s
-League of Ireland Homegrown regulation - 18m 07s
-Liverpool The Long Weekend - 35m 24s
-Searching for the scene - 40m 32s
-Quickfire Q & A - 52m 34s

Follow @seafoamgreenhq @daveogrady

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, or email: Check out the MINT store,      ***Please take the time to rate and review us on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your pods.

Aug 08, 202156:14
Minterview Series x Meikayla Moore (New Zealand & Liverpool FC defender)

Minterview Series x Meikayla Moore (New Zealand & Liverpool FC defender)

The trio welcomes Meikayla Moore into the mix. Zipping around the city several months ago, we scooted into an early-morning training session with a level of intensity that could only indicate a focused and professional athlete. Turns out the athlete we stumbled upon was Liverpool Defender, New Zealand international and Olympian, Meikalya Moore. When it comes to ultimate professional athletes, Meikayla ticks every box. Level-headed, passionate, conscientious, and constantly striving to improve her sport for the next generation. If you're an ardent football fan and care about the beautiful game and its progress, this one's for you. Moore takes us through her player pathway from her native Christchurch - from being the only girl in CO-ED to U17 Championships and conquering Europe. Platforms and philosophy, we hear the overwhelming pride in representing her country and how pulling on the Fern's strip for the first time has shaped who she is today.

Meikayla discusses her contemporaries, who she looked up to coming up in the game, and why it's important to have representation as a young female athlete. We delve into the transfer market via the Bundesliga to Liverpool FC and the comparisons to the men's game, as well as the clubs' working to smash the glass ceiling. Money talks, wage gaps, and pushing the game forward - how male footballers can help revolutionise women's football, and how in turn, men can learn a thing or two from women when it comes to inclusion and equality. Meikayala talks us through a World Cup injury and what the road to recovery looks like as a professional athlete in 2021.

All of this PLUS that good old Everton / Liverpool rivalry, and how it feels being in the city. As if that wasn't enough, we chat about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, expectations for her country, elevating women in sport, and LGBTQ+ activism. Meikayla speaks her mind on inclusivity, and how important it is to find your own voice.

Stick with it to the end for a Quickfire Q & A that includes player insight you won't find anywhere else...

Running order:

-Introduction 00m 39s

-New Zealand Beginnings 1m 38s

-CO-ED Experiences - 3m 05s

-Ferns & Olympian 15m 57s

-Women in the game - 23m 31s

-Europe The jump to Germany - 33m 36s

-Covid - 41m 15s

-EFC / LFC Rivalry - 46m 22s

-Injury & Recovery - 51m 04s

-Equality & Activism - 1hr 4m 20s

-Quickfire Q & A - 1hr 14m 14s

-The Kop 1964 She loves you - 1hr 16m 54s





Photographed by Paul Johnson

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, or email: Check out the MINT store,      ***Please take the time to rate and review us on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your pods.

May 25, 202101:17:46
Minterview Series x Pete Hoppins (Former Senior Design Director for Nike Football)

Minterview Series x Pete Hoppins (Former Senior Design Director for Nike Football)

MINT are joined by Portland, Pete Hoppins; an Evertonian who recently left a dream role as Senior Design Director for Global Football Apparel at Nike (Football) to open the Toffee Club (@toffeeclubpdx), Away Day Brewing (@awaysdaysbrewingco) and the Toffee League (@toffeeleague). A self confessed instigator, Pete invites us all into his world from designing kits for Inter, Barca, PSG and more for Nike Football to what it takes to create an inclusive culture within grassroots "sport".

An insight deep into the process of kit design within the world of artistic impression in football. Including all you want to hear about what it takes for collaborations; Hoopin' references by Hoppins as Air Jordan x PSG collabs are discussed. All your favourite kits are dropped in, Nigeria 98', Brazil 70' and Classic 90's Everton, the "revolution" or "reverse revolutions" of retro and the Everton rebrand reluctancy. The lack of strategy and vision from the blues, and what positives and methods we can take from the monopolies of modern football.

Not only that but as an Evertonian, Pete was given the task to design Liverpools first kit with Nike. Revenue led tiering systems, Pete explains what clubs get from brands at their level on the tier and in a world of global economics their revenue is the biggest pull for partnerships.

There is no such thing as becoming "cool overnight". Is Hummel the answer?

We also discuss grassroots culture in Oregon. Pete tells us about his learning curve with LGBTQ and CO-ED leagues for players within an "exclusive inclusive" league environment. The difficulties developing an environment to encourage change. What tactical approaches can be made to partner with community leaders, business and communities for leagues at the lower tier of local football and how football is a springboard.

The facade of messages from the corporate football & how the people can be the change. Including mental imagery of Big Nev on Instagram donning brand releases in Rhyl.

If you didn't know, Pete tells us Brazils kit is yellow, thanks. How he can't explain his disgust at Evertons attempted rebrand in 2017 & some Portlandians thinking his Toffee Club Pub, was a confectionary shop and he's added to the admirers of The West Derby Rui Costa club.

Running Order:
- Introduction -  00m 40s
- Time at Nike - 03m 45s
- Kit Design process - 06m 10s
- Design your rivals kit - 11m 55s
- Collaborations & Brands - 19m 05s
- Evertons lack of awareness - 25m 04s
- MLS and Beyond - 33m 45s
- Toffee Club Community - 35m 30s
- The Toffee League (No D*ckheads & rules) - 41m 25s
- Creating a greater grassroots platform - 50m 35s
- QuickFire Q & A - 59m 44s

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, or email: Check out the MINT store,      ***Please take the time to rate and review us on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your pods.

Apr 28, 202101:05:22
Minterview Series x Tobias Jones, (Author of 'ULTRAS, The Underworld of Italian Football')

Minterview Series x Tobias Jones, (Author of 'ULTRAS, The Underworld of Italian Football')

Ciao e Benvenuto!

This week we elevate our inner 90's James Richardson Football Italia vibes, it may not be all espresso and piazzas but it is edge of the seat conversation. We're joined by Italian Football Expert, Writer, Journalist and Evertonian, Tobias Jones.

We discuss Tobias' book and Winner of the Daily Telegraph Football Book of the Year, 'ULTRAS, The Underworld of Italian Football'. Tobias dives deep into the ultra culture, with tales of years immersing himself within the Curva Sud of Cosenza, a Serie B team from the boot of Italy. The anarchic tales of the eternal youth, an Italian ultra means 'Capitale del Mondo" for the Tifoso.

'Il Barone' at AC Milan to Claudio 'Il Bocia' Galimberti at Atalanta, and how the Ultra movement is adapting. From 60's punk beginnings to Catania Mayoral figures. Tobias' educates us on why the ultras of Italy are so renowned & describes in his own experiences just what it is like to be sat with them in the stands. A far left to far right shift, Lazios, Irriducibili and their storming of training grounds during their title winning season and how if you're an Ultra it's about the colours on the shirt not the name on the back of it.

Tobias also recalls becoming an Evertonian as a Somerset boy on the beaches of Wales. Rekindling names like; Sheedy, Southall, Ratcliffe and Reid. The glory years of the 80's and how he doesn't do himself any favours with being a Parma fan. The reach of the blues in Parma and the importance of communities. How Europa League Everton v Atalanta embarrassed Tobias' tip for an English team for his Italians. He gives us tales of terror, empathy and how Tobias still keeps in touch with his "amica" in Cosenza. Gangs or "tifoso"?

Dribblagio", "Crespo", 'Parma v Inter in the 90's'. A stunning insight into Italian football from a fascinating and engaging writer.  Running Order:

- Introduction (00m 20s)
- Love of Everton (01m 12s)
- Book Genesis and "Bucci Suicide" (05m 15s)
- Why Cosenza? (08m 45s)
- Tifoso, Colosseum culture & Roman radicalism (18m 54s)
- Atalanta's Claudio 'Il Bocia' Galimberti (28m 42s)
- Emmanuel Calaio match fixing scandal (37m 03s)
- Materazzi & Rui Costa Iconography (40m 00s)
- Rivalries and communalism (45m 30s)
- QuickFire Q & A (55m 23s)  

Buy 'ULTRAS, The Underworld of Italian Football' NOW at:

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Mar 30, 202101:03:22
Minterview Series x Macca (NTS Radio - Homme De Musique)

Minterview Series x Macca (NTS Radio - Homme De Musique)

Adam McAleavey is a Liverpool born radio DJ featured on worldwide online platform NTS Radio. Macca talks to us about how he combines his two fickle loves; Beats and The Blues. Fashion, fashionability, and fash(c)-ism.

South Liverpool music, starting a record label, and what imagery from 80's Toxteth can help uprise, the ghettoised, gentrisied southside?

Macca (@maccalaaa) tells us about the notoriety of being a scouser based in London, both politically and personally. Living in a global hotspot like the Big Smoke evokes the Evertonian inside him to questions: Why aren't Everton cool? We hear niche about opportunities missed, and opportunities in the making. The Tom Davies factor and what would make Everton relevant globally, or only even as far as Hackney?

What it means being an Evertonian now, and we ask the question we asked in our first pod
"La Cultura", what is Everton to the generation not old enough to remember on pitch success? Does match day experiences taint our feelings towards the club, and lessons learned on the darker side of following your team.

We hear about the lifestyle differences between north and south divide within football culture, involvement in grassroots football with The Gun.

Mid 80's love in between Merseyside colours. Macca gives us a unique insight of a Blue attending parades and celebrations for a side that isn't his own and trophies they haven't won, (yes... the reds) and what it means for his city.

There are positives and negatives to being a blue, and this is just one story. Enjoy! One Glove.

Running Order:

- Introduction (00m 45s)

- Everton and evocative beats (08m 25s)

- The outside opinion of the blues (11m 13s)

- Collaborative Creatives and Evertons' inefficiencies (17m 25s)

- North South divide (24m 40s)

- A fan of the city (34m 45s)

- Fan culture negative and positive (40m 00s)

- It's a sign of the times. What is your Everton? (56m 30s)

- City gentrification (1h 07m 00s)

- QuickFire Q & A (01h 08m 23s)

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, and email us here:

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Mar 04, 202101:14:14
Minterview Series x Andrea McGrady (Number 9)

Minterview Series x Andrea McGrady (Number 9)

Andrea McGrady the last Everton number 9 to lift a league title discusses with the Collective about being part of the forgotten generation of the womens game.

Andrea opens up to the MINT trio about the difficulties that came along with being a trailblazer in the mid 90's for women in the game, and delves into life as a footballer when you have to; pay to play, borrow kits, attend trials and make your way up the ladder.

Telling all in a story from Bootle to Bellefield with a detour into Bruce and how she was Born to Play. Moulding her game on Bob Latchford and a surprising positive about the much maligned Peter Johnson, no, not about "wanting him out" but about him wanting the girls in, and giving a generation the opportunity to belong. Pulling on the blue shirt, and wearing the famous number 9, living every Evertonians' dreams. Playing at Marine, and the Original Wembley.

Why don't Everton give the platform to former trophy winning women, like they do to professional couch surfers in the mens game? And could she be used as a mentor and an ambassador, and will the women ever be treated with the equality they have fought so long and hard for?

The juxtaposition of the joy of parading a league winners medal at half time, whilst fear spread around Goodison on the final day against Coventry in 97/98.

Incredible insights from a former player and some Springsteen metaphors to boot and talking of boots, if it wasn't enough Andreas' boot of choice is Copa Mundials!

Running Order:

- Introduction (00m 50s)

- Peter Johnson and Everton (08m 40s)

- Pulling on the blue shirt and the beginning of Everton Ladies (14m 09s)

- The Everton name but not the Everton structure (19m 10s)

- Juxtaposition of Medal Parade and Mens potential relegation (27m 30s)

- Winning the League (36m 10s)

- Life after the game (41m 40s)

- Role at the club? (45m 05s)

- Q and A (49m 20s)

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, and email us here:

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Feb 16, 202153:18
Minterview Series x The Esk

Minterview Series x The Esk

The Trio are joined by Everton Business Matters Founder and Host and Twitter masked man The Esk.  

Russian Kleptocracy via USM - Navaltny, Usmanov, Putin and the era of oligarchs.

Paul discusses the incompetencies with the board, educating us on the pyramid of the football club and the benefits of how a solid structure at board level helps create direction. Do the fans still feel the club have No Plan? Diving into the January 2021 AGM (or propaganda) covering strategy, finances, community, interaction with fans and any other significant activities (on and off the field). What do Everton need to sell themselves as internationally to become a brand? 

Are Changes needed at board level? You'll also hear how since the arrival Five Years ago of Billionaire Iranian Farhad Moshiri how the lack of ambition and resource prior to his arrival has held the club back, and how even with Moshiri at the helm we aren't aggressive enough with Champions League ambitions, and the club is quickly going out of Fashion.

Bill Kenwright isn't producing this play anymore but playing the Starman in his own production is failing to bring Everton any golden years in his tenure whilst he strives for his own Fame.

Can Under Pressure shareholders bring a club together whilst stagnant corporate deals, strategy and player acquisition give us Little Wonder what will happen in the next decade at the club?

An ideal board member mentioned is a hypothetical podcast worthy shout, and Paul doubles down on his vague brand of elusiveness, and loses his teeth before telling us off pod about his only music preference.  

Running Order:     

- Introduction to The Esk (00min 55sec

- January AGM (05min 00sec

- Bill Kenwright (16min 00sec

- Example Models for future exposure (30min 43sec

- TV Money relience (49min 09sec

- Brexit (39min 41sec

- Trust Brands & Carlo we trust (1hr 4min 07sec

- Quickfire Q & A (1hr 9min 8sec)

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, and email us here: Check out the MINT store, where you can find more than just audio content.     

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Feb 01, 202101:13:13
Minterview Series x Emma Simpson (Official Club Assistant Photographer at Everton)

Minterview Series x Emma Simpson (Official Club Assistant Photographer at Everton)

MINT sit down in conversation with Everton's Official Assistant Photographer, Emma Simpson.   

Emma discusses the challenging task of capturing moments hundreds of thousands of fans engage with on Everton's Official social media channels. Delving into the difference between the Mens and Women's media set up, the personalities of players from the U18's, U23's and the First Team in front of the camera.  

You'll also hear about the Theo Walcott goal that gave Emma the platform to showcase her skills in the world of sports photography and exactly what it takes to get the perfect moment inside the lens onto social media and in front of the fans.

We find out about the challenges a club photographer faces trying to balance both mens and women's fixtures and the improvement in the media engagement in the women's game. Emma single handedly providing the 2020 Women's F.A Cup Final scenes; from cold soup in one hand to a camera in the other, mid game editing,  jumping the advertising hoardings, Yerry Mina dancing and Thierry Small glancing, Emma gives us a real life insight into the joys of working at Everton Football Club.  

Running Order:   

- Introduction (01min 00sec)
- Looking through the lens at players (07min 05sec)
- The Women's Team media exposure (14min 00sec)
- 2020 Women's F.A Cup Final (23min 53sec)
- Focus on player emotions (34min 42sec)
- Trust and Exposure from Everton (39min 41sec)
- U23's (45min 00sec)
- Quickfire Q and A (48min 58sec)

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, and email us here: Check out the MINT store, where you can find more than just audio content.   

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Jan 11, 202154:26
Minterview Series x El Pivote (Andy McGregor of Mrkt Insights Football)

Minterview Series x El Pivote (Andy McGregor of Mrkt Insights Football)

The trio sit down in conversation with Football Analytics and Scouting Guru, Andy McGregor (@elpivoteftbl) of @insightMrkt.  In a wide ranging interview Andy discusses the unorganised Everton youth development plan, the under appreciation of Marcel Brands, the importance of utilising a loan structure, hidden gold mines for talent, employing powerful square pegs into round holes and how the culture shift needs to be road mapped for future success. You'll also find out Andy's ideal Everton signing for 2021, mentions for Krépin Diatta and Ismaïla Sarr, a niché film recommendation, what floor he'd find himself in if he could have one last night out in the infamous L1 "nightclub" The Krazyhouse on Wood Street and a prediction of whether we'll win the sought after Everton Trophy this year.

Running Order:
Do Everton have a 'Youth Development Plan" (01m 25s)
Evertons "Old Guard" and DNA? (08m 05s)
Scouting network and loan structure (12m 10s)
Marcel Brands and patience (22m 25s)
Anthony Gordon and Tom Davies (28m 25s)
Temporary fix players, method and Don Carlo (37m 32s)
Quickfire Q and A (51m 11s)

Search 'mintisculture' on social media to find us, and email us here: Check out the MINT store, where you can find more than just audio content. ***Please take the time to rate and review us on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your pods.

Dec 20, 202054:12
Gambling in Football

Gambling in Football

This week we discuss the exploitation being aimed at fans by betting companies, knowingly taking advantage of our loyalty and emotion for our clubs, with Everton's recent announcement of a partnership with Parimatch as the catalyst of conversation.

Should clubs have a noticeable conscience in regards to their partnerships in business? The culture change from betting shops to online gambling, and how a clubs relationship with their betting partners are changing our relationship with them, from a fan to a user.

How the globalisation of phenomena like esports and analytics into our social media habits, have us all at the behest of the bespoke betting behemoth.

You can find support information regarding the wider implications of gambling, support and the effects it can have on society and your family by visiting 

Dec 06, 202050:10
Part Two: Everton memories. The player.

Part Two: Everton memories. The player.

This week the pod take a nostalgic trip into one iconic moment that defines a player.

From 1996 to 2019, we have three standout memories as Sarah, Shaun and Dave pick out their most iconic individual memory involving one specific player following the blues.

Aussie anarchy caused by Cahill in the away end at Anfield Road in 2009,  Duncan Fergusons managerial dedication as Carlo overlooks his final Caretaker conclusion in our most recent memory in 2019, and an Andrei Kanchleskis free for all back in 1996. Silencing Anfield as Benitez cracks, another Nick Barmby inclusion, Guy Whittingham shirts, Gabriel Batistuta is shoehorned in for solely "Batigol appreciation" purposes, late years Wenger and the owner of the Limp"Bar", Anders Limpar gets a shout out.

No Drama, Спасибо, and Slainte! Sit back and enjoy.

Part 1: 2009 - Liverpool 1 - 1 Everton - Tim Cahill (00m 56s)

Part 2: 2019 - Everton 0 - 0 Everton - Duncan Ferguson (Manager) (08m 31s)

Part 3: 1996 - Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 5 Everton - Andrei Kanchelskis (16m 05s)

Nov 21, 202029:48
Fantastico, Magnifico, Politico: Do we need Politics in football?

Fantastico, Magnifico, Politico: Do we need Politics in football?

This week the pod discuss the undeniable link between politics, football and an ever growing disenfranchised fanbase being seen as users rather than fans. Should Everton as a club use the city's strong political identity to provide a springboard to their community?

The potential disconnect from fan to club, and when does a club stop representing you as a fan? The responsibility of clubs within their communities. Is it dark times and can the city take inspiration from the 80's and become a phoenix of hope for it's people?

"Potere al popolo!"

Nov 04, 202057:10
Terrace tribalism

Terrace tribalism

This week the pod dives into Don Carlo's coup d'etat or 'colpo di stato' as the cornerstone of Everton's inherent identity transition.

Terrace tribalism and what is it that makes Leighton Baines "One of Us?" but not Tom?...yet.

How a crisis has turned into club clarity. The success of Dominic Calvert-Lewin is hiding our former insecurities and the importance of opening the isolated L4 bubble into a global Goodison for future forays onto a famous waterfront. 

Oct 24, 202043:34
Part One: Everton memories. The Match.

Part One: Everton memories. The Match.

This week the pod reflect on the key bitesized moments that moulded their behaviour as Evertonians. Spanning 13 years from the early 90's through to the late 00's. Sarah, Shaun and Dave pick out their most prominent, favourite or most soul destroying memory following the blues.  Painting their picture of events and transporting us back to that particular game. Heartbreak, Duncs curtains, Collina's Spanish Calciopoli and a Firenze frenzy at Goodison. Honourable mentions for Pro Evo 3, Per Kroldrup and Andy Hinchcliffe's left wand.

Sit back and enjoy. Ciao and Obrigado.

Part 1: 1995 - Everton 1 - 0 Manchester United - Duncan Ferguson (00m 53s)

Part 2: 2005 - Villarreal 2 - 1 Everton - Pierluigi Collina (08m 30s)

Part 3: 2008 - Everton 2 - 0 Fiorentina - Mikel Arteta and Sebastian Frey (17m 15s)

Oct 14, 202025:08
La cultura Everton. Existential existence or Italian renaissance?

La cultura Everton. Existential existence or Italian renaissance?

The pod discuss the clubs hometown city culture vacuum, the popularity marketing potential of new players and how The Professor is showing us the Reggiolesi light.

From Bogota to Bramley Moore, the future of Everton as the Merseyside Billionaires make strides to rebel against stagnation and survive culturally on the world stage and in the city.

Is Anthony Gordon the future of the club? Do we utilise the social consciousness of our Brazilian Pigeon.

Have Everton made a statement with their local branding and allowing the second club in the city to over capitalise their identity in an era of "clubs v fans"?

Oct 05, 202040:26