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Mission to Scale

Mission to Scale

By Hueman Group Media

Extreme poverty, climate change, racial injustice. As the world’s problems accelerate, so should our solutions. Mission to Scale reveals the tools, mindsets and strategies that organizations and funders need — to make the most impact. On the podcast, host Dan Berelowitz talks to brilliant leaders from today’s most dynamic nonprofits, social enterprises, and purpose-driven brands about pursuing change, at scale. From creating lean strategy to team building, each episode helps you take the guesswork out of changing more lives.

This podcast is a production of Spring Impact and Hueman Group Media
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SSIR Series: Preserving Social Purpose Amid a Global Pandemic

Mission to ScaleJun 23, 2022

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11. Scaling in Informal Economies
Feb 21, 202228:37
Case Study: Tostan
Feb 17, 202209:46
10. Working with Governments Towards Scalable Solutions
Feb 14, 202224:01
Case Study: Hewlett Foundation

Case Study: Hewlett Foundation

This is a case study show that highlights how Spring Impact and mission-driven organizations work together to change more lives.

Today’s guest is Margot Fahnstock, currently Vice President of Strategic Development for the nonprofit pharmaceutical organization Medicines360. We asked Margot to speak about her experiences working alongside Spring Impact when she was a Program Officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Margot’s opinions expressed here are her own and do not represent the views of  Medicines360.

Margot created a unique strategic partnership between MSI Reproductive Choices Zambia, the human-centered Design non-profit, and Spring Impact. The partnership scaled up an innovative reproductive health program for teenage girls across Zambia, working in close partnership with the Zambian Government.

In this case study episode we talk about our partnership, as well as Margot’s refreshing approach to scale, which involved a willingness to trust the right partners to develop solutions with scale baked in right from the start - a strategy that paid off.

You can learn more about the Diva Centres here, and’s approach to Design Thinking here.

This case study episode of the Mission to Scale Podcast is produced by Colectivo


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