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Spanking & All Things FemDom

Spanking & All Things FemDom

By Miss Jenn Davis

This podcast is about spanking, feminization, humiliation, and all things FemDomme.

New episodes come out at least once per week, on Wednesdays.
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Ask Miss Jenn

Spanking & All Things FemDomSep 19, 2023

Ask Miss Jenn
Sep 19, 202309:11
A 1950's Style Adult Spanking Pool Party
Sep 12, 202305:10
The Lunch Date: POP Spankings and Post Orgasm Punishments [ PREVIEW ]
Aug 22, 202307:39
Cheerleader Punishment [ PREVIEW ]
Jul 24, 202300:56
Panty Boy Publicly Humiliated at the Boutique [ PREVIEW ]
Jun 26, 202307:07
Fixing a Broken Relationship [ PREVIEW ]
May 09, 202310:18
Shaving Tom [ FULL AUDIO ]
Dec 14, 202206:10
All in the Spanking Family [ FULL AUDIO ]
Nov 30, 202204:14
Baby Jeffie's ABDL Rules [ PREVIEW ]
Nov 09, 202202:38
The Sweetest Bully [ FULL AUDIO ]

The Sweetest Bully [ FULL AUDIO ]

David discovers just how ticklish he is when he makes a big mistake in front of this story's narrator.

Nov 02, 202206:15
Mommy's Good Boy [ PREVIEW ]
Oct 26, 202205:41
Punished For Staring at Wife's Boobs [ FULL AUDIO ]
Oct 19, 202203:22
The Punishment Spanking: It's too late to apologize [ PREVIEW ]

The Punishment Spanking: It's too late to apologize [ PREVIEW ]

Description from the FULL clip:  Feel your heart drop as you listen to Miss Jenn’s email. The one calling you out for not scheduling your maintenance spanking. But what do you do? Do you get back to her? Or do you cop an attitude, make it worse, and earn yourself the punishment spanking of a lifetime? The only thing hotter than your bottom after she and her friend get ahold of you is this audio. Jenn takes charge in this tale of disrespect, discipline, and real tears. Get ready for the ultimate in punishment.

Keywords for this audio: Spanking, FF/M, Punishment, Embarrassment, Writing lines, Cornertime, Scolding

Want to know more about me (Miss Jenn Davis), read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me

Oct 15, 202219:57
Sissy-in-Law [PREVIEW]
Sep 02, 202223:36
Therapy Sessions to Break his Masturbation Habit

Therapy Sessions to Break his Masturbation Habit

Description: Michael starts seeing Miss Jenn Davis, a Disciplinarian, to break his nasty habit of masturbating 4-5 times a day. The one thing that Miss Jenn demanded was complete honesty and total transparency, she told Michael that failure to obey her would be ending the sessions or face severe discipline and punishment.   As they continued their discussion Miss Jenn noticed that Michael would  constantly look at her feet and legs, something she would remember as  she established her therapy plans for him.  Miss Jenn continued the  discussion laying out what the expectations would be.  The first would  be to reduce his frequency of habit to no more than twice a day striving  to once a week by month 6.  She indicated that the  weekly sessions  will be on Friday evening for 1 hr. The sessions will start with  discussion on his weekly behavior and frequency of masturbation and it  will end with OTK discipline and punishment as well as  verbal admonishment  throughout the session.  After month 3 and always  noticing that Michael would always stare at her pantyhose covered legs and feet,  Miss Jenn decided to add nylon foot worship to their sessions.

This audio goes over their various therapy sessions to break Michael of his bad habit.

This is a work of fiction & intended for a mature audience to enjoy a fun kinky story.

Want to know more about me (Miss Jenn Davis), read my blog, or request your own custom audio? Contact me through my website at or via my email: missjenn (at) pm(dot)me

Aug 10, 202213:08
Missing a Maternal Hand - an ABDL story
Aug 05, 202210:41
My Hard Lesson

My Hard Lesson

Description: I  know that I need to be spanked on a regular basis. That need is as much  a part of me as is my eye color or height. It’s just baked into my  genetics. Due to circumstances, I had gone long past the point of where I  needed a discipline session. That lack of a spanking was causing me all  sorts of problems. A lack of focus and concentration. Feelings of  sadness and a loss of motivation to enjoy every day activities. Just a  general dull malaise.

As  time passed I found myself longing to be over Miss Jenn’s knee for a  good, hard spanking. At night I would blissfully dream of her picking up  her wicked Jokari Paddle and giving me that knowing little smile that  informed me that I was about to learn a VERY hard lesson.

On  Twitter, I Re-Tweeted a chart someone posted. It listed all different  spanking intensities ranging from ONE being, “Have We Started Yet?” to  TEN describing, “Full-On Begging with Crying!” The “Full-on Begging with  Crying!” end of the spectrum was sounding more and more like what I  needed to set me straight again.

Out of lustful curiosity, I Tweeted Miss Jenn the following:

“What would you consider an ELEVEN on the spanking scale?”

She replied:

“Adult  turns into blubbering mess having a complete & total breakdown.  Shaking like a leaf during + after for quite a while. Sobbing  uncontrollably. Not being coherent or being able to do things like  drive, make decisions, or cooking.”

I  found myself trembling with an odd mixture of fear and desire as I read  her words. As scary as Miss Jenn’s description of a level eleven  spanking sounded, I found myself longing to experience that type of  discipline.

This is an audio .mp3

Do you know that I do custom audio clips? Contact me soon for more info on custom audios!

Aug 03, 202219:03
Such a Pain in the Ass!
Jul 29, 202217:55
April's New Secretary [PREVIEW]
Jul 13, 202215:34
April's New Best Friend [PREVIEW]
Jul 07, 202212:11
Miss Jenn Spanking Weather Lady
Feb 23, 202213:43
Discipline at the Stables
Feb 20, 202215:39
Amazing Grace, pt 3
Feb 09, 202210:12
Amazing Grace, Pt 2
Feb 02, 202212:32
Trial of a Feminizer [PREVIEW]
Jan 28, 202216:08
Amazing Grace
Jan 26, 202211:50
Unwrapping the Most Beautiful Gift (That's Not For You)
Jan 08, 202206:09
A Female Led Wedding [PREVIEW]
Aug 11, 202107:17
The Beautiful Bully [PREVIEW]
Aug 04, 202124:02
William Finds His Governess [Preview]
Jul 26, 202113:09
The Gratitude Episode

The Gratitude Episode

Just wanted to express my gratitude to my listeners as well as for all the wonderful things happening right now in my life.

Jul 14, 202104:58
Trapped in Bras and Panties [PREVIEW]
Jul 07, 202111:54
The Submission Possible Premiere for the Seattle Episode + More Info on the TV Series
Jun 30, 202105:10
A BIG Heartfelt Thank You!

A BIG Heartfelt Thank You!

Just a short message from Miss Jenn.

Thank you, my listeners & fans, I truly appreciate you. I also want to thank my first "monthly" sponsor / supporter, someone who gives support through Anchor, to keep this podcast going, on a monthly basis.  No matter how small, I definitely appreciate it! So thank you, you mean the world to me :)

Hugs & spanks,

Miss Jenn

Jun 30, 202102:36
Mr. Anderson’s Fat Bottom Gets Spanked [ FULL Audio ]
Jun 23, 202123:13
Tom's Mischievous Idea for the Pool Party - FULL Audio
Jun 18, 202108:46
Coming Out [PREVIEW]
Jun 16, 202110:49
A Feminine Afternoon [PREVIEW]
Jun 11, 202106:01
Pantyhose Bondage in the Closet - FULL Audio
Jun 09, 202108:33
Miss Jenn Davis to Appear on NEW TV series "Submission Possible" with Madison Young
Jun 07, 202105:50
#MeToo Meets Mike's Ass [ FULL AUDIO ]
Jun 05, 202111:44
Through the Looking Glass [PREVIEW]
Jun 02, 202105:23
Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]
May 31, 202116:07
His First Visit [Preview]
May 17, 202111:48
Malled 2 [PREVIEW]
Mar 17, 202121:28
Malled [PREVIEW]
Mar 03, 202119:49
An English School-Reunion [PREVIEW]
Feb 19, 202110:19
Alex Bridges Interviews Miss Jenn Davis [Full Interview]
Feb 17, 202101:12:20
Date Night - an ABDL Audio [PREVIEW]
Feb 17, 202108:19
She Stole His Manhood [PREVIEW]
Feb 06, 202124:57