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Mock IT

Mock IT

By MetroStar Systems, LLC

Mock IT is your expert guide to the back-of-napkin ideas that impact people worldwide. Ever find yourself asking questions like "How did this person go from working at a restaurant to owning a Fortune 500 company?" or "How can I take my scribbles and turn them into the next AI/ML solution?" - If so, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Liz and Rachel dig for the stories of innovators in action, so you don't have to. Tune in bi-monthly whenever you listen to podcasts.
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Ryan Lewis Decodes Success in Deep Tech Startups

Mock ITNov 29, 2023

 Ryan Lewis Decodes Success in Deep Tech Startups
Nov 29, 202347:10
Nonprofit Leader and Bostonian Champions for Educational Equity
Nov 15, 202349:12
Championing Women in Tech & Design with Ladies That UX DC
Apr 12, 202358:21
Chat GPT-4, DEIA in Tech, and Work Culture
Mar 29, 202342:22
From Gaming to Government | UX Skills and Advice
Mar 15, 202359:54
How to Embrace Equity on International Women's Day
Feb 22, 202335:03
The Power of Open Source and Machine Learning in Government
Feb 08, 202347:39
Do You Need a Portfolio or Website to Succeed | UX Job Hunting Tips

Do You Need a Portfolio or Website to Succeed | UX Job Hunting Tips

Have you ever seen a job you thought would be perfect for you, only to read the description and decide you didn't check all the boxes? Marie and Liz passionately discuss why you should apply anyway while also discussing the recruitment process, interviewing tips, and answering that age-old (modern) question; do you need to have a portfolio or website to succeed as a UX'er or creative? Tune into the episode to find out.

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16:40 Do you need a portfolio?

21:50 Do you need a website?

23:48 Exploring social media and Instagram for work and job hunting

24:39 Recruitment paths at tech companies

33:00 UX and design job interview tips

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Jan 25, 202337:59
Age of Human-Centered AI: Ethical AI/ML & How Do We Grow to Trust It?
Jan 11, 202301:00:38
Keeping Humans in the Loop: AI, ML, & Data Chats with a Sr. Data Scientist

Keeping Humans in the Loop: AI, ML, & Data Chats with a Sr. Data Scientist

Beyond chatbots, virtual assistants, and the evolution of GPS systems, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the tools behind making it all work are shaping the present and future world. It may feel like these technologies are in the infant stage, and perhaps they are, but #AI and #ML solutions are here to stay. Senior Data Scientist Wilson Rodden sat down with podcast hosts Liz and Marie to chat about how humans are kept in the loop of AI/ML, the common misconceptions behind the technology, and if it's really as dangerous as some people think.

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1:28 Discussing the fourth anniversary of the IDEA Act

2:40 Five tips for managing stakeholder feedback as a UX'er

7:00 Interview with Data Scientist Wilson Rodden starts

8:50 What is AI/ML?

10:14 What is Big Data?

10:59 What is Predictive Modeling?

11:47 What is Computer Vision?

13:13 Common misconceptions about AI/ML

15:27 How to build trust in the government for AI innovations?

17:38 What is a biased algorithm?

24:34: What does human-in-the-loop mean?

35:22: Discussion on AI in the media

37:36 Is AI dangerous?

41:56: A data scientists' role on your team

Dec 28, 202250:49
Tips for Government Contracting Marketers That Will Help Unlock New Business

Tips for Government Contracting Marketers That Will Help Unlock New Business

What do you do if you can't tell the world about the work you create for your customers? Many marketers in government contracting run into this problem. Director of Corporate Affairs at MetroStar, Anne McCombe, works closely with the marketing team at the leading solutions and digital services provider and helps tackle these roadblocks daily as they serve the public sector. Tune in to this fast-paced episode to learn tips for government marketing and how to highlight sensitive material.

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1:50: Chatting about the interagency accessibility form and plain language use in government

6:26: Interview with Anne McCombe, Director of Corporate Affairs, begins

8:54: Why is MetroStar expanding in Bloomington, Indiana?

11:23: What makes a good elevator pitch for a government contractor (GovCon)?

13:53: Chatting about working with secure customers and how to market your work with them

15:15: What are some key GovCon marketing tactics?

16:03: What are CPARS?

21:35: How can you market sensitive material?

32:37: What is it like working with the Marine Corps?

35:28: General tips for government marketers

Dec 14, 202237:14
How to Create Designs for Great Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
Nov 30, 202245:27
How Can Data Sustain City Growth in the Next Decade

How Can Data Sustain City Growth in the Next Decade

It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's Data Experts. Shane Mayti and Ahmed Awad sat down with Liz and Marie to discuss their work as summer interns at MetroStar. The pair joined a team of technologists who are collecting and analyzing data to aid in smart urban growth, including where to invest in things like community building, infrastructure, funding, and more. Community decision-makers (in this case, the city of Bloomington, Indiana) must have access to accurate, consumable population data to ensure they can lead sustainable growth. Tune into this episode to learn more about their data journey and how they used public data to answer or approach challenging problems. 

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Sep 14, 202239:42
Exploring the Camaraderie Behind Motherhood, Leadership, and Women Empowerment in Government
Aug 31, 202253:60
The Process Behind UX Storytelling for Clients and Teams
Aug 17, 202247:55
Do You Want to Join a Government Contractor?
Aug 03, 202259:05
Unlocking the Value of Social Media Data for Sports and Esports Brands with Zoomph
Jul 13, 202201:01:53
Starting Your UX Career, Imposter Syndrome, and Diversity-Focused Design w/ Visual Designer Bree Douthitt
Jun 29, 202238:21
Are You a Generalist, Specialist, or Explorer: Can It Define Your Career? (with Director of Digital Strategy, Jason Stoner)
Jun 15, 202233:23
The Changing Culture of Design in Government and Customer Experience (with guest, DSC Executive Director, Traci Walker)
Jun 01, 202235:25
Why Government Agencies Need to Explore the Digital Services Coalition with Executive Director Traci Walker
May 18, 202232:32
CEO Entrepreneur Insights: How to Grow From a Startup to Leading Technology Company
May 04, 202231:37
Leading Remote UX Research with UX Architect Logan House
Mar 23, 202240:37
Inspiring Women & Youth to Explore STEM Careers w/ Software Developer Tiffanie Johnson
Mar 09, 202232:48
 UX Designers Battling the Climate Crisis w/ Guest Elisha Hardy
Feb 24, 202228:42
Rules to Beautiful & Functional Design w/ Guest Angela Terry
Feb 09, 202242:07
Sr. People Ops Manager Shares Onboarding Culture Shift
Jan 26, 202220:36
Your Agency Wants Drupal Experts: Exploring Content Management in 2022
Jan 12, 202246:26
Approaching Design Leadership (w/ guest Iva Hutson)
Dec 29, 202137:49
Making Project Restraints Work in Your Favor
Dec 15, 202119:06
Misinformation on Social Media and Digital Literacy (Part 2 with Guest Leslie Bozoian)
Dec 01, 202132:40
 Using Design to Tackle Misinformation on Social Media (with Guest Leslie Bozoian)
Nov 17, 202119:40
Our Insights: Communicating with Government Customers
Nov 03, 202134:02
Part One: Design Systems & Design Libraries
Oct 20, 202117:41
Let's Talk About Sunsetting Tech in Government, Chatbots, & More
Oct 06, 202122:19
Building Successful Remote UX Teams

Building Successful Remote UX Teams

This week, Liz & Marie explore how their team handled the ever-changing dynamic of the pandemic. Their team transitioned to remote work right as they started a new project; Learn how they made it work! 

The duo discuss everything from the tools they used (like Google Sheets and Miro) to how they fostered strong virtual relationships (Spoiler: They love to have their Zoom camera off).

Questions? Reach out at (Click on general under reason for contact

Sep 22, 202135:55
 Exploring Inclusive UX Design Choices

Exploring Inclusive UX Design Choices

This week, Liz and Marie explore inclusive design choices that everyone can execute, whether you’re a UX Designer or not. They discuss the small inclusive design details they find helpful at work and in their everyday lives.

There is much more to say about this topic and MetroStar’s approach to inclusive design in the government space. Interested in having an in-depth discussion? Reach out:

Correction: At 21:25, the title for the Integrated Digital Experience Act was mentioned incorrectly. It is later corrected at 22:32 in the same episode.

Sep 08, 202129:01
Forming, Storming, and Norming in Government Spaces
Aug 25, 202129:15