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MOD. is Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art, and innovation.

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Presenting FuturePod: How Hard Can It Be? with Kristin Alford

MOD.CastNov 29, 2021

What's the future for privacy?
May 23, 202213:40
Can you look to the past to understand the future?
May 09, 202218:07
What's the deal with AI?
Apr 25, 202212:43
What's the best way to hide?
Apr 11, 202216:19
Presenting FuturePod: How Hard Can It Be? with Kristin Alford
Nov 29, 202148:36
Us in Place
Nov 15, 202113:28
Us and Machines
Nov 01, 202111:12
Us with Other People
Oct 18, 202120:22
Inside and on us
Oct 04, 202111:34
Presenting Aboriginal Sexual Health Podcast: Touch and pleasure
Sep 20, 202118:44
Presenting South Australian Museum Podcast: Mawson's Balaclava

Presenting South Australian Museum Podcast: Mawson's Balaclava

Before we jump into our newest season of MOD.Cast, we're sharing a favourite from our friends at the SA Museum. This one's all about Sir Douglas Mawson and his expedition in Antarctica. Check out the SAM Podcast here:


This episode features Mark Pharaoh, Polar Collection Manager at the South Australian Museum, telling the epic story of Sir Douglas Mawson's journey across Antarctica.

This episode is made possible by the Department for Energy and Mining. Audio production is by Jake Holmes, theme song by Peter Saunders, and Kaurna welcome by Uncle Michael O'Brien. Our Wonders from the South Australian Museum exhibition (featuring Mawson's signature balaclava) is on until August 8th 2021.
Sep 06, 202125:47
Jul 30, 202010:38
Risk Perception
Jul 27, 202013:06
Global vs Local
Jul 23, 202013:13
Mental Health
Jul 20, 202009:20
Culture & Creativity
Jul 16, 202014:45
Future of Work & Study
Jul 13, 202012:41
Meet Rowan
Mar 15, 202016:36
Meet Mia
Mar 08, 202013:08
Meet Luca
Mar 01, 202016:50
Meet Kai
Feb 23, 202020:55
Meet Julia
Feb 16, 202015:43
Meet Ava
Feb 09, 202013:18
Meet Alex
Jan 28, 202015:24
What does it mean to be human?
May 12, 201811:15
The space around us
May 11, 201812:48
Robotic relationships
May 11, 201807:42
What's your reality?
May 11, 201807:38