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Modern Anarchy

Modern Anarchy

By Nicole Thompson

The podcast exploring Sex, Relationships, and Liberation through real conversations with conscious objectors to the status quo. I'm your host, Nicole, M.A., (She/Her). I am a Queer, Non-Monogamous Sex Educator, Psychotherapist, and Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology training in Psychedelic Integration Therapy. Join me as I feature the honest stories of those unashamed in their pursuit of authenticity. Each guest will nominate the next guest to reflect a de-centered and ever-evolving definition of what it means to be a conscious objector.

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107. Recovering from Spiritual Trauma through Psychedelics and our Inner Healing Wisdom with Kayla Felten

Modern Anarchy May 10, 2023

127. Every Breath Can Be an Orgasm: Intimacy, Social Justice, and Somatics with Caffyn Jesse

127. Every Breath Can Be an Orgasm: Intimacy, Social Justice, and Somatics with Caffyn Jesse

On today's episode, we have queer elder and sacred intimacy teacher, Caffyn Jesse (They/She) join us for a conversation about the power of ecstasy practices. Together we talk about loving all of our parts, our limited understanding of orgasm, and refusing the regime of normal with fierce outrage.

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Intro and Outro Song: Wild Wild Woman by Your Smith

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Caffyn Jesse is a queer elder, sacred intimate, teacher and writer who revels in the power and pleasu