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the Mom Files

the Mom Files

By Danielle Delaney

A podcast made to connect. Motherhood can feel isolating at times, even like a competition.

It's not!

Here on The Mom Files we talking with experts and connecting with other mom's so that we can find knowledge while learning together.
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Getting Social With Your Kids

the Mom FilesMar 29, 2023

Getting Social With Your Kids

Getting Social With Your Kids

This week, we are diving into social media and our kids.

When is it too early for socials? How do we manage what is being consumed? Did I actually let my daughter start a YouTube channel 😳

Connect and share how you're managing social media with your family.
Mar 29, 202323:29
Travel Tips and Life Adventures

Travel Tips and Life Adventures

It's March Break, and since we've traveled that one time with the kids, our host Danielle has some travel tips and tricks as well as some fun suggestions for March Break of you're staying in place.

Remember to take some time to reflect, don't be so hard on yourself or your kiddos - we are all going through it right now. Let's find knowledge while learning together.
Mar 10, 202324:02
Separation Anxiety & How It Impacts Our Parenting
Jan 26, 202321:23
Gentle Parenting with Maria Riegger
Aug 11, 202258:40
Expert Advise for Parenting with Franki Bagdade
Jul 26, 202259:39
Adventure Awaits with Ashley St. Germain

Adventure Awaits with Ashley St. Germain

Ashley St. Germain joins the podcast to talk about all the things. First up we chat about how Ashley got into photography, we discuss family photography and the importance as a parent to just get in the photo.

We then dive into the big adventure awaiting Ashley and her family as there were preparing to take life on the road! It is such a fun episode and talking with Ashley was such a joy! If you are not following her over on Instagram, get to it!


Dec 01, 202157:40
Passion for Fashion with Erin Mathis
Nov 24, 202145:19
Baby Bumpin & Beyond with Lindsay Pinchuk
Oct 04, 202101:12:04
Let's talk Endometriosis with Alexandra Camara

Let's talk Endometriosis with Alexandra Camara

Alexandra Camara is a warrior, following her own journey with pelvic and thoracic endometriosis, Alexandra became an endometriosis patient advocate.

She began the journey using the power of social media and is the creator behind @yellowbowsxo. Alexandra is the founder and executive director of the ENDOMETRIOSIS FOUNDATION OF CANADA, and day by day is educating and advocating for patients and those suffering endometriosis.

We chat about what led her on this path, her experiences with endometriosis, the changes we need to see in healthcare and so much more. And of course Alexandra joins me in a game of #OpenUp.

Be sure to check her out on Instagram and Endo Canada on Instagram, Facebook and online!

Instagram: @yellowbowsxo
Facebook: @endometriosiscanada

Sep 28, 202156:16
Rock the Vote - Getting to know Jodie Primeau
Sep 13, 202101:02:50
Seeing Stars with Maria Riegger
Sep 06, 202155:32
Life & Love Trauma Recovery with Mindset Coach Riana Milne
Aug 30, 202152:14
I'd Rather be Shopping for Plants Chatting with Liam Racine
Aug 16, 202142:53
Getting to Head of it with Headache Nutritionist Susannah Juteau

Getting to Head of it with Headache Nutritionist Susannah Juteau

If you have ever suffered with a migraine headache, this is the episode for you!

Susannah has a background in Neuroscience, a Master’s in Nutrition, and personal experience with chronic daily headaches and episodic Migraines, so she knows a thing or two about the struggle and is here to chat about how nutrition can help in eliminating migraines.

Be sure to follow along on
Instagram or Facebook for some tips and guidance and be sure to reach out if you are wanting to take the leap in navigating your migraines through nutrition.

Instagram: @headachenutritionist
Facebook: @headachenutritionist

Thank you to this weeks Podcast Sponsor Dew South, be sure to visit their website or check them out in Instagram @duesouthonline for all of your eco friendly needs. Be sure to grab your supply of Neatly, the eco-friendly cleaner every mom needs.

Aug 09, 202152:60
Counting Sheep with Rebecca Michi

Counting Sheep with Rebecca Michi

On this week's episode of The Mom Files we chat with children's sleep consultant Rebecca Michi and really dive into what a sleep consultant can do for you and the sleep patterns of children at different ages and stages. Rebecca also addresses some common misconceptions and lots of valuable tips for parents.

Be sure to check Rebecca out on
Instagram where she shares great information as well as on Facebook and YouTube. She also has a book (The Baby Sleep Plan) available on Amazon.

Instagram: @childrens_sleep_consultant
Facebook: @childrenssleepconsultant
Youtube: Rebecca Michi - Children's Sleep Consultant

Thank you to this weeks Podcast Sponsor Dew South, be sure to visit their website for all of your eco friendly needs and make sure to  grab your supply of Neatly, the eco-friendly cleaner every mom needs. 

Aug 02, 202145:04
Diving into Teens with Dr. Cam
Jul 26, 202101:03:35
The Ottawa Valley Boss Babe Holly Molenaar
Jul 12, 202159:23
Women in Business - Learning with Christina Beavis
Jul 05, 202129:12
Talking Rainbow Relatives with Sudi (Rick) Karatas
Jun 28, 202145:48
Blended to Perfection - a talk with Nicole Odem Hardnett
Jun 21, 202150:04
Learning to Pivot with Danielle Spaar
Jun 06, 202144:25
Ignite Their Souls with Julie Paquette
May 24, 202149:14
Teaching in a whole new world - with Katie Woods
May 17, 202155:22
Money Talks with Christine Jarrett
May 09, 202133:41
Money Money Money - with Christine Jarrett
May 02, 202118:32
We could all be a little more Unapologetic - Chatting with author Caroline Nadine Helsing
Apr 25, 202133:51
It's Better with Lipstick - Chatting with Lindsay of Kiss it Better Beauty
Apr 18, 202149:15
Buying & Selling with Martha Lavictoire
Apr 04, 202120:25
Feel the Connection - Talking with psychic medium Sharr Matte
Mar 28, 202147:37
Let's get Physical(therapy) - Talking with Laurence Roy Pelvic Floor and Pediatric Physiotherapist

Let's get Physical(therapy) - Talking with Laurence Roy Pelvic Floor and Pediatric Physiotherapist

We are talking with the Pros of this weeks episode and discussing Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. I suggest this episode both men and women (with children or without) really any one with a pelvis will benefit from the great information Laurence shares.

If you are in the Ottawa Valley area I highly recommend checking out
Arnprior Pelvic and Pediatric Physiotherapy here in Arnprior. 

In our game of Open Up, Laurence talks about the meditation apps she is using and if you have been looking check out the Me. BetterMind app for you device. 

Also be sure to be following Laurence and her clinic on both Instagram and Facebook. I will be visiting the clinic myself and be writing about my journey on the blog, so please check that out. 

Mar 21, 202138:21
The Not so Newly Weds - Chris is back!
Mar 14, 202123:11
I Feel Pretty - Talking with Payge Lucas designer behind Pretty by Payge
Mar 07, 202136:35
Talking with Sara - the Unstoppable Mama!
Nov 27, 202033:56
Learning together - A talk with a PostPartum Doula

Learning together - A talk with a PostPartum Doula

This week we dive into childbirth and why you may wish to have a postpartum Doula. Brittney Giffen is a postpartum Doula in the Ottawa Valley and opens up about life as a Doula, her experience in parenting and how that enhances the service she is able to offer clients. You can find her on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the services she offers or just to connect and learn.

Starting November 24th over on IG (@danielle.delaney613) I am celebrating the Christmas season with the 12 Gifts of Christmas Giftaways, and Brittney will be offering up her services as one of our prizes! How exciting for expecting parents in the Ottawa Valley!!

Nov 21, 202032:31
It's a Christmas Miracle

It's a Christmas Miracle

I think we've all seen the mugs or the sweaters (personally I have the throw pillow) saying "I'd rather be watching Hallmark Christmas movies". But what if you got to actually be IN a Hallmark Christmas Movie. Join our host Danielle while she recounts her film debut and all the excitement of being on a movie set for the first time.
Nov 13, 202018:10
#OpenUp with Chris (&Danielle)

#OpenUp with Chris (&Danielle)

Danielle's husband Chris joins for another fun episode, this time his first full length. After talking about life with quarantine, work from home and life with the kiddos they play a game of #OpenUp and share lots of laughs.

Oct 30, 202031:59
Essential Oils & Natural Living with Caitlin

Essential Oils & Natural Living with Caitlin

On this weeks episode we continue our conversation with Caitlin talking all things Essential Oils. She provides great insight in guiding you to a more natural home and her experience in business building.

In the episode I mention a small shop I am enjoying, Always and Forever Designs. They make the most beautiful felt garlands (which I have a few of) and also have a line of felt car diffusers. 

Please give Caitlin a follow on Instagram if you aren't already and be sure to listen to last weeks episode if you missed it!

Oct 23, 202026:55
Foster Parenting - an Honest Conversation

Foster Parenting - an Honest Conversation

On this weeks episode we had the honour of chatting with Caitlin Cantor. Caitlin is such a light of a human and shares so openly what her journey through Foster Parenting has been.  I highly recommend following her on Instagram and getting an inside peak of her day to day where she also shares her business and opens up the conversation for more natural living.  

Oct 16, 202024:54
Girl Talk With Chlo Zo Bow Co.
Oct 09, 202030:46
Let's Dive In

Let's Dive In

Our official launch is here. Welcome to the first full length episode!

This week we got to know our host a bit more. Talked about some of the struggles and a lot of the fun in motherhood as well as the importance of self-care. 

Oct 03, 202013:49
Marriage, Parenting & Quarentine

Marriage, Parenting & Quarentine

On this weeks episode, my husband Chris joins to talk about quarentine, marriage and parenting.
Jul 16, 202008:38
Catching Up with Summer

Catching Up with Summer

In this weeks preseason epidsode we catch up with my daughter Summer to get her take on graduating kindergarten and she shares some exciting news. We also talk about one of our favourite books A Very Fairy Door ( You can also check out the blog to see how I've used the door as a parenting tool (
Jul 02, 202008:51
Meet Summer

Meet Summer

As a pre introduction to the Mom Files, my oldest little asked to sit down for an interview. We talked about all her favourite things & her feelings on the family experiencing quarantine.

Jun 01, 202006:02
Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

We hope you are enjoying getting to know each other during our preseason.  Summer asked to interview me so how could I say know. Now you can get to know all the most important things about me (according to my 5 year old).

Apr 21, 202006:39
Surviving Quarentine - Family Edition

Surviving Quarentine - Family Edition

Well we still are in our pre season I thought it would be fun to share a little bit what its been like officially 3 weeks into quarantine for myself and for my family. Here's how were doing, how are you guys?

Apr 13, 202006:10