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Ben and Zack's Monster Market

Ben and Zack's Monster Market

By Monster Market

Illustrators Ben Hatke and Zack Giallongo discuss various monsters throughout mythology and draw a piece of art based on each episode topic!
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Ep.4: Cunning Canines and Haunting Hounds

Ben and Zack's Monster MarketMay 17, 2023

Ep.4: Cunning Canines and Haunting Hounds
May 17, 202301:12:35
Ep.3: Monsters That Suck
Apr 19, 202301:17:53
Ep.2: Helpful House Homies
Mar 15, 202352:28
Ep.1: Mermaids

Ep.1: Mermaids

Ben & Zack discuss 6 different types of merfolk; yes, those dangerous damsels of the deep! Or are they? Every episode will be accompanied by six drawings of their chosen monsters, which you can check out on their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Special thanks to David Universe for producing and editing the show, and to Twinstrumental for our music! This episode will also appear in your favorite podcatcher soon, so don't forget to subscribe to us there. I hope you enjoy this early preview, and be on the lookout for the rest of the series to being dropping in early 2023. Splish splash!

Oct 19, 202201:05:39
Ep.0: Gremlins 2

Ep.0: Gremlins 2

As a lead up to their new podcasting venture, Ben and Zack discuss the film Gremlins 2 and all its wonderful creativity!

Jan 31, 202253:35