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More Than A Pretty Face

More Than A Pretty Face

By Eumelanin Media

Join me each week as I talk to some rad ladies about our identity and visibility as women. We talk about successes, challenges, and everything in between. I think sharing our stories is important! We’re more than just some pretty faces
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Shoes: A Catherine Wemette Story

More Than A Pretty FaceAug 10, 2018

It's A SVU World After All...
Oct 22, 202101:21:53
From The MAC Counter To The Network
Oct 15, 202101:03:04
Recipes For Fashion
Oct 08, 202154:07
I Got It From My Grandmama
Oct 01, 202101:02:52
Feng Shui Your Fashion
Sep 24, 202158:20
101 Jobs Of A Storyteller
Sep 17, 202153:42
Summing It Up With Sarah!
Sep 10, 202156:43
We Belong In Everything!
Sep 03, 202157:57
We're Greta Gerwig Wannabes
Aug 27, 202101:03:15
Bring Back The WB of 1997
Apr 30, 202101:01:14
Artist in Development
Apr 23, 202153:27
Flipping Passion to Profession
Apr 16, 202150:06
From Netball to HBO
Apr 09, 202101:07:52
Dancing? Acting? Or both?
Apr 02, 202158:08
Support Your Local Theaters
Mar 26, 202157:07
From North Jersey to Congress
Mar 19, 202145:20
Talking Black with Lady Brion
Mar 05, 202158:11
Starting Local
Feb 26, 202147:10
A Londoner through and through!
Feb 19, 202101:14:24
$25 is still a lot of money!
Feb 12, 202158:20
The Seven Year Debut
Feb 05, 202101:05:44
The Lede Graf Podcast - Ep 1: Parole Boards

The Lede Graf Podcast - Ep 1: Parole Boards

Hey all you MTAPF listeners!! I've started a new podcast called The Lede Graf. It comes out today and of course, I want y'all to hear it! So I'm dropping it here in the MTAPF feed. Make sure to rate, review, subscribe, and share the show!! Thanks to you all for being such rad listeners! 

Listen to The Lede Graf wherever you get your podcasts!


In this first episode of The Lede Graf, I do a quick deep dive into Parole Boards. Parole boards are often left out of the discussion when it comes to criminal justice reform. Now while there is a lot to discuss when it comes to parole boards, today I’m mainly going to focus on the political and cultural nature of the boards. And the story of Henry Montgomery.

MENTIONED IN THE SHOW (plus a few extras)

Marshall Project article on Henry Montgomery -

Parole Prep New York -

The Sentencing Project -

Releasing Aging People in Prison -

Urban Institute: A Matter of Time: The Causes and Consequences of Rising Time Served in America’s Prisons -


Virginia Increasing Transparency in Parole Boards -


Part of the Eumelanin Media family hosted by Natalia Abrahams

Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram @ledegrafpodcast!

Email the show:

Dec 21, 202016:30
The Lede Graf Podcast Trailer
Dec 12, 202001:43
That Abuelita Theology
Sep 04, 202057:01
Two Days to Move to LA
Aug 28, 202052:28
The Honey Pot
Aug 14, 202058:57
Alli Likes Watching HGTV
Aug 07, 202059:33
"I didn't leave the party, the party left me"
Jul 31, 202057:23
Black as the Default
Jul 24, 202001:14:12
Being Unafraid
Jul 17, 202001:01:21
"YOU SO BLACK... When you smile the God come out"
Jul 10, 202001:02:41
Listen - Exposure Doesn't Pay This Light Bill
Jul 03, 202001:03:50
Comedienne with Two N's!
Jun 26, 202001:01:21
Shawna Brings Twitter to NBC
Jun 12, 202001:03:32
I'll Sing for Free Pizza
Jun 05, 202053:28
You Can't Have a Plan B
May 29, 202056:28
I'm the Lightest Crayon in the Mix
May 22, 202001:10:28
Black Regardless
May 15, 202001:25:08
Ebony and Ivory: 2020 Edition
May 08, 202001:13:25
Oprah and Gayle, Grace and Frankie
May 01, 202001:06:44
Accosted in a Coffee Shop
Apr 24, 202001:00:19
THE Not Reaching Pouch
Nov 08, 201901:00:16
So about this adulting thing...
May 04, 201947:29
17 Reasons
Apr 26, 201901:05:19
Don't Kill The Daydream
Apr 19, 201901:36:31
Pass the Skirt!
Apr 12, 201958:33
Salt and Pepper - Back at it!
Mar 29, 201949:10
Some Fine Bone China and a Lydia
Mar 22, 201901:08:50
1.58 GPA to Member of the Canadian Parliament
Nov 30, 201859:27
Thank You for Your Service...And for the Quiche

Thank You for Your Service...And for the Quiche

On this week’s episode, I had the utmost pleasure of speaking with former Naval Officer, current Reservist and all around kick butt lady, Kaitlin Smith. Kaitlin served our country as a Naval Officer for several years before separating from the military to pursue other career goals. She is currently finishing up her graduate degree in public policy at the George Washington University and previously worked as an intern with the Obama Foundation. On this episode Kaitlin and I discuss her path to the Navy and what it meant to her. She talks about the challenges that come with serving as a women and what she saw her fellow women shipmates experience. We get into the weeds about everything including female representation in the military, sexual assault, and what it really means to respect our veterans. Over quiche and some wine - Kaitlin and I get real on this episode of More Than a Pretty Face. Things mentioned in the show (Click on the links!):Learn about our VetsSchooling for our VetsConnect With Us!Facebook: More Than a Pretty FaceTwitter/ Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Email: prettyfacewomen@mtapfpodcast.comMerch: MTAPF Merch
Nov 16, 201801:07:49
Let's Keep it Super Duper Funky

Let's Keep it Super Duper Funky

On this week’s episode I get to talk to the amazing ladies of the podcast She’s All Fat - April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter- Khan! They’re all about body positivity and chill vibes only. These ladies are champions for body positivity. They understand that no matter your gender, size, race or anything else, you and your body deserve nothing less than respect. We cover everything from self love to the harms of diet culture. It was truly such a pleasure to talk to this awesome ladies!Connect with the ladies of She’s All Fat!Sophia!Her Corner of the InterwebsTwitter: @sophiackInstagram: @_SophiaCK_April!Her Corner of the InterwebsTwitter: @aprilkquiohInstagram: @aprilkquiohPodcast!She's All Fat WebsiteLike Them on FacebookTwitter: @shesallfatpodInstagram: @shesallfatpodConnect with us!Facebook: More Than a Pretty FaceTwitter/ Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Email: prettyfacewomen@mtapfpodcast.comMerch: MTAPF Merch
Nov 09, 201801:09:02
Intellectual, Internationalist, Inspirational

Intellectual, Internationalist, Inspirational

This week I have the pleasure of speaking to self proclaimed internationalist, Johanna LeBlanc. She is a Domestic Policy, Foreign Affairs, and National Security Professional. Emigrating from Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the young age of ten, Johanna knew that education and the pursuit of professional happiness was her main focus. She achieved this goal through getting her BS in Political Science, MS in Public Administration and her law degree. Now pursuing her Master of Laws in National Security and U.S. Foreign Relations Law, Johanna is continuously using her voice to be a voice for the voiceless. She is a survivor of sexual assault and uses her story to inspire others. Given her very difficult childhood, it may not seem like Johanna could have achieved so much as she has. But regardless, she stands as an impactful leader. Serving as pilar in her Haitian community, she’s looking to build a network of mentors to lift up others in her community. From sexual assault to building mentors to the her complicated view of the Kavanaugh hearings, all these topics are covered on this week’s episode of More Than a Pretty Face.*Trigger Warning*: This episode discusses sexual assault and childhood abuse.Connect with Johanna!Twitter: @iamjohannaInstagram/ Facebook: @iamjohannaleblancEmail: Johannaleblanc1804@gmail.comConnect with the show!Facebook: More Than a Pretty FaceTwitter/ Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Email: prettyfacewomen@mtapfpodcast.comMerch: MTAPF Merch
Nov 02, 201858:03
Us v. Them...?

Us v. Them...?

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with the incredible Susannah Wellford. Susannah is the President and Founder of Running Start, a nonprofit and non partisan organization that trains young women to run for office. Susannah has had an amazing career from working on health care issues in the Clinton White House to becoming a lawyer. She also started the Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (WUFPAC) before transiting to founding Running Start. Being part of an activist household since birth, Susannah fondly remembers being taken to protests and having parents that actively engaged in social justice. She knew from a young age that she too wanted to be a social justice advocate. In this episode we discuss Susannah’s trajectory into the political sphere and what she believes a true politician should look like. We discuss power v. people and how it helps or hinders us in life. We talk about her dreams of disrupting the current political system and putting young women at the forefront. She believes that to live in a better world we have to dare to make change and if we don’t try we’ll never see progress. Susannah doesn’t believe we should see everything as an ‘us v. them’ mentality but rather look as each other as people. So listen to this eye opening episode with an incredible lady!Links for Running Start!Facebook: Running StartTwitter/ Instagram: @runningstart Website: with Us!Facebook: More Than a Pretty FaceTwitter/ Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Email: prettyfacewomen@mtapfpodcast.comMerch: MTAPF Merch
Oct 26, 201855:38
Pursuing Happiness
Oct 19, 201857:00
From Ally to Advocate

From Ally to Advocate

This week I have the pleasure of talking with lawyer, activist, and writer Jennifer Blemur. Heavily involved with the DNC's and Women's Congressional Black Caucus initiative "A Seat at the Table", Jennifer is also a writer for our parter, 82Tabs of Policy. In this episode we dive in discussing everything from black excellence to representation of black women. In this episode we call out the problematic policy changes of our nation and how it effects communities of color and the role black women play in fighting black. Jennifer sheds light on the lack of black representation in media, culture and politics and how we need to start lifting up our communities. We wrestle with the issues of white feminism, discuss the idea of not seeing color, and what it takes to move from ally to advocate. We as black women are tired of carrying the baggage and we tell you how you can help. Jennifer and I get harsh, we get real, and we call out everything in this latest episode of More Than a Pretty Face*Warning this episode does use adult language*All (and by all I mean most) of the things plugged in this episode. Jennifer's social media: @jablemuresqPodcast: Bougie and the Beard: @bougieandthebeardTogether Restoring Economic Empowerment - Instagram@TREEmpowerment - TwitterTREE on Facebook Book: Sister Citizen by Melissa V. Harris-Perry Connect with us!Twiter/Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Facebook: More Than a Pretty FaceEmail:
Oct 12, 201801:15:31
"Because I know My Worth"
Sep 30, 201801:08:06
Queen of the Misfits
Sep 28, 201855:39
I call BS - A Mini-sode
Sep 27, 201818:06
Grit Based Economy
Sep 21, 201801:10:47
Certified Dog Masseuse... And the Multi Hustle

Certified Dog Masseuse... And the Multi Hustle

This week I talk to the amazing Jessica Hogle. Jessica is the Senior Director of Federal Affairs for PG&E Corporation, the parent company of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She is an Air Force brat and having moved around a lot, doesn't like to stay in one place for too long. Jessica needs her skills to match the mission of whatever organization she's working on. We talk about her very interesting career path and how she got to where she is now. From certified dog masseuses and sassy California day care workers, we cover everything in this latest episode. Later on, we gab about problematic favs - Netflix's original series Insatiable and the Real Housewives franchise -but all in the name of self care! Connect with us!Facebook: More Than A Pretty FaceTwitter/Instagram: @prettyfacelady3Email: prettyfacewomen@mtapfpodcast.comRemember all More Than a Pretty Face listeners are getting 20% of all Good for Her Soul ( products through the end of September using the code MORETHAN
Sep 14, 201801:07:28
Memories of Theatre and Thanksgivings Past
Sep 07, 201801:19:24
It's Just Me
Aug 31, 201801:07:46
She Low Key Did That
Aug 24, 201801:09:48
2nd Service: Ladies Only
Aug 17, 201801:19:51
Shoes: A Catherine Wemette Story
Aug 10, 201801:16:34
Learn the Look!

Learn the Look!

This week I talk to Cory Lancaster. She is a coder, writer, emerging media mogul and all around amazing human. We talk about what it means to stand in your power, dismantling the patriarchy, black womanhood and giving a shoutout to YouTube University! This episode my be a little long but Cory offers such a wealth of knowledge and honestly can't wait to have her back on the show!Cory has recently started a media nonprofit - check it out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @82tabsofpolicy!
Aug 03, 201801:36:50
She likes to play and owns a T-Rex Lamp
Jul 27, 201801:16:48
We try to be ladies, but we keep forgetting our business cards

We try to be ladies, but we keep forgetting our business cards

This week, Natalia talks to dear friend Maggie Jeffries! In this episode they talk about the indentured servitude that is unpaid internships and why they can't handle happy hours. Later on they discuss why women's reproductive and health rights are so important and what we need to keep RBG alive. This episode is a little longer than usual but well worth the listen as Natalia and Maggie delve deep into the wonderful world of pretty face ladies.
Jul 14, 201801:19:27
We as Women, Bring Dreams to Life

We as Women, Bring Dreams to Life

On this episode, Natalia talks with long time friend Ashley Rivera. She is currently serving as an Associate Missionary with the Assemblies of God Church. She is fabulous and funny, showing that women can do anything no matter their age. Ashley and Natalia discuss how Ashley got into this mission field, where life is taking her and and why she does not think she is that cool. In reality, she is pretty fabulous and definitely for than just a pretty face. ** Because of the nature of her work, Ashley may seem vague when discussing certain topics or people. This is done in order to protect her work and the people she worked with during her first term.
Jul 06, 201801:04:03
Stop Telling Me to Smile!

Stop Telling Me to Smile!

This week, Natalia is joined by dear friend and Knowledge Management Advisor for World Vision International's Global Campaigns Team - Brittany Persinger! On this episode they discuss what it's like trying to get ahead in your field with set backs. You'll also hear why men need to stop asking women to smile and about their obsession with Jean Val Jean from Les Mis! It's an episode you definitely don't want to miss!
Jun 28, 201801:05:56
To Be Clear....

To Be Clear....

Welcome to episode one! We talk about our vision for the podcast, introduce a couple of new segments and some how end up discussing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!
Jun 18, 201801:02:15
The Trailer

The Trailer

This is our TEASER! Here at More Than a Pretty Face HQ we wanna be known more for what we are for rather than what we are against. So we are:actively working on creating an inclusive spaceimperfect womena space to talk about what nobody else wants to talk abouta place to create a battle plan for life We’re quirky, definitely awkward, on occasion funny, and sometimes wise. We're more than just some pretty faces.
Jun 07, 201804:11